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Live Reporting

Kate Whannel and Paul Seddon

All times stated are UK

  1. Thanks for joining us

    That's all for our text updates from parliament today.

    You can still watch the sitting via live feed for BBC Parliament at the top of this page.

  2. PMQs: What did we learn?

    With Boris Johnson still away after the birth of his son, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab once again deputised for him at PMQs. Here's what happened:

    • Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the effort to source protective kit for healthcare workers is getting worse, not better
    • In response Dominic Raab said there was a "global supply shortage" and the UK's strategy was working overall
    • The foreign secretary said the government is facing a challenge over coronavirus in care homes, there can be no "sugar coating the issue", he said
    • Mr Raab added that a target to carry out 250,000 tests per day remains an "aspiration" but he wouldn't set a deadline for it
    • The foreign secretary also insisted ministers were currently not able to reveal more details of their plans to ease the lockdown
    • Asked about post-Brexit trade talks with the EU, the foreign secretary said the talks should not be extended; the SNP's Westminster leader claimed not to do so would be "gambling our economic future"
  3. PMQs ends

    House of Commons


    And with that PMQs comes to an end.

    MPs now move on to statement from Foreign Office Minister Nigel Adams on the repatriation of UK nationals.

  4. Tory MP pushes government on care for autistic adults

    House of Commons


    Conservative Dame Cheryl Gillan says research carried out before the pandemic found that more than two in three autistic adults were not getting the support they needed.

    She notes that councils now have emergency powers to ease their care duties.

    Dame Cheryl asks for a guarantee that autistic people will not be "disproportionately affected by these changes" and if the government will publish a list of councils who have had to trigger the emergency powers.

    Dominic Raab says the government wants to make sure autistic children and adults are "protected as much as possible" and promises to get back to her with an answer to her specific question on councils.

  5. Universal income wouldn't target most needy, says Raab

    House of Commons


    SNP MP Dave Doogan accuses the government of leaving people behind in its response to support jobs during the coronavirus crisis.

    He says a constituent of his switching jobs has been unable to be put on furlough by either his former or new employer.

    He calls on ministers to instead pay out a form of universal basic income to those affected.

    Rejecting the universal income idea, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says it would not target help at "those who need it the most".

  6. 'Why did UK opt out of EU ventilator scheme?'

    House of Commons


    Labour's Geraint Davies asks at PMQs why the UK opted out of an EU scheme to obtain ventilators.

    "Was it a political or commercial decision," he asks.

    "The original issue was failure of communication," replies Dominic Raab.

    He adds that it is "clear" the scheme would not have made "any significant difference".

    He promises that the UK "will look at any future procurement EU-wide initiatives".

    You can read background to this question here.

  7. Labour MP demands more cash for abuse charities

    House of Commons


    Labour MP Wes Streeting asks for the government to do more to support people at risk of abuse during the coronavirus lockdown.

    He says cash already announced to help children's charities is "not enough".

    He calls on ministers to support a Labour proposal to ringfence 10% of a £750m bailout fund for charities that support abuse victims.

    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says the police are continuing to pursue perpetrators and people should continue to call 999 if needed.

    He says the government is "constantly looking to reinforce" its response to domestic abuse.

  8. No state support for tax haven firms, urges Labour MP

    House of Commons


    Zarah Sultana

    "We should be bailing out the 99% not the 1%," says Labour's Zarah Sultana.

    She urges the government to ensure state support does not go to companies based in tax havens or those who continue to pay dividends.

    Dominic Raab replies that the government is helping both small and big businesses.

    "We should take the partisan baggage out of this," he says adding that business would "create the growth which will drive us through this crisis".

  9. Reality Check

    Are care homes deaths rising?

    By Reality Check team

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer referred to care home deaths rising while hospital deaths are falling.

    Yesterday’s Office for National Statistics figures suggested that there had been 2,050 deaths involving coronavirus in care homes in England and Wales in the week including the Easter bank holiday. That was up from 826 the week before.

    Professor David Spiegelhalter from the University of Cambridge said that these figures together with the number of deaths at home “suggests there are now about as many Covid deaths out of hospital as in hospital. And while hospital deaths are steadily decreasing, there is no sign yet that we are past the peak in care homes.”

    The government says that - from today - it will be announcing daily UK figures for care home deaths. Until now, its figures have largely focused on deaths from coronavirus in hospitals.

  10. Blackford: 'Reckless' not to pause trade talks with EU

    House of Commons


    Ian Blackford

    SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford asks about the UK's insistence that post-Brexit trade talks with the EU will not be extended beyond December.

    Speaking by video link, he accuses ministers of "gambling our economic future" in the middle of a health crisis.

    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab repeats that the UK has "no intention" of prolonging talks beyond the end of the year.

    Mr Blackford says the talks should come to an end and the post-transition period should be extended to end uncertainty, saying not to do so is a "reckless and foolish gamble".

    But Mr Raab says the best way to end uncertainty is to "get a deal by the end of this year".

  11. 108 NHS and social care workers die from virus

    House of Commons


    At the beginning of PMQs, Dominic Raab told MPs that 85 NHS workers and 23 social care workers had sadly died from coronavirus.

    "My very deepest sympathies are with their family and friends at what is an incredibly difficult time, and we'll continue to do whatever it takes to support them," he said.

  12. Starmer urges Raab to work with opposition leaders

    House of Commons


    "We want to support the government on an exit strategy," says Keir Starmer.

    "Will the government work constructively and openly on the question of what happens on the next stage?"

    Dominic Raab says the government "will certainly engage" with opposition leaders.

    However, he adds: "If he is suggesting we can set out concrete proposals [about easing the lockdown] despite clear evidence and advice from Sage, if he thinks he knows better than Sage then he needs to explain that."

  13. UK 'on track to make huge progress' on testing

    House of Commons


    On the topic of testing, UK Labour leader Sir Keir says "demand has gone through the roof" but "sites were unable to cope with number of people booking the test".

    He asks if the government is still hoping to be able to carry out 250,000 tests a day - as previously stated by the prime minister.

    Dominic Raab says the government is "on track to make huge progress" and adds that the 250,000 figure remains an aspiration.

    He adds that the government's target of testing 100,000 by the end of the month is "only the first stepping stone toward the wider testing tracking tracing we will need" to make progress towards the second phase.

  14. Raab: I can't set out dates for easing lockdown

    House of Commons


    UK Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer says at PMQs that his party supports the lockdown measures and is "not asking" for a timeframe on when they will be lifted.

    But he says ministers need to be "open" with the public to gain their trust and allow businesses to plan.

    He asks when an "exit strategy" will be published.

    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab replies that ministers "can't" give dates until they receive the latest advice from scientists.

    He says it would be difficult to "responsibly" set out more details without further information from them.

  15. 'Not true overall' to say things are getting worse - Raab

    House of Commons


    Sir Keir Starmer

    Sir Keir Starmer asks Dominic Raab whether he thinks deaths in care homes are falling or not.

    Switching to the topic of personal protective equipment, he says "you'd hope by now things would be getting better not worse".

    Quoting a survey, he says doctors are not getting the protection they need, and asks: "what is going on, and how soon can it be fixed?"

    Mr Raab says it is "not true overall" to say things are getting worse, and the main elements of the UK strategy are working.

    He says it is important to recognise the "global supply shortage" when it comes to sourcing protective gear.

    He says there are some "positive signs" on death figures for care homes, but they are "within the margin of error".

  16. Raab: A challenge we can and must grip

    House of Commons


    Sir Keir Starmer welcomes the fact that the number of deaths in hospitals admissions are going down.

    "It appears that this isn't the case in care homes," he says.

    He says there has been "anxiety" on the frontline of the care sector over a lack of PPE and testing.

    Dominic Raab replies: "We have a comprehensive plan to ramp up testing in care homes, to overhaul the way PPE is delivered and also to expand the workforce by 20,000.

    He says it is a challenge but adds "this is a challenge that we must grip and can grip"

  17. Starmer: UK 'on track for worse death rate in Europe'

    House of Commons


    Sir Keir Starmer

    For his first question, Sir Keir Starmer says 27,241 people have probably died with coronavirus in all settings, and this number will rise further.

    Referencing Mr Johnson's comments this week on the "apparent success" of the UK lockdown, Sir Keir says the UK is "possibly on track to have the worst death rate in Europe".

    In reply, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says the pandemic is "unprecedented" - and expresses his "joint horror" at the deaths.

    However he says it is "too early" to make international comparisons on the death rates.

  18. Raab: Pays tribute to key workers

    House of Commons


    Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab also pays tribute to the key workers who have lost their lives fighting coronavirus.

    He also wishes a happy birthday to Captain Tom Moore who has raised over £29m for the NHS.

    Dominic Raab