Underwater Photographer of the Year

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Underwater Photographer of the Year celebrates photography beneath the surface of the ocean, lakes and rivers.

More than 5,500 underwater pictures were entered in 13 categories by underwater photographers from 70 countries around the world.

Image source, Greg Lecoeur
Image caption,
Greg Lecoeur won Underwater Photographer of the Year 2020 with Frozen Mobile Home, showing seals around an iceberg in Antarctica.
Image source, Anita Kainrath
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Anita Kainrath, from Austria, won Up & Coming Underwater Photographer of the Year with Shark Nursery, showing baby lemon sharks in a mangrove in the Bahamas.
Image source, Pasquale Vassallo
Image caption,
Italian Pasquale Vassallo won Marine Conservation Photographer of the Year with Last Dawn, Last Gasp, showing a tuna as it is hauled up towards a boat off the coast of Naples.
Image source, Nick More
Image caption,
Nick More, from Devon, won British Underwater Photographer of the Year with Rabbitfish Zoom Blur, taken in Indonesia.
Image source, Nur Tucker
Image caption,
Nur Tucker, from Wimbledon, won the Most Promising British Underwater Photographer, with Commotion in the Ocean, a panning photo of a seahorse.
Image source, Zena Holloway
Image caption,
Zena Holloway's image of Brazilian free-diver and conservationist Flavia Eberhard in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula was in the Black and White category.
Image source, Renee Capozzola
Image caption,
Renee Capozzola entry in the Wreck category was a split shot of the Georgios shipwreck, in Saudi Arabia. The ship ran aground in 1978 and now serves as an artificial reef.
Image source, Keigo Kawamura
Image caption,
Keigo Kawamura image of unicorn shrimp in Japan was in the Macro category.
Image source, Arthur Kingdon
Image caption,
Arthur Kingdon won the British Waters Wide Angle category with this image of Jewel Anemones taken off the Isles of Scilly.
Image source, Trevor Rees
Image caption,
Trevor Rees image of a fireworks anemone at the head of Loch Dutch, in Shetland was also in the British Waters Wide Angle category.
Image source, Shane Keena
Image caption,
Shane Keena's shot of a hermit crab on Peleliu Island using a discarded can as a temporary home was in the of the Conservation category.

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