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  1. Conservative activist Elliott Johnson, from Wisbech, took his own life, coroner rules
  2. No connection between Mr Johnson's redundancy from campaign group and his death, coroner adds
  3. Updates on Tuesday, 31 May 2016
  4. News, sport, travel and weather updates resume on Wednesday at 08:00

Live Reporting

By Mark Williamson

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Tomorrow is 1 June, so hopefully we'll have some more summer-like weather.

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Weather Watchers... or is it Springwatch?

BBC Weather Watchers

Quick, call Springwatch! BBC Weather Watcher 'Rugby John' managed to snap a heron perched on his garden fence in St Ives, today.

Heron perched on fence
BBC Weather Watchers / Rugby John

See more of the latest pictures from Cambridgeshire at BBC Weather Watchers.

Weather: Further rain and drizzle overnight

Alex Dolan

BBC Look East weather

Further outbreaks of rain are expected overnight. It will also remain rather cloudy and murky. Minimum temperature: 10C (50F). 

Weather chart

Tomorrow will be a dull and damp day, with cloudy skies and further isolated outbreaks of rain or drizzle throughout. Maximum temperature: 14C (57F).

Who was Elliott Johnson?

Laurence Cawley

BBC News

Today we've been bringing you news of the inquest into the death of Conservative activist Elliott Johnson, which a coroner concluded was suicide.

But just who was Mr Johnson, and what happened in the 72 hours after this photograph of him was taken?

Alison Johnson and Elliott Johnson
Family pictures

Bravery award for four-year-old who looks after twin with epilepsy

Peterborough Telegraph

A four-year-old girl who looks after her twin brother who has epilepsy has received a national award.

Black Death study for Cambridge college skeletons

Katy Prickett

BBC News

Hundreds of skeletons found under a Cambridge University college could help researchers map the effect of the Black Death on a medieval town's population.  

Skeletons uncovered on the dig

More than 400 complete skeletons were discovered during work on St John's College between 2010 to 2012.

The remains, dating from the 13th to 15th Centuries, were burials from the Hospital of St John the Evangelist.

Travel: Congestion on M11 southbound

BBC Travel

There is congestion on the M11 southbound heading out of Cambridgeshire, due to an earlier accident near Saffron Walden.

Coroner: 'Beyond all reasonable doubt' Conservative activist took own life

The coroner has told the inquest he is "satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt" that Elliott Johnson took his own life and "intended to do so".

"In his own mind he regarded himself as a failure and that he was being bullied," Tom Osborne said in his conclusion. 

Elliott Johnson believed he had been bullied and betrayed at time of death, says coroner

Conservative activist Elliott Johnson believed at the time of his death "that he had been bullied and had been betrayed", the coroner has concluded.

Elliott Johnson campaigning
Johnson family

But in his summing up, Tom Osborne told the inquest he did not find "that there is any connection between the redundancy notice that he had and the altercation and the complaint".

BreakingElliott Johnson inquest verdict: Suicide

The inquest into the death of Elliott Johnson, from Wisbech, has concluded that the 21-year-old Conservative activist died "as a result of suicide", and that there was no connection between his redundancy from Conservative Way Forward and his death.

Elliott Johnson inquest conclusion delayed due to power cut

Mousumi Bakshi

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

We've just heard that due to a power cut at the court house in Ampthill, the conclusion in the Elliott Johnson inquest has been delayed. 

Coroner retires to consider verdict in Elliott Johnson inquest

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

The coroner has retired to consider his verdict at the inquest into the death of 21-year-old Conservative activist Elliott Johnson

He is expected to deliver his verdict after 16:00.

Elliott Johnson inquest: Father's 'firm belief' employment ended because of activist

Ray Johnson has told the inquest it was his "firm belief" his son's employment at campaign group Conservative Way Forward was ended because of Mark Clarke.  

Elliott Johnson was made redundant shortly after complaining about bullying by the activist in August 2015. 

Ray and Alison Johnson arriving at the inquest

Mr Johnson said the opening paragraph in his son's redundancy letter read "more like a notice of disciplinary action" by Conservative Way Forward.    

Earlier the organisation's chief executive Paul Abbott told the hearing there was "no link" between Elliott's complaint and the decision to make him redundant.

'No indication' Elliott Johnson would take own life, says father

The father of Elliott Johnson has told an inquest there was "no indication at all" that his son might be considering taking his own life in the weeks leading to his death.

Elliott Johnson dancing at family wedding
Johnson Family

Ray Johnson, from Wisbech, told the inquest his son was was "on good form" at a family wedding (above) three days before his death.

He said his son "was having the time of his life" while he was working for Conservative Way Forward.

Warning after large haul of nitrous oxide stolen from Cambridge vets

Cambridge News

Concerns have been raised after a large quantity of nitrous oxide was stolen from a Cambridge vets.

Weather: A cloudy afternoon with more rain

BBC Weather

A rather cloudy afternoon with more outbreaks of rain. Maximum temperature: 13C (55F). 

Rainy street in Chatteris

This was a rather soggy Chatteris earlier. For more on the forecast where you live head to BBC Weather.

Prince Harry to meet Papworth medics who saved life of Invictus gold winner

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Kensington Palace has announced that Prince Harry will meet staff at Papworth Hospital who saved the life of an Invictus Games gold medal winner

View more on twitter

Sgt Elizabeth Marks told Prince Harry, who presented her with the prize in Florida, to hand it to the medical team at the hospital.

The swimmer, 25, from Arizona, became gravely ill when she collapsed with a lung condition on the eve of the first games in London in 2014.  

Travel: A14 eastbound partially closed at Molesworth following crash

BBC Travel

The A14 at Molesworth is partially blocked eastbound, following a crash involving a tractor. Drivers should expect long delays.

Heavy rain continuing in Cambridgeshire

It's still chucking it down in Cambridge. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire presenter Dotty McLeod got very wet filming this outside the studios earlier.

View more on twitter

We'd love to see your weather pictures of the county.  You can send them via emailFacebook or Twitter.

Elliott Johnson's father Ray to give evidence at inquest

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Ray Johnson, father of Elliott Johnson, is due to give evidence at the inquest this afternoon.

He and his wife Alison say that a verdict will help fill in the gaps that remain in their son's final weeks.

Mr Johnson said the inquest was "the very start of the process" for them.

Ray and Alison Johnson
BBC/Laurence Cawley

"We are under no illusions that the coroner will come back and say Elliott killed himself," he said.

"But we are hoping he will allude to reasons as to why Elliott took his own life and may make recommendations to prevent it happening again."

Elliott Johnson inquest hears of threats to sue and to 'destroy career'

The inquest into the death of Elliott Johnson, from Wisbech, has focused on how the young Tory activist believed he had been bullied and on his being made redundant by pressure group Conservative Way Forward (CWF) after making allegations about his treatment within the Conservative party.

Mr Johnson, 21, had accused former activist Mark Clarke, who led the Road Trip 2015 campaign for young activists, of bully following an altercation in a central London pub.

Mr Clarke allegedly threatened to sue him for copyright infringement and had "gone ballistic" in the pub, shouting and grabbing the younger man.

Mr Johnson claimed Mr Clarke had threatened to "destroy" his career in politics and journalism.

Elliott Johnson inquest: Coroner says he will not allow it to 'degenerate' into a trial

Coroner Tom Osborne has just told the Elliott Johnson inquest in Ampthill that he will not allow it to "degenerate into a trial of Mark Clarke", the Tory activist accused of bullying Mr Johnson.

Mr Clarke denies all allegations of bullying.

"There is no prosecution; no defence. We are not here to apportion blame," the coroner told the hearing.

Former chief executive of Conservative Way Forward warned of 'potentially dangerous' activist

Paul Abbott, the former chief executive of Conservative Way Forward, told employees at the organisation that activist Mark Clarke was "potentially dangerous", the Elliott Johnson inquest has heard. 

Mr Clarke (pictured) denies allegations of bullying made by 21-year-old Mr Johnson, shortly before his death.

The coroner has said the inquest will not seek to apportion blame.  

Mark Clarke

Elliott Johnson sought apology from Tory activist he accused of bullying, inquest hears

The inquest into Elliott Johnson's death has heard that after an alleged altercation Mr Johnson approached Mark Clarke in a pub and asked for an apology, but was told: "That's not going to happen."

Mr Clarke denies allegations of bullying made by the 21-year-old Conservative activist shortly before he was found dead on railway tracks in Sandy, Bedfordshire, on 15 September last year.

Other volunteers 'had concerns' about activist at centre of Elliott Johnson bullying allegations

The former chief executive of campaign group Conservative Way Forward, Paul Abbott, has told the Elliott Johnson inquest many other volunteers within the organisation had concerns about Mark Clarke.

Former Tory activist Mr Clarke, who denies allegations of bullying, was expelled from the party.

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Tory activist 'squashes people like ants,' Elliott Johnson inquest hears

The inquest into the death of Elliott Johnson has heard he complained that a former Tory activist had "turned sinister", telling him he "squashes people like ants".

The 21-year-old made a complaint to the Conservative party about bullying by Mark Clarke, while working for campaign group Conservative Way Forward.

Mr Clarke, who has since been expelled from the party, denies the allegations against him.  

Elliott Johnson inquest hears more on bullying claims

The inquest into the death of Tory activist Elliott Johnson has heard details of the 21-year-old's allegations that he was bullied by a former Conservative Parliamentary candidate.

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Activist Mark Clarke, who is at the centre of the allegations, which he denies, has been expelled from the party.      

Coroner Tom Osborne has said he will not allow the inquest to be used as a tool for "putting anyone on trial."  

Elliott Johnson inquest: Three previous attempts to take his own life

The inquest into the death of 21-year-old Conservative activist Elliott Johnson has heard he made three previous attempts to take his own life.

But his parents believe previous attempts to take his own life were "cries for help", not serious attempts.

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'I've failed in politics... I've been bullied': Inquest hears Elliott Johnson left three notes

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

The inquest into the death of Conservative activist Elliott Johnson has heard the 21-year-old left three notes before his death.  One was to his parents, one was addressed to 'supporters' and one to 'the bullies'.

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Mr Johnson claimed he was the victim of bullying at the hands of Tory supporters.   

Elliott Johnson inquest: Large number of family members in court

Look East reporter Tom Barton is at the inquest into the death of 21-year-old Conservative activist Elliot Johnson.

He says there are lot of family members in court to support Mr Johnson's parents, Ray and Alison, of Wisbech.

Mr Johnson's family says the verdict will be the beginning of their efforts to find out what happened to him. 

Elliott Johnson inquest begins

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

The inquest into the death of a young Tory activist, from Wisbech, found dead on a railway line after alleged bullying, has begun this morning.

Elliott Johnson

Elliott Johnson, 21, was found dead in Sandy, Bedfordshire on 15 September.

The inquest in Ampthill will focus on the fact Mr Johnson believed he was being bullied and on his being made redundant by the organisation Conservative Way Forward after making the bullying allegation.

Ely coach company caught up in French strikes

Tom Horn

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

The head of a Cambridgeshire coach firm says fuel shortages in France caused by industrial action have been causing problems for some of his vehicles on tours in the country.

Six of France's eight oil refineries were yesterday still halted - or running at reduced capacity - due to union action. 

Richard Grey, from Greys of Ely, says: "This is starting to be the busiest time of the year for us... it has been quite a problem for us, with drivers reporting several fuel stations were completely run dry." 

Littleport's riots: Descendants mark 200th anniversary

Katy Prickett

BBC News

People in LIttleport have been marking the 200th anniversary of hunger riots in the town which resulted in five men being hanged.

Littleport church and memorial

The rioting broke out in Littleport on 22 May 1816, when about 100 people armed with pitchforks, cleavers and guns smashed windows and broke down doors, stealing money, food and goods from their wealthier neighbours.  

Popularity of Trump 'beyond Hawking's understanding'

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Prof Stephen Hawking has spoken out about "demagogue" Donald Trump.

As reported in the Cambridge News  the world-famous Cambridge scientist, who has solved some of the biggest mysteries of the universe, says the popularity of the American presidential hopeful is beyond his understanding.

Stephen Hawking

Look East weather man keeping an eye on rainfall

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Look East weather presenter Chris Bell has been keeping an eye on rainfall across the region this morning. If it makes you feel better, Suffolk and Norfolk have had more than Cambridgeshire so far.

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Plans to remove Cambridge trees for cycle lane are 'vandalism'

Plans to cut down about 100 trees along a main route into Cambridge, to provide extra bus and cycle lanes, have been described as "vandalism". 

Tree on Milton Road

The proposals for Milton Road were recommended as part of a major City Deal report on ways to ease congestion in the city.

But Charles Nisbet, from the Milton Road Residents Association, said: "They are going to vandalise this road, take out the attractive trees and verges, and they're not going to achieve anything as a result." 

Weather: A wet and windy start

Georgina Burnett

BBC Weather

A wet and windy start today, with heavy and perhaps thundery rain in places. This will gradually ease away westwards through the morning. Outbreaks of drizzle are then possible during the afternoon.

Maximum temperature: 13C (55F).  For more on the forecast for where you live, head to BBC Weather.

Welcome to Cambridgeshire Live

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Morning - here we go once more with live news, sport, weather and travel updates for Cambridgeshire until 18:00 tonight.

We'll have more on plans described as "vandalism" to remove trees along a main route into Cambridge to make way for extra bus and cycle lanes.

And as you've probably noticed we've had a lot of rain so far today - a full weather forecast is coming up next.

Plus, if you have any pictures, stories or comments you want us to feature, get in touch via emailFacebook or Twitter.