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  1. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have left hospital with their new baby daughter, who slept throughout
  2. The new princess was born at 08:34 BST (07:34 GMT), on 2 May, 2015, two-and-a-half hours after the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to hospital
  3. Prince William told reporters he was "very happy" at the arrival of his second child
  4. The duke brought Prince George to the hospital so that the young prince could meet his sister
  5. The name of the baby, fourth in line to the throne, is yet to be announced

Live Reporting

By John Harrison, John Hand and Alison Daye

All times stated are UK

  1. Just waiting for the name...

    Duke and Duchess

    Prince George made a brief public appearance in the afternoon, as he was taken to the hospital by his father to meet his new sister.

    The princess remains unnamed but will bring you any news on that in our main story of the day's events.

  2. A momentous day

    What a day. It all started with news that the Duchess had been admitted to hospital and within hours it was announced that she had given birth to a baby girl at 08:34 BST following a short labour.

    The royal couple and their daughter have now left London's St Mary's Hospital for Kensington Palace - but not before the world got its first brief glimpse of the new royal baby.

  3. A good day's work

    Nicholas Witchell, Royal correspondent:

    Royal correspondent

    "That's the way to do it, all wrapped up in less than 12 hours."

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    @JessRashers tweets: Kate looks like she just walked through a meadow.. Not like she's just given birth #RoyalBabyWatch #RoyalBaby #KateMiddleton

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    Rebecca English, Royal Correspondent, Daily Mail

    @RE_DailyMail tweets: Looks like she has inherited Kate's dark hair to me.

  6. Post update

    The royal couple will stay for a few days at Kensington Palace before leaving for their country home, Anmer Hall, on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

  7. Post update

    Kensington Palace

    tweets: #WelcomeToTheFamily

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    @JackieJordan1 tweets: So sweet. And of course, I'm sure that dress has just sold out #RoyalBaby

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    @tweetkattweet tweets: love squishy little new babies. the new princess looked very cute #RoyalBaby

  10. The princess's fashion debut


    The baby princess made her first public appearance wrapped in a white shawl and wearing a bonnet. Her mother was wearing a white Jenny Packham dress with a yellow floral pattern.

  11. Tribute to grandmother

    Nicholas Witchell

    Royal correspondent

    I think there is a compelling attraction to Elizabeth [as a possible name for the baby].

    You might think William might want one of the names to be Elizabeth in tribute to his grandmother.

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    @TayHoksbergen tweets: The Princess looks like she has a full head of hair! Can't wait to see more of her and find our her name! #RoyalBaby

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    @idkcharl tweets: How does Kate Middleton look so beautiful after giving birth THIS MORNING #RoyalBaby

  14. Video of exit

    For a video of the moment the royal couple emerged from hospital, click .

  15. Family portrait

    Royal couple

    Here they are again, standing on the steps of the Lindo Wing with their new baby daughter, just over 12 hours after the duchess was admitted in the early stages of labour. They wee greeted by huge cheers from the watching crowd.

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    @MissMNevin tweets: Awwwww beautiful baby and stunning mummy! #RoyalBaby #princessofcambridge

  17. Another look at baby

    Royal couple

    The royal trio have now reappeared from the Lindo Wing, with Prince William carrying his sleeping baby in a car seat. He loads her into the back of a people carrier and they begin their journey home.

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    @I_Am_Benj tweets: Yay! It's the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with the #RoyalBaby :D Kate is looking great!

  19. Ready for your close-up?

    Royal couple

    The picture the world has been waiting for. The first picture of the baby princess.

  20. Back inside

    The royal couple and their new daughter have gone back into the hospital after a minute outside. They did not say anything to the crowds or the waiting media.

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    @JordanLee tweets: I LOVE that the whole world is watching these doors. #RoyalBaby

  22. Sleeping through a big moment

    The new princess appears to be asleep as she is carried out to meet the world.

  23. Post update

    Royal couple

    Here they are!

  24. BreakingBreaking News

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appear at the door of the Lindo Wing, as they leave hospital, with Catherine carrying their baby daughter.

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    @JackieMcCormick tweets: Perhaps a pink Jenny Packham for Kate today?!:) #RoyalBaby

  26. Post update

    Nicholas Witchell

    Royal correspondent

    It has caught us all by surprise - we were expecting a much longer process than this.

  27. Lindo Wing from above

    Aerial photo of outside the Lindo Wing

    The aerial view of the Lindo Wing, where we are expecting the duke and duchess - together with their new daughter - to appear imminently as they leave to go home.

  28. Making an effort

    Cafe Diana, near Kensington Palace

    Cafe Diana, near Kensington Palace, in London, has marked the royal birth by decorating the outside with balloons - along with a cut-out Catherine and William.

  29. Global excitement

    People around the world have been toasting the birth of the second child for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Katrien Grobler, from South Africa is currently living in London, said: "I'm shaking with excitement, the atmosphere is amazing! There are at least 1,000 people here. Most of them are photographers!" Julie Lischer, from Georgia, USA, said: "We held a shower for the royal baby. I served scones and cucumber sandwiches and all kinds of Royal treats. I invited my friends. Everyone came in their finery and hats."

  30. 'No shrinking violet'

    Astrologer Russell Grant claims the new princess is likely to have "shades of Diana's personality", saying: "With a Cancerian ascendant (the same as Diana's sun sign) and with challenging aspects from Uranus, Pluto and the moon in Libra, and just before Monday's full moon, there is a rebellious intensity and not a trace of a shrinking violet." He added: "This child is going to be a handful."

  31. Post update

    The full statement read: "Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge, will be leaving St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, this evening.

    "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their daughter will travel home to Kensington Palace.

    "Prince George has now returned to Kensington Palace.

    "Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank all staff at the hospital for the care and treatment they have all received.

    "They would also like to thank everyone for their warm wishes."

  32. Cambridges to return to Kensington Palace

    In the statement announcing that Catherine and her new baby will be travelling home to Kensington Palace, the duke and duchess thanked staff at the hospital for the care and treatment they received and thanked members of the public for their warm wishes.

  33. BreakingBreaking News

    The Duchess of Cambridge will leave hospital with her new baby daughter this evening, it has been announced.

  34. Get involved


    Seyda from London emails: I think Charlotte Anne or Grace. Let's see what the gorgeous couple will name their newest arrival.

  35. Introducing Miss Mountbatten-Windsor

    We don't know the name of the new royal baby, but we do at least know what her surname is, should she ever need to use it.

    The monarchy's official website explains: "For the most part, members of the Royal Family who are entitled to the style and dignity of HRH Prince or Princess do not need a surname, but if at any time any of them do need a surname (such as upon marriage), that surname is Mountbatten-Windsor."

  36. Cambridges show 'relaxed approach'

    Prince William and Prince George

    Rachel Burrows, from parenting site Netmums, said the decision to bring Prince George to meet his new baby sister in hospital, showed that the Cambridges were a very modern family. "This relaxed approach is a little outside of normal Royal protocol and shows the Duke and Duchess are determined to give both George and his sister a down-to-earth childhood," she said.

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    Patti Stanger, US TV personality

    @pattistangertweets: Royal baby is a Taurus n that means this little girl would not only be beautiful as Taurus is ruled by Venus but kind! Nice sign 4 a #Royal

  38. Disney welcomes a new princess

    Disney tweet

    Disney, which knows a thing or two about princesses, has compiled a special one-minute film of some of its most popular infant characters to welcome the royal baby. You can watch it on Disney's Twitter feed

  39. Canadian congratulations

    Good wishes for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been coming from across the Atlantic. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the Royal Family held "a very special place in our country and so the news of this new addition to our Royal Family is particularly exciting".

  40. Super fan has sleeping bag stolen

    Terry Hutt

    Royal super fan Terry Hutt, 80, said he had been sleeping outside St Mary's Hospital for 11 days - and had his sleeping bag stolen during his royal baby vigil. Bedecked in a Union Jack suit he said he remembered many royal births, including that of Prince Charles. "I've been watching all of them all the way through as they've got older," he said.

  41. Get involved


    Chris from Aberdeen emails: "Congratulations to the couple on the birth of their daughter. I hope both mother and baby are doing well. My congratulations in equal measures also goes out to all the other new parents across the country and around the world."

  42. George all in blue

    Blonde-haired Prince George left the same hospital himself as a newborn just under two years ago. The 21-month-old was sporting a blue jumper with a white collared shirt underneath and blue shorts as he went in to see his sister today.

    Prince William and Prince George
  43. Post update

    To see a video of the two princes arriving at St Mary's Hospital click

  44. A royal wave

    Prince William and Prince George

    The duke stood on the steps to the Lindo Wing with Prince George, where they both waved to crowds, before going inside for the young prince to meet his new sister.

  45. Post update

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    Jennifer Peros, US Weekly magazine

    Royal watchers outside the Lindo Wing are given a drink of Prosecco

    @jenperos tweets: These guys deserve some booze! They've been waiting here at #LindoWing for 13 days. Cheers! #UsRoyalBaby

  46. Post update

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    Melanie Bromley, E! News and E! Online

    @melaniebromley tweets: We're ready and waiting. Rumor is #katemiddleton #princewilliam and #princessofcambridge Could leave…

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    Rebecca English, royal correspondent for Daily Mail

    @RE_DailyMailtweets: I think #PrinceGeorge is about to break the internet #RoyaBaby

  48. Two princes

    Prince George and Prince William

    The Duke of Cambridge has gone into the Lindo Wing with Prince George to visit his wife and new daughter. Prince George gave the crowds a wave as he went inside.

  49. BreakingBreaking News


    Prince William had arrived back at St Mary's Hospital with Prince George.

  50. Post update

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay


    @paddingtonbear tweets: The #royalbaby has chosen a very good place to be born. #Paddington certainly gave me the right start for my arrival in London.

  51. Post update

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    Press Association Royal Reporters

    @PARoyal tweets: The Queen is wearing pink today - for a girl? via @tommywilkinson #RoyalBaby

  52. Post update

    Prince William

    The Duke of Cambridge is reported to have said "I'm just going to pick up George" as he left the hospital.

  53. Post update

    The prince is now en route to Kensington Palace. He emerged from the hospital amid shouts from the crowd and the gathered media for a word, telling them he was "very happy", before driving away.

  54. Post update

    BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt

    tweets: Prince William leaving the Lindo Wing: very happy. Just off to pick up George. #RoyalBaby

  55. BreakingBreaking News

    Prince William

    Prince William has left the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital, saying he is "very happy", before driving himself to Kensington Palace to visit Prince George.

  56. The waiting game

    The wait for Prince William to emerge from hospital goes on - every movement near the doors of the Lindo Wing prompts a flurry of activity among the assembled press pack. Two waiting Range Rovers are outside. We're expecting him to leave shortly.

  57. Odds on Kylie?

    Kylie Minogue

    Alice, Charlotte, Victoria and Elizabeth are among the bookmakers' favourites for the new princess's name. However, there are plenty of other names to place a bet on. According to Coral, Catherine is 50/1, Anastasia is 200/1, while Kylie and Chardonnay both have odds of 1,000/1.

  58. Pink for a girl?

    The Queen

    The Queen is on an official engagement in Richmond, North Yorkshire, where she is wearing a pink coat - prompting speculation her choice of outfit is her own tribute to her new great-granddaughter.

  59. Get involved

    Facebook: BBC News


    Lego has joined the many public bodies and companies celebrating the news on Facebook, posting this image with the caption: It's a girl! #RoyalBaby

    Lego celebrates royal birth
  60. William to visit George

    The prince has been at the London hospital since about 06:00 BST, when his wife the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted during the early stages of labour.

  61. BreakingBreaking News

    Prince William will be leaving St Mary's Hospital at around 16:00 BST to visit his son, Prince George, at Kensington Palace, the palace has said.

  62. The next Princess Royal?

    Amid frenzied speculation about the name of the new princess. Historian and royal author Hugo Vickers says the new baby may one day be known as the Princess Royal. The honorary title, which is currently held by Princess Anne, is customarily given by the sovereign to his or her eldest daughter.

  63. Post update

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    Dickie Arbiter, Royal Commentator

    @RoyalDickie tweets: It's buzzing @Lindowing.The big question is will William & Catherine take their new Princess home today?

  64. Royal siblings

    BBC royal correspondent Sarah Campbell has written about royal siblings - and their potential pitfalls.

    "Royal siblings have had tricky relationships over the years. One of the most dramatic falling outs came in 1478, when Edward IV reportedly had his younger brother George, Duke of Clarence - suspected of treason - drowned in a butt of wine," she said.

    Click to read her full piece.

  65. Boris gives naming tips

    Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been speculating on the name of the baby. He told BBC Radio Oxford: "I suggested to a certain amount of apathy that she should be called Victoria in honour of the coming Conservative victory.... What will she be called? Who knows? Coalitia? Let's hope not."

  66. Post update

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    Victoria Arbiter, Royal Commentator for CNN, CBS, Entertainment Tonight

    @victoriaarbiter tweets: The royal family's latest edition is the first Princess of Cambridge to be born in 182 years! #RoyalBabyGirl

  67. Cost of the Lindo Wing

    Do you fancy following in royal footsteps by having your baby born at the Lindo Wing? A suite at the private wing costs £6,570 for a one-night stay with "normal delivery". But the costs mount up if it's a Caesarean section. But WiFi is available - if that helps make your mind up

  68. The waiting press pack

    Photographers outside the Lindo Wing

    We've still not had word about whether the royal couple will leave the hospital with their baby daughter today - but if they do leave this is the bank of press photographers that awaits them.

  69. Keeping politics out of the papers

    Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has also reacted to the royal news, saying: "I'm really happy for the young couple. Great they've had a baby girl. And I think the whole country will be thrilled that politics won't be on the front page of the Sunday newspapers tomorrow."

  70. Alice, Charlotte, Rose, Grace...

    Betting fever has intensified since news of the birth broke, with William Hill saying it has taken more than £55,000 in new bets in the first three hours since it was announced. William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: "Alice and Charlotte are still the favourites, but keep an eye out for Rose and Grace."

  71. 'A little fairy'

    Wondering how the news was announced in Pakistan? This is what Samaa TV told their viewers: "The British royal family has expanded. A little fairy has become a part of it. Kate Middleton has given birth to a girl. When she grows up, we will know whose face and eyes she resembles, whether her hair is as lovely as her mother's. The visuals you are now seeing are from outside the hospital. And we tell you, in the British Royal Family, has arrived a tiny, new guest."

  72. Living room update for Clegg

    Nick Clegg

    Nice anecdote from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg who said he got the news of the royal birth after he had been asked into a family home while canvassing and glimpsed at their TV. He said: "I walked into their hallway and we were talking and then suddenly I saw the television was on in the background in the sitting room, and I saw the news flash up that a new royal baby has been born this morning."

  73. Get involved

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    Kay Burley, Sky News journalist

    @KayBurley tweets: Will we see new royal princess today #RoyalBaby

  74. Family tree

    Wondering where the baby princess stands in the Royal Family tree? See our story on the succession line here.

  75. Happy birthday to...

    David Beckham

    The list of famous people the baby princess shares her birthday with is long and quite impressive. The list includes; ex-England footballer David Beckham, singers Lily Allen and Engelbert Humperdinck, fashion designer Donatella Versace, cricketer Brian Lara, Poirot star David Suchet, as well as horticulturist Alan Titchmarch, inventor Sir James Dyson and snooker star Jimmy White.

  76. Royal Mail tribute

    The Royal Mail has said it will commemorate the princess's birth with a special postmark on letters delivered on Tuesday, reading: "Congratulations TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their daughter."

    It is the first time in Royal Mail's 500-year history that a royal birth has been commemorated in this way.

  77. Get involved


    Julie Lischer has been celebrating the news of the royal birth in Marietta, Georgia, USA: "I turned on the computer and saw the news. It was wonderful! We held a shower for the royal baby. I served scones and cucumber sandwiches and all kinds of royal treats. I invited my friends. Everyone came in their finery and hats."

    Royal birth celebrations
  78. 'Wonderful news'

    The Duke of Cambridge's uncle, Earl Spencer - brother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales - has said the birth of the princess was "wonderful news", saying: "We are all thrilled for all four of them."

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    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    @OK_Magazine tweets: Kate Middleton's hairdresser has ARRIVED at the Lindo Wing. #RoyalBaby

  80. Get involved

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    @TowerBridge tweets: Congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of a baby girl! Tonight we'll turn pink to celebrate.

  81. Post update

    BBC journalist Henrietta McMicking

    tweets: The pink bunting is already up at St Mary's Paddington #royalbaby

    Pink bunting
  82. BreakingBreaking News

    The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are "absolutely delighted" at the birth of the baby princess, Clarence House has said.

  83. Get involved

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

    @MayorofLondon tweets: Huge congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby girl. I know Londoners will join me in wishing them well.

  84. Alice or Charlotte?

    Lots of bets have been placed on the news baby princess' name. Alice - which has long-running royal links and was the name of the Duke of Edinburgh's mother - remains the clear favourite with Coral, which offers odds of 5/4, and Ladbrokes, which gives odds of 7/4. However, Paddy Power has Charlotte as favourite at 5/2.

  85. Pictures

    People outside Lindo wing

    Click for all the best photographs from outside the Lindo Wing and from Buckingham Palace.

  86. A baby bull

    The new princess has something in common with her great-grandmother, the Queen - they are both Taureans.

    Astrologer Patrick Arundell says a Taurean royal would take their official duties very seriously. He adds: "They would realise that this is something you have to do and take it more in their stride and be patient. Taurean people are very, very dependable but they can be a little bit frustratingly stuck in their ways."

  87. It's those doors again

    Lindo Wing

    BBC's Daniela Relph, who was outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital, described the moment news of the birth was announced.

    She said: "As news filtered through outside St Mary's there were cries and cheers and an official town crier made his own birth announcement.

    "It's now a mass of media, police, royal fans and curious passers-by. The wait now begins again - will the duke and duchess and their new princess leave hospital today? All eyes are on the Lindo Wing door."

  88. Get involved

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    Official British Airways Twitter account

    @British_Airwaystweets: She's here! Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their healthy baby girl. #RoyalBaby

  89. Post update

    The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has said it is "wonderful news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a healthy new baby girl". He said: "Like many here and abroad, I'm delighted for the royal couple on this special day. May God bless them and both of their children with love, health and joy."

  90. Post update

    Grandad Charles

    The prospect of a new girl in the family will obviously please the Prince of Wales, a father of two sons.

    Just yesterday, when he was presenting new colours to the 1st battalion Welsh Guards, he told 100-year-old Eric Jones: "We're hoping for a granddaughter".

  91. Post update

    Where's Uncle Harry?

    It may be a little while before the new princess gets to meet her paternal uncle. Prince Harry is currently in Australia for a four-week placement with the Australian Defence Force. Despite the time difference, he has been kept in touch with developments from the Lindo Wing.

  92. 'Get a grip'

    Meanwhile, Republic - which campaigns for a democratic alternative to the monarchy - has called for the media to "get a grip" over the royal baby. Republic's Graham Smith said: "This may be news, but it's not big news, it's not headline news and it's not news most people are interested in beyond brief curiosity."

  93. Tower message

    BT Tower

    London's BT Tower has also sent its own message of congratulations to the duke and duchess.

  94. Get involved


    Michelle Goddard from Doncaster emails: "Ingrid Seward who is commenting along with Charles Anson was speculating about the new addition's future career; 'She obviously won't be joining the Armed Forces'. Why can't the new Princess join up? They are a modern Royal Family. William and Harry did."

  95. Twitter peak

    BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt says Twitter recorded 4,500 tweets a minute with a royal baby hashtag at 11:25 BST - the peak time for the story on social media.

  96. Better than Twitter?

    Forget your Twitter and suchlike. The notice on the easel has been the traditional way of announcing a royal birth for as as long as Buckingham Palace has been the Sovereign's official residence (from 1837).

    The bulletin will be on display for approximately 24 hours. After it comes down, it is sent to the Privy Council Office in order that the details of the official notice may be recorded in the Privy Council records.

  97. Large crowds

    Crowds outside Buckingham Palace

    Hundreds of people furiously clicked cameras and smartphones to capture the moment the golden easel was placed outside Buckingham Palace, with crowds covering the Queen Victoria memorial.

  98. Not a Maggie?

    Asked by the BBC's Peter Hunt whether he had any suggestions for a name - possibly Maggie or Margaret - Labour leader Ed Miliband said "the last thing they need, certainly from politicians is advice on names", adding: "I'm sure they'll make the right judgement on that."

  99. Get involved

    Tweet @BBC_HaveYourSay

    James Brooks, Chief Reporter for @RoyalCentral in London

    @james_elliott_tweets: Paddington, LondonProsecco for the press! Always welcomed! @Coral are out celebrating the birth of #PrincessCambridge.

  100. Post update

    Royal fans celebrate after hearing an announment

    The princess is the Queen's fifth great-grandchild. The others are George, Savannah, Isla and Mia.

  101. Post update

    Announcement of the easel

    Here it is! The official announcement of the birth, on the gold-coloured easel, will be inspected and photographed by crowds of visitors outside Buckingham Palace during the day.

  102. The easel moment

    The official notice of the new princess's birth is mounted on an easel in front of Buckingham Palace

  103. News around the world

    News of the royal birth is, as you might expect, already making headlines across the world. In Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald has carried the story on its front page saying: "A sister for George!" Meanwhile, in Pakistan, broadcasters interrupted bulletins to show the royal announcement being made.

  104. Get involved


    Katrien Grobler is on a visit to London from South Africa and is just outside the Lindo Wing. She says: "I arrived about five minutes before the announcement. I'm shaking with excitement, the atmosphere is amazing. There are at least 1,000 people here. Most of them are photographers! There are people with flags; people just want to be part of it. It's part of history and I just want to be here!"

    Royal baby girl is born
  105. Silver pennies

    Of course, the royal princess is not the only baby being born today. The Royal Mint has said it is to give 2,015 babies born today a lucky silver penny in keeping with the tradition.

    If you are a parent in that position, you can apply for it by visiting the Royal Mint's Facebook page. If you are a parent of a baby born today and are reading these live updates, then we send our admirations as well as our congratulations.

  106. Message from the flight deck

    Royal Navy

    Sailors on board HMS Lancaster, known as the Queen's Frigate, have sent their own unique message of congratulations, by spelling out the word "sister" on the flight deck.

  107. Crowds at the palace

    Outside Buckingham Palce

    People have started gathering outside Buckingham Palace, where a formal announcement of the royal birth is expected to be posted on an easel at about 12:30 BST.

  108. Get involved


    Elaine Stratford from Cambridgeshire emails: Fantastic news for Kate and William - the safe arrival of a baby daughter and playmate for gorgeous George.

  109. A princess is born

    The new girl is officially the Princess of Cambridge, after the Queen made a change after the birth of Prince George (aka the Prince of Cambridge) to allow for his future siblings to be princes and princesses. Before that, only the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales was automatically granted that title.

    The last Princess of Cambridge was King George III's granddaughter Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge who was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1833.

  110. A princess is born

    The new girl is officially the Princess of Cambridge, after the Queen made a change after the birth of Prince George (aka the Prince of Cambridge) to allow for his future siblings to be princes and princesses. Before that, only the eldest son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales was automatically granted that title.

    The last Princess of Cambridge was King George III's granddaughter Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge who was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1833.

  111. Post update

    Nicholas Witchell

    Royal correspondent

    "The question now of course is whether we will see the family, whether we will see William and Catherine and their new daughter leave the hospital today. I'm told that has not been ruled out."

  112. Get involved


    Patricia Strnad from California, USA emails: Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge upon the speedy, healthy and happy delivery of their very own "Little Princess"! I am extremely thrilled and happy with the news!

  113. Post update

    Alice the favourite?

    A betting shop employee holds a betting board

    Speculation now will turn to what name the duke and duchess will give the baby princess - Alice remains the favourite with bookmakers.

  114. Get involved


    Catherine Smoors from Tasmania, Australia emails: Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess and charming Prince George on the birth of their beautiful new daughter and sister.

  115. Post update

    The Queen's approval

    Former press secretary to the Queen, Charles Anson, speaking on the BBC News Channel, explains that when the happy parents do choose the name for their new baby, the custom in the royal family is that the Queen has to approve their choice.

  116. Post update

    Katie Nichol, royal biographer

    Prince William has always wanted a little girl, and a little sister for Prince George. It's wonderful, it's been a long time since we've had a princess, and what a historic princess this will be, because of course she will not be overlooked in the succession, because of those revisions to the laws, and rightly so."

  117. Post update

    Witchell on duty

    BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell - who put on a blue and pink striped tie this morning as the world waited to hear if the baby was a boy or a girl - says the royal couple and the princess could leave hospital today, saying it "certainly hasn't been ruled out".

    He will be reporting from outside the Lindo Wing during the rest of the day - and possibly longer - until the royal couple emerge with their newborn.

  118. Post update

    How she measures up

    The baby princess was born weighing 8lbs 3oz (3.7kg) - in comparison Prince George weighed 8lb 6oz (3.8kg) when he was born in July 2013.

  119. Post update

    The scene outside

    The scene outside the Lindo Wing

    The scene outside the Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital, where large numbers of press and members of the public converged after news broke that the duchess had gone into labour.

  120. Post update

    'Time for celebration'

    Meanwhile, Ukip leader Nigel Farage tweeted: "Congrats on the new #RoyalBaby. Today is a great day for celebration!"

  121. Post update

    'Warmest congratulations'

    Other politicians have also take time away from the election campaign trail to pass on their warm wishes, including First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, who tweeted: "I am delighted at the news of the birth of Prince William and Catherine's daughter and send them my warmest congratulations."

  122. Post update

    Royal fans

    Royal fans celebrate the announcement

    Royal fans have been celebrating the announcement of the arrival of the baby princess outside the Lindo Wing - where the massed media are now waiting for their first glimpse of the new royal.

  123. Post update

    Parents waited to see

    The arrival of a girl is understood to be a surprise for the duke and duchess, who are believed to have not chosen to find out the sex of their baby in advance.

  124. Post update

    Labour on end of labour

    Meanwhile, Labour leader Ed Miliband tweeted: "Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess on the birth of their daughter. Wishing them lots of joy and happiness - and hopefully some sleep!"

  125. And so does his deputy

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said he and his wife Miriam wished them "all the best as their family grows".

  126. The PM reacts...

    Prime Minister David Cameron has congratulated the couple, tweeting: "Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their baby girl. I'm absolutely delighted for them."

  127. Oyez, Oyez

    Town crier

    An unofficial town crier announced the news at the Lindo Wing.

  128. No name?

    We know the new arrival is officially a princess but there is no announcement as yet on a name. We'll be reporting any further developments and reaction during the day following the news from the Lindo Wing, at St Mary's Hospital, in central London.

  129. Post update

    Here's the statement from the Palace:

    "Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a daughter at 8.34am. The baby weighs 8lbs 3oz. The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.

    The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well."

  130. Post update

    It's a girl! The news that royal watchers had been waiting for has been announced by Kensington Palace - the Duchess of Cambridge safely delivered her second child, a daughter, at 08:34 BST.