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Live Reporting

By David McKenna and Charlotte Wright

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  1. Council staff work to protect community centre from floods

    Wainfleet isn't the only place in Lincolnshire battling against flooding caused by several days of heavy rain.

    In Holbeach, staff from South Holland District Council have been busy trying to stop water getting in to the community centre in Lyndis Walk:

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  2. Fall in number of Lincolnshire flood warnings

    The number of flood warnings in Lincolnshire has been reduced from six to five as conditions improve, the Environment Agency has said.

    Flood at Wainfleet

    However, people across the county - and especially in flood-hit areas - are being warned to "remain vigilant and avoid swollen rivers and driving through standing water".

    The current warnings are for:

    • River Steeping in Wainfleet All Saints (pictured)
    • Isolated properties and villages near the Great Eau, Long Eau and Woldgrift Drain
    • River Bain and Haltham Beck in Haltham and Kirkby on Bain
    • Areas near the East and West Fen Catchwater and the Maud Foster Drain
    • Great Steeping and Firsby
  3. Firefighters battle to save substation

    Firefighters have been working to pump water away from a substation in Wainfleet.

    Video content

    Video caption: Fire crew pump out Wainfleet substation

    A number of properties in the town are without power as a result of flooding on Matt Pitt Lane, but fire crew say they have managed to prevent any water damage at this site in Waincroft Close.

  4. Drones search for second river breach in Lincolnshire

    Police drones have arrived in Wainfleet to help with the severe flooding in the town.

    They're searching for a second suspected breach in the River Steeping.

    Police with drones

    Meanwhile, an RAF helicopter is dropping tonnes of sand and ballast in an effort to stem the flow.

    About 100 homes have been evacuated after a state of emergency was declared last night.

  5. In Pictures: Flooding in Wainfleet

    The River Steeping burst its banks at Wainfleet All Saints, Lincolnshire, on Wednesday after two months' worth of rain fell in two days.

    A state of emergency was declared on Thursday with more than 70 properties in the town being flooded and residents evacuated.

    Emergency services are currently on scene and the RAF is dropping ballast and sandbanks to plug a breach in the river bank.

    Aerial view of flooding in Wainfleet
    Aerial view of flooding in Wainfleet
    Flooding in Wainfleet
    Residents being evacuated from their homes in Wainfleet
    Chinook helicopter
  6. Brewery in flood-hit Wainfleet 'survives another night'

    While at least 70 properties in Wainfleet have been evacuated due to flooding, it seems that the town's well-known brewery has so far avoided the worst.

    The brewery's located near the River Steeping, whose banks were breached earlier this week due to high water levels after heavy rainfall:

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  7. Watch: Drone footage shows extent of flooding on railway

    East Midlands Trains have cancelled all rail services between Boston and Skegness until at least Tuesday due to flooding.

    This footage, taken by Twitter user @dronemanuk, shows just how badly affected the line is:

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  8. Power cut affects properties in flood-hit Wainfleet

    Residents in part of Wainfleet are without power this morning after flooding at a substation in the town.

    Flooding in Wainfleet

    A "major incident" was declared in the town yesterday evening after an estimated two months of rain fell in just two days in the area.

    The streets affected by the power cut are are Matt Pit Lane and Matt Pit Court.

    According to Lincolnshire Police, these properties could be without power until this afternoon.

    Western Power engineers were in the area from about 08:00 checking on properties and work is ongoing at the affected electricity substation, police say.

  9. Flood-hit rail line closed until Tuesday at earliest

    Problems on the Boston-Skegness rail route are set to continue into next week, according to East Midlands Train.

    It comes after the line was affected by flooding over the past couple of days:

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  10. In pictures: Evacuations continue in flood-hit Wainfleet

    These are the latest scenes from Wainfleet this morning, where local residents are continuing to be moved from their homes due to flooding.


    At least 70 homes in the town have so far been evacuated, with some residents having to be rescued by boat.


    The flooding happened after the River Steeping breached its banks after an estimated two months' worth of rain fell in two days this week.

  11. Envelope update

    Severe accident: A6121 Lincolnshire both ways

    BBC News Travel

    A6121 Lincolnshire both ways severe accident, between Elm Avenue and Lound Road.

    A6121 Lincolnshire - A6121 in Manthorpe blocked and it's heavy in both directions between the Elm Avenue junction and the Lound Road junction, because of an accident. Approach with care.

    To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

  12. Big task facing RAF crews

    Here's a picture taken around 30 minutes ago showing the breach in the bank of the River Steeping near Wainfleet.

    River Steeping breach

    An RAF Chinook helicopter is resuming efforts to drop bags of ballast to block the gap - but it looks like there's a lot of work to do.

  13. In pictures: RAF river breach operation under way

    This was the scene near Wainfleet last night as RAF teams and a Chinook helicopter started an operation to drop sandbags and ballast in a bid to stem a breach in the River Steeping.

    RAF teams

    The breach has led to flooding in the town, with about 70 properties currently evacuated and local residents moved to a rest centre in Skegness for the night.


    The copter operation is currently about a quarter complete, according to Lincolnshire Fire Service, with work starting again at 09:00 this morning.

    RAF teams and Chinook
  14. 'Early signs of success' stemming breach - Police boss

    One of Lincolnshire's top police officers has said while he's "gravely concerned" about a breach in the River Steeping which has led to flooding in Wainfleet, he's confident they are on top of the situation.

    Chinook over flooding

    A "major incident" was declared in the town yesterday evening and firefighters and RAF crews using a Chinook helicopter have since been working to bring the breach under control.

    Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West said there have been "early signs of success", with the operation due to continue this morning.

    He said: "Where there were thousands of gallons of water gushing through that breach when I started. That is starting to stem. We need to stem the flow and plug that breach."

    About 50 firefighters from across the UK, but predominantly from Lincolnshire, are involved in dealing with flooding across the county, the Assistant Chief Constable confirmed.

    He said: "This is a really challenging situation. We're well-practiced at flooding, but we are on it and we'll be on it until we're able to confidently safeguard the residents of Lincolnshire."

  15. Flood-hit roads re-open, rail services still affected

    Several roads in Lincolnshire which have been closed by flooding for the past day are now open again - or at least useable with due care, according to the police:

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    However, if you're planning to travel by rail between Boston and Skegness this morning, be aware that train services are still being replaced by buses.

  16. Tortoise home and dry - sort of

    Remember Jean Hart from yesterday?

    Her home was wrecked by flooding in Wainfleet but she was most worried about her tortoise Mr T and cat Aurora.


    She was reunited with the cat yesterday, and here she is this morning, with Mr T, who looks none the worse for his flooding ordeal.

    jean's toilet

    Jean and her husband Kevin are still counting the cost of the damage to their home, above, and say they will be in temporary accommodation, along with their pets, for the foreseeable future.

  17. Tap water 'absolutely fine' in flood-hit areas

    Drinking water in areas of Lincolnshire hit by flooding is safe to consume, according to Anglian Water.


    Several areas of the county have been hit by flooding after an estimated two months' worth of rain fell in just two days.

    Regan Harris, from Anglian, says while some local residents have said they're worried about their tap water, there's no reason why people in flood-hit areas shouldn't use their taps.

    "All our water supplies across any areas affected by the flooding across Lincolnshire are absolutely fine. Please continue to use your tapwater as normal.

    "What we are seeing in some patches where we've had some flooding is trouble with people using their toilets and things like that because our network is so full of rainwater.

    "So in certain areas there are alternative toilet facilities available which people can use if they need to."

  18. At the scene: Shock and disbelief in Wainfleet

    Harry Parkhill

    Reporter, BBC Radio Lincolnshire

    It's quite a scene here in Matt Pit Lane in Wainfleet this morning as flooding continues to affect this Lincolnshire town.

    Rescue boat

    You'd think the road was actually a river - you can't even see the kerb or the pavement and it's a good few feet deep.

    If I look along the road there are a couple of cars on driveways whose bonnets are completely submerged.

    Houses have been evacuated here, with another couple of families leaving their homes here just a short time ago.

    They got their children, cats and dogs out of their homes on little boats thanks to the Fire and Rescue Service.

    I've been speaking to people this morning who've lived in Wainfleet all their lives - for 60 or 70 years - and they say they just can't believe the scenes here.

    The level of shock on people's faces is quite something to see.

  19. Residents still being evacuated in Wainfleet

    A number of residents are still being evacuated from their homes in Wainfleet after the town suffered extensive flooding.

    Fire crews are using dinghies to take them to safety.

    People being evacuated in rescue dinghie