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  1. The UK has voted to leave the European Union after 43 years
  2. David Cameron announces he will resign as prime minister
  3. Leave won by 51.9% to 48.1%
  4. East of England votes to Leave by nearly 57% to 43%
  5. Every district in Suffolk and Essex votes Leave
  6. In eastern half of the region, only Cambridge, South Cambs and Norwich vote Remain
  7. In reaction to the news, the value of the pound fell to its lowest level since 1985

Live Reporting

By Jack Warren

All times stated are UK

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  1. Our EU referendum coverage across the day

    Many thanks for joining us today for our special live page reflecting the EU referendum and the subsequent decision by David Cameron to step down as prime minister.

    We've brought you reaction from our MPs and MEPs, a breakdown of how each county voted, plus the thoughts of businesses from across the region.

    have a good weekend - Local Live will be back at 08:00 on Monday.

  2. 'England can stand on it's own'

    The south Norfolk town of Thetford has grown over decades, starting as a London overspill.

    It now has a diverse population, with many residents from Europe.

    So we sent Mariam Issimdar to find out what people think of Britain leaving the EU.  

    Video content

    Video caption: EU Referendum: The view from Thetford
  3. How will travel be affected?

    Adam Jinkerson

    BBC Local Live

    A visa system? Queues at airports? What will a Brexit mean for travel?

    John Lombari, from Abbot Travel in Royston, believes it could result in a visa system to get into the rest of Europe and "we'll certainly see queues at airports".

    Airplane in the sky

    He said the move is unlikely to make any difference to people who have booked all-inclusive accommodation for this summer and have already paid for the holiday.

    But, he added, "people that haven't already pre-paid for their food, when they go in to the restaurant, when they go out on their tours, their pound is not going to be as strong so therefore they'll be paying more for exactly the same".

    However, Mr Lombari added, a Brexit will "open doors to other destinations" - such as Florida - which may benefit from last night's decision.

  4. EU Reaction: People in Diss Express area have their say on result

    Diss Express

    It is one of the biggest political decisions the United Kingdom will ever make — the voters have spoken, and those who backed Leave are victorious.

    Boris Johnson standing by a microphone and holding his glasses
  5. Businesses want 'swift, decisive and coordinated' action

    Kate Williams

    BBC Local Live

    John Dugmore, chief executive of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, said the next few weeks will be crucial after the vote to leave the EU.

    He said: "Some business people will be pleased with the result, and others resigned to it. Yet all companies will expect swift, decisive, and coordinated action from the government and the Bank of England to stabilise markets if trading conditions or the availability of capital change dramatically."

  6. Former prime minister pays tribute to David Cameron

    Former Prime Minister Sir John Major, says he's "very, very sad that David Cameron has decided he has go to", praising his premiership and the strong economy legacy that he's left the country.

    Sir John Major

    Sir John, who represented the constituency of Huntingdonshire constituency, said he thought the prime minister had "made the right decision... he had no choice."

    Quote Message: Part of David Cameron's legacy is that he put in place an economy and the right people to deal with the turbulence that's bound to live ahead of us. He will be very much missed." from Sir John Major Former Prime Minister
    Sir John MajorFormer Prime Minister
  7. 'A different kind of politics'

    Norwich businesswoman Debbie Waring says we've seen a different kind of politics at this Referendum.

    Ms Waring, a director of Warings Furniture, said: "We look into things ourselves; we research, talk to each other, share information, and then work out what we want.... the world has changed and that's the wake-up call."  

    Exterior view of Warings Furniture on Cattle Market Street in Norwich
    Quote Message: The politicians unfortunately have got themselves into a position where they believed that they tell us what to do... and I don't think that's they way of the world anymore." from Debbie Waring
    Debbie Waring
  8. Cambridgeshire residents express their views

    Adam Jinkerson

    BBC Local Live

    There was a lot of emotion among listeners to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this morning, as residents up and down the county aired their views.

    Quotes from Cambridgeshire residents
  9. Leave campaigner: 'I was called a racist'

    Adam Jinkerson

    BBC Local Live

    MP for Castle Point, Rebecca Harris, has told BBC Essex how she was called a racist whilst campaigning for Vote Leave.

    "Someone told me I was a racist for wanting to leave the European Union which obviously was absolutely, totally false and unfair.

    "After a few days tensions will calm down ... we've got our country back and we've got a bright future."

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  10. Pete Reeve: PM was 'absolutely right to go'

    Adam Jinkerson

    BBC Local Live

    UKIP's county councillor for Ramsey, Pete Reeve, told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire that he thinks David Cameron was right to stand down.

    UKIP County Councillor Pete Reeve

    "The vote that happened to leave the European Union was based on his negotiation of changing it. It's the package he came back with that the people have rejected. I think Cameron is absolutely right to go," he said.

    "I think the stability he's looking for is in his own party. There's every danger that him hanging around doesn't give us the stability, it destabilises the country."

  11. How Norwich was alone in voting remain in Norfolk

    Alex Dunlop

    BBC Look East

    With its university and research park, Norwich is a city with strong European links.

    Whilst nearly six out of 10 residents across Norfolk voted to leave the EU, Norwich was the only one of 28 councils across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex to vote to remain.

    BBC Look East's Alex Dunlop went out to find out why.  

    Video content

    Video caption: Nearly 60% of residents in Norfolk voted to leave the EU
  12. 'Labour is out of touch with its supporters'

    Andrew Sinclair

    BBC Look East political correspondent

    If any party is out of touch with its supporters in the region, it is Labour.

    Norwich and Cambridge did vote Remain but in other traditional Labour strongholds, like Harlow, Basildon, Ipswich, Peterborough, Northampton and Great Yarmouth (which recorded the fifth highest Leave vote in the country), the party's supporters backed Brexit in large numbers.

    With another election looming, Labour will need to make it a priority to reconnect with its supporters in the East.

    Those who won this referendum will be expected to tackle immigration and restore trust in politics - quickly. 

  13. 'There was a lot of anger' among voters

    Andrew Sinclair

    BBC Look East political correspondent

    You only had to spend  few days on the campaign trail or go along to some of the well-attended public meetings to see that deep down there was a lot of anger.

    Anger about immigration and the pressures which people believe it puts on public services.

    And anger with politicians. Too often I head people complain that "politicians don't understand us and they don't keep their word." 

    There appears to have been a complete breakdown of trust in, and respect for, the political establishment.  

    And every time it issued another warning about the dangers of leaving the EU, it seemed to embolden a few more people to decide to vote to leave.

  14. A clear message from the east: 'We want out'

    Andrew Sinclair

    BBC Look East political correspondent

    The warnings could not have been greater... 300,000 jobs at risk in the East of England, the loss of millions of pounds of new investment, damage to the region's status as a world leader in science and research.  

    But despite all this, the East sent a very clear message:  "We've had enough of the EU, we want out."

    The shock among Remain campaigners in the region is palpable. They knew we were Euro-sceptic, they were expecting a strong showing for Leave. But they thought more than four areas in the east would back Remain and they didn't see the national result coming.

  15. Video content

    Video caption: Ipswich reacts to decision to leave EU

    There is mixed reaction in Ipswich to news that Britain has voted to leave the European Union.

  16. Fenland leads leave vote in Cambridgeshire

    Adam Jinkerson

    BBC Local Live

    The BBC's Robert Hall has been spending some time in Wisbech today where 71.4% of Fenland voters backed the Leave campaign.

    About a third of the population of the market town are Eastern European.

    "They’re worried about their jobs and they’re worries about their future status," said our reporter.

    Robert Hall in Wisbech
  17. How the vote broke down, county by county

    Here's another look at how Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk voted. If you missed the Essex details earlier, take a scroll down the page:

    Cambridgeshire EU vote: 50.5% leave, 49.5% remain
    Norfolk EU vote: 58.4% leave, 41.6% remain
    Suffolk EU vote: 57.2% leave, 42.8% remain
  18. 'I'm absolutely elated - and I haven't been to bed yet!'

    Richard Haugh

    BBC News

    There were mixed reactions to the Brexit vote among people in Ipswich today.

    Like all other districts in Suffolk, the town voted to leave the EU.

    While some were happy and proud, others were worried and anxious.

    Video content

    Video caption: Ipswich reacts to decision to leave EU