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Somewhere Along the Line: An American road trip

Between 2011 and 2017, American photographer Joshua Dudley Greer travelled more than 100,000 miles on the US Highway network.

Rather than driving through quickly, Greer made the decision to slowly and deliberately dwell in these roadside spaces, looking for unforeseen moments of humour, pathos and humanity.

The resulting project, entitled Somewhere Along the Line, shows an unexpected side to an infrastructure that forms an integral role in American society and culture.

Family at roadside
Image caption Barstow, California, 2017.
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Car park
Image caption Mill City, Nevada, 2015.
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Cars and buses in a junkyard
Image caption Lewiston, Idaho, 2015.
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A roadside sign that states "I need a kidney"
Image caption Interstate 70, near Salina, Kansas, 2014.
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Children climbing a roadside embankment
Image caption Near Bozeman, Montana, 2015.
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Unfinished road bridge
Image caption Interstate 30 and 35, Dallas, Texas, 2016.
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Homeless man in a tent with a Christmas tree
Image caption US Highway 90, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2015.
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Sinkhole in road
Image caption Elkview, West Virginia, 2016.
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Image caption US Highway 80, between Selma and Montgomery, Alabama, 2015.
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A covered car with two dogs in a lay-by.
Image caption Page, Arizona, 2013.
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The work is currently being exhibited at the Pictura Gallery at the FAR Center for Contemporary Arts in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, until 30 November 2019.

All photographs copyright of Joshua Dudley Greer