Capturing every hour of each New Year's Day for 24 years

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A photography project, now in its 18th year, has released its latest images, reflecting on life in 2021, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A montage of four photos from the project
Image caption,
Photos by Brendan Delany, Sabes Sugunasabesan, Teri Pengilley and Helen Chambers

In 2004, 24 postgraduate students at Central St Martins, in London, set out to document every hour of New Year's Day, each year, for 24 years.

Each photographer progresses by one hour every year.

"Time is a construct, which 2020 has taught us," curator Cheryl Newman says.

"But as the clock struck midnight on 31 December, there was a collective tension.

"Covid-19 has forced us into isolation.

"And yet there is a communal anxiety driven by the dawn of a new year.

"Photographing the first day of 2021 was a profound journey... made under unprecedented circumstances.

"The work thoughtfully reflects the conflict between the hope of a promised vaccine, the dread of UK Brexit and an unsettled future."

The photos can be seen at an outdoor exhibition in Soho Square, west London, until 16 April.

Image source, Amy Adams
Image caption,
00.00 The light at the end of the rainbow by Amy Adams
Image source, Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann
Image caption,
01.00 Nothing more to say by Raphael Schutzer-Weissmann
Image source, Helen Chambers
Image caption,
02.00 Black Lives Matter by Helen Chambers
Image source, Claire Spreadbury
Image caption,
03.00 Blue by Claire Spreadbury
Image source, Gini May
Image caption,
04.00 Fragile by Gini May
Image source, Roland Ramanan
Image caption,
05.00 Big O by Roland Ramanan
Image source, Yvonne De Rosa
Image caption,
06.00 Untitled by Yvonne De Rosa
Image source, Enrico Vietti
Image caption,
07.00 Contentious skiing by Enrico Vietti
Image source, Wendy Aldiss
Image caption,
08.00 Main road into Oxford by Wendy Aldiss
Image source, Sabes Sugunasabesan
Image caption,
09.00 Continental breakfast by Sabes Sugunasabesan
Image source, Teri Pengilley
Image caption,
10.00 Untitled by Teri Pengilley
Image source, Spei
Image caption,
11.00 Don't breathe… breathe again… repeat by Spei
Image source, Ali Waggie
Image caption,
12.00 Slipping away by Ali Waggie
Image source, Colin Blackstock
Image caption,
13.00 Turn, turn, turn by Colin Blackstock
Image source, Ray Malcolm
Image caption,
14.00 Untitled by Ray Malcolm
Image source, Sarah Lucy Brown
Image caption,
15.00 Untitled by Sarah Lucy Brown
Image source, Nicky Willcock
Image caption,
16.00 1.5m [5ft] apart. Still banned by Nicky Townsend
Image source, Amanda Eatwell
Image caption,
17.00 Everybody inside by Amanda Eatwell
Image source, David Mazza
Image caption,
18.00 After the storm by David Mazza
Image source, Rue Kruger
Image caption,
19.00 Capetown by Rue Kruger
Image source, Brendan Delaney
Image caption,
20.00 Covent Garden by Brendan Delaney
Image source, Wayne R Crichlow
Image caption,
21.00 Lost in this moment by Wayne Crichlow
Image source, Candida Jones
Image caption,
22.00 A remainer's solace by Candida Jones
Image source, Rachel Hain
Image caption,
23.00 Closing time by Rachel Hain

All photographs are subject to copyright.