Coronavirus: Your pictures on the theme of 'home-made'


We asked our readers to send in their pictures on the theme of "home-made" during lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of the pictures sent to us from around the world.

Woman and cat watching a videoImage source, Ng Mei Y
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Ng Mei Yi: "Mum and my cat Fuzzy attending the premiere of my home-made video on otters frolicking where I live in Singapore. The lockdown has encouraged me to channel my inner David Attenborough as I spend more time with the nature around my home."
Image source, Jenny Downing
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Jenny Downing: "Fresh-from-the-oven ginger biscuits. I keep balls of home-made ready-to-bake dough in the freezer in case of emergencies!"
Image source, Peter Power
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Peter Power: "As soon as the lockdown started I looked around for something to do, when the thought occurred to me to make a 'home made at home' for my granddaughter to play with. It took nearly eight weeks to complete in my small workshop at home, and once the visiting restrictions were slightly eased I took it to the garden of the home where my four-year-old granddaughter Violet lives. You can see from the joy in her face that she absolutely loves it, which gives me great pleasure. The rest is now down to a child's imagination, with the hope that this tiny home, made at home, might exist for a few generations to come."
Image source, Keith Mulraney
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Keith Mulraney took these pictures of his home-made bird feeders in his garden in Livingston, which he entitled: "Raiders of the bird feeders."
Image source, Jani Tanzil
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Jani Tanzil: "Home-made tempeh with soy beans, black beans, azuki beans and lentils. Making these fermented bean cakes at home is labour of love that takes days. If successful, it ends with nutty, savoury goodness packed with protein that makes one thoroughly apologetic to all the tempeh that once upon a time might have been carelessly picked off the shelf and piled into the grocery basket. Fresh home-made tempeh is completely worth the effort though."
Image source, Jean-Michel Rault
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Jean-Michel Rault: "Colourful home-made medical gown sewn by my wife Dany during lockdown for our daughter who is a surgical dentist in Arles , France, because medical protections were scarce."
Image source, Jenny Joshi
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Jenny Joshi: "Home-made learning for our two boys, Noah and Sandy!"
Image source, Amy Skinner
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Amy Skinner: "Home-made frog bread."
Image source, Nikos Christidis
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Nikos Christidis: "My wife was looking forward to celebrating her birthday in Cuba, but the lockdown confined the celebrations to our back garden. Thankfully, I had just about enough flour to bake her a birthday cake."
Image source, Gemma Lawrence
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Gemma Lawrence: "Home-made penguin, made for me to cheer me up whilst I celebrated my 40th birthday in lockdown! It definitely did the trick."
Image source, Irene Tagg
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Irene Tagg: "Home-made crotchet quilt. Each square takes eight hours to make. My first project, took from December to June, and completed in lockdown."
Image source, Wing Chan
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Wing Chan: "Jam tarts are even better when they are home-made. Sweet treat for that afternoon pick-me-up."
Image source, Pelin Tuncel
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Pelin Tuncel: "After couple of rainy days, finally the sun showed up and we got out to enjoy the garden. But there was more joy to discover for us. My dear friend Sırma came up with this lemon cake which she made with fruits of the tiny lemon tree of her garden. This sunny-look and summer-flavoured home-made beauty brightened our day even more."
Image source, Pete Hedges
Image caption,
Pete Hedges: "Here is a picture of a wildlife pond that I have built for my wife's birthday in our back garden. She is a nurse for the NHS and I am extremely proud of her. Other than the pond itself, which I already had lying around and a few of the plants, everything has been sourced for free and I think it's turned out really well. The top layer of bricks are over 100 years old."
Image source, Emma Billingham
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Emma Billingham: "Jumping on the baking bandwagon with the rest of the UK in lockdown. Eating the mixture is always the best part of the baking process."
Image source, Steve Flew
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Steve Flew: "My son Dan has been teaching himself carpentry as part of a career change. He designed and made this bird table which has been in constant use ever since."

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