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  1. Updates on Wednesday 29 April 2015

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Beth Rose

BBC News Online

That's it from our special London Live election page. You can continue to air your views on what you saw by using #debatelondon on Twitter and if you missed the TV debate you can see it on

BBC iPlayer shortly.

We're back tomorrow from 08:00 with all the latest news, sport, travel and weather for London. Goodnight.

How to build a studio in 40 seconds

BBC London

General Election 2015

If you've not seen it yet,

check out this great time-lapse footage of our BBC studio being built (in 40 seconds) for the election debate.

BBC London election debate studio

Heard the stats, check the facts

You've seen the debate and heard the stats, now here's your chance to check the stats with the

BBC's Reality Check team. They've been looking into how some of these figures come about.

Reality Check

'Turn mansions into social housing'

Mark Clarkson-Graham

tweets: #LondonDebate If the billionaires leave because they have to pay tax, let them go. We should turn their vulgar mansions into social housing.

London 'attracts the aspirational'

Liberty Scott UK

tweets: #DebateLondon People are not in poverty because some people are wealthy. Marxist drivel. London attracts the aspirational poor and rich.

Green words

Dom Gover

tweets: The Green on #DebateLondon is strong, which maybe because words are all the Greens ever have


Free Will Lee

tweets: Good old @afneil giving it to politicians from all sides. Class #DebateLondon

'Disgruntled renter'

John Spinks

tweets: @patel4witham You claim you haven't failed young people on housing? 65% of my wage goes on a single room in a damp shared rent #DebateLondon

'Switzerland not exciting'


tweets: #debatelondon Switzerland not exciting but trains on time - great healthcare -- clean air - mainly rented property - good employment and on

'When is it an epidemic?'

Renters Rights Brent

tweet: #DebateLondon 700,000 of the working population on zero hours' contracts - when is an epidemic not an epidemic???

The debate goes on

Beth Rose

BBC News Online

The TV debate may have finished but we're still here for a bit longer getting your reaction to BBC London's election programme.

What did you think about what you heard? Has it helped you make up your mind how to vote or thrown up more questions?

Let us know on the

BBC London Facebook page or by tweeting
@BBCLondonNews using #debatelondon.

Audience 'nails it'

James Pargeter

tweets: Man in #DebateLondon audience nails it - collective failure of all parties on #ukhousing supply over decades & collaboration req'd to solve.

'The moustaches are gathering'

Andrew Neil points out the "moustaches are gathering" after the number of questions originating from those members of the audience sporting them, bringing some laughs and light relief to the debate.


London v Scotland

UKIP's Richard Hilton thinks the best way to generate revenue is to "tackle tax avoidance, not just from individuals but also from the big corporations which have not paid their fair share of tax, and we are seeing billions of pounds leaving London.

Richard Hilton and Scottish flag

"But also things that haven't been tackled like the Barnett formula where we're sending billions to Scotland, mainly generated here in London, that could be going to our services. "

'I got 99 problems....but billionaires not paying tax ain't one'

Sadiq Khan is held to account over Labour's pledge to tax non-dom's if they got re-elected, but there are cries from the audience about why they didn't do that when they were last in power.

Jay Z
Jay Z famously sings 'I got 99 problems.....but billionaires not paying tax ain't one'

He briefly says: "We've accepted that the non-dom residence is ridiculous."

Before going on to admit: "We have now 117 billionaires, 400,000 millionaires but one third of Londoners live in poverty and two thirds of those are working. We need to increase the top rate of tax."

Switzerland: 'It's not that exciting'

With all this talk of billionaires leaving London if they face tougher regulations, one member of the audience says: "We keep getting told that these millionaires and billionaires will leave if we tax them more but I've been to Switzerland and it's not that exciting."

London election debate

Priti Patel: Billionaire's are 'good for London'

Andrew Neil has asked the audience to give the Conservative candidate a chance to explain herself after a member of the audience accuses her party of creating a country which is seen as a tax haven for billionaires.

When all is quiet again, she says: "London is one of the best capital cities in the world and actually we attract people from around the world and that is a good thing.

"That is a good thing for our economy."

Priti Patel

Priti Patel

A tale of two debates

Richard Main

BBC London 94.9

Interesting to flick between the #eastdebate and #debatelondon with such a stark difference in concerns just 50 miles up/down the road

In #debatelondon it all comes back to housing, while in #eastdebate it all comes back to immigration.

Simon Hughes: 'Tax higher earners'

Liberal Democrat Simon Hughes elaborates on his point by saying "billionaires aren't the problem".

"The question is how you tax the people in this country, that's the issue. And that's why we have in this last government had the tax rate for higher rate earners at 45%, bigger, higher apart from a couple of weeks than the whole of the Labour government who had a 40% top tax rate.

We want to take it up to 12.5% and then higher which helps everybody in this country. There would be millions of people in this country benefit and we want the people with the broadest shoulders to pay higher taxes.

"I believe that would be a fairer London and we have the policies to deliver it."

Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes

What is the benefit of billionaires?

Nishu Patel, a tax consultant from Chiswick, asks: "Good evening. London has more billionaires than any other city in the world. Does the average Londoner see the general trickle-down benefits of these residents, or is their impact actually negative?"

'We will invest and protect the NHS'

Priti Patel, Conservative, has this for Vicky: "We're clear in what we will do on the NHS and we will invest and protect the NHS and that means we will put more money into the NHS through the Simon Stephens' five-year forward review because no one can stand still on the NHS.

Priti Patel

"Our populations are growing, our demographics are changing as well and it's not just in London but across the country. Our health needs are changing too. We've said we will fund £8 billion."

'We'd repeal Health & Social Care Act'

Sadiq tells Vicky: "So Vicky, you will know when, the Save Lewisham Hospital used the courts to save your hospital. Simon Hughes is being very sanctimonious tonight and Priti, change the law to stop future communities being able to save their A&Es via judicial review.

"We'd reverse that. And what we would do, what we'd do is repeal the Health & Social Care Act. At a time when you've got a rising population in London, it's 8.6 million now, it doesn't make sense to be closing down hospitals, to be closing down A&Es and to be closing down services."

'Yes we promise, because we can afford it'

Shahrar Ali says:" We can promise it because we understand that austerity is about hitting and attacking the most vulnerable. We can afford it, we are a rich country, seventh rich country in the, in the world. We can afford it.

"Politics is about basic needs. Yes we promise."

Can you promise not to close more hospitals?

Simon Hughes, of Lib Dem, says: "The promise is that we commit £8 billion a year funded, not Mickey Mouse money, compared to Labour's two and a half billion, to the National Health Service which is what the NHS says that they want."

Andrew Neil counters: "But Vicky's question was not about money although it involves money. Vicky's question was about who can promise not to close any more hospitals in London, and A&E?"

Simon responds: "But the decision should be taken locally not centrally."

'Broken NHS promises'

Vicky Penner from Lewisham asks the panel: "I was part of a huge campaign that fought very hard to keep vital A&E and maternity units open at Lewisham Hospital.

"Those vital services saved my son's life. It makes me very angry that David Cameron has broken his promises about the NHS. Who can promise me on this panel that they will stop forcing through more and more flawed and dangerous A&E closures?"

Immigration mugs

Sadiq Khan was quizzed over his party's use of red mugs stating "controls on immigration and whether it created a climate of fear?

Green Party and Labour Party

He says: "No I don't think a mug does. I agree with the premise of what JCWI (Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants ) are saying which is politicians have got to be responsible when we're discussing immigration and I speak as a Londoner but the son of immigrants."

'Pay to train'

Gordon Porter

tweets: #DebateLondon the reason we don't have skills is because they won't pay to train people

'We won't set arbitrary caps on immigration'

Andrew Neil asks Shahrar Ali what the Green Party's policies on immigration are.

Mr Ali says: "We have five million UK citizens living abroad. 3.2 going to the EU, about 1.8 coming in. That's a net one and a half million difference.

"We're not going to set an arbitrary cap on that. That's inhumane. We have three main areas where public attitudes are right in terms of asylum seekers. A lot of people are fleeing as a result of climate change impacts that the west are predominantly responsible for or failed foreign policy. We have a duty of responsibility for Syrians for example. We aren't taking anything like the number of our partners."



tweets: #DebateLondon Andrew Neil running rings around the panel !!! Stick to the question #NoWaffling

'You've all failed on housing and immigration'

One audience member addresses the panel with his assessment: "First and foremost, all you parties have failed when it comes to housing which has got us into this situation about immigration.


"London for 2,000 years had immigrants coming to this country and we are part of the EU so we don't, we can't limit people coming from Europe anyway. First and foremost, I mean you all have to work collectively to build more homes. That would help ease some of the tensions that we've got with the housing situation.

"Secondly, that - then we can start talking about immigrants. We need immigrants because we don't have enough high skilled people in this country anyway."

'Vindictive evictions'


tweets: Massive issue in private renting, rip off estate agent fees, liable to huge rent increases & vindictive evictions... #DebateLondon

Richard Hilton: Current immigration policy 'discriminates'

UKIP'S Richard Hilton explains: "We would introduce an Australian style points-based immigration system, that we would actually treat everybody fairly regardless of where they're from around the world so that we would treat an Indian doctor on exactly the same basis as somebody coming over from Eastern Europe for example which currently doesn't happen.

"Our current immigration policy actually discriminates against people from the rest of the world in this country and that's not fair.

"We need to bring it down to a sustainable level which we've said we would limit it to 50,000 skilled visas."

Richard Hilton

Richard Hilton

'Uncontrolled immigration'

Finchley steel trader John Bishop asks: "Uncontrolled immigration places a huge pressure on services in London. What do the panel propose to do about it?"

'Control housing demand by controlling immigration'

Andrew Neil now turns his attention to UKIP's manifesto which also doesn't feature anything about private tenants: "Why is there no mention in the UKIP manifesto of the private rental market? It's important to a lot of people in this audience."


Richard Hilton (pictured) says: "We recognise it's important. Rental control will not affect the demand for the housing, the number of people that are looking for housing nor indeed will it affect the supply of housing so there's plenty in our manifesto talking about getting more housing out there but also plenty in our manifesto about actually planning and controlling that demand and as you know, we talk about this frequently, controlling immigration to the country which is a massive driver, a massive driver of demand on housing need in London."

'What will the Tories do?'

Andrew Neil turns to Priti Patel about what the Tories will do for private tenants: "There is no mention of private rents in the Tory manifesto at all. Isn't that for people in London who have to rent in the private sector something that your party needs to address?"

Andrew Neil

She says: "The important point is that you know nothing will change with regards to demand until actually we address the supply side issue."

'Quality not quantity'

Rita Conneely

tweets: 'Were going to build more houses'- it's not just how many- it's all about what type #DebateLondon


Aimee Sell

tweets: #DebateLondon I'll be voting for the party, that makes it able for me to afford move out of home before I'm an OAP. #Housingissues