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We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "back in time". Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

Children playing a computer game on a TV setImage source, Hannah Bruce
Image caption,
Hannah Bruce: "This was taken by my father in 1984 when he was 26. Three under six-year-olds gaming on the black and white TV."
Image source, Cy Lim
Image caption,
Cy Lim: "While I sat there and admired the statue of the couple from [South Korean TV series] Winter Sonata, for a moment, it was as if I travelled back to 2002. I heard their love song playing, I saw them walking in the snow, hugging each other and I could feel 'love is in the air'."
Image source, Richard Brown
Image caption,
Richard Brown was at the Harrogate 1940s Day: "I liked the idea that I was photographing a photographer who was photographing a man dressed as a US officer."
Image source, Weijie Sun
Image caption,
Weijie Sun: "These cabins were built in Finland in 1820. Now they are in Helsinki to represent a very old-fashioned way of living. The building includes a main room and a smaller room, that are connected by a vestibule that serves as a passageway."
Image source, Nigel Bruce
Image caption,
Nigel Bruce: "This photograph was taken in February of ice skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada. It wasn't until I got home and converted the image to black-and-white that it reminded me of the famous 'back in time' works by the English painter LS Lowry."
Image source, Alice Png
Image caption,
Alice Png: "In Singapore, change happens rapidly. Though only a young nation, modern-day Singapore already has remnants of her past swallowed up by nature. This photograph shows some ruins of an abandoned Hainanese village located inside Thomson Nature Park. Today, these ruins of building foundations, walls and wells offer visitors a glimpse of life in a Singapore kampong (village) in the bygone years - of a past that is slowly reclaimed by secondary rainforest."
Image source, Preeti M
Image caption,
Preeti M: "During the Covid-19 lockdown, my brother and I would spend most of the time with our smartphones and laptops. But my mother, who is 70 years old, would often thumb through photo albums, remembering and reviving old and forgotten memories, and telling us interesting stories related to the various photographs."
Image source, Richard Bowers
Image caption,
Richard Bowers: "These are some of the books I have inherited, going back in time, through many generations of my family. The family bible has a detailed list of births, marriages and deaths, going back to 1843."
Image source, Rachael Blakey
Image caption,
Rachael Blakey: "I carefully placed some water drops on to a metal spring, and captured the reflection of a clock on the water drops."
Image source, Peter Lawrance
Image caption,
Peter Lawrance: "Taken at a re-enactment day, I thought that this captured a traditional way of keeping fit back in the day."
Image source, Doris Enders
Image caption,
Doris Enders: "The school teachers' equipment in former times."
Image source, Iv Bush
Image caption,
Iv Bush: "A classic car seen on the streets of Edinburgh."
Image source, Kelley J Curran
Image caption,
Kelley J Curran: "Fun shooting with my pal Rachel, flashback to the 80s!"
Image source, Eros Dalla Sega
Image caption,
Eros Dalla Sega: "A different age, a different purpose."
Image source, Louise Cook
Image caption,
Louise Cook: "It was a shock when visiting the abbey to find the Daleks had taken over. A great memory from 2019."
Image source, Vahe Saboonchian
Image caption,
Vahe Saboonchian: "My parents have always had photo albums of their children and now grandchildren. This is a photograph of our daughter looking through albums of her photos. She loved it."
Image source, Verna Evans
Image caption,
Verna Evans: "This photograph of me and my teddy transports me back in time to my childhood and happy memories."

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