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  1. Local election counts across Yorkshire and Humber region
  2. Updates on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 May 2015

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  1. And finally...

    20 things you may've missed

    BBC Magazine

    It's sometimes difficult to catch everything during a general election night whirlwind of facts, stats and spin. Here are 20 things you may have missed.

    Downing street door
  2. Hull West & Hessle

    Johnson has support, says Johnson

    Labour's Hull North MP Diana Johnson says neighbouring MP Alan Johnson would have a "lot of support" if he stood for the vacant Labour leadership.

    Alan Johnson

    Ms Johnson said: "If he was willing to put his name forward I'm sure there would be a lot of support for him."

    Mr Johnson said he wouldn't speculate on the future leadership of the party.

  3. Local elections

    Conservatives hold Hambleton

    Hambleton District Council remains under Conservative control.

    The Tories lost nine seats, independent councillors lost six seats and the Lib Dems two.

    The council now has 27 Conservative members and one UKIP councillor

  4. Local elections

    Conservatives hold East Riding

    The Conservatives have retained control of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council

    They picked up two seats to reach a total of 51 councillors.

    UKIP gained two seats and now have three members. There are now five independent councillors and two Lib Dems.

  5. Kirklees Council

    Counting continues

    You can find the local election results for Kirklees here, the count is still going on.

  6. Look North

    Tonight's election round-up

    BBC Look North

    Here's Nikki Brown, tonight's Look North producer, hard at work on the running order for the programme to be broadcast at 18:30.

    Look North Producer

    There will be a comprehensive look at the election results across the region - on a day when many of the momentous stories have happened right here in Yorkshire.

    There'll also be time for sport and weather too. Watch Look North here.

  7. Wakefield Council

    Labour hold Wakefield

    Labour have held Wakefield in today's election, of the 21 seats available Labour won 17 and the Conservatives four.

    Labour dominate the full council with 54 out of the 63 seats.

  8. Local elections

    Conservatives hold Craven

    The Conservatives have won two seats to extend their control over Craven District Council.

    Labour and UKIP both picked up one seat each and the Lib Dems lost one.

    The final standings are Conservatives 20, independents six, Labour two, Lib Dems one and UKIP one.

  9. Local elections

    Conservatives gain Richmondshire

    The Conservatives have won Richmondshire District Council from independent control.

    The Tories gained nine seats, with eight coming from independents and one from UKIP.

    The new council now has 21 Conservative councillors, 11 independents and two Lib Dems.

  10. Calderdale Council

    Calderdale NOC

    Calderdale remains as No Overall Control.

    The Conservatives have gained a seat from both Labour and Liberal Democrats among the 17 up for grabs.

    The council is now: Labour 24, Conservative 21, Liberal Democrat five and Independent one.

  11. Local elections

    Conservatives hold Harrogate

    The Conservatives have held on to Harrogate Borough Council increasing their number of councillors by one.

    The Lib Dems are the second largest party with 15 seats with independent councillors holding four seats.

  12. Rotherham Council

    Labour hold Rotherham

    Rotherham has been held by Labour. In this election Labour have taken 19 seats and UKIP three.

    The full council now has 48 Labour councillors, 12 UKIP, two Independent and one Conservative.

  13. Local elections

    Labour hold Leeds Council

    Labour has held Leeds City Council, where a third of the 99 seats were up for election.

    The Conservatives won one seat to take their total to 19.

    The rest of the parties were unchanged with Labour on 63, the Lib Dems with nine, the Greens have three seats and independents hold five seats.

  14. Local elections

    Conservatives hold North Lincolnshire

    The Conservatives have increased their hold on North Lincolnshire Council, taking three seats from Labour.

    The Tories now have 26 councillors to Labour's 17.

  15. Sheffield City Council

    Labour hold Sheffield

    Labour holds Sheffield City Council. Of the 28 seats contested this time Labour won 21, the Liberal Democrats took five, UKIP one and the Green Party one.

    In all the council has 84 seats - Labour hold 59, Liberal Democrats 16, UKIP five and Green four

  16. Local elections

    Fire alarm triggered at Bradford count

    Counting has resumed in the Bradford City Council elections after a fire alarm meant the Richard Dunn Sports Centre was evacuated.

    People evacuated from Richard Dunn Sports Centre in Bradford

    The evacuation means counting has been set back by an hour.

  17. Next Labour leader

    Blunkett's view

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    tweets: David Blunkett says the next Labour leader needs to be someone with a set of values that resonates across classes and across geography.

    Mr Blunkett was the Labour MP for Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough but stood down before this election.

  18. Morley and Outwood

    Jenkyns: Why I stood

    Trevor Gibbons

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Conservative Andrea Jenkyns, who ousted Labour's Ed Balls, has been speaking about how the death of her lorry driver father Clifford in 2011 from a hospital infection pushed her into standing for Parliament.

    "He went in for a routine op and through complications he caught MRSA and died.I lost my dad in unfortunate circumstances and I just wanted to go in (to Parliament) to make the NHS a better place for all."

    Here's the result for the Morley and Outwood contest.

  19. Local elections

    Wakefield Council turnout figure

    Wakefield Council says the turnout figure for the local election is 56.85%.

    The count is under way.

  20. Colne Valley

    Miliband resignation 'tragedy'

    Huddersfield Examiner

    tweets "Ed Miliband's resignation 'a tragedy' says defeated Colne Valley candidate Jane East".

    Ed Miliband
  21. Local elections

    North East Lincolnshire NOC

    There's no change in North East Lincolnshire. Labour have the largest number of councillors at 20 but the council remains under No Overall Control.

    The Conservatives have 10, UKIP nine and the Liberal Democrats three seats on the 42-seat council.

    UKIP gained a seat and Independents lost one.

  22. Brigg and Goole

    Majority key to 'economic recovery'

    Andrew Percy, Conservative MP for Brigg and Goole, said that the stability of having a majority would allow the Tories to "continue to secure the economic future."

    Mr Percy, who increased his share of the vote, said: "The key priority for this government has got to be the economic recovery, but it has to be a recovery that people start to feel on the ground."

  23. Calderdale Council

    Calderdale Council 'one to watch'

    BBC Radio Leeds

    Louise Martin, BBC Radio Leeds political reporter, tweets: "For me, the West Yorkshire council to watch is #Calderdale. Will Labour take back the council?"

  24. Post update

    Test your election night knowledge

    The voting's over - did you stay the course during the campaign or did it sent you to sleep?

    Dog waits outside polling station

    Test your knowledge of the quotes, gaffes, stumbles and surprises of the 2015 general election on the Magazine's quiz.

  25. Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham

    The final furlong

    Trevor Gibbons

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    James Vincent is still at his desk in Broadcasting Centre in Leeds in the final furlong of a long general election night.

    He can still manage a weary smile though, as he finishes his reports before heading for a sleep.

    James Vincent

    He's been in Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster overnight covering events for Look North.

    His shift has included the news of the resignation of Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband from the Labour Party leadership and Sheffield Hallam's Nick Clegg as Liberal Democrat head.

  26. What the local papers are saying

    'He's back'

    Huddersfield Examiner

    tweets: "Election Special available today!" it has the headline "He's back" with a picture of David Cameron outside the door of 10 Downing Street.

    Huddersfield Examiner front page
  27. Local elections

    Labour hold Barnsley

    Labour have won two more seats and have increased their tight hold on the 63-seat council. The party now has 55 councillors, with Independents and the Conservatives on four councillors each.

    Labour won 19 of the 21 seats in this election, the Conservatives two.

  28. Barnsley Central

    Dan the man for Labour top job?

    James Vincent

    BBC Look North

    Dan Jarvis has led people into battle before, perhaps he's the man that Labour needs now. An officer in the Parachute Regiment - he was the first person since World War Two to resign his commission to fight a parliamentary by-election.

    MP Dan Jarvis

    Several newspapers had already linked Dan Jarvis with leading the party, something that, through no fault of his own, had got him into a little trouble with party HQ.

    But now, with Ed Miliband back to constituency politics, Dan Jarvis might fancy it. But remember, he's only been an MP since 2011, this was his first general election win. He may feel he's not quite ready.

  29. Morley and Outwood

    Jenkyns says thanks

    Andrea Jenkyns, the new MP, tweets: "Thank you to the people of #Morley & #Outwood - I will work tirelessly to represent you in Westminster."

    Conservative election poster

    The Conservative victory over Labour's Ed Balls in Morley and Outwood was one of the defining moments of the count.

  30. Local elections

    Conservatives hold Ryedale

    The Conservative group retained control of Ryedale District Council winning 20 seats. The council's make-up is now Conservative 20; Independents five seats , Liberal three seats and Liberal Democrats two seats.

  31. Local elections

    Labour hold Hull

    Labour have won two more seats seats and have increased their hold on the council.

    The party now has 40 councillors, with the Lib Dems the second largest group with 15 and the Conservatives third with two councillors.

    Independent party Hull Red Labour lost one councillor and now have one representative, with UKIP also having a single councillor.

  32. Morley & Outwood

    'I gave up job and house'

    "I gave my job up, I sold my house and moved in with mum so I could afford to be a full-time politician" newly-elected Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns told 5 live.

    Andrea Jenkyns

    On taking Ed Balls' Leeds seat of Morley and Outwood by just 422 votes, Ms Jenkyns said "It's the kind of seat you have to put your heart and soul in... I really want to be the strong Yorkshire voice for our area".

  33. Local elections

    Conservatives hold Selby

    The Conservative group holds Selby District Council, winning 22 seats. Labour won eight seats and there is one independent councillor.

  34. York Central

    New MP's letter

    Gemma Dillon, Political Reporter BBC York

    tweets: "Rachael Maskell new Labour MP for York Central handed this as result declared."

    Letter for MPs
  35. North East Lincolnshire

    First results due

    BBC Radio Humberside

    tweets: "The first declarations from North East Lincolnshire Council due soon. We'll bring you the results on @RadioHumberside".

    North East Lincolnshire count
  36. North Lincolnshire Council

    Up for grabs

    Natalie Glanvill, BBC Radio Humberside

    tweets: "So 17 wards on @NorthLincsCNews up for grabs. Represented by 43 councillors. Declarations due around 2pm."

    Local council election details can be found here.

  37. Election night moments

    In Pictures

    BBC Look North

    Yorkshire's most memorable election night moments on BBC Look North Yorkshire Facebook page.

    Nick Clegg

    It's been an historic night in Yorkshire where the Conservatives claimed their most high-profile victory of all - the defeat of Labour's shadow chancellor Ed Balls in Morley and Outwood.

    Ed Miliband held on to his seat in Doncaster North but resigned as Labour leader after his party's poor performance.

    Despite winning in Sheffield Hallam, MP Nick Clegg later resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats after the party lost most of its seats.

  38. Doncaster North

    Miliband 'responsible' for defeat

    Mr Miliband said he "took absolute and total responsibility" for the party's defeat.

    He said Harriet Harman would take over the leadership until a leader was elected.

    Rather than breaking through as forecast by opinion polls, Labour saw losses to the Tories in key marginal seats and failed to win the Conservatives most vulnerable constituencies.

  39. BreakingBreaking News

    Miliband resigns as Labour leader

    Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband has announced his resignation as leader of the Labour Party.

  40. Morley & Outwood

    'Surreal win'

    Yorkshire Post

    tweets Video: Andrea Jenkyns on "surreal" win over Ed Balls.

  41. Maps of turnout and party strength

    See our interactive maps which show the share of the vote won by each party regardless of whether they won in that particular seat. You can select Conservative, Labour, UKIP, Lib Dem, SNP, the Greens and Plaid Cymru from the dropdown menu.

    Turnout map
  42. Barnsley Council

    Counting under way

    Mick Lunney, BBC Radio Sheffield

    tweets: "Local elections in Barnsley see a 56.2% turnout. Counting under way. @BBCSheffield"

    Counting in Barnsley
  43. Sheffield Hallam

    Clegg takes responsibility for 'crushing' losses

    Mr Clegg's party has been reduced to a rump of just eight seats after a devastating General Election which has seen the party completely collapse, even in its heartlands.

    Nick Clegg

    He said the results had been "immeasurably more crushing and unkind than I could ever have feared", adding: "For that, of course, I must take responsibility."

  44. Sheffield Hallam

    Clegg says losses 'heartbreaking'

    Announcing his resignation, Mr Clegg said: "It is simply been heartbreaking to see so many friends and colleagues who have served their constituents so diligently, over so many years, abruptly lose their seats because of forces entirely beyond their control."

  45. Sheffield Hallam

    Nick Clegg resigns as party leader

    Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg has resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

    It comes after his party poor performance nationally in the General Election.

    Mr Clegg kept his seat with a much reduced majority.

  46. Bradford's election

    'Night of change'

    Telegraph & Argus

    It was a night of change in Bradford last night as the General Election results came in with the city's constituencies now all red with Labour gaining Bradford West and Bradford East and holding Bradford South.

    Naz Shah in Bradford West

    But the Conservative also experienced success by holding both Shipley and Keighley.

  47. Morley & Outwood

    New MP aiming for high note

    John Henry

    BBC Local Live

    A self-styled "strong, passionate, Yorkshire lass", Andrea Jenkyns has caused arguably the biggest General Election shock in recent contests.

    The 40-year-old soprano singer who toppled Labour big beast Ed Balls will be hoping for a smoother start to her parliamentary career than her early weeks as a Tory county councillor in Lincolnshire.

    Andrea Jenkyns

    Weeks after she defeated the British National Party candidate in Boston North West in 2009, Ms Jenkyns was forced to resign.

    It was discovered she was not eligible to be a candidate due to her role as a part-time music tutor for the council-run Lincolnshire Music Service.

  48. Morley & Outwood

    'Dignified in defeat'

    Greg Mulholland MP, Liberal Democrat Leeds North West

    tweets: "Ed Balls was very dignified in defeat. Every credit to him & best wishes. I am sure he will be back."

    Ed Balls failed to retain the Morley and Outwood seat for Labour, the seat was taken by Andrea Jenkyns for the Conservatives.leed

  49. Hull City Council

    Count begins

    Sarah Sanderson, BBC East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire political reporter

    tweets: "The local election count has begun in Hull. I'm reporting live from @RadioHumberside at the Guildhall, Hull."

    The count in Hull

    Local council election details can be found here.

  50. Bradford West

    Galloway 'sent on way'

    John Henry

    BBC Local Live

    Newly-elected Bradford West Labour MP Naseem Shah said in her victory speech: "To Mr Galloway, I say that your campaign demeaned our democracy.

    "Personal attacks on me have not worked.

    Naseem Shah

    "The people of Bradford West have seen through this and you have been sent on your way."

  51. Yorkshire & Humber winners and losers

    All the General Election results have now been counted and announced for the Yorkshire and Humber region.

    It's been an eventful night with some surprising winners and losers.

    Ed Balls congratulating Conservative's Andrea Jenkyns

    Ed Balls became the highest-profile casualty of a Labour's General Election performance, losing his seat to the Conservatives in a shock result in Morley and Outwood.

    The former shadow chancellor lost by just 422 votes after a nail-biting recount.

    Elsewhere in West Yorkshire, Respect leader George Galloway lost his seat in Bradford West to Labour's Naseem Shah.

    Earlier, he was reported to police by Bradford Council for allegedly breaking election laws.

    George Galloway

    In South Yorkshire, the Labour and Liberal Democrat party leaders survived, with Ed Miliband retaining his Doncaster North seat and Nick Clegg keeping hold of Sheffield Hallam with a 2,353 majority.

    However, question marks remain over the future of both leaders given their parties disappointing performances.

    Across to Great Grimsby and hopes of a UKIP victory fell flat with the party ranking third, behind a Labour win.

  52. Leeds North West

    Lib Dem leadership challenge 'likely'

    Alex Moss

    BBC Local Live

    Liberal Democrat Greg Mulholland, who won the Leeds North West seat, has just told BBC Look North that a leadership challenge to Nick Clegg is "likely".

  53. Morley & Outwood

    'True blue sky'

    Phil Bodmer

    Presenter, BBC Look North

    Is this a "true blue" sky over Morley?

    Morley west yorkshire

    The West Yorkshire market town has ousted Ed Balls as its MP, replacing him with a rather surprised Conservative.

  54. Selby & Ainsty

    Spare a thought for the counters

    Nick Morris

    BBC Yorkshire political reporter

    Spare a thought for those counters who have now to face local election counts.

    Selby count

    This counter in Selby looks how I feel after a long night!

  55. Balls out... Miliband to follow?

    Laura Kuenssberg

    Chief correspondent, Newsnight

    The Balls moment - the one many people, maybe most, will remember. The political bruiser fighting back tears, talking with obvious passion and concern for his party. Loved and loathed, maybe in equal measure, as a political colleague and opponent he was probably universally respected. The scalp of such a big Labour figure, such a big part of Ed Miliband's team, surely must hasten the departure of the leader himself out of the door.

  56. Halifax

    Narrow victory for Labour

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Holly Lynch held the Halifax seat for Labour by the skin of her teeth. Her majority is just 428 over the Conservatives.

    Holly Lynch

    The 28-year-old replaced Linda Riordan, who stood down as Labour's candidate due to health problems earlier this year.

    Linda Riordan had a majority of 1,472 in 2010.

  57. Morley and Outwood

    Jenkyns win 'such an honour'

    Celebrating her victory, Andrea Jenkyns told BBC Radio Leeds: "It's such an honour. I've got stuck in, met some amazing people, lived every moment."

    Ed Balls and Andrea Jenkyns

    The Conservative candidate beat shadow chancellor Ed Balls with 18,776 votes to 18,354 - a majority of 422.

  58. BreakingHalifax

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Holly Lynch has held Halifax for Labour.

  59. Morley and Outwood

    Balls 'concerns for future'

    In his farewell speech, Mr Balls said he had "real concerns" about the future.

    He said: "We will now face a five years where questions will arise about the future of our Union, about whether we can stay as a member of the European Union and fight for jobs and investment, whether we can make sure we secure our National Health Service at a time when public spending is cut."

  60. BreakingYork Outer

    Conservative hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Julian Sturdy holds York Outer for the Conservatives.

  61. Morley and Outwood

    Balls has 'sense of sorrow'

    Ed Balls says the disappointment at his individual political demise is "as nothing compared to the sense of sorrow I have" at Labour's showing across the rest of the UK.

    Ed Balls
  62. BreakingYork Central

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Labour's Rachael Maskell has held York Central.

    She replaces Sir Hugh Bayley who decided to stand down after holding the seat since 1992.

  63. Morley & Outwood

    Balls loses by a whisker

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Following a recount, it's announced that Ed Balls lost his Morley & Outwood seat to the Conservatives' Andrea Jenkyns by just 422 votes.

  64. BreakingMorley & Outwood

    Balls loses Morley seat

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has lost the Morley & Outwood seat to the Conservatives.

    Ed Balls
  65. BreakingKeighley

    Conservative hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Kris Hopkins has held Keighley for the Conservatives.

  66. BreakingLeeds North East

    Labour hold Leeds North East

    John Henry

    BBC Local Live

    Fabian Hamilton holds Leeds North East for Labour.

  67. Keighley

    Long wait!

    Richard Edwards

    Reporter, BBC Radio Leeds

    The wait here in Keighley is excruciating. Should've brought a sleeping bag!

  68. Morley & Outwood

    Conservatives hopeful

    Louise Martin

    Politics Reporter, BBC Radio Leeds

    tweets: I have been told that Conservatives believe they are 300 votes ahead of Labour in Ed Balls count. Full recount continues @BBCLeeds #GE2015

  69. Halifax

    Delays in Halifax

    Larry Budd

    Newsreader, BBC Radio Leeds

    There are more delays at the Halifax count, where Labour are defending a majority of just 1,472.

  70. Leeds North West

    'Put party first'

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Greg Mulholland, who held Leeds North West for the Lib Dems, was asked on BBC Radio Leeds about the future of his leader Nick Clegg after a bad night for the party.

    Greg Mulhollland

    He said: "I'm delighted Nick [Clegg]'s been re-elected. I know he will put the party first."

  71. BreakingRichmond

    Conservative hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    The Conservatives have retained Richmond.

    The seat was formerly held by William Hague who decided not to run again.

  72. Morley & Outwood

    Balls out?

    Louise Martin

    Politics Reporter, BBC Radio Leeds

    I have been given the nod that the Conservatives think Andrea Jenkyns may have beaten Ed Balls in Morley & Outwood.

  73. Morley & Outwood

    Where's Ed?

    Louise Martin

    Politics Reporter, BBC Radio Leeds

    Ed Balls is there somewhere, I can't see Andrea Jenkyns #GE2015 @BBCLeeds

    Election count
  74. BreakingPudsey

    Conservative hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Stuart Andrew holds Pudsey for the Conservatives with a majority of 4,501.

  75. Shipley

    High turnout in Shipley

    BBC Radio Leeds

    BBC Radio Leeds tweets: Turnout for Shipley was 71.7% with @PhilipDaviesMP securing a majority of 9,624. #GE2015

  76. BreakingDewsbury

    Labour gain

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Labour's Paula Sherriff has won the Dewsbury seat from the Conservatives.

  77. BreakingLeeds North West

    Lib Dem hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Greg Mulholland has held Leeds North West for the Liberal Democrats but his majority has fallen by around 6,000.

  78. Morley & Outwood

    '260 votes in it'

    The Guardian

    The Guardian newspaper's northern Editor Helen Pidd tweets: Hearing there are 260 votes in it - don't know who was the loser on the first count. Ed not answering qs

  79. BreakingThirsk & Malton

    Conservative hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Kevin Hollinrake retains the Thirsk & Malton seat for the Conservatives.

    The count was delayed earlier due to a verification discrepancy which has been resolved.

  80. BreakingShipley

    Conservative hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Philip Davies holds Shipley for the Conservatives.

  81. Morley & Outwood

    Recount at Morley & Outwood

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    BBC Radio Leeds reports there will be a recount at the Morley & Outwood seat.

    Ed Balls

    Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, is defending a majority of just 1,101.

  82. Thirsk & Malton

    'Verification' issue causes delay

    Phil Chapman

    BBC Look North

    Delays in the count at Thirsk & Malton are continuing.

    A meeting of candidates has been convened to discuss a verification discrepancy.

  83. Richmond

    'Slow hand clap'

    Phil Connell

    BBC Look North

    The Conservative candidate arrives at the Richmond count to a slow hand clap.

    Tory candidate Richmond

    Opposition parties say Rishi Sunak is eight hours late.

  84. BreakingElmet and Rothwell

    Conservatives win marginal

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    The marginal seat of Elmet & Rothwell has been held by Conservative candidate Alec Shelbrooke. That was one of Labour's key targets in Yorkshire.

    Alec Shelbrooke
  85. Morley & Outwood

    'Not a fag paper' between Balls and Tory rival

    Len Tingle

    Political editor, BBC Yorkshire

    Word from the Conservatives looking on is there is not a fag paper between Ed Balls and his Conservative rival.

  86. Leeds West

    Labour to 'learn lessons'

    Louise Martin

    Politics Reporter, BBC Radio Leeds

    Labour's Rachel Reeves who held her Leeds West seat said the night had been a "difficult" one of for the party.

    She said: "We will need to learn lessons".

  87. BreakingLeeds West

    Rachel Reeves holds seat

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Labour's shadow cabinet member Rachel Reeves has held her Leeds West seat, as was predicted.

    Ed Balls and Rachel Reeves

    We're still waiting on Ed Balls in Morley & Outwood.

  88. BreakingCalder Valley

    Conservatives hold seat

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    The Conservatives have held Calder Valley with Craig Whittaker beating Labour into second.

    Craig Whittaker
  89. BreakingBradford South

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Labour hold Bradford South.

  90. BreakingBatley & Spen

    Labour hold seat

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Labour have held the seat of Batley & Spen, with Jo Cox the new sitting MP after Michael Wood resigned.

    Jo Cox
  91. BreakingLeeds Central

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Shadow communities secretary Hilary Benn holds Leeds Central for Labour.

  92. Bradford West

    Galloway 'demeaned democracy' - Shah

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Labour's Naz Shah says George Galloway's campaign in Bradford West "demeaned democracy".

    Naz Shah

    She told him: "You have been sent on your way."

    Ms Shah won with a huge majority of more than 11,000 votes.

  93. BreakingHemsworth

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Labour's Jon Trickett holds Hemsworth.

  94. Halifax

    'Can't call it'

    Jamie Coulson

    Health Correspondent, BBC Yorkshire

    I have been told the Halifax seat is extremely close. No-one calling it.

  95. Brigg & Goole

    Percy doubles majority

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    A good night for Conservative MP Andrew Percy who has more than doubled his majority from 5,147 to 11,176 in Brigg & Goole.

    Andrew Percy
  96. BreakingLeeds East

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Richard Burgon holds Leeds East for Labour.

  97. BreakingColne Valley

    Conservative hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    The Conservatives have held Colne Valley..

  98. BreakingWakefield

    Labour hold seat

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Shadow cabinet member Mary Creagh has hung on to her seat in Wakefield.

    Mary Creagh and Ed Miliband

    She secured 17,301 votes, with the Conservatives second (14,688) and UKIP third (7,862).

  99. BreakingSelby & Ainsty

    Conservative hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Nigel Adams holds Selby and Ainsty for the Conservatives.

    Candidates Selby and Ainsty

    Earlier Mr Adams and the UKIP candidate expressed "exasperation" at the long wait for the result.

  100. BreakingBradford West

    Galloway loses seat

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    George Galloway has lost his seat in Bradford West to Labour's Naz Shah.

    George Galloway

    Turnout was 64% - that's up 14% on the 2012 by-election that saw the Respect MP get into parliament.

  101. Leeds North East

    Labour 'gutted'

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Labour's Leeds North East candidate, Fabian Hamilton, has told BBC Radio Leeds on Labour's result nationally: "I think I can fairly say we are all gutted by this."

  102. BreakingPenistone & Stocksbridge

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Angela Smith holds Penistone & Stocksbridge for Labour.

  103. BreakingDon Valley

    Caroline Flint holds for Labour

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Shadow cabinet member Caroline Flint has held Don Valley for Labour.

    Caroline Flint
  104. BreakingSkipton & Ripon

    Conservatives hold Skipton

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Skipton & Ripon has been held by the Conservatives' Julian Smith.

    Julian Smith
  105. Shipley

    Labour candidate concedes

    Richard Edwards

    Reporter, BBC Radio Leeds

    The Labour candidate for Shipley Steve Clapcote has conceded defeat. We're still waiting on the result here though.

    Philip Davies, of the Conservative Party, currently holds that seat.

  106. BreakingDoncaster Central

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Rosie Winterton holds Doncaster Central for Labour.

  107. BreakingBradford East

    Labour gain

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Labour have won the Bradford East seat previously held by the Liberal Democrats' David Ward.

  108. Doncaster North

    UKIP second behind Miliband

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    UKIP increased their vote share by 18.3% in Ed Miliband's constituency of Doncaster North, with Kim Parkinson winning 8,928 votes to finish second.

    Mr Miliband won with 20,708 votes and the Conservatives were third with 7,235.

  109. Wentworth & Dearne

    Vote share

    Here's the numbers for Wentworth & Dearne which was held by Labour's John Healey.

    He increased his vote share by 6.3%. UKIP took almost 25% of the vote with the Conservatives trailing in third place.

    The Liberal Democrats saw their share of the vote drop by 13.5%.

  110. BreakingBrigg & Goole

    Conservatives' Andrew Percy holds seat

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    The Conservatives Andrew Percy has held his seat in Brigg & Goole with a "huge majority".

  111. Doncaster North

    Mililband: 'Difficult night'

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Speaking after being re-elected as MP for Doncaster North, the Labour leader Ed Miliband, praised the party's campaign.

    He added: "The results are still coming in but it's been a difficult night for the Labour party. We haven't made the gains we wanted."

  112. Sheffield Central

    Green surge not enough

    The Greens had their biggest result of the night so far in Sheffield Central.

    Jillian Creasy couldn't win the seat but she got 6,999 - a total of 15.8% - their highest share so far tonight.

    Paul Blomfield won with 24,308 votes.

  113. BreakingHuddersfield

    Barry Sheerman holds for Labour

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Barry Sheerman has held Huddersfield, a safe Labour seat. That's the ninth time he's won it.

    Barry Sheerman
  114. BreakingScarborough & Whitby

    Conservative hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Conservative Robert Goodwill has been re-elected in Scarborough and Whitby with a majority of 6,200.

  115. BreakingSheffield South East

    Labour hold

    Lauren Potts

    BBC Local Live

    Sheffield South East has been held by Clive Betts MP.

    The Labour politician won the election with a large majority of 10,505 in 2010.

  116. BreakingDoncaster North

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Labour leader Ed Miliband has held his seat of Doncaster North.

    Ed Miliband
  117. Yorkshire East

    'English votes for English laws'

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Conservative Sir Greg Knight, re-elected for the Yorkshire East seat, tells BBC Radio Humberside: "Tories will now introduce English votes for English laws."

  118. BreakingNormanton, Pontefract & Castleford

    Labour hold

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has held her Labour seat of Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford.

    Yvette Cooper
  119. BreakingSheffield Heeley

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Louise Haigh holds Sheffield Heeley for Labour.

  120. Cleethorpes

    UKIP surge not enough

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    UKIP's Stephen Harness saw an 11.4% increase in his party's share of the vote in Cleethorpes but it wasn't enough to trouble the Conservatives.

    Martin Vickers won with 21,026 votes, Labour's Peter Keith was second with 13,133 and Mr Harness was third with 8,356.

  121. Sheffield Hallam

    Clegg hints at resignation

    Nick Clegg's majority in Sheffield Hallam is down to just over 2,000 from something like 15,000 in 2010. He says it is now painfully clear that this has been a cruel and punishing night for the Lib Dems.

    He says the election has "had profound implications for the country" and for the Liberal Democrats.

    He adds: "I will be seeking to make further remarks about the implications of this election both for the country and for the party that I lead and my position in the Liberal Democrats when I make remarks to my colleagues in the Liberal Democrats later this morning when I return to Westminster."

  122. Barnsley Central

    'I wasn't complacent' - Jarvis

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Dan Jarvis has told BBC Radio Sheffield he "wasn't remotely complacent" about his chances.

    Dan Jarvis

    The Labour MP held his Barnsley Central seat with a comfortable majority.

  123. BreakingSheffield Central

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Paul Blomfield has held Sheffield Central for Labour.

  124. Wentworth and Dearne

    Former minister says Labour will fight for values

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    John Healey, who retained the safe Labour Wentworth and Dearne seat in Rotherham, has said it is clear the Conservatives will be forming the next government and Labour will have to fight for their values over the next few years.

  125. Bradford West

    Galloway reported to police

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Respect leader George Galloway has been reported to police for allegedly breaking election law.

    The Bradford West MP is said to have retweeted his party's own exit poll before voting ended.

    A police spokesman said: "West Yorkshire Police confirm that they will be reviewing a matter referred to them by Bradford City Council concerning the use of Twitter."

  126. BreakingYorkshire East

    Con hold

    Greg Knight has held his seat of Yorkshire East for the Conservatives.

  127. BreakingHaltemprice & Howden

    Conservative hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    David Davis has held Haltemprice & Howden for the Conservatives.

    Labour were in second place and UKIP third.

  128. BreakingScunthorpe

    Labour hold

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Labour's Nic Dakin has kept his seat in Scunthorpe with 15,393 votes.

    Nic Dakin
  129. BreakingHull North

    Labour hold

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Diana Johnson holds Hull North for Labour with a majority of more than 12,000.

    UKIP were in second place.

  130. BreakingSheffield Hallam

    Clegg keeps seat

    Lauren Potts

    BBC Local Live

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has retained his Sheffield Hallam seat.

    Nick Clegg

    The Liberal Democrat leader had a huge majority of 15,284 in 2010. His party nationally is facing a wipeout.

  131. BreakingBeverley and Holderness

    Conservatives retain seat

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Graham Stuart has been re-elected for the Conservatives in Beverley and Holderness.

    Graham Stuart
  132. BreakingCleethorpes

    Conservatives hold Cleethorpes

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Martin Vickers holds Cleethorpes for the Conservatives.

  133. Keighley and Shipley

    Prediction Lib Dems will lose deposits

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    It's not looking good for Nick Clegg's party in Yorkshire.

    The Lib Dem agent for Keighley and Shipley has predicted the party will lose its deposits in both.

  134. Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford & Wakefield

    Turnout figures

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    We've had some more turn out figures through.

    In Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford turnout was 55.84%. While in Wakefield it was 61.24%.

  135. Barnsley Central

    Jarvis dismisses leadership bid

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Dan Jarvis, the returning Labour MP for Barnsley Central, says he "hasn't given any thought" to throwing his hat into the ring for the Labour leadership.

    Dan Jarvis

    He says his priorities right now are serving Barnsley Central and he hasn't yet been able to assess the national election picture.

  136. Doncaster North

    Miliband arrives at count

    Emma Glasbey

    Journalist, BBC Look North

    He's only just arrived but the result is expected soon in Ed Miliband's constituency, Doncaster North.

    Ed Miliband arrives at Doncaster count
  137. Calder Valley, Halifax and Scarborough

    Turnout round-up

    Lauren Potts

    BBC Local Live

    Some more facts and figures from our media soldiers on the ground at the counts.

    The turnout in Bellweather seat Calder Valley was 69.18%. Elsewhere in West Yorkshire, the turnout in target Tory seat of Halifax saw a 62.91% turnout.

    North Yorkshire saw similar figures, with 65.19% in Scarborough & Whitby.

  138. Bradford West

    Galloway arrives at count

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    George Galloway has arrived at the Bradford West count.

    George Galloway

    Labour's Naz Shah is also in building. The result is expected in the next hour.

  139. Skipton & Ripon

    Result delayed again

    The Skipton and Ripon result has been pushed back again to 05:00 BST.

    We had originally expected it by 03:00.

  140. BreakingHull West & Hessle

    Labour hold

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    No surprises in Hull West & Hessle where former Home Secretary Alan Johnson has held his seat for Labour.

    Alan Johnson
  141. Barnsley East

    'Poorest in society'

    Lauren Potts

    BBC Local Live

    More on the news that Michael Dugher has retained his seat in Barnsley East.

    Michael Dugher

    He says Labour stands for the poorest in society and promises to work hard for constituents.

  142. Morley & Outwood

    'It's a close call'

    Louise Martin

    Politics Reporter, BBC Radio Leeds

    Andrea Jenkyns, Ed Balls' opponent in Morley & Outwood, has arrived at the Leeds count.

    She says she hears it's very close. She's on the count floor.

  143. BreakingHull East

    Labour holds Hull

    Lauren Potts

    BBC Local Live

    Karl Turner retains his seat for Labour in Hull East.

  144. Selby & Ainsty

    Clegg's 'one in 10 chance'

    Nick Morris

    BBC Yorkshire political reporter

    The Conservative candidate for Selby & Ainsty tells me it is possible Nick Clegg will remain Liberal Democrat leader.

    He says: "They'll only have 10 MPs to choose from, he has a one in 10 chance."

  145. BreakingRother Valley

    Labour hold

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Labour's Sir Kevin Barron has held his seat in Rother Valley, despite a challenge from UKIP.

    Sir Kevin Barron
  146. Haltemprice and Howden

    Unclear ballots inspected

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    The candidates for Haltemprice and Howden are inspecting unclear ballot papers at the moment.

    Haltemprice count
  147. Great Grimsby

    Labour majority increased

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Great Grimsby was a real target for UKIP but Labour's vote actually increased.

    Melanie Onn has a majority of 4,566, a sizeable improvement on Labour's 714 majority in 2010.

    Although UKIP only managed third place behind the Conservatives, their share of the vote increased by 18.7%.

  148. BreakingWentworth and Dearne

    Labour hold another South Yorkshire seat

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Labour have another hold in South Yorkshire, with John Healey winning in Wentworth and Dearne.

    John Healey
  149. Sheffield Hallam

    Clegg en route

    BBC correspondent Kamal Ahmed tweets: Nick Clegg has just left his house. Will be at count in 15 mins. Prediction here he will win with small majority #GE2015

  150. Leeds seats

    Declaration times for Leeds

    Len Tingle

    Political editor, BBC Yorkshire

    We are now being told none of the eight seats in Leeds will declare before 05:00 BST.

  151. BreakingBarnsley East

    Labour hold Barnsley East

    Lauren Potts

    BBC Local Live

    Labour's Michael Dugher has been re-elected as the MP for Barnsley East.

  152. Don Valley

    Turnout of 60%

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Turnout in South Yorkshire has been lower than other areas of the region.

    Don Valley has followed the trend with a 60% turnout.

  153. Bradford East

    44,000 vote in Bradford East

    Lauren Potts

    BBC Local Live

    More than 44,000 have turned out in Bradford East to have their say on whether David Ward remains MP. Percentage wise 62.9% put their ballot papers to use.

    Bradford count

    Returning officer Suzanne Hemingway says counting has started. Results expected in the next couple of hours.

  154. Barnsley Central

    Dan Jarvis increases majority

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Dan Jarvis was defending a sizeable majority in Barnsley Central and he's actually increased it to 12,435.

    Barnsley Central count

    UKIP's Lee Hunter was second with 7,941. The Lib Dems got just 770 votes.

  155. BreakingGreat Grimsby

    Labour hold Great Grimsby

    Tim Dale

    BBC Local Live

    Labour's Melanie Onn has held Great Grimsby, a UKIP target seat.

    Labour veteran Austin Mitchell, who stood down this year, held the seat in 2010 with a majority of just 714 over the Conservatives.

  156. BreakingRotherham

    Labour hold Rotherham

    Lauren Potts

    BBC Local Live

    Sarah Champion has held Rotherham for Labour.

    Sarah Champion

    The MP has won the seat with 19,860 votes. She told the crowds: "We will get the pride back into this town together."

  157. Doncaster North

    Waiting for Ed

    BBC journalist Emma Glasbey is among the press pack looking out for the arrival of Ed Miliband in South Yorkshire.

    Press pack

    The Labour leader is defending his Doncaster North seat, where journalists are taking a load off as the wait creeps on...

  158. Harrogate & Knaresborough

    Big increase for Conservatives

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    Andrew Jones has had a good night in Harrogate.

    He only had a slim win in 2010, but the Lib Dem collapse this time around has helped and he's now got a very comfortable 16,371 majority.

  159. BreakingBarnsley Central

    Labour holds Barnsley Central

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    We have our first result in South Yorkshire and it's Barnsley Central where Labour's Dan Jarvis has held his seat.

  160. Batley & Spen

    Counting under way

    Election 2015

    A Labour campaigner is nervous about the Batley and Spen result after high turnouts were reported in traditionally Tory voting areas in that seat.

    Counting is under way.

  161. BreakingHarrogate & Knaresborough

    Conservatives hold Harrogate

    Alasdair Gill

    BBC News, Yorkshire

    We have our first result and it's Harrogate & Knaresborough, where Andrew Jones has held his seat for the Conservative Party.

    Andrew Jones

    He won a tiny majority of 1,039 in 2010 in taking the seat from the Liberal Democrats but has increased that this time around.

  162. Great Grimsby

    UKIP 'falling short' in Great Grimsby

    Tim Iredale

    Political editor, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

    UKIP sources tell me the party has "fallen short" of winning Great Grimsby from Labour.

  163. Sheffield Hallam

    Labour 'not expected to win' Clegg's seat

    Lauren Potts

    BBC Local Live

    We're hearing news from a senior source in the Labour party that they expect it to be a close call in Nick Clegg's Sheffield Hallam seat, but aren't expecting to win.

    Nick Clegg

    The deputy prime minister had a substantial majority of 15,000 in 2010, but experts say the party could be about to suffer a backlash from going into coalition with the Conservatives.

  164. Bradford South

    South expected to be first Bradford result

    Spencer Stokes

    BBC Look North

    Bradford South is expected to be the first Bradford seat to declare at about 04:30.

    Sitting Labour MP, Gerry Sutcliffe, is standing down.

  165. Sheffield Hallam

    Turnout figure for Sheffield Hallam

    Tom Ingall

    BBC Look North

    Wow. Confirmation of this figure in Sheffield Hallam.

    Sheffield Hallam turnout

    In comparison the turnout in Labour leader Ed Miliband's seat Doncaster North has just been confirmed as 56%.

  166. Barnsley Central

    Result expected soon in Barnsley

    Kate Bradbrook

    BBC Look North video journalist

    Candidates in Barnsley Central have been called. A declaration may be imminent or wishful thinking.

    Barnsley count
  167. Harrogate & Knaresborough

    Nick Clegg 'can't survive'

    The Liberal Democrat candidate for Harrogate doesn't have high hopes for Nick Clegg's future.

    Helen Flynn

    Helen Flynn told BBC Radio York: "He can't survive as leader of the party."

  168. Bradford East

    Fears for Lib Dem seat

    Spencer Stokes

    BBC Look North

    I'm at the Bradford count, where Liberal Democrat David Ward has just arrived.

    David Ward

    A party source says it fears he has lost his Bradford East seat. He had majority of just 365 in 2010.

  169. Morley & Outwood and Pudsey

    Dream team

    Political duo Len Tingle and Louise Martin have set up camp at the Leeds count, where they are waiting for some hotly anticipated results.

    Lou and Len

    Still to come from the First Direct Arena is news from Ed Balls' Morley and Outwood seat, and the Pudsey seat which is a key Labour target held by Conservative Stuart Andrew.

  170. Bradford West

    Police statement due later on Galloway

    Spencer Stokes

    BBC Look North

    tweets: Bradford Council has said police will issue statement about Galloway tweeting exit poll from Bradford West before polls closed.

  171. Selby & Ainsty count

    Selby & Ainsty 'paper candidate'

    BBC Radio York's Nick Morris tweets: Literally no yellow rosettes in Selby & Ainsty green room. Lib Dem candidate Nicola Turner's agent told me she was paper candidate who lives in West Yorkshire.

  172. Morley & Outwood count

    Balls facing 'coin toss'

    BBC's Len Tingle tweets: Conservatives confident will do better than expected in 8 counts here in Leeds - predict "toss of a coin" for Ed Balls in Morley & Outwood.

  173. Leeds counts

    Lost deposit?

    Louise Martin

    Politics Reporter, BBC Radio Leeds

    Just spoke to one Lib Dem here in Leeds. He said: "I think we've lost our deposit here."

  174. Pontefract, Castleford and Normanton

    Keeping it local

    Some local delicacies in the press room at the Wakefield count, reporter Anne Louise Crossley tells us.


    We're waiting for results from Hemsworth, Wakefield and the Castleford, Normanton and Pontefract seats - the latter of course being the home of Haribo.

  175. Halifax and Calder Valley counts

    Verification under way

    Jamie Coulson

    Health Correspondent, BBC Yorkshire

    Postal votes have only just arrived for Halifax and Calder Valley counts. So still lots of verification to do before the count proper begins.

  176. Colne Valley count

    Colne Valley Conservative 'confident'

    Danni Hewson

    Business Correspondent, BBC Yorkshire

    Conservative candidate in Colne Valley, Jason McCartney, says he is confident it will follow the national trend and stay blue.