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  1. BBC London Mayoral Debate 18 April

Live Reporting

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  1. Mayoral debate - as it happened

    BBC Radio London

    Well that's it for our BBC London mayoral debate live coverage but you can listen to Tim Arthur on BBC Radio London who will be taking your calls on what you've just seen and heard.

    Were you impressed with the candidates? Do they have the ideas and solutions to some of London's key problems such as housing and affordable fares on London's transport network?

    Call 0207 224 200. 

  2. Leaving you wanting more

    Josephine McDermott

    BBC News, London

    Think you've heard enough? Some on Twitter think the debate's been too short. 

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  3. 'That's what Boris said'

    Sian Berry and Peter Whittle

    After Zac Goldsmith said he would "bear down" on fares, Caroline Pidgeon responded angrily saying "that's what Boris said" and pointing out ticket prices had gone up under his mayoralty. 

    Green candidate Sian Berry accused Mr Khan of wanting to impose "austerity on TfL" and said "Zac has nothing to offer". 

    UKIP's Peter Whittle took aim at the "shocking waste and bloated salaries at TfL" as well as "vanity projects" such as the Garden Bridge.

  4. Watch: Tensions rise over transport policy claims

    The candidates find holes in each others' transport policies.

    Video content

    Video caption: The mayoral candidates clash over transport policy
  5. Candidates argue over fare freeze

    Mayoral candidates

    The candidates were asked how they would keep fares in London low - with Labour's Sadiq Khan replying that TfL's budget is "very flabby - we need to make it more efficient".

    He said he would do this by cracking down on fare evasion and merging some departments, such as Underground and surface engineering.  

    But Conservative Zac Goldsmith countered: "You can't take that (£1.9bn) out of the budget and grow the network."

    He went on to say "I would love to make a brash pledge on fares" but that would be "devastating" for London. 

  6. Transport: Paying for transport promises

    London bus

    Sixteen-year-old Thomas Blatchford, from Ilford, asks: What will the candidates do to keep transport fares low and how will they pay for them?

  7. Should we leave the EU?

    Sian Berry claims 300,000 foreign nationals living in London would probably have to leave if the UK left the EU and Caroline Pidgeon says the NHS would collapse without Europeans working in the health sector. "It'd be unthinkable if we left."

    Unsurprisingly Peter Whittle disagrees. He said claims that lots of residents and companies would leave if we didn't join the Euro 10 years ago - "it didn't happen". 

    Zac Goldsmith, who does support leaving Europe, says London is the greatest city not because of being part of the EU but because of our democracy, legal system and language.

  8. If Britain left the EU....

    EU flags

    Twenty-year-old James Vango-Searle, an apprentice project manager, asks: What would London look like if we left the EU?

  9. Watch: What is affordable housing?

    All five candidates explain what they define as affordable housing.

    Following their answers, Andrew Neil asks the audience if they believe any of the candidates can sort out the housing crisis....

    Video content

    Video caption: The five mayor candidates were asked what is affordable housing
  10. Housing: What does 'affordable' really mean?


    Next up housing - probably the most important issue for the electorate.

    Sue Gormati asks: My son earns a decent wage but can’t get on the housing ladder.  I keep hearing the words “affordable housing”.  

    "What exactly do the candidates mean by affordable?" 

  11. Watch: 'I have a problem with not seeing people's face' - Peter Whittle

    UKIP's Peter Whittle is asked about how to improve social cohesion in London.

    Video content

    Video caption: UKIP's Peter Whittle is asked about social cohesion in London
  12. Everyone should feel welcome in London - Pidgeon

    Caroline Pidgeon brings the debate back to the question of how to promote community cohesion in London.

    "It's really important for everyone can feel welcome in London. Imagine walking round and not feeling you are part of London...just by what you're wearing? It has to stop."

    She said hate crime needed tackling and additional police officers were needed on the Tube, buses and trains.

    Peter Whittle said he had a problem with full face covering and that it was the absolute "antithesis" of cohesive behaviour: "I think it's saying I don't want to talk to you, don't come near me." It was a view supported by some members of the audience.

  13. Watch: 'I've never hidden that I was a human rights lawyer'

    Sadiq Khan says "he has never hidden" about his previous connections to extremists.

    Video content

    Video caption: Sadiq Khan: 'I've never hidden that I was a human rights lawyer'
  14. I've never called Sadiq Khan an extremist - Goldsmith

    Zac Goldsmith says while a mayor should never "micro manage" the police he would set hate crime as a top priority.

    Mr Goldsmith denies he has ever claimed Sadiq Khan is an extremist. The Conservative vehemently denied he, or his campaign team, had ever made the accusation but did question Mr Khan's giving a platform and oxygen to others connected with extremism.

  15. How will candidates enhance community cohesion?

    Simranpreet Kaur, a 20-year-old student, asks:When I’m out with my Muslim friends, people still stare at their Islamic dress. What will the candidates do to stop division between communities?

    Islamic dress
  16. Representative police force will help tackle terror threat - Berry

    Sian Berry says community policing and having a police force which truly reflects London is key to addressing the terror threat.

    "Communities working together, communities being stronger is actually the best antidote."

  17. Review emergency services - Khan. Back the police - Goldsmith

    Sadiq Khan says: "The first thing I would do as mayor is to make sure we have a review of our emergency services to make sure we're ready for a major terrorist incident in London."

    "I want reassurance that we are ready. If you've closed down 10 fire stations, there are 30 more fire engines being lost from London, half of London's firefighters live outside London - I worry about London's security.

    "I need to be reassured as the mayor of London that we are all going to be safe. "I'm not reassured yet - I want to be reassured." 

    Zac Goldsmith: "Police numbers need to be kept at least to 32,000. I've pledged to put 500 additional police on the Tube - that's where much the danger lies and much of the anxiety."

    He says the police need to know the mayor is on their side.

  18. How will candidates help Londoners feel safe?

    We're off! The panel will now take questions from the audience.

    Armed police officer at Heathrow

    First question is by retired GP Dr Mehdi Dabestani, 70: "In light of the recent terrorist attacks in the European capitals, how will you keep us safe in London?"

  19. Watch: The audience are ready

    The audience are in their seats for the London mayoral debate.

    Video content

    Video caption: The audience are in their seats for the London mayoral debate
  20. Watch: Candidates make their three word pitches

    We asked all 12 mayoral candidates to sum up their campaigns in three words.

    Video content

    Video caption: The 12 London mayoral candidates sum up their campaigns in three words