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Your pictures on the theme of 'garden wildlife'

image copyrightPaul Mazurek
image captionPaul Mazurek: "Two ruby-throated hummingbirds visit my backyard feeder in Richmond, Kentucky."
image copyrightMartin Paterson
image captionMartin Paterson: "St Andrew's cross spider. Common in Sydney spring gardens and useful for keeping down flies and mosquitoes, as well as scaring young children. Mostly harmless."
image copyrightJoan Tollerton
image captionJoan Tollerton: "This guy surprised me when I looked into the crevice."
image copyrightTracey Reid
image captionTracey Reid: "Puzzlewood. You may spot the coloured witch that inhabits there."
image copyrightHellen van der Maazen
image captionHellen van der Maazen captured a cabbage white butterfly on a hortensia in her back garden.
image copyrightGeorge Olney
image captionGeorge Olney : "Sometimes I find strange wildlife looking at me from inside our Mexican garden."
image copyrightHelen Jackson
image captionHelen Jackson: "This cheeky urban fox is hiding among the ivy near the top of my shed."
image copyrightIan Barnes
image captionIan Barnes: "I though airport arrival and departure slots were tight"
image copyrightElvira Toby
image captionElvira Toby: "Robins visit our back garden all year round."
image copyrightLynette Cuming
image captionLynette Cuming: "This lovely lady was catching some precarious late fall sun."
image copyrightEli Decker
image captionEli Decker: "Totally surprised one morning to discover this colourful monarch caterpillar devouring milkweed on my garden perch."
image copyrightKare Pele
image captionKare Pele: "Garden wildlife outside where I work in Maui, which has an older garden by the sea that attracts passing birds, and is home to geckos, lizards and an assortment of other creatures."
image copyrightZach Bailey
image captionZach Bailey: "A steller's jay caught in the middle of jumping branch to branch looking for a quick bite to eat. I spent about an hour playing various calls from the steller's jay and finally found a few that caught its attention long enough to snap this photo."
image copyrightLeanne Reynolds
image captionLeanne Reynolds: "We watched the hummingbirds fly and fight in a friend's garden this summer in America. They get quite feisty."
image copyrightNicola Sutherland
image captionNicola Sutherland: "I caught this not-so-little fellow in my herb pot. On moving him he came out to say hello."
image copyrightDebbie Freeland
image captionDebbie Freeland: "An iguana taking a sip from a puddle in Colombia."
image copyrightJason Shrubb
image captionAnd finally, Jason Shrubb sent this in this picture entitled "Various weeds". The next theme is "queuing" and the deadline for entries is 12 November 2019. Send pictures to or follow the link to "Upload your pictures here" below. Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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