Your pictures on the theme of 'memory'

image copyrightBergina Leka
image captionBergina Leka: "These photographs hang in my bedroom as a reminder that even though marriage can be tough sometimes, we both were happy to bind our lives. The good memories are what help us to keep going."
image copyrightRichard Derwent
image captionRichard Derwent: "Family and musical memories on top of the piano in my dining room."
image copyrightMuge Karatas
image captionMuge Karatas: "Memories of home through the lens of an analogue camera."
image copyrightMartin Gargula
image captionMartin Gargula: "A woman makes a selfie memory, unaware of what is going on around her."
image copyrightDaniele Guardavaccaro
image captionDaniele Guardavaccaro: "Past and present playgrounds at the Berlin Wall."
image copyrightMaya Njie
image captionMaya Njie: "Derek Bather is a man I met by chance. A Yorkshireman who moved to London in the 1960s, he lived a few streets away from me on the Isle of Dogs. I would go and visit him and listened to his stories about boxing in Bradford and his involvement in London gangland life during the 60s. He told me that his friends had all passed away, he had no family and that he was ready to go too. I felt like there was real importance in documenting him and his lifetime memorabilia."
image copyrightJason Shrubb
image captionJason Shrubb: "The memory of railway catering is often signified by the British Rail sandwich. This exhibit at Steam - Museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon serves as a reminder that in distant memory, train travel must have been so much more sophisticated!"
image copyrightDiana Cristina Blanco Osorio
image captionDiana Cristina Blanco Osorio: "In a small town in Colombia you can see a cemetery that retains a cheerful atmosphere, despite being a place where the memories of our loved ones remain."
image copyrightJane Sayliss
image captionJane Sayliss took this picture of her grandson with his great-grandfather enjoying time together blowing bubbles. and The next theme is "broken" and the deadline for your entries is 19 February. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures" at the bottom of the page.

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