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  1. Thank you for joining us - we'll be back tomorrow

    We are going to pause our live coverage for the day - thank you for joining us.

    Here's a round-up of the day's main stories:

    Our morning team will have further live coverage tomorrow. Take care.

  2. Don't expect changes to UK lockdown this week - Dominic Raab

    The government does not expect to make changes to coronavirus lockdown restrictions this week, Dominic Raab has said.

    The foreign secretary said the UK's plan "is working" but that "we are still not passed the peak of this virus".

    "Keep this up, we have come too far, lost too many loved ones and sacrificed too much to ease up," he said.

    It came as the government said it might change its advice on using face masks.

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  3. Most firefighters with Covid symptoms have been tested

    The Fire Brigade Union has said it believes most Northern Ireland firefighters who have had symptoms of Covid-19 have already been tested.

    One hundred and thirty-seven fire service personnel were in self-isolation at the end of last week.

    The union's Jim Quinn said there are also plans in place for further testing of people who become symptomatic.


    He said the fire service in Northern Ireland currently has enough personal protective equipment and is taking steps to ensure social distancing and stopping unnecessary contacts.

    "The problem may be if there is a surge will we still be able to get supplies? It's the line of supply that's the problem, not getting the initial supplies."

  4. Social distancing 'to remain very big part of life' - Simon Harris

    The Republic of Ireland's health minister Simon Harris has said that "social distancing is going to remain a very big part of life, not just in Ireland but the world over until we get to a vaccine or an effective treatment for the coronavirus".

    He added: "So keeping physical distance even when we're in places is likely to become the norm".


    Mr Harris said the more progress that is made over the next three weeks, the more likely it is that the Irish government can begin to tweak some of the restrictions that are currently in place.

    However, he said this does not mean going back to life before Covid-19, because "it is still going to be here".

  5. 10,647 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Republic of Ireland

    The Department of Health in Ireland said there have been 527 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 reported by Irish laboratories in the past 24 hours, and an additional 465 confirmed cases reported by a laboratory in Germany.

    With the latest German figures included, there are now a total of 10,647 confirmed cases in Ireland.

  6. Breaking31 further coronavirus-related deaths in ROI

    31 more people have died in the Republic of Ireland with Covid-19.

    This brings the total number of deaths in the country to 365 since the outbreak began.

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  7. 'There seems to be enough PPE' - chair of Royal College of GPs

    Enough personal protection equipment is making its way to GPs, the head of the Royal College of GPs in Northern Ireland has said.

    Speaking to BBC Radio Ulster's Evening Extra programme, Dr Laurence Dorman said he understood "the stocks are getting in".

    It comes after the chairs of the north and west GP federations wrote to the Department of Health to say they might be forced to withdraw services.

    They said this was due to "shortages of PPE, particularly masks and aprons".

    Picture of a doctor writing a script

    Dr Dorman said "all staff are concerned that there will be a good supply".

    "Our understanding is that nobody has run out, but there is always concerns about supply lines," he said.

  8. Our plan is working despite 'grisly' toll - Dominic Raab

    Dominic Raab has said that despite the "grisly figures", there is some hope in the numbers, saying the lockdown measures are slowing the spread of coronavirus.

    But he does not expect any changes to be made to measures currently in place until they can be confident they can be made safely.

    He also promises the government is ramping up testing, while the chancellor and business secretary are "working round the clock to mitigate the damage this crisis has undoubtedly done to our economy".

    Dominic Rabb

    Mr Raab asks people to keep following the guidance and to stay home.

    "If we let up now the virus will only take advantage, spread faster and kill more people," he adds, at the day Downing Street briefing.

    "Our plan is working. Please stick with it and we will get through this crisis together."

  9. Four residents of care home with coronavirus have died

    Four residents of a west Belfast care home who had Covid-19 have died since last Thursday.

    They were all residents of Our Lady’s Care Home.


    The director of the care home, Gareth Macklin, said: "Our entire care team are devastated as we care for every one of our residents as an extension of our family.

    "Everyone is continuing to carry out their roles with commitment and bravery in caring for all our residents, during these exceptionally difficult times for every person involved in the entire care sector.

    “We are continuing to working very closely with the Trust and PHA, following their guidance to implement our comprehensive contingency plan and infection control procedures, to reduce further infection spread and minimise risk to everyone.

    "This is a continuously evolving situation and we want to reassure residents, their families and our team that every measure has been, and is being made, to ensure the care of their loved ones as well as all our staff.”

  10. How can the shows go on?


    Playwright James Graham has said an "aggressive government bailout" is needed to save theatres from the impact of the coronavirus crisis, the BBC's arts and entertainments team reports.

    UK venues have been shut for four weeks, with all West End performances cancelled until at least 31 May.

    In several months' time, "all of the reserves will have dried up and there will be no money left", Graham warned.

    "I don't even know if there will be a theatre or film industry that we can recognise when this is all over."

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  11. UK hospital deaths up by 717

    Deaths in UK hospitals from Covid-19 rose to 11,329 - up by 717 since Sunday.

    The Department of Health said a further 4,342 people had tested positive for coronavirus as of 09:00 BST on Monday.

    Meanwhile, a review of the UK's lockdown measures will take place later this week.

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    Latest Department of Health figures
  12. 'Positive response' in north coast, says Chief Constable

    Chief Constable Simon Byrne has thanked the north coast public for their "positive response" to lockdown measures.

    In a tweet, Simon Byrne commended the public's cooperation and also the work of officers in Carrick-a-rede, Ballycastle and Portrush today.

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  13. PPE for GPs 'already being distributed'

    The Department of Health has said it began distributing the latest batch of personal protective equipment supplies for GPs on Friday.

    "These are being dispatched by courier and the deliveries across NI are due to be completed by Wednesday," a spokesperson said.


    Earlier, GP leaders in Belfast said the system is now in crisis due to the lack of PPE.

    In a letter to the Department of Health, the chairs of the north and west GP federations said they might be forced to withdraw services.

  14. Irish strategy 'clearly saving lives' - Simon Harris

    Simon Harris

    Irish Health Minister Simon Harris says his government's policies are "clearly saving lives and clearly working".

    In an update on Monday, he said Irish people were making "massive sacrifices".

    He said modelling suggested that if no measures had been put in place, there would have been 120,000 new cases of Covid-19 in Ireland by next Sunday.

    Mr Harris appealed to people to "please stay focused" as the next three weeks "really, really matter".

    The number of confirmed Covid-19-related deaths in the Republic of Ireland is 334.

  15. Nurses asked for PPE feedback

    The speed with which personal protection equipment (PPE) has been delivered to front-line healthcare workers is at the centre of the discussion around the government's response to the coronavirus.

    Nurses' union the Royal College of Nurses has called for its members to give feedback on the protection they have while doing their work.

    The deadline for the survey is 23:00 BST.

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  16. Photos show food distribution

    The past week has seen a ramping up of the effort to distribute food packages out to the community.

    The weekly delivery of more than 10,000 packages is driven by the Department for Communities, and is in partnership with the voluntary sector and local authorities.

    The Department for Communities has posted a number of images of the scheme being put into action.

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  17. The latest developments in NI

    If you're just joining us this afternoon, here are the latest developments from Northern Ireland:

    • A further six coronavirus-related deaths have been recorded in hospitals - the total stands at 124
    • There have been 1,882 confirmed cases, up by 76 on Monday
    • Two of NI's GP federations say they may withdraw services due to a lack of personal protective equipment
    • The Fire Brigades Union says 7.5% of Northern Ireland's fire service workforce is in self-isolation, higher than the UK average
    • PSNI Assistant Chief Constable Alan Todd says 107 fines were issued over the past three days but most people are following the regulations
  18. Accidental fire stats

    The past month has seen a spike in the number of accidental fires in the home, driven by incidents caused by cooking, electronics and candles.

    Figures released by the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service show there were 101 accidental fires between 2 March and 5 April - up from 68 during the same period last year.

    Cooking fires are up by a third, while electricity supply and smoking-related fires have doubled.

    Images of a fire engine

    “The stark rise in accidental house fires last month, coupled with the pressures the fire service is currently under due to the pandemic, means we are calling on the community to make themselves aware of the potential causes of fire in the home," said assistant chief fire and rescue officer Alan Walmsley.

    "If you’re cooking more, make sure you are not leaving it unattended; when using electrical devices, make sure to not overload your plug sockets; if using candles, make sure they are out fully before going to bed; never smoke in bed and always make sure when you’re putting a cigarette out, that it is fully out."

  19. Charting coronavirus in NI

    Slate showing latest coronavirus figures
  20. 76 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in NI

    Six more people have died in hospital and a total of 76 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Northern Ireland since yesterday, according to the latest figures.

    In all, 434 tests were carried out here in that time span.

    To date, there have been 1,882 cases of Covid-19 in NI and the total deaths in hospital here stands at 124 people.

    The number of people tested here stands at 12,633.

    The Public Health Agency has the latest detailed information - see link below.

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