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We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "my favourite food". Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

Lemon, courgette and crispy caper pastaImage source, Natasha Everson-Williams
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Natasha Everson-Williams: "I can't get enough of my favourite food - pasta. Here is a plate of lemon, courgette and crispy caper pasta for a lockdown lunch."
Image source, Appollina Leiper
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Appollina Leiper: "I always get a pineapple tart from the bakery when I visit my parents in Carnoustie."
Image source, Louise Fernandes
Image caption,
Louise Fernandes: "My mum's biryani on a sunny Easter Sunday. Now you see it, now you don't!"
Image source, Anthony Heron
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Anthony Heron: "Prague funnel cake. This is one of my favourite foods as it reminds me of my travels to Europe. I am looking forward to returning again when the time is right."
Image source, Manogaran Durasamy
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Manogaran Durasamy: "A smoked haddock kedgeree is always a pleasant welcome when my favourite food is prepared by my wife and served for lunch."
Image source, Shane Barker
Image caption,
Shane Barker: "A 'light' snack. When I am eating healthily, my favourite food is fresh fruit. After taking this photograph, using a torch, I remembered having a wonderful fruit salad."
Image source, Mike Wright
Image caption,
Mike Wright: "Oranges have been one of my favourite foods for as long as I can remember. I think I've eaten one after tea every day for about the last 60 years or so. This shot is a close-up of a blood orange, which are currently coming towards the end of their season."
Image source, James Bimson
Image caption,
James Bimson: "There's nothing nicer than a 99, with a Flake and some raspberry sauce."
Image source, Ingo Dierking
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Ingo Dierking: "Cannoli from a street vendor in Taormina, Sicily… priceless."
Image source, Judith Sales
Image caption,
Judith Sales: "Home-grown beetroot ready for roasting. My absolute favourite."
Image source, Hemant B Kaushik
Image caption,
Hemant B Kaushik: "According to Hindu mythology, hungry Lord Hanuman once tried eating the sun, assuming it to be a ripe fruit. During lockdown, my daughter wanted to taste this beautiful evening sun in Guwahati, India!"
Image source, Gareth Evison
Image caption,
Gareth Evison: "Baby pineapple growing sweetness."
Image source, Lia Mageira
Image caption,
Lia Mageira: "When I collect the vegetables from my kitchen garden, I like to make shapes or a presentation before I put them in the fridge. That is one of the reasons why vegetables are my favourite food."
Image source, Sally Stanifort
Image caption,
Sally Staniforth: "Who doesn't love mushrooms? Earthy and meaty, they lift any meal. I was making mushrooms on toast for lunch when the sunlight hit the pan, capturing the swirling mist rising from the sizzling pan. It was a moment to whip out the mobile phone and take a quick snap."
Image source, Luxshanya Jayarathnam
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Luxshanya Jayarathnam: "A simple food from south India, yet so mouth-watering and delicious - curd rice with potato fry."
Image source, Tasleem Jessa Damani
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Tasleem Jessa Damani: "The simple, forgotten, custard cream. A perfect snack with a cup of tea."
Image source, Justin Saculles
Image caption,
Justin Saculles: "Summer the whippet expressing her happiness in lockdown, by catching her favourite treats."
Image source, Hanna Carlson
Image caption,
Hanna Carlson: "Baking and food photography are two big passions of mine, and this past year has really given me the chance to focus on developing my baking and photography skills. I focus on creating vegan recipes that are easy to make, delicious, and healthy. So here, a tropical citrus raw vegan cheesecake."
Image source, Angela Parry
Image caption,
Angela Parry: "I am a pancake fan. Here's one I came up with while experimenting with different toppings during lockdown."

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