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We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "new beginnings". Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

FernImage source, Craig Hannah
Image caption,
Craig Hannah: "First signs of life three weeks after the huge fire on Saddleworth Moor in July 2018."
Image source, Iwona Marciszewska
Image caption,
Iwona Marciszewska: "Enjoying the full blossom of our magnolia tree during a very warm spring night, just before Covid lockdown."
Image source, Vadims Pjatrikovs
Image caption,
Vadims Pjatrikovs: "The cycle of life is an inevitable part of nature. And what appears to be dead can give birth to something as gorgeous as this bright and sunny tropical plant."
Image source, Demmi Havenhand
Image caption,
Demmi Havenhand: "This picture, to me, shows a new way of life. Taken as lockdown restrictions eased, it shows my sister through a shop window. Masks are now a regular part of life we would never have expected, and I feel as though this image encapsulates the theme of new beginnings."
Image source, Stuart Manktelow
Image caption,
Stuart Manktelow: "Early morning at Port Lympne, Hythe, Kent. One of the new cubs with his mum."
Image source, Doris Enders
Image caption,
Doris Enders: "A bud of a chive flower ready to open."
Image source, Philip Crawley
Image caption,
Philip Crawley: "Baby kingbird waiting for parent to feed it."
Image source, Vera Rosenblueth
Image caption,
Vera Rosenblueth: "A litter of six Mexican Xoloitzcuintli dogs, five hairless, one white and full of hair: a new beginning."
Image source, Sandhya Bhattaram
Image caption,
Sandhya Bhattaram: "A ray of hope and new beginnings."
Image source, Yvonne Warriner
Image caption,
Yvonne Warriner: "This kitten's first steps outdoors after her mum was fostered to help with the birth of the kittens."
Image source, Lynn Griffiths
Image caption,
Lynn Griffiths: "A lovely Canada Goose gosling almost straight after hatching. It was struggling to find its feet as it took its first steps. Seen in the New Forest where I was walking."
Image source, Natalie Montanaro:
Image caption,
Natalie Montanaro: "Just three friends welcoming in the New Year with a sparkle. We have been sidetracked by the pandemic all this past year, so a little optimism was in order."
Image source, Linda Rowe
Image caption,
Linda Rowe: "Wild ponies on the Longmynd (Shropshire Hills); a mother and her foal."
Image source, Anton Glaeser
Image caption,
Anton Glaeser: "Every new beginning starts with a courageous first step."
Image source, Valter Zhara
Image caption,
And finally, Valter Zhara sent in this picture capturing the beauty of hiking.

The next theme is "derelict", and the deadline for entries is 5 October 2021.

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