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  1. Last day of Labour Party conference in Manchester
  2. Ed Miliband faces criticism after forgetting passages on the deficit and immigration in his speech
  3. Key speakers included Andy Burnham on health and Yvetter Cooper on home affairs
  4. Deputy leader Harriet Harman speech closed the conference

Live Reporting

By Pippa Simm and Victoria Park

All times stated are UK

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Until next week

Thanks for joining us for our Labour conference coverage. Just a final reminder, in case you missed Ed Miliband's speech yesterday, don't panic - you can watch it in full

here. And you can follow all our party political conference coverage on this
special section of the website.

Conference highlights

So, it's been a busy several days at the Labour conference. If you want to take a look back at how it unfolded - including all the key moments and videos - just click on the following links:

  • Sunday: BBC Parliament's highlights of the day's proceedings
  • Monday: featuring a speech by shadow chancellor Ed Balls in which he
    set out priorities for a Labour government's first budget
  • Tuesday: including Ed Miliband's keynote speech to the party faithful.

Shadow cabinet meeting on IS

The conference may have ended but that does not mean Ed Miliband's day is over. It is reported that he is about to call a meeting of the shadow cabinet to discuss the UK's potential participation in air strikes in Iraq ahead of a potential recall of Parliament on Friday. The Labour leader tells the BBC that the proposed action will have to pass a number of tests to get his approval, notably that it can be effective and is lawful.

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BBC News website reader: If belts need to be tightened in the public sector, let's start with no increase in pay for MPs.

Red Flag finale

It's time for the traditional end of conference sing-along now - to the Red Flag and Jerusalem - led by Monique Shockness. And with that, Labour's final conference before next May's general election is brought to a close.

Senior Labour leadership singing to the Red Flag
All together now!

'Fight of our lives'

Looking ahead to the next eight months, Labour's deputy leader predicts the party faces "the fight of our lives" but insists it is "up for that". She says of the Conservatives: "We can't match their millionaires and oligarchs, but they will never match our unity and determination. When it comes to team Labour - we have the best in the business." It is Labour's duty to "save this country from another term of Tory rule and give people the hope of a better Britain", she concludes to applause - and a pat on the back from Ed Miliband.

Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband

Lib Dems 'will pay price'

The Lib Dems are not escaping Harriet's wrath either. She says food banks are "a shame on the Liberal Democrats who have helped the Tories every step of the way". Labour will make sure the Lib Dems "pay the price next May", she warns.

PM 'like David Brent'

She also takes a swipe at David Cameron, likening him to David Brent after "purr-gate". She says the Conservatives are "fighting like rats in a sack" under his leadership - and that the only person the party can unite behind is "the man on the zip-wire" - London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Manifesto audits

In praise of her leader, Ms Harman declares that Ed Miliband has taken Labour within "touching distance" of Downing Street. In a challenge to the Conservatives, she calls on them to allow the independent Office for Budgetary Responsibility to audit parties' election manifestos, instead of always arguing that Labour's spending plans "don't add up".

Paul Twinn, BBC Producer


tweets: Standing ovation in the conference hall for Gordon Brown - who isn't here.

Eagle vs Jolie

Ms Harman urges people to "stay with me on this" when she says Labour front bencher Angela Eagle has a lot in common with Angelina Jolie - after referencing Conservative Cabinet minister William Hague's work with the Hollywood actress and UN special envoy. Ms Eagle and Mr Hague go head-to-head each week in the Commons in their roles as shadow leader and leader of the House.

Harman on Gordon's comeback

Deputy Labour Party leader Harriet Harman is now making the closing speech of the conference. She opens by thanking all those who played a part in the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK. She singles out former PM Gordon Brown for particular praise, saying he has enjoyed the "biggest comeback since Cheryl Cole made it back on to the X-Factor". That went down well - a long round of applause follows.

Dividing lines

Setting out Labour's election strategy, Douglas Alexander says the party will ensure voters have a clear impression of the dividing lines with the Conservatives and Lib Dems - and work to ensure that the Lib Dems cannot "creep away" from their government record. Labour is keen for the election to be a referendum on the record of the government - not on Labour's record in power as he predicts the Conservative will seek to make it.

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Lewis, London: Labour keep mentioning how 'additional' borrowing will be covered by a mansion tax. Still no mention what they will do to tackle the borrowing we already have. £105.8bn in 2013-14 at the last count. What do you plan to do about that Labour?

UKIP challenge

Labour's election co-ordinator also talks through UKIP's expected campaign tactics - and takes conference through how Labour will respond to its political opponents. Key to the plan is portraying the 2015 election as a "change election", he says.

Ed Miliband


tweets: Really thoughtful and interesting speech from @BilldeBlasio. Here's a
photo from backstage.

Darren McCaffrey, Sky News Politics Reporter


tweets: Still here and still working hard @ChrisMasonBBC. #Lab14.
See photo

Personal attacks

Douglas Alexander predicts that the Conservatives will pursue a "continuity" campaign next year. They will fight a negative "fear and smear" campaign he tells conference, adding: "We're anticipating the most personally vicious, negative campaign by the Conservatives that we've seen in many years against the leadership of our party."

Campaign tactics

Mr Alexander is impressing upon the conference the need to adapt to new campaigning methods, emphasising the important role that social media has to play. He also says the party can no longer rely on "tribal affinity" to secure election victory, noting the decline of party identification on both the left and right of the political spectrum.

Becky Collinson, Labour party member


tweets: Mayor of NY @BilldeBlasio gives fantastic speech on how our bold, strong & moral policies must & will win in 2015 #Lab14

Poll tracker

Mr Alexander - who is also the party's foreign affairs spokesman - tells conference that Labour continues to lead the Conservatives in the opinion polls, and receives cheers when pointing out the Lib Dems are presently polling at about 8% and there are few signs of a "pulse".

Election look-ahead

Douglas Alexander has the stage now, and is setting out Labour's general election report in his capacity as election co-ordinator. He says the party faces a "hostile media environment" during the general election campaign and will be "significantly outspent" by the Conservatives. But he promises the party will "out-organise" its opponents.

Crowd pleaser

Harriet Harman - Labour's deputy leader - will wrap up the party's autumn conference with a speech at about 15.30 BST. The speech is traditionally a light-hearted affair, one designed to please the crowd. Expect a few jokes...

Harriet Harman

Labour's fight

Concluding his speech - which seems to have been well-received by delegates - Bill De Blasio urges Labour to take its fight to "every corner" of the nation. He cautions that the work ahead "will not be easy" but stresses that "you still have the ability to show people that they don't have to accept" the status quo. Applause and cheers can be heard as conference rises to its feet.

Ed Miliband with Bill De Blasio

De Blasio's endorsement

Ed Miliband will be a prime minister for Britons' "with second jobs, not just second homes", the New York mayor says, and commends Labour's "credible" plan for the nation's future. He also praises the leader's plan for the NHS, to make housing more affordable, and to expand free childcare. He says of Ed Miliband: "Your agenda is a blueprint for what a fairer, more prosperous, stronger United Kingdom will look like."

Chris Mason, BBC Political Correspondent


tweets: @BilldeBlasio speech at #Lab14 sounds like a shadow cabinet minister's speech with an American twang.

Faisal Islam, @SkyNews Political Editor


tweets: So @BilldeBlasio is gently hypnotising the entire #lab14 conference into a longing gaze... Good ally for EdM

Be bold

Mr De Blasio insists a balanced budget and economic fairness can go hand-in-hand, citing New York as an example. He urges Labour to be "bold" and ignore the "glib assertions" that a progressive agenda "is somehow narrow". The consistency of your agenda will be your calling card, the mayor tells the hall, and says the approach set out by Ed Miliband's plan is "unmistakeably clear and consistent" and should be promoted "proudly".

Chris Mason, BBC Political Correspondent


tweets: Labour confirms there 'have been conversations between the parties about a recall of Parliament'.

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BBC News website reader: Well done comrade Ed (that's a 1st!!). 85,500 homes in London are worth more than £2 million! Each will pay an average of £16,800 per year in mansion tax! Stuff 'em!

Long odds

The New York mayor admits that the "odds did feel long at first", with New York having gone through 20 years of Republican rule; but his attention was never to "nibble around the edges of timid maintenance", he says, but to "take a dead aim at the crisis of the time". He recalls: "We were a small group, but we believed in something, and our campaign grew, and it grew...and we worked together."

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tweets: As #Lab14 comes to a close @BilldeBlasio seems to be giving the speech that Ed should have done.

De Blasio: My campaign

Mr De Blasio is now talking about his own campaign to be mayor and how the voters rejected "lazy" and "false choice" politics by electing him to office.

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tweets: I'm done with the memorise your speech, walk around a platform, 'I met a man' drivel. Stand at podium/say what you believe. Job done. #Lab14

'Right side of history'

Labour understands what is at stake, Mr De Blasio tells conference, declaring the party to be on "the right side of history" even if it can feel "like a lonely place". He says the sheer scale of the challenge can be "daunting" with the voices of everyday people being "drowned out" by people content with the status quo - and recalls how he was labelled "divisive" for painting New York as a "tale of two cities". But he urges Labour delegates not to stop in their endeavours, and to help Britons "find their voice".

Jake Hurfurt, Journalist


tweets: People with penthouses, Bentleys or who can afford 5* holidays are doing quite well for themselves under Tory gvt. #lab14 @BilldeBlasio

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tweets: #Lab14 What a good idea to spend more on the NHS. What a bad idea to waste it on yet another reorganisation of services.

Martin Edobor, Treasurer of @youngfabians


tweets: I have had a fantastic conference, great speeches, discussions and debates! Now time for home and a cup of tea #Lab14.
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Growing inequality

The New York mayor condemns income inequality which he says has been moving "in the wrong direction". But Labour offers the solution, he says. Mr De Blasio stresses that there is nothing wrong in attaining wealth - but insists more people must be helped to write their own success stories.

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tweets: "It's great to be in Manchester, the place where the working class movement began". Nice touch Bill! #lab14