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We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "sculpture". Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

Sculpture in Lake ComoImage source, Steve Demerannville
Image caption,
Steve Demerannville: "Plaster cast sculpture at Castle Castello di Visio in Varina, Lake Como, Italy."
Image source, Marian Pergola
Image caption,
Marian Pergola: "What did I do now?"
Image source, Kate Doherty
Image caption,
Kate Doherty: "A portrait head in clay. At this stage it is being hollowed out from below and from a hole at the top of the head. The subject is a friend who is depicted engaging with her young children. It is unfinished and may crack or explode during the firing."
Image source, Stephen Granger
Image caption,
Stephen Granger: "I was cycling past this small park in downtown Toronto filled with these odd sculptures of creatures that look like a cross between bunnies and dogs."
Image source, Gideon Conn
Image caption,
Gideon Conn: "Continuous Line in Ply is cut by hand with a jigsaw from a single sheet of 18mm birch plywood. I love cutting wood with a jigsaw and I love exploring materials to discover unexpected properties."
Image source, Stuart Lyall
Image caption,
Stuart Lyall: "The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, just before the last lockdown on the last permitted family trip."
Image source, Jacqueline Melling
Image caption,
Jacqueline Melling: "Walking around on a National Garden Scheme open day, we came across this dragon guarding the entrance to the garden highlighted against the blue sky."
Image source, Jo Mountney
Image caption,
Jo Mountney: "I made this using the fleece from my own little flock of Shetland Sheep in sunny Norfolk, UK."
Image source, Manogaran Durasamy
Image caption,
Manogaran Durasamy: "A photo of a glass sculpture made by American sculptor Dale Chihuly. It was taken at an exhibition in Kew Gardens."
Image source, Jacqueline C Melling
Image caption,
Jacqueline C Melling: "Spotted these fun lads and lasses at Southport Flower Show turning lots of heads above the loos!"
Image source, Colin Kirkham
Image caption,
Colin Kirkham photographed this driftwood sculpture at Hokitika beach in New Zealand.
Image source, Sue Jenkins
Image caption,
Sue Jenkins: "Taking time to stop and stare, I came across this gentleman on the lovely island of Guernsey and took a moment to see life from his perspective."
Image source, Diana Buzoianu
Image caption,
Diana Buzoianu: "Now this is not the end..."
Image source, Richard Ellis
Image caption,
Richard Ellis: "A sculpture that we found by accident midway through a very muddy pre-Covid walk around King's Wood, Challock, Kent."
Image source, Gillian Wade
Image caption,
Gillian Wade: "Enjoying the sun."
Image source, Tangyne Berry
Image caption,
Tangyne Berry: "A cake topper made from edible modelling paste."

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