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  1. News, sport, travel and weather updates from across the West of England on Thursday, 1 June 2017

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  1. Goodnight from us

    That's it from us at the end of the first day of June. Hope you've enjoyed our look behind the scenes at Springwatch tonight.

    We'll be back tomorrow at 7am with all the latest news, sport, travel and weather.

    We leave you with a look at tomorrow's weather forecast with Ian Fergusson.

    Video content

    Video caption: Watch: Ian Fergusson has the weather forecast for tomorrow
  2. B-52 bombers arrive at RAF Fairford

    B-52 bombers from the US Air Force have started to arrive at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire.

    The aircraft, from the 2nd Bomb Wing, will be based in the county to support training missions.

    The military exercises stretch right across Europe and will take place until mid-June with regular flights expected.

    Video content

    Video caption: Watch: B-52 bombers from the US Air Force start to arrive at RAF Fairford
  3. Kevin McCloud gives his verdict on West Country cider

    TV presenter Kevin McCloud has been judging the cider entries at this year's Royal Bath and West Show.

    Globally, the cider market is showing signs of taking off - and even the Americans, it seems are heading West to sample the offerings here.

    As Kevin told Points West business correspondent Dave Harvey, judging cider is an arduous task!

    Video content

    Video caption: Watch: TV presenter Kevin McCloud was one of the cider judges at the Royal Bath and West Show
  4. Gloucestershire PCC accused of spit hood u-turn

    Spit hood

    The Police Federation has accused Gloucestershire's Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) of a U-turn over the use of spit hoods in custody suites.

    A trial of the hoods was expected to begin in the region this year, but PCC Martin Surl has now said the force "will not be rushing into the plans".

    He said it is a "highly emotive issue" and called for a public consultation.

    However, the Police Federation asked why the PCC was "interfering in operational policing decisions".

    Click here to read more.

  5. Springwatch: And that's a wrap

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    Thanks for following all my behind the scenes updates from Springwatch today.

    I hope you've been able to get a glimpse of how the programme is put together - I certainly have.

    I've had my eyes opened to all that's involved in the production. When I watch from my sofa at home this week I'll see it all in a different light.

  6. Springwatch: Live programme over

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    Well that 60 minutes went quickly!

    The live programme on BBC Two has now finished.

    It was fascinating to see behind the scenes as the production crew worked their magic - especially when having to cope with a huge technical glitch, when the communications link with North Wales went down.

    "You picked a good day to come," the series producer says to me darkly.

  7. Springwatch: Panic over

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    A huge sigh of relief behind the scenes as the technical problem with the link to North Wales has been sorted, and Martin Hughes-Games makes it to air.

    TV gallery
    Image caption: There were a few furrowed brows and lots of discussions in the gallery for a while - something to do with a broken communications link
  8. Springwatch: Coping with a technical hitch

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    There's panic in the gallery after someone discovers that a live feed from North Wales doesn't work.

    Martin Hughes-Games can't hear his cue due to a technical glitch.

    The director changes the running order, and goes to a pre-recorded item instead.

    Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

  9. Springwatch: Live on BBC Two

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    TV gallery
    Image caption: What you're seeing on your Springwatch screens on BBC Two is all controlled from in here

    The director has a huge bank of screen in front of him - with all the live wildlife feeds and images from the various cameras at his fingertips.

  10. Springwatch: Getting ready to go live

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set


    Activity has ramped up now behind the scenes as the clock ticks down to the live programme on BBC Two at 8pm.

    The production tent emptied as everyone went to get their evening meal, and now people are back and concentrating on the job ahead.

    The rehearsal has taken place, and I've just seen Michaela Strachan heading to make-up - which is in a small portable cabin in the corner of the farmyard.

    Tent in farmyard
  11. Behind the scenes: In the gallery

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    TV gallery

    Behind the scenes on Springwatch, I visit the TV gallery (which is actually a big truck parked in a barn at the Sherborne Estate) .

    When I came in, there had just been a discussion about the use of a particular prop in the introduction: I think it may hit the cutting room floor.

    The presenters get into place, ready to go live.

  12. Springwatch: The Nestfinder General

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    Steve Roberts

    If it wasn't for this man there would be no Springwatch: Steve Roberts is the programme's nestfinder.

    He spends ages wandering around the countryside and carefully observing, to locate possible nests the team can film.

    He's particularly happy when I meet him - he's just found a couple of yellowhammer nests with eggs in them - something the producers were extremely keen to show on camera.

    "The birds have spent millenia developing means of hiding - they don't want you to find them," he says.

    "You're being pitted against that, trying to overcome the skills the birds have developed to stop being found."

  13. Did you know it's World Hydrography Day?

    World Hydrography Day's been celebrated in Taunton.

    The UK Hydrographic Office put on an exhibition at the Museum of Somerset.

    Find out more about what hydrographers do here.

    Video content

    Video caption: Watch: The UK Hydrographic Office put on an exhibition at the Museum of Somerset
  14. 'Back in those days, growing teasel was a way to get extra money'

    Video content

    Video caption: Listen: Recorded in 1987, this is 87-year-old Fred Cousins, a teasel grower from Meare Green

    The Rural Life Museum reopens in Glastonbury this weekend after being closed for more than two years for redevelopment.

    To celebrate we've got a treat from the museum's archive. Recorded in 1987, this is 87-year-old Fred Cousins, a teasel grower from Meare Green, near Hatch Beauchamp, giving us an insight into his life and work.

    BBC Somerset's Charlie Taylor will bring his show live from the museum as it reopens.

  15. Springwatch: Feeding the team

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    Drew Walker

    Drew Walker is in charge of catering at Springwatch this year.

    "We do about 60 breakfasts, 110 for lunch and 110 for dinner every day," he says.

    There's a choice of creamy chicken curry, sweet chili crab cakes or a vegan mushroom stroganoff the day I visit... And the crab cakes turn out to be delicious.

    Drew Walker
  16. Envelope update

    Severe disruption: B4289 Wiltshire westbound

    BBC News Travel

    B4289 Wiltshire westbound severe disruption, at A4289 Devizes Road.

    B4289 Wiltshire - B4289 Newport Street in Swindon blocked and slow traffic westbound at the A4289 Devizes Road junction, because of a car fire.

    To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

  17. Springwatch: How do they hide the cameras?

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    Nigel Bean

    This is Nigel Bean, Springwatch's 'wildlife producer'.

    He organises all the wildlife filming on site, including deciding where to put the cameras and nest boxes.

    "We aim for a bit of a cross section: maybe an owl, a bird of prey, some small birds, maybe some water birds," he explains.

    And, he says, although technology is getting better, that means cameras are getting bigger - creating more of a challenge when you're trying to hide them in nest boxes: "When we went high definition we went bigger. I'd like them to be smaller because it's quite restrictive sometimes."

  18. Springwatch: Red button broadcasts

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    Springwatch presenters
    Image caption: Presenter Brett Westwood, centre, and his colleagues provide commentary on the live cameras during his live shows
    Springwatch presenters
    Image caption: As well as the main TV programme on BBC Two each evening, other broadcasts are available during the day. You can watch them on the red button
  19. Bath man jailed for forging 'harassment' letters

    Mark Webb was convicted at Bristol Crown Court

    A man who tried to frame a neighbour for harassment has been jailed for 15 months.

    Mark Webb, of Oldfield Park, Bath forged letters to himself purporting to be from Frances Avis to add credibility to allegations he had made against her.

    Bristol Crown Court heard Ms Avis was later found guilty of harassment and given a six-month prison sentence. But she won an appeal and was not jailed.

    Webb pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    Click here to read more.

  20. Springwatch: Watching the cameras 'til 4am

    David Bailey

    Reporting from the Springwatch set

    Scarlett Monroe and Lily Moffat
    Image caption: Scarlett, left, and Lily work on Springwatch

    Meet Scarlett Monroe and Lily Moffatt, two of the people responsible for watching all the live camera feeds and deciding what will get shown on TV.

    When I meet Lily, whose official job title is 'story lead', she's quite excited about a dead mole that has just been brought into the buzzard's nest.

    It's a 24-hour-a-day job to follow the cameras, and a team of people including Scarlett, one of the 'story developers', take it in turns to monitor the screens from 4am to 4pm.

    Springwatch TV screens
    Image caption: Could you stay awake long enough to do it?