In Pictures

Week in pictures: 5 - 11 January 2019

Our selection of some of the most striking news photographs taken around the world this week.

Two men wearing hats stand face-to-face Image copyright Jack Taylor / Getty Images
Image caption An anti-Brexit protester and a pro-Brexit protester confront each other outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, the week before MPs are due to vote on Prime Minister Theresa May's proposed withdrawal agreement with the European Union.
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The Pope and members of the catholic church are seen in the Sistine Chapel with a colourful mural behind them Image copyright Vatican Pool / Getty Images
Image caption Pope Francis poses for a photo with ambassadors to the Holy See at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. In a speech to the ambassadors, the Pope spoke of justice for those who have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of clerics.
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An aerial photo showing people carrying a giant Turkish flag through a snowy landscape Image copyright Hakan Burak Altunoz / Getty Images
Image caption People commemorating the 104th anniversary of the World War I Battle of Sarikamis hold a giant Turkish flag at Sis Mountain in the Salpazari district of Trabzon, Turkey. The battle claimed the lives of 90,000 Ottoman Turkish soldiers.
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A sheep is seen stuck in drying mud in a dried canal bed Image copyright Nick Moir / Getty Images
Image caption Animals are stuck in drying mud - caused by extreme heat and drought - in the drainage canal of Lake Cawndilla in Australia. Drone photographer Nick Moir told the Sydney Morning Herald he couldn't save the animals because he was too far away and would have put himself in danger if he had attempted a rescue.
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A protester stands in front of a police vehicle in Paris. Image copyright Bertrand Guay / Getty Images
Image caption A masked protester stands in front of a police vehicle in Paris during a rally by 'yellow-vest' anti-government protesters.
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A construction digger works on a giant metal fence Image copyright Guillermo Arias / Getty Images
Image caption Builders work to replace an old border fence along a section of the US-Mexico border. There is a US government 'shutdown' at present as President Donald Trump calls on opposition Democrats to agree to the construction of a wall along the entire border.
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A colourful figure of a person is seen on the side of a building Image copyright Angela Weiss / Getty Images
Image caption A new art installation by American fashion designer Virgil Abloh is seen at the Louis Vuitton flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York.
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A woman walks through smouldering rubble Image copyright MOHAMED ABDIWAHAB / Getty Images
Image caption A woman walks among debris after a fire in Bakara Market, the biggest market in the Somali capital, Mogadishu.
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Tennis player Naomi Osaka is seen swinging for a ball with a blur effect on the photo Image copyright Scott Barbour / Getty Images
Image caption Naomi Osaka of Japan plays a shot during a practice session ahead of the 2019 Australian Tennis Open in Melbourne.
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An aerial shot of swimmers on a frozen lake Image copyright VCG / Getty Images
Image caption Swimmers in a pool carved out of a frozen lake at Beiling Park in Shenyang, in China's Liaoning Province. Air temperatures of -10C were recorded.

All photographs belong to the copyright holders as marked.