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  1. Updates from Thursday 7 May and Friday 8 May

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  1. Goodnight

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    That's it for our extended London Live election coverage which has been running since 22:00 last night. Thanks for your company.

    Results for London

    You can still follow the latest updates and reaction with Eddie Nestor's election special Drivetime show on BBC London 94.9. BBC London News will have a round-up at 18:30 and after the main news at 22:00 on BBC One.

    And you can catch up with all the results and reactions here:

    London Live will be back on Monday at 08:00. Have a great weekend.

  2. Could we be seeing more of George?

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    We might see more of George Galloway, too, who lost his seat in Bradford West but said he would stand as mayor of London in 2016.

    George Galloway

    He could also stand as a candidate in next month's Tower Hamlets mayoral election, but only if he is cleared of breaking election laws by allegedly retweeting an exit poll before voting ended in the General Election last night.

  3. Election special

    BBC London News

    On tonight's programme on BBC One at 18:30 we will be overlooking the Houses of Parliament on what's turned into a devastating day for the Liberal Democrats, all but wiped out here in the capital.

    And while nationally the Tories dominate, in London it's Labour who stole the lead. Our Political Correspondent Karl Mercer will be looking back on a night of drama.

  4. First Past The Post vs Proportional Representation

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    The Electoral Reform Society says it has calculated how many votes it took to elect an MP on average per party, and this was the result:

    SNP 26k, Con 34k Lab 40k, Lib Dem 291k, Green 1.1m UKIP 3.8m

    Or, if you prefer, Channel 4 Fact Check has produced this image of how many seats parties may have won under PR:

    Graphic of seats distribution

    Both the Green Party and UKIP are calling for PR, the Yorkshire Post says.

    BBC Newsbeat puts it another way:

    Newsbeat graphic of seat and votes ratio
  5. 'Of course it hurts' says ousted Simon Hughes

    BBC London 94.9

    Former Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes spoke to Eddie Nestor earlier on BBC London 94.9.

    Simon Hughes interviewed by BBC London 94.9
    Image caption: He might not be an MP any longer but he is in demand

    He said: "Of course it hurts [losing]. It hurts because I know it's not just me. I was the standard bearer for so many members, so many volunteers, so many councillors over the years, so many local party officers.

    "We had 17,000 people voting for us, we didn't have our lowest vote ever, our vote generally held up but we were overtaken."

  6. Video: Boris Johnson could start political ascent

    Boris Johnson's election victory has encouraged speculation that this could be the start of his political ascent.

    Boris Johnson wins the Uxbridge and Ruislip South seat

    After wining the Uxbridge and Ruislip South seat, the London mayor could have a senior ministerial position.

    BBC London's Gareth Furby assesses his campaign and considers his future position within the Conservative Party.

  7. No prizes for third place

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    The Green Party says it is celebrating a "bitter-sweet" result, after the first-past-the-post system failed to deliver any Green MPs for London despite its vote share tripling.

    Natalie Bennett

    Under a proportional system the party believes it could have secured three or four seats in London; in Holborn and St Pancras (where party leader Natalie Bennett polled in third place with a 10% swing for her party), in Hackney North and Stoke Newington where Heather Finlay saw a 10% swing take the Greens and in Camberwell and Peckham where the Green candidate Amelia Womack came third.

    Tom Chance, co-chair of the London Green Party, said it was "grossly unfair" and added: "Votes should mean seats."

  8. Where will they put the new runway?

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    The coalition government had ruled out airport expansion but with a Conservative majority Tory MPs will now be free to decide where to place a new runway in the south east.

    Airport view

    A Supreme Court ruling requires an EU air quality assessment plan to be made and any decision will be delayed by a few weeks because the Airports Commission says it needs time to consult on air quality at the three sites it has identified.

  9. How did pollsters get it so wrong?

    David Cowling

    Editor, BBC Political Research Unit

    I monitored 91 GB-wide voting intention polls during the 2015 election campaign and found nothing in them to prepare me for the final outcome.

    The majority of them were so close that they were within the margin of error. At one stage it seemed there might be a difference between methodologies - telephone versus internet, with telephone polls suggesting stronger Conservative leads than those conducted online.

    However, in the final polls before election day itself these differences seemed to disappear as the BBC's poll tracker below demonstrates:

  10. Did you know?

    Tulip Siddiq, who won the Hampstead & Kilburn seat for Labour, is the niece of the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

  11. 'The East End desperately needs the Labour Party'

    East London Advertiser

    Labour has little to smile about, but London may offer it some hope.

    Rushnara Ali

    The party has taken 45 of the 73 Parliamentary seats available in London.

    Labour's Rushanara Ali won a seat in Bethal Green and Bow and told the East London Advertiser : "I have fought so hard for a Labour government which the east end desperately needs."

  12. 'We couldn't influence election outcome'

    Rebecca Keating

    BBC News

    Russell Brand says he thought he could "influence the outcome of an election" when he interview Ed Miliband.

    Still from Ed Miliband's interview with comedian Russell Brand

    Mr Brand, who had previously urged people not to vote, endorsed Labour after posting a video of his interview with Mr Miliband, in his east London home, on his blog: "When we interviewed Miliband we thought, 'Oh my God we can probably influence the outcome of an election.

    "Now I think, we can't influence the outcome of an election."

    Mr Brand said he had thought "old media" had lost its influence but "evidently that is not the case".

  13. 'There is a tide in the affairs of men'

    Simon Hughes says of his defeat: "The phrase that came to mind last night in my constituency was.. 'there is a tide in the affairs of men', and in politics liberalism is very strong.

    Simon Hughes

    "In the first part of the last century there were Liberal MPs in my area, then from 1939 there were no liberal representatives and I've had the huge privilege of being the member of Parliament for Bermondsey and Old Southwark for 32 years and we've taken a battering."

  14. "It wasn't personal against me"

    Bermondsey and Old Southwark's former Liberal Democrat MP of 32 years Simon Hughes had an inkling he wasn't going to win, well before the results came through, he's told the BBC's Andrew Neil.

    Andrew Neil and Simon Hughes

    "In the last 24 hours, on election day particularly, I sensed the people weren't coming out in the numbers that we needed to hold our seat and that Labour was doing better," he told Andrew Neil.

    "We were one of the targets and I sensed that people were voting Labour because they wanted to get rid of a Tory government."

    "It wasn't, I don't think, personal against me or against us locally. they got rid of the MP and they've ended up with a Tory government," he added.

  15. Inquiry into election polling

    An independent inquiry is to be carried out into the accuracy of election polls after underestimates of the Conservative lead over Labour, The British Polling Council has said.

  16. FTSE 100 and pound rise on election result

    BBC Business

    The FTSE 100 and the pound have risen following the announcement of a Conservative majority government.

    British money

    BBC economics editor Robert Peston says the markets are pleased for a number of reasons:

    • It means any Labour threat of breaking up banks and imposing energy price caps has been lifted
    • Investors were worried about days of political wrangling and uncertainty if no single party secured a majority
    • Investors tend to be economically conservative and may be instinctively conservative too
  17. Scores voted for dead singer

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    A total of 113 people have voted for a parliamentary candidate who died four weeks before the election.

    Ronnie Carroll

    Former Eurovision contestant Ronnie Carroll died aged 80 on 13 April days after his name was printed on ballot papers for the Hampstead and Kilburn constituency.

    The independent candidate was standing in the most marginal seat in England, won by Labour's Tulip Siddiq with a majority of 1,138.

  18. 'Sad to see Simon Hughes go'

    via Facebook

    Julian Niblick Fwaddar Chiu has written on our Facebook page: "It's so sad to see Simon Hughes go. He did a lot for us and helped me personally."

  19. Two minutes' silence

    "#VEDay70 Two minutes' silence at 3pm will begin and end with guns fired at the Tower of London. Listen out if you're near City Hall", London SE1 tweets.

    A ceremony at the Cenotaph on Whitehall in London to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the Gallipoli campaign

    Here's a schedule from London24 of VE Day events in the capital.

  20. Analysis: Profound consequences and serious questions

    Norman Smith

    BBC Assistant Political Editor

    This has been an election which may have more profound consequences than almost any in living memory.


    We now face a generational decision about our future in Europe, with an EU referendum in two years' time almost certain.

    There will also be serious questions about the future of the Union, following an SNP landslide that has turned Scotland into a virtual one-party state.

    David Cameron's victory also represents a colossal achievement.

  21. London property prices set to rise after election

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    The election result is set to create a fresh uplift in the prime London housing market that will ripple out to other parts of the country, Savills estate agent has predicted.

    Knightsbridge flats

    Economists and estate agents say they expect to see renewed interest in the top end of London's property market which had been showing signs of cooling.

    Prices in prime central London are set to increase by 22.7% in the next five years and outside the capital prime property is set to rise by 23.9% in the next five years.

  22. PM David Cameron

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    David Cameron says:

    David Cameron
    • I will now form a majority Conservative government
    • We will deliver that in/out referendum on our future in Europe
    • We will rebalance the economy and rebuild a northern powerhouse
    • I will implement as fast as I can the devolution that all parties agreed for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  23. David Cameron addresses country

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    David Cameron has addressed the nation live to say he has been "proud to lead a coalition government" but adds: "Our manifesto is a manifesto for working people. As a majority government we will be able to deliver all of it."

    David Cameron
  24. Lunchtime news

    Asad Ahmad

    Presenter, BBC London

    Join me on BBC One at 13:30 for all the latest on how London's political map is looking after yesterday's election.

  25. Your views

    BBC London TV's editor Antony Dore tweets: @bbclondonnews will tonight be asking why Lab strengthened position in London but lost out so badly in rest of UK. Thoughts? #ge2015

  26. BreakingConservatives win overall UK majority

    Results confirm the Conservative Party has an overall majority with 326 seats.

    David Cameron

    David Cameron has gone to see the Queen.

  27. The map of London

    Here's how the political map of London has changed in the past five years:

    The political map of London
  28. Miliband in the building

    Richard Main

    BBC London 94.9

    tweets: .@Ed_Miliband still in the building but those carloads of Shadow Ministers cleared the crowds away! #decoy #GE2015

    Miliband resignation
  29. 'Thank you and goodbye'

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    Ed Miliband says he will will stand down after the VE Day commemoration at the Cenotaph later and deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman will take over until a new leader is elected.

    Ed Miliband resigns

    "Thank you to the British people...I have learnt so much from you.

    "Thank you for the selfies, for the support and thank you for the most unlikely cult of the 21 Century - Milifandom."

  30. BreakingEd Miliband resigns

    as Labour Party leader

  31. Ed Miliband - 'sorry'

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    "I take total responsibility for the result and my defeat. I'm so sorry", says Ed Miliband in a live broadcast in which he is widely expected to resign as Labour Party leader.

  32. 'These streets made me who I am'

    Ealing Times

    "I'm deeply proud and humbled that today I represent you as your MP", says Labour's Rupa Huq after winning Ealing Central and Acton from the Tory candidate Angie Bray.

    Rupa Huq

    She told the Ealing Times: "These streets made me who I am, and its diverse communities are a model in 20th Century London.

    "I have knocked on thousands of doors in this campaign seen many new faces but I've seen things I've never seen before in Ealing - the food bank, Ealing soup kitchen, Ealing Churches night shelter, Ealing Samaritans."

    She won with 22,000 votes and 43% of the vote share.

  33. And then there were three...

    Laura Kuenssberg

    Chief correspondent, Newsnight

    And then there were three, well - two and a half. Nick Clegg has just made an eloquent defence of his decision to go into coalition, speaking boldly with tears in his eyes. And as we expected, he has resigned.

    Within the hour we expect Ed Miliband to do the same. And about 10 minutes ago Nigel Farage said he would resign, although he might, after a break, feel like running again for the job in the summer.

    Whether he ever returns to the political frontline or not, three - yes, three - party leaders are leaving the stage in one day, after the results of what's turned out to be a totally unexpected, extraordinary election.

  34. 'This is a very dark hour for our party'

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    "It is too early to give a considered account of why we have suffered," says Nick Clegg as he resigns the leadership of the Liberal Democrats.

    Nick Clegg

    "This is a very dark hour for our party. But we cannot and will not allow decent liberal values to be extinguished overnight. "Our party will come back."

  35. 'Heartbreaking'

    Nick Clegg tells a press conference: "It has simply been heartbreaking to see so many friends and colleagues who have served their constituents so diligently, over so many years, abruptly lose their seats because of forces entirely beyond their control."

  36. BreakingNick Clegg resigns

    as Liberal Democrat leader

  37. BreakingFarage resigns

    as UKIP leader

  38. Clegg 'to resign as party leader'

    Vicki Young

    Political correspondent, BBC News

    The BBC understands that Nick Clegg will resign as Liberal Democrat party leader at his press conference later this morning

  39. Voters 'not surprised' at Tom Brake's win

    Drama student Shian Undomiel says: "Tom Brake was my old MP, not surprised he's the only Lib Dem left in London (Sutton)- top bloke, he really cares despite his awful party."

    Tom Brake

    Jonathan Maxwell says: "Great to see Tom Brake still standing. The only Lib Dem MP in London. Good luck."

    Geography student Terry Hillier says: "Really not surprised waking up to see Tom Brake holds his seat in Carshalton and Wallington, been MP here since 1997!"

  40. Results - where we stand

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    With 12 seats left to declare here are the main results as they stand in the UK:

    UK vote share at 10:56

    *Cons 323 *Lab 228 *SNP 56 *Lib Dems 8 *DUP 8 *SF 4 *Plaid Cymru 3 *SDLP 3

    *UUP 2 *UKIP 1 *Green 1 *Others 1

  41. Conservative beats Farage

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    The Conservative candidate Craig Mackinlay holds Thanet South.

    Al Murray
    Image caption: Pub Landlord Al Murray polled 318 votes

    He gained 18,838 votes to Nigel Farage's 16,026.

    Mr Farage previously said he would resign as UKIP party leader if he was not elected in Thanet South.

  42. 'Our sweet victory'

    Political editor of the Evening Standard Joe Murphy tweets: Historic front page of the @eveningstandard. A million copies today. Go get one

  43. BreakingThanet South

    Nigel Farage fails to be elected

    Nigel Farage has polled 16,000 votes but has failed to be elected.

  44. Galloway to stand as London mayor

    Tim Donovan

    Political Editor, BBC London

    • Much of the debate over the coming two years will be on Europe and that will focus on London as a global financial centre. It will divide business opinions into those who feel it will be damaging to leave and those who feel we will survive outside it
    • Attention will also now turn to the 2016 London mayoral election and what kind of candidate Labour and Conservative will choose given there is a majority government
    • George Galloway lost his seat in Bradford West to Labour and has said he will stand as London mayor. There is also speculation he may stand as mayor of Tower Hamlets
  45. Croydon Central

    Gavin Barwell wins by narrowest margin

    Croydon Advertiser

    Conservative Gavin Barwell has been re-elected as MP for Croydon Central after securing the seat by the narrowest of margins.

    Gavin Barwell

    Mr Barwell had been neck and neck with Labour's Sarah Jones for the seat going into election night, reports the Croydon Advertiser.

    Labour sought a partial recount of ballots in Croydon Central at around 04.20am after the first count showed the party was 167 votes behind the Conservatives.

  46. Up against the odds

    BBC World presenter Karin Giannone tweets: And the betting begins... #GE2015

    Election betting
  47. 'Lib Dem's have lost their protest vote'

    BBC London News

    Professor Tony Travers from the LSE, tells a special election programme on BBC London the reason for the Lib Dem collapse in the capital is probably because of their smaller core support rather than being punished for being in Government.

    "I think what's happened here is that the Liberal Democrat core vote is much smaller than either Labour or the Conservative's.

    Tony Travers

    The Labour Party and the Conservative Party can depend on about 30% of the electorate voting for them, however bad things get.

    "We now know the equivalent Lib Dem core vote is about 8%," he said. "They have lost their protest vote and it will probably take them a long time to build that back up again."

  48. More reaction on Tom Brake's victory

    Drama graduate Sanisha Shasha says: "I liked him. He deserves his seat."

    Tom Brake

    Spencer Luxford warns: "You had better improve things massively including transport otherwise your 1000 majority in 2020 will be gone. Believe."

    Labour supporter Norma Robb from Croydon says: "I don't support your party but I admire your constant campaign for Epsom St Helier hospitals. Continue the fight."

    You can get in touch via @BBCLondonNews or email

  49. SNP leader 'this is not about a mandate for independence'

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    SNP leader and First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has been speaking on BBC Breakfast News:

    Nicola Sturgeon

    "We'll certainly make Scotland's voice heard. If the Conservatives are back, it's all the more important we have a strong representation for Scotland in Westminster."

    She said the election was "not about a mandate for independence."

    "This was a vote to make Scotland's voice heard in Westminster," she added.

  50. Happy man

    If you weren't awake to see London Mayor Boris Johnson elected in Uxbridge and South Ruislip in the small hours, then this picture taken at the count probably sums up his feelings.

    Boris Johnson
  51. Bermondsey and Old Southwark

    '1,000 volunteers made sure Labour crossed the line first'

    BBC London 94.9

    Labour's Neil Coyle has ousted the Liberal Democrats' Simon Hughes in Bermondsey and Old Southwark.

    Speaking to BBC London 94.9 the victor said: "Simon Hughes had been here for 32 years so we were not 100% betting on winning.

    "We fought a massive campaign here and more than 1000 volunteers made sure Labour crossed the line first here.

    "That's about us being visible, contending, making sure people went out to vote and Liberal Democrats being tarnished goods, if you like.

  52. 'Why I voted Tory'

    Although Labour picked up seven more seats in London compared to their performance in 2010, the national picture seems to be a Conservative majority in the House of Commons.

    Tory voters in London

    Here voters in London explain "Why I voted Tory".

  53. On air

    Vanessa Feltz

    Presenter, BBC London 94.9

    How did the pollsters get it so wrong? They warned there would be no majority and there would be another coalition but that doesn't look like the case.

    Nigel Farage

    There's still around 30 results to come in including for Thanet South where Nigel Farage is standing for UKIP.

    Join me for all the results and reaction on BBC London 94.9 from 09:00.

  54. The morning after

    A, no doubt, relieved David Cameron returns to Tory headquarters in central London with his wife Samantha after a results night which went better than many had expected for the party.

    The Cameron's
  55. A warm election shift welcome

    Sitala Peek

    BBC News

    Good morning, I'm taking over from Beth Rose who has been with you overnight bringing you all the election results for London.

    What we know so far: Labour has increased its control in London, taking 43 out of the 73 Parliamentary seats.

    The other big change is the collapse in the Liberal Democrat representation in London. They now have just one MP in the capital in Carshalton and Wallington.

    Stay with me for all the latest reaction to those results.

  56. The changing picture of British politics

    Here's a picture of the changing political power base - 2010 election on the left, 2015 on the right

    Election maps
  57. Election shift baton handed over

    Beth Rose

    BBC News Online

    Well that's my overnight election shift over and done with in a flash. We've have had the results from all 73 London constituencies but numerous results are still yet to come in from the rest of the UK.

    Election live page duties are now being handed over to Sitala Peek while I go in search of some sleep.

  58. Overnight headlines

    Beth Rose

    BBC News Online

    Here are a few headlines from the overnight results:

    • Labour has 45 seats (seven gains) in London, Tories 29 (three gains) and Lib Dems 1
    • Labour gains Ealing Central and Acton, Brent Central, Ilford North, Hornsey, Bermondsey and Brentford
    • Lib Dems' Vince Cable, Simon Hughes, Ed Davey and Lynne Featherstone lose their seats
    • Conservative Boris Johnson returns as MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip
  59. How does London compare to the UK?

    Beth Rose

    BBC News Online

    UK London

    • #Conservative 329 *Labour 45
    • #Labour 233 *Conservative 29
    • #SNP 56 *Liberal Democrat 1
    • #LibDems 8
    • #Plaid15 3
    • #UKIP 2
    • #Greens 1
    • Others 18
  60. Overnight trendsetters

    Beth Rose

    BBC News Online

    Politicians aren't always known for being trendsetters, but overnight some of them became prime targets for that title - and not in a good way.

    Danny Alexander

    BBC Trending looks at how some of the big names lost, including Twickenham's Vince Cable, and how the internet has been bidding them farewell.

  61. 'Boy was it close'

    Katharine Carpenter

    Reporter and presenter

    Conservative Gavin Barwell has held Croydon Central but boy was it close, with just 165 votes in it.

    Gavin Barwell
  62. While you've been sleeping

    Beth Rose

    BBC News Online

    If you're just waking up, then good morning. While you've been sleeping the vast majority of London results have come in.

    To find out the result in your constituency why not tweet @BBCElectionBot with the first half of a postcode and it will reply with the result. Otherwise have a scroll through the Live page we've been compiling through the night.

    Here's how the UK is currently looking.

    Election map
  63. London's picture

    Beth Rose

    BBC News Online

    So here's the London you're waking up to this morning:

    • LABOUR 45 seats (+7) (+ 3 from Lib Dems, + 4 from Con)
    • CONS 27 seats (-1) (+3 from Lib Dems , - 4 to Lab)
    • LIB DEM 1 seat (-6 (-3 to Lab, -3 to Con)
    • A total of 10 seats changed hands
  64. BreakingErith and Thamesmead

    Labour hold seat

    Labour's Teresa Pearce has been re-elected to her Conservative seat in Erith and Thamesmead.

  65. London results are in

    All 73 results for London are now in, and this is how the capital is coloured this morning.

    Election map

    For individual results you can scroll through the live page, or visit this national stats and facts page.

  66. BreakingWalthamstow

    Labour hold seat

    Labour's Stella Creasy has retained her Walthamstow seat with a majority of 23,195.

  67. BreakingCroydon Central

    Conservatives hold seat

    Conservative Gavin Barwell has secured his Croydon Central seat for another term with a majority of just 165.

  68. BreakingLeyton and Wanstead

    Labour hold seat

    Labour's John Cryer has defended his seat in Leyton and Wanstead with a 58.6 % share of the vote.

  69. BreakingChingford and Woodford Green

    Conservatives hold seat

    Iain Duncan-Smith, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, has held onto his Conservative seat in Chingford and Woodford Green with a 47.9 share of the votes.

  70. Behind the scenes

    BBC Radio 4 presenter Martha Kearney tweets: In hi tech world good to see that the rubber thimble has a vital role in counting votes

  71. Cross-party love

    After 32 years senior Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes lost his Bermondsey and Old Southwark seat to Labour's Neil Coyle.

    But Mr Coyle, 36, started his victory speech by saying: "I would like you to acknowledge the three decades of contribution that Simon Hughes has made to people's lives in this community through case work.

    Neil Coyle and Simon Hughes

    "We know that the verdict of the people of Bermondsey and Southwark is not a verdict on Simon Hughes - it was a verdict on five years of Cameron and Clegg's coalition."

    In his speech Mr Hughes said it had been his mission to ensure that individuals, families and community groups knew there was "somebody there who will fight for them to the end of the earth to make sure they get what they deserve - I think that is a legacy that can not be undone".

  72. Twickenham

    Cable's 'marvellous experience' as MP

    Vince Cable said after his defeat in Twickenham: "We were hit by a very well organised national campaign based on people's fear of a Labour government and the Scottish nationalists and we will see in the days that follow what are the implications.

    Vince Cable

    "It has been a marvellous experience and an honour being the MP for this constituency. Unfortunately this has been a terrible night for our party all over."

  73. BreakingLewisham Deptford

    Labour hold seat

    Labour's Vicky Foxcroft has defended her Lewisham Deptford seat.

  74. Boris on air

    Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been voted in as MP for Uxbridge and Ruislip South. Here he is chatting to Penny Smith and Paul Rose on the BBC London 94.9 Breakfast show which you can listen live to here.

    Boris Johnson
  75. A new dawn

    The BBC's Deputy Political Editor James Landale tweets: A new dawn has broken, has it not?

  76. BreakingCroydon South

    Conservatives hold seat

    The Conservatives have held their Croydon South seat and will be ushering in new MP Chris Philp.

  77. London Lib Dem losses

    A re-cap on a disastrous night for the Lib Dems in London

    • Simon Hughes has lost the Bermondsey and Old Southwark seat he had held for 32 years to Labour by around 5,000 votes
    • Business Secretary Vince Cable lost the Twickenham seat he has held since 1997 to the Conservatives, defeated by 25,580 votes to 23,563
    • Energy minster Ed Davey lost his Kingston seat to Labour
    • Lynne Featherstone loses Hornsey
  78. BreakingBethnal Green and Bow

    Labour hold seat

    Labour has retained its Bethnal Green and Bow seat with Ali Rushanara getting voted back in for another term.

  79. BreakingFeltham and Heston

    Labour hold seat

    Labour's Seema Malhotra has retained her Feltham and Heston seat winning with a share of 52.3%.

  80. 'Shepherd's warning'

    BBC London reporter Marc Ashdown tweets: Sutton: Red sky at morning, shepherd's warning. True for the London Lib Dems today.

  81. Political nourishment

    BBC London 94.9's Emma Jones tweets: If I learnt one thing covering #GE2015 for @BBCLondon949, it's feed the candidates Haribo. Like @JustineGreening

    Justine Greening
  82. BreakingHornchurch and Upminster

    Conservatives hold seat

    Conservative Angela Watkinson defends her Hornchurch and Upminster seat.

  83. BreakingRomford

    Conservatives hold seat

    Conservative Andrew Rosindell has defended his Romford seat.

  84. BreakingLewisham West and Penge

    Labour hold seat

    Labour's Jim Dowd will continue to work for Lewisham West and Penge's constituents after defending his seat.

  85. BreakingHolborn and St Pancras

    Labour hold seat

    Labour's Keir Starmer has defended his Holborn and St Pancras seat despite going up against Green Party leader Natalie Bennett.

  86. BreakingFinchley and Golders Green

    Conservatives gain seat

    Conservative Mike Freer will continue to serve the constituents of Finchley and Golders Green after getting re-elected.

  87. BreakingPoplar and Limehouse

    Labour hold seat

    Labour's Jim Fitzpatrick retains his seat in Poplar and Limehouse.

  88. BreakingChipping Barnet

    Conservatives hold seat

    Conservative Theresa Villiers has defended her Chipping Barnet seat.

  89. BreakingHampstead and Kilburn

    Labour hold seat

    Tulip Siddiq has held on to her Labour seat in Hampstead and Kilburn.

  90. BreakingBrentford and Isleworth

    Labour gain seat

    Labour's Ruth Cadbury has won her Brentford and Isleworth seat ousting the Conservative's.

  91. BreakingCroydon North

    Labour hold seat

    Steve Reed has defended his Croydon North seat for the Labour party.

  92. BreakingCamberwell and Peckham

    Labour hold seat

    Harriet Harman will be back in office for the Labour party after being re-elected in Camberwell and Peckham.

  93. BreakingHayes and Harlington

    Labour hold seat

    John McDonnell has been re-elected for Labour in Hayes and Harlington.

  94. BreakingOrpington

    Conservatives hold seat

    Jo Johnson, Boris Johnson's younger brother, has retained his Orpington seat for the Conservative's.

  95. BreakingHackney South and Shoreditch

    Labour hold seat

    Labour's Me Hillier has been re-elected into her Hackney South and Shoreditch seat.

  96. BreakingWatford

    Conservatives hold seat

    Richard Harrington has been elected to Watford for the Conservative's with a 43.5% share of the votes.

  97. BreakingHarrow West

    Labour hold seat

    Gareth Thomas has been re-elected for Harrow West for the Labour party.

  98. BreakingHackney North and Stoke Newington

    Labour hold seat

    Diane Abbott has been re-elected in her Hackney North and Stoke Newington constituency for Labour after securing a 62.9% share of the vote.

  99. BreakingBarking

    Labour hold seat

    Labour's Margaret Hodge has held onto her Barking seat after securing 57.7% of the vote share.

  100. Twickenham

    Cable: Lib Dem's will 'bounce back'

    Former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable has lost his Twickenham seat to Tory Tania Mathias.

    Vince Cable
  101. BreakingOld Bexley and Sidcup

    Conservatives hold seat

    James Brokenshire has defended his Old Bexley and Sidcup seat.

  102. BreakingSutton and Cheam

    Conservatives gain seat

    Conservative Paul Scully has managed to oust the Liberal Democrats in Sutton and Cheam.

  103. BreakingBrent North

    Labour hold seat

    labour's Barry Gardiner has held his seat in Brent North.

  104. BreakingEpping Forest

    Conservatives hold seat

    Eleanor Laing has retained her Epping Forest seat.

  105. BreakingCarshalton and Wallington

    Liberal Democrats hold seat

    Lib Dem Tom Brake has held his seat in Carshalton and Wallington.

  106. BreakingWest Ham

    Labour holds seat

    Lyn Brown has retained her Labour seat in West Ham with a 68.4% share of the votes.

  107. Tottenham

    Lammy 'to run for mayor'

    David Lammy has retained his Labour seat in Tottenham and also declared his interest in running for Mayor of London, but says it is too early to call the result.

    David Lammy

    He said: "The night is not yet over, but we're very pleased with the result in Ealing. Of course it's a very mixed picture across the country. Let's see where we get to as the night unfolds."

    Talking about his plans to run for mayor, he added: "I said to them (constituents) I want to seek nomination for mayor and they said 'go for it son'."

  108. Uxbridge and South Ruislip

    Boris Johnson has secured his Conservative seat in Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

    He said: "I'm very excited by some of the results coming through, although sad about others. Overall I think it's been an amazing night for the Conservative's when you consider what the polls were saying only as few hours ago."

    But he wouldn't be drawn on whether he would make a bid to become party leader, saying: "I'm anticipating serving the people of Uxbridge to the best of my ability.

    "I've got to serve out as Mayor of London for another year and there's a huge amount that's got to be done. Whatever happens after that year, will be a bonus."

  109. 'Ed Davey a bit tetchy'

    BBC London's Marc Ashdown tweets: Ed Davey a bit tetchy: "Oh, you worked out it's a bad night for us!" Refuses to be drawn on Nick Clegg's future.

  110. BreakingEnfield North

    Labour gain seat

    Labour's Joan Ryan has gained the Enfield North seat pushing out Conservative Nick de Bois. It was a close call with Ms Ryan winning by 1,086 votes.

  111. BreakingLewisham East

    Labour holds seat

    Heidi Alexander for Labour has kept hold of her seat in Lewisham East with a 55.7% share of the votes - an increase of 12.6% from 2010.

  112. BreakingEdmonton

    Labour holds seat

    Labour's Kate Osamor has retained her Edmonton seat.

  113. BreakingTwickenham

    Conservatives oust Lib Dem Vince Cable

    Liberal Democrat Vince Cable - the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills - has lost his seat to the Conservative Tania Mathias in Twickenham.

  114. BreakingHarrow East

    Conservatives hold seat

    Conservative Bob Blackman has retained his seat in Harrow East.

  115. BreakingUxbridge and South Ruislip

    Conservative's hold seat with Boris Johnson elected

    Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been elected as MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip for the Conservative Party with a 48.3% share.

    Boris Johnson
  116. BreakingGreenwich and Woolwich

    Labour holds seat

    Labour have held on to their Greenwich and Woolwich seat with Matthew Pennycook re-elected.

  117. BreakingHendon

    Conservatives hold seat

    Conservative Matthew Offord has retained his Hendon seat winning with a 49.1% share - up from 42.3% in 2010.

  118. BreakingEast Ham

    Labour holds seat

    Labour's Stephen Timms has held his Labour seat in East Ham.

  119. BreakingEltham

    Labour holds seat

    Labour MP Clive Efford has been re-elected into his Eltham seat.

  120. BreakingRuislip, Northwood and Pinner

    Conservatives hold seat

    The Conservatives have held Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner with Nick Hurd retaining his seat after winning a 59.6 majority.

  121. 32-year career as MP ends

    Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes has lost his seat in Bermondsey and Old Southwark after a 32-year career as an MP.

    Simon Hughes
  122. BreakingBermondsey and Old Southwark

    Labour gain seat

    Another Lib Dem has lost his seat as Simon Hughes is ousted by Labour's Neil Coyle in Bermondsey and Old Southwark.

  123. BreakingRichmond Park

    Conservatives hold seat

    Conservative Zac Goldsmith has retained his Richmond Park seat with a 58.2% share of the vote - up from 49.7% in 2010.

  124. BreakingHornsey and Wood Green

    Labour gain seat

    Lib Dem Lynne Featherstone has been ousted from her Hornsey and Wood Green seat by Labour's Catherine West.

  125. Hampstead & Kilburn and Holborn & St Pancras

    Team colours

    BBC London 94.9 reporter Murray Burnell tweets: Big Green presence in the London Borough of Camden, with leader Natalie Bennett in town. @BBCLondon949 #GE2015

    Camden count

    The constituencies under the Camden count include: Hampstead and Kilburn and Holborn and St Pancras.

  126. Vauxhall, Streatham, Dulwich and West Norwood

    Rows of counters

    In Brixton rows upon rows of people count the votes for three constituencies - Vauxhall, Streatham, Dulwich and West Norwood

    Brixton count
  127. Tottenham


    BBC London 94.9's Jonathan Savage tweets: When I told him that Douglas Alexander had just lost his seat David Lammy gasped "What?!" and ran round to the TV #GE2015

  128. Streatham

    Labour victory

    Labour's Chuka Umunna talks to the press in Brixton recreation centre after being re-elected as Streatham's MP.

    Chaka Umunna speaks to the press
  129. Post update

    Anxious faces

    Labour supporters watch the national results come in at Lee Valley Athletics Centre.

    Labour supporters watch the national results come in at Lee Valley Athletics Centre
  130. BreakingIlford North

    Labour gain seat

    Labour has gained a seat from the Conservative's with Wes Streeting winning in Ilford North by a majority of 589.

  131. BreakingEnfield Southgate

    Conservatives hold seat

    David Burrowes has been re-elected in Enfield Southgate maintaining his seat for the Tory party.

  132. BreakingBexleyheath and Crayford

    Conservatives hold seat

    David Evennett has retained his seat in Bexleyheath and Crayford for the Conservatives.

  133. BreakingDagenham and Rainham

    Labour holds seat

    Labour's Jon Cruddas has retained his seat in Dagenham and Rainham with 17,830 votes. Ukip came in second with 12,850 votes.

  134. BreakingBeckenham

    Conservatives hold seat

    Conservative Bob Stewart has been re-elected in his Beckenham seat.

  135. BreakingBrent Central

    Labour gain seat

    Labour's Dawn Butler has taken the Liberal Democrat seat in Brent Central.

  136. End of an era?

    BBC London 94.9 reporter Anjana Gadgil tweets: Simon Hughes finally arrives in Southwark. Is this the end of a 32 year stint as MP? @bbclondon949 #ge2015

    Simon Hughes
  137. BreakingEaling Southall

    Labour holds seat

    Virendra Sharma has been re-elected in Ealing Southall for Labour.

  138. BreakingKingston and Surbiton

    Lib Dem's Davey ousted by Conservatives

    Ed Davey has become the first minister to lose his seat after the Liberal Democrat energy minister lost out to Conservative James Berry in Kingston and Surbiton.

  139. BreakingKensington

    Conservatives hold seat

    Conservative Victoria Borwick has won the Kensington seat.

  140. BreakingDulwich and West Norwood

    Labour holds seat

    Labour has held onto its seat in Dulwich and West Norwood but will be welcoming in new MP Helen Hayes after she secured a 51.4% share of the vote.

  141. BreakingChelsea and Fulham

    Conservatives hold seat

    Greg Hands has held onto his seat in Chelsea and Fulham with a 62.9% share of the vote.

  142. Kingston & Surbiton

    Marc Ashdown tweets: Ed Davey loses Kingston and Surbiton by 3,000 votes. Energy minister gone

  143. Bethnal Green & Bow

    Turnout update

    Turnout for Bethnal Green & Bow is 64.29%. Results from the count are expected between 04:00 and 05:00 BST.

  144. BreakingIlford South

    Labour holds seat

    Labour has maintained another seat with Mike Gapes voted in for Ilford South securing a 64% share of the votes - that's 14.6% up on 2010.

  145. BreakingVauxhall

    Labour holds seat

    Kate Hoey has held on to her Labour seat in Vauxhall beating candidates from parties including the Pirate Party and Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol party.

  146. How is London looking so far?

    Beth Rose

    BBC News Online

    So far 16 London seats have been declared with Labour edging ahead with 11 seats to the Conservative's five.

    The most interesting of the night so far is Ealing Central and Acton where Labour's Rupa Huq ousted the Conservatives.

  147. BreakingEaling North

    Labour holds seat

    Steve Pound has been re-elected in Ealing North for Labour with 55.1% of the share - a 4.7% increase on his result in 2010.

  148. BreakingTottenham

    Labour holds seat

    Labour's David Lammy secured more than 67% of the share to hold onto his Tottenham seat.

    The Conservative's came second with 5,090 votes - 23,564 less than Labour.

  149. BreakingBromely and Chislehurst

    Conservatives hold seat

    Conservative Robert Neill has held onto his seat in Bromely and Chislehurst with a 53% share of the vote - 0.5% down on his result in 2010.

  150. BreakingHammersmith

    Labour holds seat

    Labour's Andy Slaughter has held on to his Hammersmith seat with a 50% share of the vote.

  151. BreakingStreatham

    Labour holds seat

    Chuka Umunna has held onto his Labour seat in Streatham after securing 26,474 votes - 53% of the share.

  152. BreakingWestminster North

    Labour holds seat

    Labour's Karen Buck has retained her seat in Westminster North after winning 1,977 more votes than Labour.

    It was closer than in 2010 when Ms Buck secured her position by 2,126 votes.

  153. BreakingWimbledon

    Conservatives hold seat

    Stephen Hammond has retained his Conservative seat in Wimbledon with a 49% share of the vote amounting to 25,225 votes.

    Labour came second with half the number of votes.

  154. Ealing Central and Acton

    Accepting defeat

    Richard Main

    BBC London 94.9

    Former Ealing Central and Acton MP Angie Bray accepts defeat to Labour's Rupa Huq.

    Angie Bray
  155. BreakingEaling Central and Acton

    Labour gain seat

    Marginal seat Ealing Central and Acton has voted in Labour's Rupa Huq, ousting the Conservatives by just 274 votes.

  156. BreakingCities of London and Westminster

    Conservative Mark Field has held onto his seat in Cities of London and Westminster with a 52% share of the vote.

  157. Ready to go home

    Wandsworth Council tweets: All finished here in Wandsworth. Thanks to brilliant electoral services team. 1st 3 London results! Full results at

  158. BreakingMitcham and Morden

    Labour holds seat

    Labour has held onto its seat in Mitcham and Morden with Siobhain McDonagh re-elected with a 56.5% share of the vote amounting to 27,380 ballot papers in favour of her.

    The Conservatives were second with 13,000 fewer votes.

  159. Post update

    Test your election night knowledge

    The voting's over - have you stayed the course during the campaign, or has it sent you to sleep?

    Dog waits outside polling station

    Test your knowledge of the quotes, gaffes, stumbles and surprises of the 2015 general election on the Magazine's quiz.

  160. BreakingIslington South and Finsbury

    Labour holds seat

    Labour's Emily Thornberry has been re-elected in Islington South and Finsbury with 18,407 votes - 42.3% of the share.

    Conservatives came in second with 9,830 votes, followed by the Lib Dems achieving support from 4,829 voters. Ukip was just behind with 3,375 votes.

  161. Hornsey & Wood Green and Tottenham

    Labour 'shock'

    BBC London 94.9's Jonathan Savage tweets: Shock among Labour figures at the Haringey count at Douglas Alexander losing his seat to the SNP @BBCLondon949 #GE2015

  162. Sutton & Cheam and Carshalton & Wallington

    Returning officer 'is ready'

    Sutton Council tweets: Returning Officer Mayor of Sutton Cllr Arthur Hookway is ready on the count floor as #SuttonElects in #ge2015

    Cllr Arthur Hookway

    The constituencies in Sutton include: Sutton & Cheam, Carshalton & Wallington

  163. Kingston and Surbiton

    Result 'genuinely close'

    Rebecca Keating

    Politics Reporter

    Liberal Democrat sources say the result in Kingston and Surbiton is "genuinely close".

    Nick Clegg and Ed Davey

    The seat has been held by Ed Davey - pictured above with Nick Clegg - who is the energy and climate change secretary, since 1997.

    The source says neither the Lib Dems nor the Conservatives know who has won.

  164. Bermondsey and Old Southwark

    Labour expecting 'good news'

    Labour's Neil Coyle is suggesting he has taken Bermondsey and Old Southwark from senior Lib Dem Simon Hughes, saying: "Hopefully we will have some good news shortly."

    Neil Coyle and Simon Hughes
  165. BreakingIslington North

    Labour holds seat

    Labour's Jeremy Corbyn has held on to his seat in Islington North with a 54.5% share of the vote amounting to 29,659 votes.

    Conservatives were nearly 20,000 votes behind them in second place.

  166. Bermondsey and Old Southwark

    Simon Hughes to lose his seat?

    BBC Producer Paul Twinn tweets: Rumour from the count in Southwark says it looks like Simon Hughes might have lost his seat to Labour.

  167. Ealing Central and Acton

    Voting turnout 'up' on 2010

    Richard Main

    BBC London 94.9

    The voting turnout for Ealing Central & Acton was 71.5% yesterday, up from 67.5% in 2010.

  168. Closely fought Croydon Central

    Croydon Central is likely to be one of the most closely fought seats in London in the 2015 election.


    Labour needs a swing of 2.9% to remove the Conservatives, who won the seat from Labour in 2005.

    BBC London's Katharine Carpenter took a look at this south London constituency.

  169. Croydon Central

    Dry bar woes

    BBC London's Katharine Carpenter tweets: @BBCLondonNews How to upset a room full of journos, stick us in a dry bar! #croydoncentral #ge2015

    Dry bar
  170. Hendon is a key battleground

    The seat of Hendon in north London is the closest seat in terms of how neck and neck the Conservatives and Labour are.

    BBC election graphic

    It is a Tory seat but it only has a majority of just 106 and Labour hope to overturn it to win back the seat it held from 1997 to 2005.

    BBC London's Karl Mercer profiles the keenly contested constituency.

  171. Twickenham

    Watch: Timelapse count

    BBC Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones tweets: At the Twickenham count - and considering a declaration isn't expected before 4.30 they're going pretty fast

    Twickenham count
  172. The election vocabularist

    Trevor Timpson

    BBC News

    Vote, candidate, Parliament ... words that have dominated the General Election campaign over past few months - but what is the history of these words?

    Parliament and parabola
    Image caption: Behind the curve? Why is Parliament like a parabola?
  173. The 'bundle-flicking' world of those who count the votes

    Jodie Smith

    BBC News

    When the votes have been cast and the polling stations are shut, it won't just be the politicians who are in for a sleepless night.

    Election count assistants

    The people responsible for counting - and recounting - the ballot papers will be steeling themselves for a night of intense pressure and concentration.

  174. Tooting

    An affordable housing

    Susana Mendonca

    BBC London 94.9 political reporter

    Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan has said this was a vote on affordable housing as he keeps hold of his Labour seat in Tooting.

    Labour Party
  175. BreakingBattersea

    Conservatives hold on to seat

    The Conservatives have held on to the Battersea seat with Jane Ellison re-elected with 26,730 votes.

    Labour was just under 8,000 votes behind with the Liberal Democrats achieving support from 2,241 constituents.

  176. East Ham and West Ham

    Olympic legacy

    In the Lea Valley the Olympic velodrome is being used as the location for the East Ham and West Ham count.

  177. BreakingTooting

    Labour holds seat

    Sadiq Kahn has held on to his Labour seat in Tooting winning a 47.2% share of the vote.

    The Conservatives were just 3,000 votes behind while the Liberal Democrats lost a 10% share of the votes.

  178. Viewing guide - and what to stay up for

    It is set to be the most exciting general election night in years - here is a full guide to what you can expect and how to follow all the results and reaction on the BBC.

    BBC election night set
  179. Feltham and Heston

    Postal vote delays

    Emilia Papadopoulos

    Sport journalist, BBC London

    The Feltham and Heston count is just about to start having been delayed because of the late arrival of a box of postal votes.

  180. BreakingPutney

    Conservatives hold Putney

    The first of the London results are in with the Conservatives holding on to Putney with Justine Greening re-elected.

    Labour came second with the Liberal Democrats in third place.

  181. Many, many boxes

    Beth Rose

    BBC News Online

    If you wondered why some results take so long to come through, it's because in most constituencies there are many, many ballot boxes to go through like these at Waltham Forest Town Hall.

    Waltham Forest Town Hall
  182. Uxbridge and Ruislip

    'Boris is mobbed'

    BBC London 94.9 reporter Jason Rosam tweets: Reporting from count in Uxbridge where Boris Johnson has been mobbed by students here at Brunel University #GE2015

    Boris Johnson
  183. Holborn and St Pancras

    Green Party leader 'cautious' over exit polls

    BBC London 94.9

    Speaking to BBC London 94.9's Murray Burnell in Camden, Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party, said people should be cautious about the exit polls.

    Natalie Bennett,

    "We are already getting a lot of debate around the exit polls and I think in this new age of multi party politics we have to be extremely cautious about assuming they are going to be right," she said.

    "Given that we will know the actual results in a few hours, let's wait and see what the actual results bring and see what the voters actually said."

    Ms Bennett said she would be "delighted" if she won the seat in Holborn & St Pancras.

  184. Harrow East

    Key marginal up for grabs

    Harrow East is a key marginal seat that has become one of the major battlegrounds in the capital.

    BBC London's Sarah Harris profiled the constituency.

  185. Post update

    London's political map

    Here's a reminder of the political map of London after the general election in 2010.

    Map of constituencies

    How will it change? BBC London's Political Editor Tim Donovan outlines the key marginal seats in the capital to look our for.

  186. Post update

    Life on the General Election trail

    Susana Mendonca

    BBC London 94.9 political reporter

    I have been on the campaign trail for the past month following party leaders around London, but how close did I manage to get?

    David Cameron
  187. Post update

    What's happening across the country?

    Who will be prime minister? Will one party command a majority? Will Nigel Farage become an MP and what will happen to Nick Clegg?

    Party leaders

    For answers to all these questions go to the BBC's Election live page

  188. Post update

    Your constituency

    You can find out what is happening in your constituency here.

    Constituency guide
  189. Carshalton & Wallington and Sutton & Cheam

    Count be