Your pictures on the theme of 'my Christmas'

image copyrightJames de Luna
image captionJames de Luna: "Me and my buddy Jim regularly go out doing light-painting photography. The idea is to draw with light and illuminate objects during a long exposure. We never use editing software. This is straight from the camera."
image copyrightMike Finn
image captionMike Finn: "Every year, we lead a walk for friends and return to the house for warming soups, drinks and ultimately some dancing. On the rare years when there's snow on the ground, it's so, so special."
image copyrightKevin J Burns
image captionKevin J Burns: "My Christmas always starts with putting the lights on my tree. Then, I get reminded just how crazy the Christmas season can be."
image copyrightSamantha Fryer Ward
image captionSamantha Fryer Ward: "This is our new kitten, Lydie’s, first Christmas. She is a bit bemused by the sudden appearance of a lot of flashing lights, decorations and indoor foliage."
image copyrightAlice Benson
image captionAlice Benson: "My Christmas, a snowflake decoration hanging in my front room."
image copyrightIvanna Gray
image captionIvanna Gray: "Early morning in Moscow."
image copyrightIneke Fisher
image captionIneke Fisher: "The magic of a Christmas pyramid for two little girls at the end of a hectic day: my perfect Christmas."
image copyrightJason Fisher
image captionJason Fisher: "Santa Claus having fun on the pop-up merry-go-round in our local park. Nice to see him taking some time out before his busy night."
image copyrightStan Blade
image captionStan Blade: "Winter cycling at 53 degrees north in Edmonton, Canada, will be part of my Christmas."
image copyrightGeraint Rowland
image captionGeraint Rowland: "An elderly man dresses his dog up at Christmas to earn him some money in Lima, Peru."
image copyrightRosemary Wilson
image captionRosemary Wilson: "Blending into a bean bag, his face says it all."
image copyrightRowena West
image captionRowena West: "One of my rescue cats, Feisty, enjoying a little Christmas photo fun - he loved the Christmas hat."
image copyrightDavid Hammond
image captionDavid Hammond: "We stumbled across this 'snowman' on a beach getting some winter sun in Cancun[, Mexico,] last Christmas."
image copyrightAidan Forsythe
image captionAidan Forsythe: "My Christmas will involve just putting my feet up and watching some classic Christmas movies."
image copyrightAndrew Ward
image captionAndrew Ward: "Five years ago, these logs were spared from the living-room fire by each being painted as Father Christmas. They spend 11 months a year in the cellar and emerge every December to sit by the front porch, an amusing and unusual greeting for visitors."
image copyrightDave Ripley
image captionDave Ripley: "Although our children have grown up and moved out, they still look back at the decorations we have with pleasure. This is a knitted group that always brings a smile to our faces and happy memories of family Christmas celebrations."
image copyrightMann Virdee
image captionMann Virdee: "A gingerbread Christmas tree I made with my brother and sister on Christmas Eve."
image copyrightJosephine Olley
image captionJosephine Olley: "Staff at the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists are getting into the Christmas spirit by wearing their festive sweaters on #ChristmasJumperDay. They are using non-verbal communication to say the word 'reindeer' using Makaton - a language programme that gives everyone a helping hand to talk."
image copyrightUsha Venkat
image captionUsha Venkat: "My Christmas tradition is to make decoration items with my colleagues at work prior to the holidays. This year, we made snowmen. This year is a milestone celebration with the birth of our first grandchild. I finished the snowman with initials of our grandkid, K, his mom, S, along with my husband's and mine for the nose and lips. It was a sheer joy and precious moment."
image copyrightMartin Boardman
image captionMartin Boardman: "Rural Australia's version of Father Christmas doing his deliveries."
image copyrightVerna Evans
image captionAnd finally Verna Evans sent in a picture of her Christmas socks. The next theme is "individuality" and the deadline for entries is 7 January 2020. Send pictures to or follow the link to "Upload your pictures here" below. Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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