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  1. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urges young people to register to vote and "step up for Britain"
  2. Theresa May makes her first election campaign visit to Scotland
  3. European Union leaders agree a joint strategy for Brexit negotiations
  4. UKIP leader Paul Nuttall confirms he will stand in Boston and Skegness
  5. General election due on 8 June

Live Reporting

By Alex Therrien and Danielle Dwyer

All times stated are UK

  1. Corbyn: I want to see a different country

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said it would be "very different" if he became the prime minister.

    He told Andrew Marr that he wants to see a "different country" and is "angry and fed up" with the current system.

  2. UKIP on outlawing Sharia law

    The UKIP leader told Andrew Marr he wants to outlaw Sharia law because he "doesn't believe we should have a parallel legal system in this country".

    When asked if he would do the same for Jewish courts, he said they were "different" because we have had them in this country for centuries.

  3. Nuttall: I can't cover my face

    The UKIP leader went on to say he is unable wear a balaclava or a helmet if he walks into a bank, so he doesn't see why anyone else should be able to cover their faces.

  4. Nuttall: Bigger security threat

    Paul Nuttall says his party has changed its 2013 stance on banning the burka because the UK faces a "bigger security threat".

    He also says integration is "getting worse".

  5. UKIP's Nuttall: Why I want to ban the burka

    Paul Nuttall

    UKIP leader Paul Nuttall tells Andrew Marr he wants to ban the burka because of a "heightened security risk" and to help "integration".

    He says the ban should be in place "in order for CCTV to be effective".

    He also says burkas have an impact on integration, saying: "You can't integrate fully if you can't see people's faces."

  6. Sunday's papers: Tories increase poll lead - or do they?

    Sunday Express and Mail on Sunday front pages - 23/4/17

    The newspaper front pages are dominated with the coverage of the snap election, but readers may be confused by which party is ahead in the polls.

    The Sunday Mirror says the Tories are now polling at 50%, their highest since 1991.

    While the Sunday Express says one in seven Labour voters have turned to the Conservatives.

    But the Mail on Sunday says Theresa May's hopes of a landslide victory have suffered a "major blow" after her poll lead dropped to 11%.

    Read the full newspaper review.

  7. Tory party chairman on Sunday Politics

    The snap election conversation continues into the afternoon on BBC One with the Sunday Politics programme at 15:15 BST.

    View more on twitter
  8. Which seats could decide the election?

    There are 650 constituencies in the United Kingdom but the election campaign will be concentrated in the marginal battleground seats - the ones with small majorities that are most likely to change hands.  

    What is a marginal seat? Well, there's no official definition but people often look at constituencies where the majority is under 10%.

    Based on the 2015 results there are 10 marginal seats to really look out for.

    Chart showing the most marginal seats in the UK - based on 2015 results
  9. General election: What you need to know

    Polling station

    Want to know why we are having a general election, how the political parties stand in the polls or how to register to vote? Then read our handy guide.

  10. Corbyn and Nuttall on The Andrew Marr Show

    Paul Nuttall will no doubt be asked about his burka ban policy when he appears with Andrew Marr shortly.

    It begins today on BBC1 at the slightly earlier time of 08:55 BST.

    Other guests include Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood.

  11. UKIP 'would ban the burka'

    Woman in a niqab

    A pledge to ban the full-face veils worn by some Muslim women is expected to be included in UKIP's manifesto.

    Party leader Paul Nuttall will launch what he calls an "integration agenda" on Monday.

    He believes wearing the burka and niqab in public is a barrier to social harmony, as well as a security risk.

    UKIP is also proposing to outlaw Sharia law in Britain - the religious rules that form part of Islamic tradition.

    Read more on the story.

  12. Lib Dems: No coalition with Tories or Labour

    Tim Farron

    Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has ruled out a coalition with Labour or the Conservatives.

    In an interview with the Observer, he said: "We will not be doing any king of deal, any kind of coalition, any kind of arrangement."

  13. Tory chairman: Corbyn not a suitable PM

    There's a lot of politics about in the newspapers this morning as you'd expect. Conservative Party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin has criticised Jeremy Corbyn's record on security, saying he could not take the "difficult decisions" necessary in the event of a terrorist attack.

    Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, he said: "The man is not suitable to become prime minister of this country." 

  14. Labour wants to give you more time off

    Jeremy Corbyn

    Jeremy Corbyn says a Labour government would seek to create four new UK-wide bank holidays.

    The holidays would be on each nation's patron saint day - St David's Day on 1 March, St Patrick's Day on 17 March, St George's Day on 23 April and St Andrew's Day on 30 November.

    Mr Corbyn believes the move will "celebrate the national cultures of our proud nations".

    The Labour leader is the main guest on the Andrew Marr Show so we'll no doubt hear more on this policy later.

  15. The Conservatives might cut your energy bill


    The Conservatives are reportedly planning to limit the gas and electricity bills of 20 million people on standard variable tariffs if they are returned to office. 

    Under the proposals, energy regulator Ofgem would cap the deals, which are among the most expensive offered by suppliers.

    The Tory manifesto is due to be published on 8 May.

  16. Good morning

    Welcome to our live politics coverage on the first Sunday since Theresa May called a surprise election. We'll be bringing you all the interviews from the political programmes, starting with the Andrew Marr Show on BBC1 at 9am.