Your pictures on the theme of 'paths'

image copyrightMagdalena
image captionMagdalena: "Thru the morning dew. Getting up early gives you many opportunities to take good photos. On my way back home, I turned back and realised that I left a very interesting mark while walking on the wet grass in my wellington boots."
image copyrightLucie Belanger
image captionLucie Belanger: "My sister, Lynka, on a path to the unknown.”
image copyrightCarol Cunningham
image captionCarol Cunningham: "I was out running in Sydney and I saw this path of ants. They had built their own path across the pavement. It was fascinating to look closely at the ants busily running up and down the path."
image copyrightFrank Samet
image captionFrank Samet: "This image was taken while walking down a tree-lined path with the dog near Peterborough."
image copyrightGillian Deveney
image captionGillian Deveney: "Beside the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow there is a pathway which features the names of many of the artists who have played at the ballroom over the decades. This is a picture of my husband showing our daughters some of the gigs we attended."
image copyrightDavid J Patterson
image captionDavid J Patterson: "Mushrooms push through pine needles in a sunlit path through woodland in Massachusetts, US."
image copyrightJaume Ferrer
image captionJaume Ferrer took this picture in Edinburgh: “My girlfriend and I did a lot of walking. I loved the light on the cobbled streets at night. The pink light on this part of the street caught my eye. I waited for what I considered a good snap.”
image copyrightVal Pallister
image captionVal Pallister: "A snail making its own path on a path in Canterbury Cathedral gardens."
image copyrightJohn Swinburne
image captionJohn Swinburne: “The Offas Dyke path here, overlooking the Vale of Clwyd in north-east Wales. The sign points to the main path, a nearby summit or a local village."
image copyrightJoe Hollins
image captionJoe Hollins: "The cobbled paths of Santo Antao, Cape Verde, wind over and around the volcanic peaks to connect villages and agricultural terracing, and as a seasoned hiker, I adore their sheer audacity and humble beauty. This path appears to ascend into the heavens, but is a long, winding route from the highest point, the Pico da Cruz, to the coastal town of Cidade das Pombas."
image copyrightRichard Curl
image captionRichard Curl: "I found it quite spooky, like two ghosts walking towards a ghostly bicycle."
image copyrightAndreas Selwood
image captionAndreas Selwood: "The path back to the water villas on the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort was a favourite spot for this grey heron to check out the fish life/lunch menu."
image copyrightWendy Effer
image captionWendy Effer: "The island of Folegandros, Greece. There may be crumbling villages but the winding path to the monastery is carefully maintained."
image copyrightMalvika
image captionMalvika: "A colourful pathway in Toronto at the Aurora Winter Festival."
image copyrightJoanne Smith
image captionJoanne Smith: "Taken on a dog walk where the path vanished under a very large puddle, this gave me chance to take a shot of my friend, Lynne, while she navigated the slippery bank."
image copyrightHerve Loubignac
image captionAnd finally, Herve Loubignac took this picture of a bamboo forest in Kamakura, Japan. The next theme is "wooden" and the deadline for entries is 11 February 2020. Send pictures to or follow the link to "Upload your pictures here" below. Further details and terms can be found by following the link to "We set the theme, you take the pictures," at the bottom of the page.

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