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We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "minimalism". Here are some of the pictures we received from around the world.

Bird in flightImage source, Mary Lee Dereske
Image caption,
Mary Lee Dereske: "After hearing a ruckus on the rooftop, I went outside to discover two large ravens dancing on the parapet. I went inside for my camera. When I came back, they'd moved to the neighbour's house, and I made this image as one of them flew away."
Image source, Steven Seidner
Image caption,
Steven Seidner: "I took this picture on the first floor of a two-storey parking garage in Pueblo, Colorado."
Image source, Karim Shokair
Image caption,
Karim Shokair took this photo in Ain Sokhna, Egypt.
Image source, Janet Boulter
Image caption,
Janet Boulter: "Old pier legs, Burnham-on-Sea."
Image source, Michael Edward Ellis
Image caption,
Michael Edward Ellis: "In the far north of Sweden - snow came early this year. A vast white landscape topped by magical colours and a lone person on a frozen riverbed."
Image source, Helen Jackson
Image caption,
Helen Jackson: "Swimming pool steps - taken whilst staying on the Philippine Island of Mindoro."
Image source, Eduardo Naranjo
Image caption,
Eduardo Naranjo: "Artistic performance at CaixaForum cultural centre in Barcelona, Spain."
Image source, Chris Nicholls
Image caption,
Chris Nicholls: "Like all cats, Luna loves to sleep. She usually wraps herself up so tightly, you can only see her nose beyond her mass of fur. It's her 'do not disturb' sign."
Image source, Olivia Costello
Image caption,
Olivia Costello: "Taken using a light pad to give light shining through some plastic cutlery."
Image source, Stuart Gill
Image caption,
Stuart Gill: "The island of Menorca is known for traditional simple open-toed sandals (avarcas). The small inland town of Es Migjorn has chosen to string them up as decorative 'bunting' above the narrow streets, where I spotted this simple shadow in the midday sun."
Image source, Norman Raine
Image caption,
Norman Raine: "This photo was taken when I was in Sheringham, Norfolk. The council has put up a handrail on the right-hand side of this slipway."
Image source, Annie Roper
Image caption,
Annie Roper called this photo Mini-me-lism: "Inspired by stories like The Borrowers, this image is created by superimposing a self-portrait into a small-scale scene. Made in the height of lockdown last year, this project allowed me to go on big adventures in my suddenly tiny world."

The next theme is "a long journey", and the deadline for entries is 2 November 2021.

The pictures will be published later that week and you will be able to find them, along with other galleries, on the In Pictures section of the website.

You can upload your entries on this page or email them to

Further details and themes are at: We set the theme, you take the pictures.

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