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Live Reporting

Alun Jones and Nia Harri

All times stated are UK

  1. Hwyl fawr

    That brings today's proceedings in the Siambr to a close.

    Senedd Live returns tomorrow morning for the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee.

  2. 'Derogatory, disrespectful and even defamatory manner'

    UKIP's David Rowlands says older people "are all too often spoken about in a derogatory, disrespectful and even defamatory manner - and I'm not talking about my family".

  3. 'More priority needed for the care sector'

    Dai Lloyd says Plaid Cymru supports the call for a Bill of rights for older people.

    He also calls for more priority for the care sector.

    Dai Lloyd
  4. Call for bill of rights for older people

    On behalf of the Conservatives, Janet Finch-Saunders calls on the Welsh Government to introduce a bill of rights for older people, "to codify in Welsh law those rights pertaining to older people, so as to empower older people to speak up where their rights are not being fulfilled".

    She also calls on the Welsh Government to "urgently address concerns raised by the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales that a significant number of older people in Wales cannot access independent advocacy services".

    Janet Finch-Saunders
  5. 'A nation where everyone can look forward to growing old'

    Minister for Children, Older People and Social Care Huw Irranca-Davies says Sarah Rochira has spoken with "an informed and confident voice about how we can all work together to create resilient communities and become a nation where everyone can look forward to growing old".

  6. 'Much more still needs to be done'

    The final item today is a debate on the Older People's Commissioner for Wales's Annual Report 2017-18.

    Sarah Rochira’s final day as commissioner will be Friday 1 June after six years in the post.

    She says in the report that "there is much good work and good practice underway across Wales to improve older people’s lives".

    However, she adds that "much more still needs to be done to recognise older people as the vital asset that they are to Wales, to uphold their rights, to protect them from harm, to deliver the changes they want and need to see, and to make the aspiration that underpins much of our policy and legislation in Wales a reality in older people’s day-to-day lives."

    Sarah Rochira
  7. Warning against 'over-complicating childhoods'

    UKIP's Michelle Brown expresses concern over the overhaul of sex education in Wales.

    She says she is "startled" by the recommendation that five year olds should be taught about relationships and sexuality.

    She warns against "over-complicating childhoods".

  8. 'All 11 recommendations should be accepted'

    Plaid Cymru's Llyr Gruffydd urges Kirsty Williams to accept all 11 recommendations directed at the Welsh Government by the Expert Panel convened to examine the current provision of sex and relationships education and how schools can be better supported to deliver it consistently and to a high standard.

  9. 'Developmentally ready?'

    Conservative Darren Millar says "some people will have some concerns about the possibility of introducing issues into the classroom for five year olds for which they may not be prepared for developmentally".

    Kirsty Williams says "we are not looking to teach children about topics for which they are not developmentally ready.

    "We currently have the Foundation Phase, which provides learning for our youngest children; this includes an area of learning for Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity."

  10. Initial funding of £200,000

    Initial funding of £200,000 will be given to education bodies to scope out what support teachers need to deliver Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE).

    Another £50,000 has been awarded to Welsh Women's Aid to develop resources and training for schools.

    While RSE will come into force as part of the new curriculum being rolled out in 2022, the change in name will come in next year with new guidance also being published.

    It will include advice on how to teach a range of topics such as education for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex pupils (LGBTQI) and issues of sexual consent and prevention of violence against women.

    Primary school children will be taught about relationships
    Image caption: Primary school children will be taught about relationships
  11. Statement by the Cabinet Secretary for Education

    The final statement of the day is by the Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams: Relationships and Sexuality Education.

    Children in Wales will be taught what makes healthy relationships and there will be more emphasis on sexuality as part of an overhaul of sex education.

    Primary and secondary schools will have a statutory duty to cover the issues.

    Older pupils will have lessons on issues such as domestic abuse and gender identity while younger ones will learn about family relationships.

    The Welsh Government's shift in focus is to try to bridge a gap between what is taught and pupils' experiences.

    Sex education is currently only compulsory in secondary schools but from 2022 all children aged from five to 16 will be taught Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE).

    Children will be taught how to stay safe online
    Image caption: Children will be taught how to stay safe online
  12. Third phase of implementation of the Regulation and Inspection Act

    Huw Irranca-Davies says the Welsh Government is now into the third phase of implementation of the Regulation and Inspection Act.

    Phase three covers adoption, fostering, adult placement and advocacy services.

    He says that consultations relating to fostering, adult placement and advocacy services are launching imminently, to be followed by a consultation on adoption services in early autumn.

    Subject to the agreement of this Assembly, he hopes to see registration opening and the standards now being consulted on applying to service providers in these areas from April 2019.

  13. Statement by the Minister for Children, Older People and Social Care

    The next statement is by the Minister for Children, Older People and Social Care Huw Irranca-Davies: "Transforming Social Care in Wales: Implementation of the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act".

    New service requirements for providers and responsible individuals of regulated services came into force on 2 April 2018.

    The Regulations apply to the following services:

    • care home
    • secure accommodation
    • residential family centre
    • domiciliary support.
    Huw Irranca-Davies
  14. 'Relatively few number of women in leadership role'

    UKIP's Michelle Brown calls on the academy to address the "relatively few number of women in leadership roles".

    She stresses the importance of scrutiny to ensure the costs of the academy are proportionate and do not divert resources from front-line teaching services.

    Michelle Brown
  15. 'Teachers need more time for professional development'

    Plaid Cymru's Llyr Gruffydd stresses the need for teachers to be afforded more time for professional development to realise their potential.

    Llyr Gruffydd
  16. National Academy based in Swansea

    Kirsty Williams says the National Academy for Educational Leadership, based in Swansea, will have "seven or eight" staff members.

  17. Welsh taxpayers' money

    In relation to professional development, Conservative Darren Millar seeks assurance that "those things that don't meet the mark will be scrapped, and we won't see Welsh taxpayers' money wasted on certain things which we've spent money on in the past".

    Darren Millar
  18. 'Truly excited that the academy is in place'

    Kirsty Williams says she is "truly excited that the academy is in place to support our leaders to make a difference to the lives of children and young people".

  19. Statement by the Cabinet Secretary for Education

    We move on to a statement by the Cabinet Secretary for Education Kirsty Williams, on the new National Academy for Educational Leadership

    The academy, at arms length from the Welsh Government, has the aim of "preparing all leaders in the Welsh education system with the right skills and knowledge to benefit pupils".

    Kirsty Williams
  20. 'Yet another tier of bureaucracy'

    UKIP's David Rowlands says "it is gratifying to see the Welsh Government now has a clear idea of its role in supporting the business community, especially with regard to investment".

    However he describes the new overarching Ministerial Advisory Board as "yet another tier of bureaucracy".

    David Rowlands