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  1. Our live coverage across the day

    Patrick Byrne

    BBC News

    That's it from the live news team after a momentous general election result.

    Many Conservative MPs were returned to their seats with increased votes but the night belonged to Labour.

    Mohammad Yasin took Bedford for Labour, ousting Tory Robert Fuller; UKIP collapsed where they had candidates but were missing from many constituencies, and successful MPs urged Prime Minister Theresa May to concentrate on Brexit negotiations.

    To get more detail on an extraordinary general election day and its fallout, please scroll down.

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  2. Firefighters tackle flames from dustcart

    A dustcart caught alight in Cheshunt earlier, bringing firefighters from across Hertfordshire to help.

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  3. PC sacked after bullying claim proven

    Patrick Byrne

    BBC News

    A police constable has been sacked for bullying, being rude and lacking respect for a woman when he stopped her car on private land.

    PC Neil Bevan, based at Amersham, was dismissed following a misconduct hearing at Thames Valley Police HQ in Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

    Thames Valley Police HQ

    On 11 August 2016, the officer stopped a member of the public in her vehicle which he threatened to seize.

    He took the woman's keys and issued the woman with a traffic offence ticket.

    He gave her the impression he would report her to the DVLA and/or take further action against her, the hearing was told.

    His behaviour was proven to be was abrupt, rude, bullying and/or lacking in respect and courtesy.

    Deputy chief constable John Campbell said: "We expect all of our officers to uphold high standards of behaviour and to treat the public with respect at all times, and any allegations of behaviour that do not meet those standards are rigorously investigated.

    "In this instance, PC Bevan's actions fell far below the standards of what we, and most importantly the public, expect of police officers."

  4. Former attorney general backs May as MP

    Patrick Byrne

    BBC News

    Dominic Grieve, the MP for Beaconsfield and former attorney general, has said he is not one of the Conservatives with knives out for Prime Minister Theresa May and that he is backing her to carry on.

    Dominic Grieve

    Before Mrs May went to Buckingham Palace to seek permission to form a minority government he told the BBC: "Seeing that the Queen's government has got to be carried on and there is no party apart from the Conservative Party capable of acting as the government, the idea that it would be in the national interest to change the prime minister at this stage seems to me to be a little far-fetched."

  5. Cloud makes way for dry weather and warm temperatures

    Julie Reinger

    BBC Look East weather

    Once the last of any showers have cleared it’ll be a largely dry night, although we could have some thicker cloud in to the west of the region by morning and possibly some outbreaks of rain too.

    The winds overnight will turn form a light south-westerly to the south and temperatures falling to around 12C (54F).

    The greatest risk of some rain will be in the west of the region on Saturday morning but for many of us it’ll be a dry day with some long sunny spells developing.

    The winds will pick up to a moderate south to south-westerly and temperatures reaching around 23C (73F). However, there is the potential for highs of 26C (79F) in some spots.

    Weather map for Saturday, 10 July
  6. Crews put out Bedford Burger King blaze

    Katy Lewis

    BBC Local Live

    In other news today, a police and fire service investigation is under way in Bedford, after a blaze at Burger King at the town's Interchange Retail Park.

    Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue said crews were called at about 03:10 after being alerted by a passer-by who saw smoke coming from the building. The blaze was put out by 06:10.

    Station commander Lorraine Moore, who was at the fire, said “approximately 10% of the building was destroyed by fire and 100% smoke damaged".

    Fire at Burger King, Bedford
    Fire at Burger King, Bedford
  7. Lib Dem president rules out coalition with Labour... and Tories

    Katy Lewis

    BBC Local Live

    According to Hertfordshire's Baroness Sal Brinton, the president of the Liberal Democrats, her party, who gained four seats, have ruled out forming a coalition with Labour.

    But she said a coalition with Theresa May and the Conservatives wasn't an option either.

    She said: "We absolutely won't do it; you've got to have some core principles about the major piece of work that any government's going to do over the term of its government, and if Theresa May has made it plain that that is Brexit - more than that, it's hard Brexit - we just start from such polarised opposite positions that I cannot see how we would work with her."

  8. Gavin Shuker: 'We fought a spirited campaign'

    Katy Lewis

    BBC Local Live

    Labour's Gavin Shuker, who held his seat in Luton South, has been talking about the "incredible move" to go from a majority of 5,000 to nearly 14,000.

    "I have to say six weeks ago when Theresa May first called this election there was a very real possibility that we might lose but we fought a spirited campaign here and people have rewarded it," he said.

    Gavin Shuker
  9. Support for Conservatives increases in safe territory

    Patrick Byrne

    BBC News

    Many parts of Hertfordshire represent "safe Tory territory" and sitting MPs were able to consolidate their support in spite of big swings to Labour.

    Conservative Oliver Heald boosted his share of the vote in Hertfordshire North East by 3.3% to take a 58.6% share with Labour's Doug Swanney trailing on 28.3%. UKIP again failed to field a candidate.

    Mike Penning held Hemel Hempstead for the Tories witha 9,445 majority and 55% of the vote, a 2.1% boost, with Labour's Mandi Tattershall increasing her share by 13.1% to take 36.9%.

    In Hertsmere Conservative Oliver Dowden took a 61.1% share following a marginal 1.8% increase with Fiona Smith for Labour on 28.7% and UKIP's David Hoy losing 9.7% of his party's vote share.

    David Gauke in Hertfordshire South West won 57.9% of the vote share for the Tories with Rob Wakely boosting Labour's share by 9.4%, exactly the amount lost by UKIP.

  10. UKIP's failure to field candidates boosts two leading parties

    Patrick Byrne

    BBC News

    UKIP failed to field candidates in several Hertfordshire constituencies, and after its leader Paul Nuttall resigned after a "woeful showing" overall, he said: "A new era must begin with a new leader."

    Stevenage was a close-run contest with Conservative Stephen McPartland retaining the seat with 50.3% of the vote including a 5.7% increase in support.

    In second place was Labour's Sharon Taylor with 43.4% of the vote, boosted by a 9.2% increase.

    Conservative Mark Prisk held on to Hertford and Stortford, boosting his party's support by 4.2% to take 60.3% of the vote share, leaving Labour trailing on 28.6% despite a 10.7% boost in its support.

    In Broxbourne Conservative Charles Walker took 62.2% of the vote with Labour's Selina Norgrove on 28.9% after a 10.75% boost to her share, while UKIP slumped by 15.7% to leave it with only 4%, slightly ahead of the Lib Dems on 3.1%.

    In St Albans Conservative Anne Main held on to the seat with 43.1% of the vote from the Lib Dems' Daisy Cooper on 32.4%.

  11. What happened in Hertfordshire overnight

    Patrick Byrne

    BBC News

    If you're browsing through the results for Hertfordshire, the Tories have held on to their key seats.

    Many sitting MPs and contenders saw their share of their vote increase as UKIP was absent from several constituencies.

    In Welwyn Hatfield, Conservative Grant Shapps boosted his vote by 0.7% while Labour's Anawar Miah took a 10.6% increase, mainly from UKIP supporters.

    In Hitchin and Harpenden, where the turnout was 77.4%, Bim Afolami held onto the seat despite a 3.8% fall in support in a constituency that UKIP failed to fight.

    Labour's John Hayes saw his share increase by 11.9% and Hugh Annand of the Lib Dems in third place received a 2.5% boost.

  12. What happened to Labour overnight in Bedfordshire?

    Patrick Byrne

    BBC News

    Labour increased its share of the vote across many parts of Bedfordshire and its leader Jeremy Corbyn is now calling for the party to form a minority administration.

    Labour's Gavin Shuker held Luton South with an 18.2% boost to his support giving him an overall 62.4% share of the vote, while Dean Russell increase the Tory share by 1.6% both at the cost of UKIP and other minority parties.

    In Luton North Kelvin Hopkins also saw a rise of 11.6% in his vote to give an overall showing of 63.8% while Caroline Kerswell boosted the Conservatives by 3.1%. Both benefited from UKIP not fielding a candidate.

    Bedfordshire South West is safe territory for the Conservatives with Andrew Selous polling 59.2% of the vote with a 4.3% boost. Labour's Daniel Scott put up a good fight, increasing his share by 13.5% in a constituency where UKIP was again absent.

    In Mid-Bedfordshire Nadine Dorries was triumphant with a 5.6% increase in her vote to give her a 61.7% share. Labour were left trailing despite a 12.6% boost, again with no UKIP candidate to upset them.

  13. What happened in Bedfordshire overnight

    Patrick Byrne

    BBC News

    If you're browsing through the election results for Bedfordshire you will see that most MPs retained their seats and the only upset was in Bedford where Labour's Mohammad Yasin ousted Conservative Richard Fuller.

    But it has been a rough ride nationally for the Conservative Party with Prime Minister Theresa May resisting calls for her to resign after losing her overall majority in the House of Commons.

    Mr Fuller increased his share of the poll by 2.6% but was outstripped by Mr Yasin's 6.6% boost with both men taking votes from UKIP, who did not field a candidate, as well as the smaller parties.

    In Bedfordshire North East, Alistair Burt took nearly 61% of the vote with Labour a long way back on 28.5% despite a 12.7% boost, mostly taken from UKIP.

  14. David Gauke: Brexit talks 'need continuity'

    Katy Lewis

    BBC Local Live

    Treasury Secretary David Gauke, who was re-elected in South West Hertfordshire, has said that whatever happens now, the upcoming Brexit talks need continuity.

    He said: "What is really important for the country is that we get those negotiations right and there is not an unlimited time here; the clock is already ticking, Article 50 has been triggered and we need a government that can get on and negotiate that deal."

    David Gauke
  15. Steve Baker: 'Duty to support May's government'

    Katy Lewis

    BBC Local Live

    The Conservative MP for Wycombe Steve Baker has been talking about the current situation, where Theresa May is due to ask permission to form a government, despite losing her Commons majority.

    Mr Baker has said that it was Tory MPs' "duty now to support" Mrs May's government.

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