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  1. BBC Wales is at Tregaron Square, Tregaron, Ceredigion for day 3 of our election tour
  2. Just 13 days until polling
  3. Voters have been having their say on the big issues
  4. Online, television and radio are broadcasting live throughout the day

Live Reporting

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all

    And that's it for day three of the election tour. Your reporters have been Elise Jenkins, Rhiannon Beacham and Chris Wood. We'll be back on the road on Monday when we'll go live from Coleg Cambria, Connah's Quay, Flintshire.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Post update

    Good Evening Wales is asking people if they think politicians understand rural issues - the results are on tonight's programme at 16:00 BST

  3. Going live

    Jamie Owen goes live with Wales Today

    jamie Owen
  4. 'Hard to get work'

    Richard Lovatt, 31, said: "I want more funding for our armed forces, to look after our lads, get better weapons. I am also worried about immigration and the effect it has on jobs. I have found it so hard to get work."

  5. 'They all mess it up'

    Shelley Knight, 22, from Lampeter, said: "I don't vote, never. I think whoever gets in will mess it up."

  6. Infrastructure

    Carole Langley, 65, believes austerity hasn't worked and new ways are needed to make the country better, she said.

    "We need to improve infrastructure, transport and railways," she said.

    "Forget about HS2, let's improve things locally, like the line from Aberystwyth to Carmarthen."

  7. Post update

    BBC Wales Today presenter Jamie Owen prepares for the 13:30 BST programme

    Jamie Owen
  8. Post update

    Ms Mortlock added: "Generally speaking I think the coalition has done well, it's never a popular thing. But I would be glad to see it repeated with exactly the same parties."

  9. 'Experience essential'

    Myra Mortlock, 75, said an experienced politician was necessary.

    "Tregaron's economy is important to me," she said.

    "This place and Lampeter have fared really badly.

    "My experience of the health service in Wales is good. Statistically they don't take account of the road system, an ambulance just can't get here from Aberystwyth in ten minutes. Nevertheless I would like to see the health system in Wales improved."

  10. 'Help each other'

    Morys Ioan, 22, from Caerwedros, said: "There has been talk about helping people buy their own homes, buy that will probably be funded from council cuts elsewhere.

    "The country should help each other, but it seems the rich are getting richer and poor, poorer. The costs aren't being spread equally.

    "We should tax people with more."

  11. Broken promises

    Farmer Tom Rees, 84, believes whichever party wins, they won't keep their promises.

    "They all say the same thing, make spending promises, but when they get in they don't do anything," he said.

  12. Post update

    Sue Barry will vote on 7 May because local issues are important to her.

    "In the summer it gets busy because there are lots of holiday cottages around Tregaron so in July and August it's teeming," she said.

    "The rest of the year is very quiet. There were three banks here, they've gone from being open every day to twice a week and one has just shut down for good."

    Sue Barry
  13. 'Waste'

    Ryda Davies, 69, believes less money should be given to Cardiff and used for hospitals.

    "The amount we pay to all the politicians in Cardiff is a waste. It is all hype and the money could be better spent," she said.

  14. Anti-devolution

    Lynne Garrett, 63, is deeply concerned with the amount of devolution.

    "I'm anti-devolution," she said.

    "If we can't get on in the UK, it's a sorry state of affairs."

  15. Post update

    Eluned Jones, 69, said: "Money needs to be spent more equally. We are not seeing enough of it in mid Wales."

    Eluned Jones
  16. NHS

    Ieuan Jones, 75, said: "Health needs to be a bigger focus and more needs to be spent on hospitals."

    Ieuan Jones
  17. 'Farming will die'

    Mr Davies added: "They've got to listen to us, not just listen and say yes, yes, yes. They've got to do something or they won't have an agriculture industry in Britain. "

  18. 'Terrible'

    Gwyn Davies said: "I feel like I don't want to vote because I don't think there's any difference in the parties.

    "We were just talking about how thins time last year lambs were sold for 4.80 a kilo and the first lot this year are 4.40 a kilo. It's quite a difference. The cost of producing these lambs is terrible."

    Gwyn Davies
  19. Feeling pinch

    Postmaster David Bennett said people are feeling the pinch and he wants to see more money spent in rural Wales.

    "I think the Conservative plan is working in Westminster," he said.

    "If things are tight at home, I pull the belt in. We can't spend our way out of trouble."

    David Bennett
  20. Post update

    Mr Pugh went on: "Keeping the farming industry as things are now doesn't look promising. I've got a full time job as well because it doesn't pay for me and dad to be at home - that was with the single farm payment but now they're cutting it down to half.

    "It seems as if everything's decided in Cardiff and they don't take account of what happens more than 20 miles away."

  21. 'Total farce'

    Farmer Owain Pugh, 26, from Llanddewi Brefi, said the elcetion was a "total farce".

    "Every party is the same," he said.

    "I want them to secure the farming industry.

    "I want them to keep things in the countryside, these schemes helping farmers, the single farm payment you get for conserving certain ground for wildlife, farmers have taken advantage of that and now they're pulling back but the land has gone too far to bring it back to farmland."

    Owain Pugh
  22. 'It's not better'

    Mair Hughes

    Mair Hughes, 71, said: "They talk about the economy getting better, may be it is in London, but we're being hit here in Ceredigion. I can't see it getting better here."

  23. 'Never voted - won't vote'

    Daniel Holmes, 29, who works at Gary Jones Butchers, has never voted and won't in this election either.

    Daniel Holmes

    He said: "There is no real difference between parties, they're all the same. We pay our taxes, but they never do what they say and make no difference to average Joes like me."

  24. 'Schools closing'

    Neli Jones, 73, from Pontrhydfendaigaid, said: "I am going to vote. Health, hospitals and schools are important to me. I'm not happy about schools closing. Also a lot of small businesses are having to pack up."

    neli jones
  25. Ysgol Henry Richard

    school kids

    Children from Ysgol Henry Richard also sang live on the radio

  26. Post update

    Ollie's guests included Tory Henrietta Hensher, UKIP's Gethin James, Greens' Daniel Thompson, Plaid's Mike Parker, Labour's Huw Thomas and Lib Dem Mark Williams

  27. Phone-in

    Good Morning Wales and Morning Call with Ollie Hides have already broadcast from the Talbot Hotel

    Ollie Hides
  28. Welcome to Tregaron

    Welcome to day three of BBC Wales' election tour. Today we're in Tregaron in Ceredigion and your reporters are Rhiannon Beacham and Chris Wood.