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  1. Northern Ireland has three women MEPs for the first time
  2. Diane Dodds, DUP, was the first to be declared elected
  3. Alliance's Naomi Long and Sinn Féin's Martina Anderson were both elected after five rounds of counting
  4. Eleven candidates competed for NI's three seats in the European Parliament
  5. DUP, Sinn Féin and UUP took NI seats at last European election in 2014
  6. Voters went to polls on Thursday - 1,278,951 were eligible to vote
  7. Turnout was just more than 45% - down 6% on 2014's poll

Live Reporting

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  1. And that's it...

    After a tense weekend, the results of Northern Ireland's European election were announced faster than many predicted.

    It was an election marked by an upsurge in support for the Alliance Party, and is the first time three women have been elected to represent the region in the European Parliament.

    Thanks for your company throughout the day. Good night.

    Darran Marshall tweet
  2. Time to tidy up in Magherafelt

  3. An election of surprises all round

    Jayne McCormack

    BBC News NI

    Counting has ended for the NI results of the European elections, with three women elected as MEPs for the first time ever. Over in under 12 hours, this election brought with it surprises that few saw coming.

    Sinn Féin’s Martina Anderson topped the poll but her vote was down. She took the third and final seat.

    Three MEPs

    The DUP’s Diane Dodds was the first elected, but it was Alliance leader Naomi Long who exceeded expectations. She took the second seat - and polled more than 170,000 votes - taking transfers from right across the spectrum.

    The Ulster Unionists have some reflecting to do - they failed to retain the seat they’ve held for four decades, with Danny Kennedy only coming sixth.

    Now the question is: How long will the three successful candidates be MEPs?

  4. A familiar message to politicians?


    One hardy protester braved the rain to deliver a message to politicians leaving the count centre in Magherafelt.

    MEPs make take their seats in Europe, but Stormont remains empty.

  5. Long calls for closer working to address 'global challenges'

    Making her victory speech, Alliance Party leader Naomi Long said politicians need to "work more closely together to address the global challenges which face us all".

    Naomi Long

    "I want to see, not a Brexit from the EU, but I want to see us work closely together with those within the EU in order that we can deliver better for the people we represent here."

    On her pro-Remain position, she said her mandate is "from the people who voted for me in this election".

  6. 'Rejected calls for border poll'

    Making her victory speech, Diane Dodds said her increased mandate showed voters had "rejected calls for a border poll".

    She said she planned to “be that voice for Northern Ireland, as I have done for the past 10 years”.

    Diane Dodds

    "As a DUP MEP I will continue to work with my colleagues in Westminster, and even our opponents will agree we have a pivotal role to play in our national debate as we go forward with leaving the European Union," she said.

  7. Election joy as the final results are declared

    Video content

    Video caption: EU election joy for Naomi Long and Martina Anderson
  8. Sinn Féin 'achieved its goals' in election

    In her speech after being elected, Sinn Féin's Martina Anderson says “we went into this election with two goals, to top the poll and to reflect the voice of those who want to remain in the EU and therefore we need two Remainers returned.

    sinn fein

    "That is what the people did."

  9. Allister congratulates two of the winners

  10. Why Northern Ireland has three seats

    BBC News NI's Political Editor Mark Devenport says that back in 1979, the then European Economic Community created a third seat for Northern Ireland because they were worried if it was only two, there would be no nationalist representatives.

    Mark Devenport

    "Now we're in the situation where we’ve got just one unionist MEP, one nationalist MEP and one MEP representing the centre ground."

  11. Anderson 'delighted' for Naomi Long

    Sinn Féin's Martina Anderson says she is "absolutely delighted" that Naomi Long has been elected.

    Anderson and Long

    She says it is "a great outcome for the north of Ireland" that two of the region's three MEPs are from the Remain ticket.

  12. The final scoreboard

  13. Women take all three NI seats in Europe

    Jayne McCormack

    BBC News NI

    All three EU seats for Northern Ireland have been declared, with three women taking the seats for the first time ever.


    Diane Dodds of the DUP was the first over the quota to retain her seat.

    Two pro-remain candidates have been returned, with Alliance leader Naomi Long recording a huge vote of more than 170,000. Sinn Féin’s Martina Anderson took the final seat with more than 150,000 votes.

    Counting has finished, wrapping up very quickly here in Magherafelt.

  14. Martina Anderson elected

    Sinn Féin's Martina Anderson has been elected at the fifth stage with 152,436.5 votes after transfers.

    Martina Anderson
  15. Naomi Long elected

    Naomi Long

    Alliance Party leader Naomi Long becomes an MEP, receiving 170,370 votes after transfers.

  16. BreakingTwo new MEPs

    Naomi Long and Martina Anderson are both deemed elected after the fifth round of counting.

  17. Nigel Dodds congratulates his wife

    Speaking to BBC Radio Ulster's Evening Extra, DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds has congratulated his wife, Diane, on being the first elected in Northern Ireland.

    “It doesn’t make for the most relaxed of weekends, but we are delighted at the outcome. We are very pleased at the fact that Diane has been the first elected here in Northern Ireland," he said.

    "It is a tribute, I think, not just to the people of Northern Ireland, but also to her record as an MEP over the last 10 years."

    Nigel and Diane Dodds
  18. Come fly with me

    Michael Long tells BBC Radio Ulster's Evening Extra he isn't too worried about possible future trips to Brussels, where his wife, Naomi, is likely to be based.

    "We’ve had changes before, obviously Naomi was in Westminster for five years so we were in London and then she was back to the Assembly," he said.

    Naomi Long and husband Michael

    "So we just have to get used to our different travel arrangements. I’m sure it’ll be exciting and a new challenge."

  19. MEPs in waiting...

    Diane Dodds, Martina Anderson and Naomi Long
  20. 'Strongest voice of unionism'

    Diane Dodds, who has been returned as an MEP for the DUP, said the election shows her party is "by far the strongest voice of unionism".

    "Remember we are now in a new phase of this, and we will go into months of negotiation and I’m thankful that people in Northern Ireland, unionists in Northern Ireland voted for us to go back to London, to go back to Brussels to be their voice, to be their strength," she said.

    Video content

    Video caption: Diane Dodds reaction