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  1. Theresa May launches Conservative general election manifesto in Halifax
  2. New arrest in Leeds murder enquiry
  3. Boy killed in South Yorkshire motorway crash named as 17-year-old from Oldham
  4. Huddersfield beat Sheffield Wednesday on penalties for Wembley play-off
  5. Princes to present Diana Award to North Yorkshire girl
  6. Schoolchildren with 100% attendance record to be rewarded with meal out
  7. Plans for New York-style elevated park on disused Leeds railway bridge
  8. Australian cat to challenge current Wakefield world record holder
  9. Updates on Thursday 18 May 2017

Live Reporting

By Andrew Barton and Adam Pinder-Smith

All times stated are UK

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  1. That's all from Thursday......

    Those are all the updates from Thursday 18 May.

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  2. Envelope update

    Severe disruption: M1 South Yorkshire southbound

    BBC News Travel

    M1 South Yorkshire southbound severe disruption, at J35 for A629 Rotherham.

    M1 South Yorkshire - M1 lane blocked on exit slip road southbound at J35, A629 (Rotherham), because of a broken down vehicle. Traffic is coping well.

    To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

  3. Our five top stories from today

    That's the end out our debate coverage from York, we'll be back tomorrow from 06:30 with all the latest news, sport, weather and travel for Yorkshire.

    Updates on breaking news will continue throughout the night, but before we go, let's look back at some of our top stories from today:

    1. Theresa May launches Conservative general election manifesto in Halifax
    2. New arrest in Leeds murder inquiry
    3. Felt dog from West Yorkshire has audience with the Pope
    4. Almost 1.4m meals delivered to local people
    5. New York comes to Old York-shire?

    See you tomorrow.

  4. Watch: Should 16 and 17-year-olds get the vote?

    That was a big talking point in the debate.

    And there were some very forthright answers:

    Video content

    Video caption: Should 16 and 17-year-olds get the vote?
  5. Listen: Reducing the voting age

    Gemma Dillon

    Political Reporter, BBC Radio York

    The invited audience of young voters were keen to know where the candidates stood on allowing 16 and 17-year-olds the right to vote in general elections.

    I gave each of them five seconds to respond, starting with Rachael Maskell for Labour.

    Video content

    Video caption: York Central candidates responses on reducing the voting age
  6. Candidates talk Brexit

    All three candidates were keen to say their party was best placed to handle Brexit.

    EU Flag
    Quote Message: We had a vote about Brexit - the question is how do you deliver it and get the best deal? We cannot have a situation where the country has made a massive decision about its future and we keep second guessing it. from Ed Young Conservative
    Ed YoungConservative
    Quote Message: Labour has set out a very clear plan. First we want to ensure we stabilise the economy; we want to maintain that close relationship with Europe; we also want to make sure workers' rights, environmental protection and consumer rights are maintained. from Rachael Maskell Labour
    Rachael MaskellLabour
    Quote Message: We are the only party offering a second referendum. We want to give people a chance to vote on Brexit; you tell me in life where you put yourself in a position you can't get out of it? We are saying let's look at the deal, we need to have vote on it. from Nick Love Liberal Democrat
    Nick LoveLiberal Democrat
  7. Brexit: Flood funding fears

    Gemma Dillon

    Political Reporter, BBC Radio York

    York might have voted in favour of staying in the European Union in the referendum - but what concerned our first-time voters about Brexit?

    York flooding
    Quote Message: A vast amount of money flows into this country from the European Union in regards to environmental protection and conservation. It is particularly relevant in York with upstream river management arguably being the reason for flooding in York at Christmas 2015. from Seb Willis Student
    Seb WillisStudent
  8. Candidate 'ashamed' over tuition fees

    Unsurprisingly for a group of first-time voters the audience were keen to hear the candidates' views on university tuition fees.

    Young people at York Central hustings

    Liberal Democrat Nick Love admitted it was a difficult issue for his party as they pledged in 2010 to abolish them but failed to do so when in coalition government.

    Quote Message: I was ashamed. We could not convince the Conservatives [when in coalition] to scrap them. In the new manifesto we would not abolish them at the moment... but would reintroduce the maintenance grant. from Nick Love Liberal Democrat Party candidate
    Nick LoveLiberal Democrat Party candidate
    Quote Message: I am delighted Labour have now come to the conclusion that we will be scrapping all tuition fees. We believe everyone should have a chance to access higher education. from Rachael Maskell Labour Party candidate
    Rachael MaskellLabour Party candidate
    Quote Message: We have said clearly we wouldn't get rid of tuition fees. If you are considering going for a university degree you have to know it is going to have to be paid for. The key is once you graduate can you very quickly get a good job that starts to pay off that debt? from Ed Young Conservative Party candidate
    Ed YoungConservative Party candidate
  9. Listen: Candidates respond on tactical voting

    The three candidates for York Central gave very similar responses to a question about some parties not standing in certain seats to improve others' chances.

    All three candidates were clear that voters should have a choice, -starting with Nick Love (Liberal Democrat) who was followed by Rachael Maskell (Labour) and Ed Young (Conservative).

    Video content

    Video caption: York Central candidates respond on tactical voting question
  10. Listen: Candidates questioned on tactical voting

    The candidates are facing questions on issues ranging from housing to mental health and voting rights.

    They have also been asked about the issue of candidates withdrawing from some seats to try to ensure a certain result on 8 June.

    Johnny Wright asked the Liberal Democrats' Nick Love why he had not withdrawn to improve Labour's chances as the Green Party had decided to do.

    Video content

    Video caption: First time voters question candidates on tactical voting
  11. York Central constituency

    Gemma Dillon

    Political Reporter, BBC Radio York

    If you're following tonight's debate involving the candidates for York Central in the general election you might want a bit more information about the constituency.

    The Boundary Commission for England recommended the division of the former City of York constituency after the 2005 general election.

    It resulted in the creation of two seats within the borders of the city of York - one, York Central which is completely surrounded by the other, York Outer.

    York view

    You can find out how the constituency voted in 2015 and details of the candidates for this year's general election here.

  12. Housing: What did the candidates say?

    Responding to concerns about the affordability of homes the candidates have had a lot to say.

    Ed Young for the Conservatives said he understood the difficulties and described it as a "big headache" for people. He said the party would increase the budget for housing and would look at ways to speed up the development of brownfield sites.

    Labour would build a million homes, Rachael Maskell said, and they would be "truly affordable" to ensure young people could get on the property ladder.

    Nick Love for the Liberal Democrats said they would build 300,000 new homes each year and would allow councils to build more social housing for rent. The party is also looking at introducing rent-to-own schemes.

    York central development site

    All three candidates highlighted the York central site to the rear of the city's railway station (pictured above) as a prime location for housing that needed to move forward.

  13. Affordable homes?

    Worried about living at home with mum and dad? Well Kit Tipping explained to the candidates how worrying housing costs were to people his age.

    House sale and rent signs
    Quote Message: I am not enthused by the prospect of living with my parents until middle age which is the stark reality [when you're] already amassing £30,000 in student debt before beginning university from Kit Tipping Student
    Kit TippingStudent
  14. Candidates set out their stall

    Gemma Dillon

    Political Reporter, BBC Radio York

    I'm chairing the debate between the three candidates for the York Central constituency.

    Before letting first time voters question them I gave them each a minute to set out their stall.

    Here's some key quotes from them:

    Rachael Maskell, Nick Love and Ed Young
    Quote Message: My party have been fighting long and hard to get first time votes for 16-year-olds. If you had had the vote then the referendum result could have been very different. I spoke to someone on the doorstep who said: 'Why should the past vote for my future?' from Nick Love Liberal Democrat Candidate
    Nick LoveLiberal Democrat Candidate
    Quote Message: I want to bang the drum for business in York and get great new jobs into York. Brexit is a big, big issue for the future; how can we make sure that York's voice is heard and counts when it comes to Brexit? from Ed Young Conservative candidate
    Ed YoungConservative candidate
    Quote Message: Labour will repair Britain after seven years of austerity, stagnation and lack of aspiration. We will restore hope across the UK and the city. Labour will redistribute our nation's wealth to work for you and your families. from Rachael Maskell Labour candidate
    Rachael MaskellLabour candidate
  15. York Central: Who are the candidates?

    Gemma Dillon

    Political Reporter, BBC Radio York

    The candidates for the York Central constituency in the general election are answering questions from first-time voters in a debate being broadcast by BBC Radio York from 18:00 - but who are they?

    Rachael Maskell - Labour

    Rachael Maskell

    She graduated from the University of East Anglia with a degree in physiotherapy and worked as a care worker and physiotherapist in the NHS for 20 years. She also served as a trade union official. She held York Central for Labour at the 2015 general election.

    Nick Love - Liberal Democrat

    Nick Love (centre) and family

    He has lived and worked in York for 32 years after moving to the city to study at the now University of York St John in 1985.

    He presents a weekly business affairs programme on Vale Radio. He stood for York Central at the 2015 general election.

    Ed Young - Conservative

    Ed Young

    He was brought up in York where his family ran a small garage. For many years he also sang as a chorister at York Minster. He works in corporate communications and has also been employed as a speechwriter for the Conservative Party.

  16. Election debate: First-time voters quiz York Central candidates

    The three candidates hoping to represent the York Central parliamentary seat at Westminster are facing first-time voters in a debate at the Yorkshire Museum broadcast by BBC Radio York from 18:00.

    Nick Love (Liberal Democrat), Rachael Maskell (Labour) and Ed Young (Conservative) took questions from young people invited from schools across York.

    Rachael Maskell, Nick Love, Ed Young at young voters debate

    We'll be bringing you some of the highlights over the next hour or so.

  17. 'Beertown' festival comes to Malton

    Louise Fewster

    BBC Radio York

    Malton has been turned into a "theatre of Beer" as part of a festival in the area.

    Over the next three days, the North Yorkshire town is celebrating a rich brewing history with the so-called "Beertown" festival taking over the Milton Rooms.

    Chris Waplington and Phil Saltonstall from two local breweries are behind it all:

    Video content

    Video caption: Preview of the Beertown Festival.