24 photographers document 24 hours

image sourceHelen Chambers
image caption00.00 Helen Chambers: Looking to London

Sixteen years ago, a group of 24 photographers set out to document every hour of New Year's Day, every year, for 24 years.

image sourceClaire Spreadbury
image caption01:00 Claire Spreadbury

This year, their work has been curated by American photojournalist Ed Kashi and is on show in Soho Square, London, from Sunday, 24 February, until 19 March.

"To capture life in a 24-hour period, especially what life is these days, presents a great challenge," says Kashi.

"The visual representation of this concept has been poignantly, and in some cases poetically, reflected in this set of images.

"The variety of situations, people and atmospheres give a vibrant and visually dynamic feeling to the times we're living in."

image sourceWendy Aldiss
image caption06:00 Wendy Aldiss
image sourceSpei
image caption09:00 Spei
image sourceSARAH LUCY BROWN
image caption13:00 Sarah Lucy Brown
image sourceJeff Moore
image caption15:00 Jeff Moore
image sourceNicky Willcock
image caption14:00 Nicky Willcock
image sourceIoana Marinca
image caption20:00 Ioana Marinca

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