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  1. The father and uncle of missing Aiden Webb arrive in Vietnam as concerns grow for the missing Cambridge graduate
  2. UKIP councillor says immigration has led to a rise in crime in Wisbech
  3. Updates resume at 08:00 on Wednesday

Live Reporting

By Mark Williamson

All times stated are UK

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A drone's eye view of the disused March to Wisbech rail line

And finally from us today, the best way to see the rail line between March and Wisbech nowadays is not by train, but from a drone.

This video was captured by BBC Look East while in the town for its EU referendum coverage.

Campaigners would like to reopen the seven miles of railway from March to Wisbech, which was shut to passengers in 1968 and freight in 2000.

A study by Cambridgeshire County Council last year estimated bringing it back into use would cost from £70m to £110m.   

Enjoy the shots from the air, and we'll be back at 08:00 tomorrow with the latest news, sport, weather and travel for the county.

Will see you then.

Weather: Scattered thundery showers overnight, but mainly dry and warm tomorrow

Alex Dolan

BBC Look East weather

Scattered thundery showers are likely to continue overnight, mainly in the south-west of the county, although most will have eased by tomorrow morning.  Minimum temperature: 15C (59F).

Weather chart

Tomorrow will be another warm day with some sunny spells. The odd thundery shower is possible later, but most parts will stay dry. Maximum temperature: 23C (73F).

Search for missing Aiden Webb 'massively frustrating'

Laura Devlin

BBC News

Police in Vietnam helping in the search for missing climber Aiden Webb have been "amazing" but are "under-funded and under-staffed", his father has said.

Trever Webb told the BBC there were no search dogs or heat-seeking equipment to help track the 22-year-old on Fansipan Mountain. 

"It's so dense here, someone could be laying unconscious within a few feet of you and you would never know," he said.

Local news sites: 'Trouble-free' Strawberry Fair... Lucky escape for pet cat

Katy Prickett

BBC News

Here's a look at the stories on other local news sites this afternoon:

  • The Cambridge News reports the city's Strawberry Fair at the weekend has been praised for being "trouble-free" with just one arrest
  • And the Peterborough Telegraph has the story of a pet cat that had a lucky escape after been caught in a homemade wire snare

An agonising wait for Aiden Webb's family

Laura Devlin

BBC News

It is approaching midnight in Sa Pa, the township nearest to Fansipan Mountain in north-west Vietnam.

Trever Webb is awaiting news of his missing son, climber Aiden Webb. It is his fifth night on the mountain and there has been more torrential rain. 

Trever is not permitted to search on the mountain, for fear of risking his own safety. While waiting to hear from the search teams, he speaks to BBC Look East via Skype.

He breaks off from the interview. There is a call from police.

No news. The agonising wait continues. 

Family fear they're 'running out of time' to find man missing in Vietnam

Laura Devlin

BBC News

The "distraught" father of missing backpacker Aiden Webb says rescuers are "running out of time" to find his son on Fansipan Mountain in Vietnam.

Aiden Webb

The former Cambridge student began climbing the mountain on Friday but became lost. This will be his fifth night since he was last seen.

His father, Trever Webb, has flown to Vietnam and told the BBC he will not leave without his son. 

Wine bottle found as driver arrested for being three times over drink drive limit

He may have trouble explaining this wine bottle in his car...

Empty bottle

Cambridgeshire Police say a man was arrested for being more than three times over the drink drive limit when caught on the A47 earlier today.

As reported in the Peterborough Telegraph, police received reports of a silver Renault swerving across the road near Guyhirn.

Breath test

The driver gave a positive breath test, blowing 113 - the legal drink drive limit is 35.

Travel: Services disrupted between Ipswich and Peterborough

More trouble on the trains this afternoon, with services between Ipswich and Peterborough terminating at Ely due to a fault with the signalling system.

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Family pays touching tribute to river death victim Tina Keys

Katy Prickett

BBC News

The family of a mother-of-two who died when her car plunged into a river near Christchurch have paid tribute to her.

Tina Keys, 41, of Pymoor, was driving a black Honda Civic when it entered the water sometime on Saturday night or the early hours of Sunday morning.

Tina Keys
Cambridgeshire Police

A statement says: "Tina was looking forward to welcoming her first grandchild to the family, she will leave a big void in the family and in our hearts. 

"We will remember her with joy and nothing but the fondest of memories."

Police are still appealing for anyone with information to contact them on 101.

Travel: Delays to rail services through Peterborough due to fire

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

There are ongoing delays of up to two hours to East Coast Mainline services through Peterborough, due to a house fire close to the line between Retford and Newark North Gate.

Virgin Trains say disruption is expected until 17:00.  

Our colleagues in Lincolnshire have more on the blaze.

Train in Peterborough

Historic stones removed for cleaning at Peterborough Cathedral

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

This is the tense moment three historic stones were were winched down more than 30ft (9m) from the hiding place they've been stored in for the past 120 years at Peterborough Cathedral. 

Ancient stones winched to ground level at Cathedral
Peterborough Cathedral

They were removed yesterday so they can be cleaned and conserved, before being put on show in the new Visitor and Learning Centre in the Precincts.

Stones winched to ground level at Cathedral
Peterborough Cathedral

They include one of the oldest stones from the Cathedral site, which has a Roman inscription thought to date from the 2nd Century.

The others are a 10th Century grave cover and a rare fragment of the 14th Century painted altar screen, which was smashed by Oliver Cromwell's troops in 1643. 

Why buffalos are better than mowers in the Fens

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

We mentioned earlier a herd of buffalo have been let loose on a Fen reserve to stop it becoming overgrown.

Without this horned helper the wetland habitant at the Kingfishers Bridge site, near Ely, would quickly turn to scrub and lose much of its value for wildlife.

Water buffalo

The reed beds are too soft to cut with machinery until much later in the year, but the herd of Asian buffalo can get in there and break up the dense thatch of dead stems and encourage new growth.    

Staff say despite their fierce appearance the animals "are very good natured".

If you'd like to know more about how buffalo are being used to manage wetland habitats in the UK, the BBC's One Show has a report.

EU referendum: The views of some students in Wisbech

BBC Look East

Many experts believe young voters are more likely to vote to remain in the EU, yet they're also the group least likely to vote.

A quarter of Britain's six million 18-24 year olds eligible to vote haven't registered yet.

But students at a college in Wisbech, in a town where immigration has soared since the EU opened its borders to countries including Poland and Lithuania in 2004, have been telling us they're thinking of voting to leave the union.  

Government supporting family of missing Aiden Webb

Helen Burchell

BBC News

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has confirmed it is helping to support the family of a former Cambridge student missing in Vietnam.

Aiden Webb
Bluebell Baughan

Aiden Webb's father Trever Webb and uncle Michael Webb left the UK on Sunday and arrived in Sa Pa early on Tuesday, where they met with search teams.

Rescuers think he may have wandered into a valley with a large waterfall and fallen in.

A spokesman for the FCO says it is "working closely with the local authorities leading the search".  

Horizon investigates claims an injection could end obesity

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Claims by scientists that a new hormone injection could end the obesity epidemic within the next 10 years are being investigated by a Cambridge geneticist on the BBC's Horizon programme tonight.

Giles Yeo

Dr Giles Yeo said: "These hormone injections make your brain think that you're full... they are telling your brain it's full, or fuller than it actually is, so therefore you reduce your food intake."

Horizon: Why Are We Getting So Fat?, is on BBC Two at 21:00.

Weather: Very warm, but with some heavy, perhaps thundery, showers developing

BBC Weather

The cow parsley is in full bloom in the Fens - photographed in lovely weather near Wisbech by BBC Weather Watcher 'Diddy Di' this morning.

But it will be rather cloudy at times this afternoon, bringing a risk of heavy and thundery showers. 

Cow Parsley
Diddy Di

Maximum temperature: 26C (79F).

Travel: A47 partially blocked due to 'police incident'

BBC Travel

The A47 in Peterborough is partially blocked due to a police incident. 

Congestion is in both directions between The Drift junction and the junction for Nene Parkway.

Fallen tree in Elm blocking the road

Before you ask, we don't yet know if it's an Elm that's fallen in Elm...

But what we do know is a fallen tree is blocking Friday Bridge Road in the village near Wisbech. 

Council employees have been dispatched to clear it, but for the moment it remains closed. 

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Where the buffalo roam: Keeping the reeds down in the Fens

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

It's not just our gardens that need mowing at this time of year - though your mower probably doesn't have any horns...

Water buffalo

This small herd of six water buffalo have been set to work, chomping on the reed beds at the Kingfishers Bridge reserve, near Ely.  

The Asian animals, which are kept at the Fenland site, have been released onto the reserve for the first time this year to graze and create channels that give fish access to large areas of the wetland.

In turn, this provides excellent feeding for rare birds like Bitterns.

Father and uncle of missing Aiden Webb arrive in Vietnam

Helen Burchell

BBC News

I've been in email contact with the girlfriend of Aiden Webb in Vietnam, who says his father and uncle have arrived to help in the search.

The former Cambridge student went missing while climbing Fansipan Mountain alone on Friday.

Bluebell Baughan and Aiden
Bluebell Baughan

Bluebell Baughan says the family are "pretty distraught", but they are doing their their best "to brainstorm and push for as much help as possible".

Concerns growing for missing Aiden Webb

Helen Burchell

BBC News

Concerns are growing for the safety of a former Cambridge student who went missing while trekking in Vietnam.

Aiden Webb, 22, was climbing Fansipan Mountain alone on Friday when he fell, injuring himself.  

Aiden Webb
Bluebell Baughan

His girlfriend Bluebell Baughan, who is travelling with him, said rescuers fear he may have wandered into a valley with a large waterfall and fallen in. Specialist water-rescue teams are being drafted in to search the area.

The pair, who are on a four-month trip in Vietnam, met while students at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

UKIP councillor says immigration has led to rise in crime in Wisbech

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

A UKIP councillor says immigration has fuelled a rise in crime in Wisbech.

She was speaking as BBC Look East spends a week in the Fenland town, which has seen high levels of migration from eastern Europe, to see what people there think about the European Union.


Lisa Duffy says a lot of the people who have come to the town are not "desirable".

"People are seeing knife attacks - migrants on migrants - seeing rapes going up, it does make people feel very uncomfortable," she said.  

Dr Brian Bell, an expert in labour economics at the London School of Economics, says "Wisbech has a problem because its overall population has risen", but says nationally there is "no correlation" between the number of immigrants coming into an authority and the crime rate. 

Water buffalo go to work on the Fen

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

These water buffalo are about to go to work - grazing the new Kingfishers Bridge wetland reserve, near Ely.

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News round-up: Park and ride charges could rise... EU debate has become 'Punch and Judy'

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Here's a quick look at what's on some of the local news sites this morning:

  • Bus operator Stagecoach is warning Cambridge's park and ride faces a price hike unless passengers return, reports the Cambridge News. Numbers dropped off after the introduction of a £1 parking charge.
  • In the Peterborough Telegraph, the chief executive of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce is warning the European referendum has become a "Punch and Judy show".
  • And Varsity says prominent figures from Cambridge’s past will give their names to the streets, neighbourhoods, and buildings of a new development.

Weather: Very warm, but with some heavy thundery showers

Kate Kinsella

BBC Look East weather

A sunny start, with mostly clear skies leading to a very warm day. 

Cloud will increase from mid-morning, bringing a risk of heavy and thundery showers in the afternoon.

Maximum temperature: 26C (79F). For more, head to BBC Weather.

Welcome to Cambridgeshire Live

Mark Williamson

BBC Local Live

Good morning - stay with us between now and 18:00 for live news, sport, weather and travel updates for Cambridgeshire.

A UKIP councillor is standing by comments she made saying migrants have led to a surge in knife crime in Wisbech.  

And thundery weather is on the way - we've a full forecast coming up next.

If you have any pictures, stories or comments you want us to feature, get in touch via emailFacebook or Twitter