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Week in pictures: 1-7 June 2019

Our selection of some of the most striking news photographs taken around the world this week.

People dressed as US soldiers hold the US flag on Omaha beach Image copyright Amy Shore
Image caption Ceremonies to mark the sacrifice of those who died in the D-Day landings, 75 years ago, were held in Normandy. The landings, in northern France, were the largest combined land, air and naval operation in history and marked the start of the campaign to liberate Nazi-occupied north-west Europe.
Thai women take a selfie on the Talo Kapo beach Image copyright Paula Bronstein / Getty Images
Image caption People around the world celebrated Eid al-Fitr, one of Islam's two official holidays. The "festival of breaking the fast" begins with the first sighting of the new moon and ends the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Here two women take a selfie on Talo Kapo beach in Thailand.
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II shakes hands with US President Donald Trump during a welcome ceremony at Buckingham Palace Image copyright Victoria Jones / AFP
Image caption US President Donald Trump was welcomed by the Queen on his first official state visit to the UK.
Honny hunters Image copyright Kevin Frayer / Getty Images
Image caption Dong Haifa and Mi Qiaoyun gather wild cliff honey from hives in a gorge near Mangshi in China. Dressed in protective gear, the hunters use smoke to scatter the giant Himalayan honeybees but are often repeatedly stung as they attempt to extract the coveted honey.
Dancers perform at the Mass Games Image copyright Kim Won Jin / AFP
Image caption North Korea's most important propaganda event, the Mass Games, was put on hold after criticism from the country's leader Kim Jong-un. On Monday, Mr Kim criticised the games for their "wrong spirit of creation".
Memphis Depay Image copyright Rafael Marchante / Reuters
Image caption Memphis Depay, of the Netherlands, was caught in this unusual position during the Nations League semi-final match against England, held in Portugal. The Dutch won 3-1.
Max the Moose being pushed down a corridor Image copyright Al Drago / Reuters
Image caption Max the Moose is moved into the office of Senator Jeanne Shaheen, ahead of the 10th annual Experience New Hampshire reception on Capitol Hill in Washington.
Appleby horse fair Image copyright Ian Forsyth / Getty Images
Image caption Horses are washed by their owners in the River Eden on the first day of the Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria. The fair is an annual gathering for Gypsies and Travellers.
Tomatina, Sutamarchan Image copyright Diana Sanchez / AFP
Image caption The tenth annual tomato fight festival, known as 'Tomatina', took place in Sutamarchan, Colombia. The festivities mark the end of the tomato harvest.
Josie Baker, Charisma Belle, Carmen Geddit, Decoda Secret and Jacqui St Hyde pose for a photo Image copyright Joel Carrett / EPA
Image caption Josie Baker, Charisma Belle, Carmen Geddit, Decoda Secret and Jacqui St Hyde pose for a photo at Sydney Opera House to launch the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras WorldPride Bid. The organisation is bidding to host the biennial WorldPride festival in 2023.

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