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  1. Live news, sport, weather and travel updates for the West of England on Wednesday, 30 August 2017.

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All quiet in Southmead

The BBC has been to the scene in Southmead where police have tonight descended to deal with complaints about disorder and anti-social behaviour this week.

It's quiet on the streets so far, but there continues to be a visible police presence.

See our earlier posts for details of the earlier actions of police.

Police on the scene in Southmead tonight
Police on the scene in Southmead tonight

Police respond to anti-social behaviour incidents in Southmead

Police in Bristol say they have, this evening, sent mounted police to the Southmead area to disperse individuals responsible for "disorder and anti social behaviour" over a series of nights.

The action followed a series of complaints by locals in the Greystoke Avenue area.

Nine Section 35 notices were issued by the police, giving them legal powers to make individuals, who are served notices, leave the area for 48 hours.

Section 35 orders are usually issued 'in response to members of the public... being harassed, alarmed or distressed.'

One arrest has been made for a breach of the order. There are no injuries reported.

It is believed the incident is now being scaled down.

The Greystoke Road area of Souithmead
Google maps

We will not tolerate any form of anti social behaviour or local disorder and will take a robust approach to deal with it."

Avon & Somerset Police

Three quarters of children's centres in Somerset could close

The BBC has revealed that three quarters of children's centres in Somerset could be closed and the buildings handed over to schools and nurseries to be used in other ways.

The plan - detailed in an internal memo - would leave just 10 children's centres.

The county council is considering giving the other buildings to schools and nurseries

Inspectors compared crew conditions to 'modern slavery'

Inspectors from the International Transport Workers' Federation compared crew conditions on board the Tahsin to that of "modern slavery".

The ship is owned by a Turkish company called Voda, who have not responded to requests for comment.

The captain denied the crew had not had drinking water, but admitted wages were paid late.

He said it was due to the owners and their cashflow problem.

The Tahsin has been impounded at Sharpness

So what is a Section 35 order?

A&S Police have this evening confirmed they are dealing with an anti-social disorder incident in Southmead. They confirm they have issued "nine Section 35 notices".

Here's what the law says. You can read more about it here:

Authorisations to use powers under section 35

(1) A police officer of at least the rank of inspector may authorise the use in a specified locality, during a specified period of not more than 48 hours, of the powers given by section 35. “Specified” means specified in the authorisation.

(2) An officer may give such an authorisation only if satisfied on reasonable grounds that the use of those powers in the locality during that period may be necessary for the purpose of removing or reducing the likelihood of—

(a) members of the public in the locality being harassed, alarmed or distressed, or

(b) the occurrence in the locality of crime or disorder.

(3) In deciding whether to give such an authorisation an officer must have particular regard to the rights of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly set out in articles 10 and 11 of the Convention. “Convention” has the meaning given by section 21(1) of the Human Rights Act 1998.

(4) An authorisation under this section—

(a) must be in writing,

(b) must be signed by the officer giving it, and

(c) must specify the grounds on which it is given.

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One arrest made in Southmead: police confirm mounted police dispatched


Avon & Somerset Police have confirmed they are dealing with an 'anti-social behaviour incident' in Southmead, involving mounted police.

One arrest has been made for a breach of a police order for individuals to leave and not return for 24 hours.

In a statement, police said: "This is a preventative action and aims to provide community reassurance for local people... following complaints about disorder and anti social behaviour in the area during the past few nights."

They added: "We will not tolerate any form of anti social behaviour or local disorder and will take a robust approach to deal with it."

More to follow as we get it...

Avon and Somerset Police
Avon and Somerset Police

Police confirm anti-social behaviour dispersed by mounted police in Southmead

Avon & Somerset Police have released the following:

"We are this evening carrying out a dispersal order operation in the Southmead area.

This follows complaints about disorder and anti social behaviour in the area during the past few nights."

Police say they issued "nine Section 35 notices" at 1620, that legally allow them to tell individuals to leave and not return within 48-hours.

A&s logo
A&s logo

BreakingMounted police and riot vans reported in Southmead

There are reports that police and riot vans are dealing with an incident in Southmead, Bristol.

Police tell us they are responding to 'a dispersal order' in the Greystoke Avenue area.

More as it emerges...

Map of Southmead

A bit of activity on the Somerset coast this evening...

Third bomb detonated off Somerset

Wait for it... (Don't blink!)

Royal Navy divers have successfully detonated a third WWII bomb, found off Hinkley Point earlier today.

See our earlier coverage for more.

Third unexploded bomb detonated

Sutton Mandeville Badge restored

Watch: The badge had become overgrown

Motorists on the A30 between Salisbury and Shaftesbury may spot the newly restored Royal Warwickshire Regiment badge in all its glory.

The regimental emblem was cut into the hillside, originally, by soldiers in 1916.

It was restored by a group of volunteers from Sutton Mandville Heritage Trust as well as contractors Earlcoate Construction.

The group hope to restore the ‘Shiny 7th’ badge of the 7th (City of London) Battalion of the London regiment – next year.

Read more here.

Another week, another bomb off Hinkley Point

Hinkley Point energy company EDF says it expects its divers to find more unexploded bombs as they prepare the seabed for Hinkley C.

A third WWII device in as many weeks - this time a 250lb bomb - was detonated off the Somerset Coast at 1920 this evening.

The process was slightly delayed when a windsurfer strayed into the 1,000m exclusion zone imposed by the coastguard:

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De Girolamo joins Chesterfield on loan

Diego De Girolamo
Getty Images

League Two side Chesterfield sign Bristol City striker Diego De Girolamo on a season-long loan deal.

Diego De Girolamo

De Girolamo joins Chesterfield on loan

League Two side Chesterfield sign Bristol City striker Diego De Girolamo on a season-long loan deal.

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Bristol scientists study extinct reptile's swimming technique

Watch: Palaeontologist Prof Bill Sellers explains the findings

A study of how plesiosaurs swam 100 million years ago could lead to more manoeuvrable flipper-driven submarines.

Researchers from University of Bristol were involved in a study which used a robot in a water tank to investigate the unique four-flipper swimming technique of the extinct ocean reptiles.

Co-author Colin Palmer, from the University of Bristol, said: "Our team has blended biology, palaeontology and engineering to produce a significant advance in our understanding of plesiosaurs' propulsion.

"Our results resolve a long-standing debate about the mechanics of plesiosaurs swimming and demonstrate the effectiveness of the tandem flipper arrangement.

"The thrust and efficiency enhancements this provided must have contributed to the evolutionary success of these animals."

BreakingBBC cameraman reports bomb is exploded

Pictures to follow

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A Flying visit

If you fly, you could still get a seat on the Flying Scotsman as it ploughs through the Somerset countryside in the next fortnight.

The classic steam train arrived in the West country today and commuters and passengers at many of our stations were treated to the sight of its clouds of steam and pumping iron.

The Royal Scotsman is running on the West Somerset Railway

Severe disruption: A4018 Bristol both ways

BBC News Travel

A4018 Bristol both ways severe disruption, between B4051 Park Row and A38 Anchor Road.

A4018 Bristol - A4018 Park Street in Bristol City Centre closed and slow traffic in both directions between the B4051 Park Row junction and the A38 Anchor Road junction, because of a broken down lorry and recovery work.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

'No crime committed' on Tahsin, say police


More on the impounded tanker at Sharpness...

Gloucestershire police have confirmed they were contacted by the International Transport Workers Federation with concerns about the welfare of the crew of the Tahsin.

"Checks regarding accommodation and food and drink were conducted and all found to be satisfactory," a force spokesman said.

"Partner agencies facilitated the payment of crew salaries."

Severe accident: M4 Wiltshire westbound

BBC News Travel

M4 Wiltshire westbound severe accident, between J15 for A346 Marlborough Road and J16 for A3102.

M4 Wiltshire - Queuing traffic on M4 westbound between J15, A346 (Swindon East) and J16, A3102 (Swindon West), because of an accident, which is now on the hard shoulder, all traffic being temporarily held and debris on the road.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

'Miracle' stroke survivor to get new home

The family of "miracle" stroke survivor say the weight of the world has been lifted after their campaign to get the local council to rehome them succeeded.

Janet Gunningham, from Hartcliffe in Bristol, needed to adapt her home and made a video plea to the nation when the prospect of being moved into a nursing home loomed.

But Bristol City Council says a new home, adapted to her needs, has now become available nearby.

Family of Janet Gunningham celebrate news their mum has been found a home.

Royal Navy at Hinkley to deal with WW2 bomb

We're expecting a controlled explosion any time now...

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Arctic rower's hands suffer from damp

These hands belong to Cheltenham Olympic gold medal-winning rower Alex Gregory.

He's part of team who were attempting to row from Norway to Iceland, and who are currently waiting to be rescued from a remote island.

Gregory confirmed his decision to end the attempt earlier this week, saying that it had become clear there was a real danger of loss of life.

He tweeted this picture earlier today, showing the shocking state of his hands.

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Call to name and shame fly-tippers

Listen: Easton resident Steve Woods, from the group Tidy BS5, says the council isn't tough enough

There are calls for Bristol City Council to follow the lead of South Gloucestershire Council and launch a crack-down on fly-tipping.

The community group Keep Bristol Tidy says it has passed on evidence of 30 different fly-tipping offences to the council in recent weeks, but had no response on each occasion.

Controlled explosion expected off Hinkley Point at 6pm

Royal Navy divers have been inspecting the unexploded bomb discovered earlier, just a few kilometres off the Somerset coast.

The latest discovery is estimated to be 250lbs and a remnant from the Navy bombing ranges nearby.

Energy company EDF is currently scouting the sea bed off Hinkley Point ahead of construction of their new nuclear power plant.

This is the third unexploded bomb they have discovered in a month but EDF say "it won't be the last".

A controlled explosion is expected shortly. A 1,000m shipping exclusion zone remains in place.

Hinkley Point
A controlled explosion is expected to be carried out at around 6pm

Eight issues justified impounding cargo ship

More on the story of the vessel at Sharpness:

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency found 12 defects on the Panama-registered Tahsin, eight of which were serious enough to justify impounding the ship at Sharpness in Gloucestershire.

These included issues including inoperative ventilation, unpaid wages and lack of employment contracts.

See our earlier reports for more.

MCA list of defects of Tahsin
Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Ship crew complained about late wages and drinking water

The Tahsin at Sharpness

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has taken on the case of the workers aboard the Tahsin cargo ship.

It says a "complaint was received regarding outstanding wages and drinking water".

ITF inspector Darren Proctor added: "The crew consisted of five Turkish crew, two Indians and two Georgians.

"None of them had been paid for three months, but the Indian crew had not been paid since joining in September and October 2016, and had had to pay to even get the jobs."

The ITF says seven of the nine crew have now been repatriated and paid in full.

Severe accident: M4 Bristol eastbound

BBC News Travel

M4 Bristol eastbound severe accident, at J22 for M49.

M4 Bristol - An accident, which is now on the hard shoulder and earlier debris on road on M4 Second Severn Crossing eastbound at J22 M49. Traffic is coping well. All lanes have been re-opened.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Don't panic... it's only a test

The Severnside Sirens warn people of possible incidents involving dangerous substances around Avonmouth.

They get tested on the third day of each month at 3pm... so it's no wonder people have been getting worried as the alarms sounded this afternoon.

No need to be alarmed though, it's just a test, police have confirmed.

Maybe better to let people know 'before' the sirens sounded, asked one sensible commenter on the force's Facebook post.

Facebook post from Avon and Somerset Police

Get your glimpse of historic mosaic while you can!

Roman mosaic

A large mosaic has been uncovered by archaeologists, at Chedworth Roman Villa.

It's thought the historic site now contains more mosaics than any other villa in Britain.

But the mosaic, discovered in room 28, will soon be covered up again to be preserved.

Visitors will be able to view the tiles via a digital image instead - it's due to be laser-scanned tomorrow.

Roman mosaic

Bad weather restricts Essex and Somerset to only 55 minutes of play in their Championship match at Chelmsford.

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Ship detained at Sharpness over crew safety concerns

The Tahsin was detained by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency on 2 June
The Tahsin was detained by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency on 2 June

A cargo vessel has been detained at Sharpness Docks in Gloucestershire amid concerns its crew were deprived of drinking water and had not been paid.

The 25-year-old Panama-registered Tahsin was detained by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency on 2 June after a complaint was received.

The International Transport Workers' Federation identified a "genuine concern" over working conditions.

Third bomb find 'won't be the last' say Hinkley Point authority

The 250lb World War Two bomb found in the Bristol Channel near Hinkley Point is the third to be found in the area this month... and "it won't be the last".

EDF Energy are building 3km-long pipes into the channel to supply the new nuclear power station.

Their own divers are scouring the former Navy training range and EDF say they have been expecting to find these unexploded devices.

The company says it still expects to deliver this work on time, despite the obstacles lurking under the surface.

Coastguard alert to shipping
Watchet Coastguard
Yellow and black star indicates the position of the latest bomb

Severe disruption: M4 Monmouthshire eastbound

BBC News Travel

M4 Monmouthshire eastbound severe disruption, between J23 for M48 and J22 for M49.

M4 Monmouthshire - One lane closed on M4 eastbound between J23 M48 and J22 M49, because of an overturned vehicle. Traffic is coping well.

To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

Bereavement suites 'vital' for grieving parents

Southmead Hospital

This afternoon a refurbished bereavement suite is being officially opened at Southmead Hospital's maternity unit.

The work cost £14,000 which was raised by the Bristol Sands group.

Here, the chair of the group shares her own experience of stillbirth:

These specialist suites within a maternity unit are vital for recently bereaved parents and provide a private space for them to spend invaluable time with their babies. Although I didn’t give birth to my daughter Elizabeth at Southmead, I had access to a similar suite at another hospital. After she was stillborn in March 2012, we were moved to a bereavement suite which allowed us to spend very special time with our daughter within a private, safe place, still part of the delivery suite itself but away from other mums. We were able to have family come in and visit and my husband, Reg, was able to stay with me. As I was on the delivery suite, it meant that midwives were still on hand to help with the after effects of giving birth. We spent two days in total with our daughter, creating memories that have to last us a lifetime, so to be in comfortable, well designed space, meant everything.

Charlotte CoombsChair, Bristol Sands

Third unexploded bomb off the Hinkley Point Coast

A thousand meter exclusion zone has been established off the Somerset coast following the discovery of a third unexploded bomb.

This time, the bomb, thought to be a remnant from the Royal Navy practice bombing range in the area, is estimated to be 250lbs - similar in size to the last device.

A 500lb bomb was discovered earlier in August.

It's expected that the device will be inspected by the Royal Navy this afternoon and then a controlled explosion will be carried out.

View from Hinkley Point, out to sea
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Refurbished bereavement suite ready for use

Southmead Hospital

A newly-refurbished bereavement suite at Southmead Hospital is being officially opened later.

The Maple Suite is used by parents to give birth to, or spend time with, babies who have died either before, during, or shortly after birth.

The room has en-suite facilities and simple fixtures allowing both parents the time and space they may want to grieve.

The refurbishment cost £14,000 with the money raised by Bristol Sands, a local branch of the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity.

WW2 bomb found in Bristol Channel: What we know so far

  • It's a 250lb device, and the third found in August
  • It's the same size as the second one that was found
  • The first one that was found was a 500lb bomb
  • There is currently a 1,000m exclusion zone
  • We are told it will be examined - and detonated - later this afternoon
  • The coast there has been used as part of a practice bombing range for the Royal Navy.

Shipping warned after WW2 bomb found in Bristol Channel

A 250 pound bomb thought to date from World War Two has been found in the Bristol Channel off Hinkley Point.

It's the third to be found there this month.

All vessels in the area are advised to proceed with caution.

Read about the previous incidents and how they were dealt with here.

BreakingThird World War 2 bomb found in Bristol Channel