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Live Reporting

By Mario Cacciottolo, Holly Wallis and Anna Browning

All times stated are UK

  1. Keeping updated

    The main story on the travel problems caused by fog will continue to be updated, and you can follow it here.

    Goodbye and good luck if you're trying to make your way through the foggy conditions. 

  2. Wrapping up

    The fog is clearing and this live page will soon go. Before we do, however, here's a round-up of some of the main points of the day.

    Heathrow airport says about 45 flights have been cancelled due to fog, while London City was closed to all flights for several hours. It is now seeing a few departures.

    Other affected airports include Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Glasgow, Belfast, Southampton and Cardiff.

    Fog in Europe is compounding the problems, with major hubs such as Amsterdam's Schiphol badly affected.

  3. Your pictures

    London Eye in fog

    The BBC London team has put together a Facebook album of shots of the capital in fog, which have been sent in by readers. You can send your own in too if you like. 

  4. BA warning

    A reminder that British Airways is encouraging those whose flights are cancelled not to go the airport on Monday.

    The airline says it will book affected passengers onto alternative flights so they can continue their journeys.

  5. Warnings lifted

    You may recall that the Met Office had yellow warnings for fog in place across England and Wales - they have now been lifted. 

  6. Driving tips

    Cars in fog

    Simon Williams from the RAC says drivers must be very careful in foggy conditions.

    "We must make sure we leave plenty of room behind the car and in front. Don't be tempted to follow their rear lights in the fog, that could be an accident waiting to happen. 

    "Also, off the motorway network, if you come to a junction and you really can't see what's going on, turn off the radio, turn off the music, and open the windows and listen as well. And obviously, if it's that bad, and you're off the motorway network, stop somewhere safe."

  7. Acid test

    Hawaiian volcano

    Just a quick aside - think our fog is bad? Nasa scientists say they have found acid fog caused by volcanic eruptions on Mars. A similar phenomenon is apparently seen on Earth in Hawaii, where it is known as "vog". 

  8. Fog's legs

    Eiffel Tower

    Either someone has stolen the top of the Eiffel Tower, or it's a really foggy day in Paris. 

  9. Squad goals

    Manchester United players

    It's not just roads and runways covered in fog - here's a shot of Manchester United's squad, training in mist on the eve of their Champions League match against CSKA Moscow tomorrow. 

    United haven't scored for more than five hours, so the last thing they need is the weather making the goal even harder to find.   

  10. No take off?

    So in this day and age, when navigating your way around pretty much anywhere on Earth is as simple as getting out your smartphone, why can't planes fly in fog? 

    Our BBC News Magazine team has found out the answers to this, so you can impress your friends when they ask the same question. 

  11. European fog delays

    It's not just the UK snuggled under a blanket of fog - swathes of the stuff are also causing disruption across western Europe, with low visibility leading to significant flight delays.

    There were delays today at airports in Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Brussels, where visibility reportedly dropped to just 100m.

  12. London City departures

    An update from London City Airport - it's started to allow a small number of departures, having been closed for several hours. 

  13. A glance to Europe

    Stamberg Lake and surroundings

    Now we know what you're thinking - this isn't fog, it's glorious autumnal sunshine. But look in the background and you'll see a blanket of the misty stuff spread out over Starnberg Lake near Tutzing, Germany. Let's hope some of that sun comes the UK's way soon. 

  14. Time for walkies

    Fog in Peckham

    It's probably not a good day to play fetch with your dog's favourite ball, judging by the gloomy scene in this Peckham park in London. 

  15. Plane odd

    Luton Airport control tower

    The BBC's Neil Bradford sent this picture in. He says: "Control tower barely visible in the fog at Luton Airport. It's quite an eerie feeling hearing planes take off but not being able to see them!"

  16. Nice weather for ducks?

    Bridge over the River Cam

    Let's hope the ducks on the River Cam can still find any bread thrown their way. 

  17. Cambridge charm

    Fog over the River Cam

    The River Cam in Cambridge was shrouded in fog today, making a picture fit for a postcard.  

  18. Foggy scene

    Fog along the Thames

    The scene beside the Thames in London this morning had a distinctly Victorian feel to it, thanks to the weather. 

  19. Bedfordshire round-up

    BBC Look East reporter Neil Bradford says Bedfordshire Police dealt with 10 accidents between 06:00 and 10:00 in the thick fog. Three of the incidents were on the M1. London Luton Airport say flights are operating but are subject to delays of 20-30 minutes.  

  20. European problems

    Easyjet has warned it is suffering "major network disruption today due to poor weather conditions throughout Europe causing low visibility".

    Meanwhile, Danny Hesford, from Manchester, has told the BBC he and 18 friends are stranded in Amsterdam.

    "We've just heard there are no flights from Schiphol Airport today as the problem has got too big," he said.

  21. 'Blanket of fog'

    And the BBC's Ed Thomas has also been putting his video skills to good use this morning, taking this footage from his flight. The capital is down there somewhere...

    View more on twitter
  22. Heathrow cancellations

    The BBC's Ed Thomas says staff at Heathrow Airport have told him there have been 50 flight cancellations today, matching the 50 cancelled yesterday. 

  23. Careful driving

    M3 Motorway in Hampshire

    Motorists in many parts of the country have had to navigate through thick patches of fog. These drivers are seen passing along the M3 motorway in Hampshire. 

  24. Where did I park?

    East Midlands airport car park

    The BBC's Kay Wright has been at East Midlands Airport this morning. She's sent us this photograph, saying: "This is the view at East Midlands Airport this morning. 

    "My son's flight from Edinburgh has been delayed by an hour while others coming in from Aberdeen and Northern Ireland were cancelled entirely.

    "Staff here say things are getting back on schedule but the fog is still thick enough to not be able to see across car park."

  25. Airport round-up

    Here's a round-up of the current situation at various airports. 

    London City has closed to all in and outbound flights until at least 11:00 GMT.  

    Heathrow is expecting to cancel about 10% of flights on Monday - a spokeswoman said there would be extra passenger ambassadors in the terminals to help travellers.

    Manchester has cancelled more than 20 flights and Southampton more than 20, while problems are also expected at Gatwick.

    Stansted is so far unaffected and is receiving diverted flights from other airports.

    Three departures and three arrivals have been cancelled at George Best Belfast City airport.

    Two flights from Cardiff have been cancelled.

  26. Yellow warnings

    Remember those Met Office warnings about severe fog? To be precise, they cover East Midlands, East of England, London and South East England, North East England, North West England, South West England, Wales, West Midlands,Yorkshire and Humber.

  27. Foggy daze

    Trains in fog

    It's not just pilots who will be struggling to see through windscreens this morning. Train drivers, such as these in London, are facing the same conditions.

  28. Manchester update

    A statement from Manchester Airport says that foggy conditions could remain throughout the morning, and it is asking passengers to check with their airlines about the status of their individual flights. 

    "Passenger safety remains our number one priority and we will work with our third parties on site to ensure all passengers are cared for during these conditions," it adds

  29. Waiting for take-off

    Passengers at Heathrow

    Unfortunately for some passengers, their holidays began with a longer than expected queue at the airport. These passengers were waiting at Heathrow's Terminal 5 earlier this morning. 

  30. Ferries cancelled

    Merseytravel is reporting there will be no commuter ferries across the Mersey in Liverpool until further notice, due to the fog. Whatever would Gerry and the Pacemakers say?

  31. Car crash

    A five-year-old girl has been found with her dead father in a crashed car which had been in a ditch "for some time", according to West Midlands Ambulance Service.

    It said the car was discovered on Sunday at 09:35 GMT by two cyclists in Crakemarsh near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

    The black Ford Fiesta appeared to have hit a tree in very foggy conditions on the B5030. The girl, in the back of the car, has been treated at hospital for minor injuries.

  32. Bird's eye view

    A tweet by air passenger Sarah Wells has caught the eye of plenty of people this morning, showing her remarkable view of foggy London from the air. 

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  33. Road delays

    And it's not just air travel that's struggling with the fog. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for England and Wales, with those foggy conditions expected to make driving conditions slow.  

  34. Weather warning

    Poor visibility has caused flights to be disrupted across the UK for a second day. Heathrow airport said about 45 flights have been cancelled, and other airports affected include London City, Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff. 

  35. Keeping you posted

    Good morning and welcome to our live page covering all the travel disruption caused by today’s thick fog. We'll be keeping you updated with the problems occurring in the air and on the roads.