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Live Reporting

Sarah Lee and Claire Timms

All times stated are UK

  1. Jury sent home for the day

    The jury have been sent home for the day due to a juror's commitment.

    Crispin Aylett QC will continue his speech from 10:00 tomorrow.

  2. 'Nobody suggests Manuel Petrovic committed violence'

    Manuel Petrovic

    According to Mr Petrovic, Svenson Ong-a-Kwie needed a change of clothes as he had had "a madness".

    "But what madness?" Mr Aylett asked.

    "It could be anything," Mr Petrovic previously told the court.

    In his evidence, Mr Petrovic said he had focused on cleaning the passenger seat of the car.

    "Well of course you might if you knew what Svenson had done the following night," Mr Aylett said.

    "Nobody suggests that Manuel went into the park, nobody suggests he committed violence, but he did drive Svenson and the 17-year-old there," Mr Aylett added.

  3. Manuel Petrovic 'turned car around for quick getaway'

    On the night of 1 March, Manuel Petrovic drove the defendants to Retford Road, opposite Amy's Park, Mr Aylett told the court.

    "He turned the car around for a quick getaway, he turned his lights off and he drove the two boys away at speed.

    "He brought a spare set of clothes and he cleaned his car on discovery of Jodie's death.

    Mr Aylett added that Mr Petrtovic's explanation of the things he did on the evening of 1 March "don’t bear scrutiny".

    “He knew perfectly well what Svenson and the 17-year-old were capable of.”

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  4. Jury back after break

    The jury has returned for the break.

    Mr Aylett will continue with his closing speech until 12:00.

  5. Jury take mid-morning break

    The jury has been sent out for a mid-morning break.

    The trial will resume at 11:25.

  6. 'Facts left out of statements'

    Crispin Aylett QC listed facts that had been left out of Svenson Ong-a-Kwie and the 17-year-old's defence statement.

    They included:

    • Nothing was said about any "beef" with Tashinga
    • Nothing was said about what happened in Lawns Park
    • Nothing was said about dealing drugs to "Dreads"
    • Nothing was said about looking for "them man" when in a taxi on the day of 1 March
  7. 'Defence statement ambiguous'

    In relation to the 16-year-old, Mr Aylett said when he was arrested on suspicion of Jodie's murder, the youth responded 'how, how?'.

    His defence statement is also "ambiguous", Mr Aylett said.

    "He said he was not in the area of Amy's Park on the night of 1 March."

    When he was charged, the 16-year-old was crying and told police "I can tell you who was in the car," Mr Aylett explained.

  8. 'Manuel Petrovic hoped it would all blow over'

    Crispin Aylett has continued with his closing statement: "I believe Manuel Petrovic went to Leicester in the hope that it would all blow over and the police would not link his car to the incident in Amy's Park.

    "But what we now know is that the police had already made that link thanks to witness Mr Mihai."

  9. 'He knew Romford Recorder story related to him'

    Video content

    Video caption: CCTV shows Manuel Petrovic's Vauxhall driving away from Harold Hill

    In the prison transcript between Manuel Petrovic and his friend who visited him at HMP Belmarsh, the 20-year-old said: "I knew I was there at a certain time but I can't recall the times I took them [Svenson Ong-a-Kwie and the 17-year-old boy] there."

    Mr Aylett told the jury: "He knew very well the story he read in the Romford Recorder related to him and that he had delivered Svenson a fresh set of clothes."

    Manuel Petrovic had been searching for a story on the Romford Recorder at 07:00 the morning after Jodie was killed. The story had only been published for four minutes, the court heard.

    "As soon as he realised someone had died - Manuel and the 16-year-old went to clean his car."

  10. 'Different tales around news of Jodie's death'


    "Manuel Petrovic said he did not hear any screams as there was music playing in the car and he was busy writing a text, which there is no record," Mr Aylett told jurors.

    "According to Svenson Ong-a-Kwie, the 17-year-old got into the car and said 'go go go'. It was then that Manuel flawed it to get away from the park," he added.

    Later, Manuel Petrovic brought a new set of clothes to nearby Lawns Park as Mr Ong-a-Kwie had had a "madness", Mr Aylett explained.

    Social media got hold of what had happened before it was published on the Romford Recorder, the court heard.

    "The defendants have different tales about the moment they heard that someone had died - not stabbed - died. And you would remember that moment."

  11. Eddie 'certain about height of boys'

    Jodie and Eddie

    Mr Aylett explained that though Eddie was a little confused about the clothes the two boys were wearing on the night of 1 March, he was certain about their height.

    Bryce Henderson, another friend of Jodie's who witnessed her death, also told jurors in his evidence that one was tall and the other was shorter.

    Another witness told jurors that one of the boys stood up on the bench to stab Jodie who was sat on the table top.

    "We now know that Svenson Ong-a-Kwie and the 17-year-old entered the park together, one of them stabbed Jodie, nothing was said when that happened and they both ran off together," Mr Aylett said.

    Both the boys heard her scream, the prosecutor added.

  12. 'There was music and Jodie was laughing'

    Amy's Park

    Crispin Aylett has reminded jurors of Jodie's boyfriend Eddie Coyle's evidence.

    "Jodie was sitting on the table. Eddie must have been sitting on the bench seat. He was looking at the side entrance area of the park.

    "It may be that Eddie had the best view.

    "What he said was this - 'I couldn't hear them (the two men in the play area). They were pretty close together. They got close to the gate. Both of them started running'.

    "He said that one was tall and one was short.

    "He told you that one minute there was music and Jodie was laughing.

    "The next minute, the tall one came right behind Jodie. The taller one swung his arm and stabbed Jodie in the back," Mr Aylett explained.

    "Jodie was in shock and she started screaming very loudly for two minutes."

  13. What happened yesterday?

    Jodie Chesney

    Yesterday, prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC began his closing speech to the jury in courtroom eight.

    He told the court that Jodie Chesney's death had "nothing to do with drugs but everything to do with an ambush".

    Mr Aylett said the 17-year-old girl was "a victim of a brutal act of unprovoked violence" and described Jodie's death as "another example of the terrible consequences of the carrying and using of knives".

    He added: "It seems every day now in our city, another young life is lost to a knife.

    "I am sorry to say that your verdicts in this trial will not bring this to an end."

    "This was an ambush," Mr Aylett added: "The car need to be turned around so they could get away quickly.

    "We now know the two in the park were Svenson and the boy, I say now know because the police were not told this before."

  14. Welcome

    Purple ribbon

    Welcome to day 27 of the trial into two men and two teenagers accused of the murder of 17-year-old Jodie Chesney.

    Jurors are expected to hear from prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC, who will continue with his closing speech until midday.