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We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "woodland walk". Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

Birds on a branchImage source, Hamish Couper
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Hamish Couper: "Long-tailed tit fledglings quarrelling on a branch in a north Oxford woodland. The range of expressions is striking as they tussle for best position to receive food from their parents/carers."
Image source, Hilary Felice
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Hilary Felice: "The theme for the recent Mental Health Awareness week was Connecting with Nature - a walk in the magical Micheldever Wood [in Hampshire] never fails to lift my spirits."
Image source, Lia Mageira
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Lia Mageira: "Poikilo is a low mountain in Attica, Greece. It is one of the mountains that encloses the basin of Athens. It has rich flora and fauna and its trails are ideal for hiking and mountain biking."
Image source, Scout Johnstone
Image caption,
Scout Johnstone: "I felt saddened by this find on one of our usual family walks in a woodland area in Sandy Lane, Wiltshire. I thought of the effort to get the broken machine to where we found it. Far trickier than taking it to the recycling centre. Thankfully the bluebells will reclaim that area next year, as they always do."
Image source, Amanda Lake
Image caption,
Amanda Lake: "During lockdown, I have spent many hours exploring Coed y Wenallt, our local woods near Cardiff. It has a spooky, yet magical, atmosphere, inspiring me to put together this fairy-tale composition."
Image source, Fleur Deans
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Fleur Deans: "We are guardians of some beautiful specimen trees on our property, 'Homebush', in Canterbury, New Zealand. This includes the giant redwood pictured, bathed in autumnal light."
Image source, Michelle Jackson
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Michelle Jackson: "Last Christmas, for the first time ever, I watched the short film Stick Man and loved it. After seeing the film, I found myself noticing the shapes of branches and seeing Stick Man all over the place during woodland walks. This inspired me to make my own fun stickmen. I use branches that have already been cut away or fallen from trees."
Image source, Richard Hughes
Image caption,
Richard Hughes: "A beautiful place to unwind and get lost in the tall pines and ferns of Rushmere Country Park [in Bedfordshire]."
Image source, Steve Jolley
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Steve Jolley: "Found these tiny woodland toadstools with my daughter on Ranmore Common [in Surrey]. Their white glossy caps and sunlight glowing through their delicate gills caught our eye, and became a subject for her school photography project."
Image source, Matthew Cawkwell
Image caption,
Matthew Cawkwell: "This picture of my wife, daughter and mother-in-law was taken on a walk through Thetford Forest [East Anglia] in 2014. I love how all three are silhouetted and how the dappled light shines through the morning mist."
Image source, Sally Staniforth
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Sally Staniforth: "The joy of finding a stick to play with. Sammy is at her happiest walking in the woods at Manor Farm."
Image source, Michał Świder
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Michał Świder: "During a trip to one of the oldest nature reserves in Poland I encountered this beautiful oak. I decided to photograph it in infrared. It is worth looking at the forest in a different light. It looks surreal."
Image source, David Bedo
Image caption,
David Bedo: "I went for bird photography to Grantown-on-Spey forest [on the edge of Scotland's Cairngorms], and this little guy welcomed me. Made my morning."
Image source, Tracy Currie
Image caption,
Tracy Currie: "Walking in our woods on St Joseph Island, Ontario, I see clearly, the trees have eyes."
Image source, Louise Godwin
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Louise Godwin: "Towards the light!"
Image source, Michael Bevington
Image caption,
Michael Bevington: "Moor explorers."
Image source, Chris Lee
Image caption,
Chris Lee: "A lone figure strolls along Bregagh Road, Northern Ireland."

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