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  1. MP hopefuls in the South West debate issues ahead of the general election
  2. The candidates taking part are:
  3. Anne Marie Morris, Conservative
  4. Ben Bradshaw, Labour
  5. Stephen Gilbert, Liberal Democrat
  6. Steve Crowther, UKIP
  7. Jacqi Hodgson, Green Party
  8. Get in touch on Twitter - #ge17sw

Live Reporting

By Chris Ellis and Sian Davies

All times stated are UK

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  1. General election 2017: South West debate as it happened

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    That's all from the Local Live team for tonight. We're back with all the news, sport, travel and weather from 08:00 tomorrow.

    Good night.

    Video content

    Video caption: BBC Spotlight debate
  2. General election 2017: Find your constituency and candidates

    BBC Spotlight

    All the candidates standing in the general election on 8 June are listed on the BBC News website.

    Some 68 parties and 191 independent candidates contribute to a total of 3,304 people standing for Parliament this year - a decrease of 664 from 2015.

    Use the search box or browse our A-Z listings to find your constituency and the candidates who are standing.

  3. Brexit: How can the government safeguard university funding?

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    An important question was raised about young people and Brexit during our debate. Watch the question and answers here:

    Video content

    Video caption: BBC Spotlight debate Brexit
  4. Brexit: 'Nobody said anything about us losing our sovereignty'

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    Check out some of the audience's comments and questions during tonight's debate. Brexit got everybody talking.

    Video content

    Video caption: BBC Spotlight debate Brexit
  5. Housing: 'More control for private rental sector'

    Labour's Ben Bradshaw said: "We have to free up local authorities to build houses.

    "We need to do a lot more to control the private rental sector... it's not fair on future generations."

    Ben Bradshaw
  6. Housing: 'We need cheaper housing'

    UKIP's Steve Crowther said: "We've got to take it out of the hands of large developers. They have sophisticated methods of getting planning permission, banking large amounts of land and deciding not to build on it.

    "We need to do as we did after the war, we need new cheaper, but very much better, factory built housing, that can be built on compulsory purchase land, in small plots where needed, using local skills. On average, someone with a £26,000 salary will be able to buy a two-bedroom home."

  7. Housing: 'We need to encourage developers to build'

    Anne Marie Morris, from the Conservatives, said: "A white paper came out just before the election, we've been brave enough to say it [housing] is a problem.

    "You need to increase more houses. We need to encourage developers to build. We are building more social housing.

    "I don't believe councils, who do many things, should become experts in house building. Housing associations do a good job."

  8. Housing: 'Councils should build council houses again'

    Stephen Gilbert, from the Liberal Democrats, said: "We need to allow councils to build council houses again. That's a matter of urgency.

    "We're talking about a rent-to-buy scheme, you pay your rent each month and over the 30 years you increase your equity - similar to a mortgage, but not quite.

    "There's a generation who won't be able to get on the housing ladder."

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  10. Housing: 'Young people driven away from South West'

    Jacqi Hodgson, from the Green Party said: "For our young people we're actively driving them away from the South West.

    "We need more houses, but not those of high cost. The so-called affordable are still out of the price bracket of most young people.

    "Young people are caught in the rent trap. The planning framework needs to be seriously looked at."

  11. Reality Check: Does it matter if you own your home or not?

    Reality Check

    Steph McGovern looks at why levels of home ownership and renting have been changing.

    Video content

    Video caption: Reality Check: Does it matter if you own your home or not?
  12. Panel quizzed on affordable homes

    Tricia Sandford asked: "Given the South West has high property prices and relatively low wage levels, how are my two sons supposed to get on the property ladder? They have a problem getting the banks to lend them the amount of money needed to buy a property."

  13. Reality Check: How many people are homeless in England?

    Reality Check

    The Liberal Democrats have pledged to end "the scandal" of rough sleeping, in their general election manifesto.

    As of autumn 2016, there were an estimated 4,134 people a night sleeping rough on England's streets, more than double the number in 2010 and a 16% increase on the year before.

    These are estimates based on local authorities either conducting a street count on a single night or making an estimation based on intelligence gathered from local services.

    Labour has also pledged to end rough sleeping within its first term in government by making 4,000 additional homes available for people with a history of being on the streets.

    The Conservatives pledge to halve rough sleeping over the course of the next parliament and eliminate it by 2027 by establishing a homelessness reduction taskforce.

    The Green Party say they would give local authorities the same duties towards single people and childless couples as to families, while UKIP don't have a specific policy on homelessness, but say they will take measures to address homelessness among veterans.

    While UKIP don't have a specific policy on homelessness, but say they will take measures to address homelessness among veterans.

  14. Social care: 'We're facing a massive demographic crisis'

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    Steve Crowther from UKIP says: "We're facing a massive demographic crisis in this country. Keeping the health service and social care separate are just ludicrous. We have to integrate the two things because the two things are the same.

    "The UKIP manifesto basically says we will get money from all the places we can find it. That's £34bn over the next five years, even that is barely going to help us to cope with the situation that we're in.

    "There is nothing more important."

  15. Social care:' We're already paying enough'

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    The Green Party's Jacqi Hodgson says she wants to see a fully funded NHS with includes social care requirements - and says her party wouldn't fund Trident so more money could be spent on social care.

    She said: "We've got a whole fear factor. Everything is based on fear. We're fearful of losing our education, fearful of losing schools, people who are worried about losing their local hospitals. There's been fear, fear, fear thrown in.

    "This is just really unreasonable and to take the attitude of 'well people have got to pay', we're already paying."

  16. Social care: Tories say cap 'should be debated'

    Sian Davies

    BBC News Online

    Lib Dem Stephen Gilbert asks Anne Marie Morris what the social care cap will be set at - and she says it should be debated.

    He adds: "I want to live in a country where if you get ill, if you require social care in later years, if you are older and vulnerable you are looked after by everybody else. That's how we judge our society."