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Live Reporting

Alun Jones and Siwan Richards

All times stated are UK

  1. Hwyl fawr

    That brings today's proceedings in the Siambr to a close.

    Senedd Live returns tomorrow for the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee.

  2. New £105 million Integrated Care Fund capital programme

    Rebecca Evans says "housing is the platform to prevention and early intervention for social care, and it is also the key to helping to make services more sustainable.

    "The new £105 million Integrated Care Fund capital programme aims to maximise the contribution housing interventions can make to improve service delivery, whilst also alleviating the pressures on the NHS and the delivery of social care."

    Rebecca Evans
  3. Statement by the Minister for Housing and Regeneration

    The final statement of the day is by the Minister for Housing and Regeneration Rebecca Evans: 'Integrating Housing, Health and Social Care'.

  4. Statement by the Minister for Environment

    We move on to a Statement by the Minister for Environment Hannah Blythyn, on the Woodland Strategy.

    The Welsh Government’s Woodlands for Wales Forestry Strategy and accompanying 5-year action plan sets a target of 2,000 hectares of new planting per annum - "Increasing woodland cover and developing a competitive and integrated forestry sector are key outcomes of the Strategy".

  5. 'NHS was created long before the EU'

    UKIP group leader Caroline Jones says "Our NHS was created long before the EU and will be here long after we leave".

  6. 'Blasé about the biggest threat we have faced in modern times'

    Plaid Cymru's Rhun ap Iorwerth says the Conservatives "shouldn't be blasé about the biggest threat we have faced in modern times in Wales".

    Rhun ap Iorwerth
  7. 'UK government does not want or expect a no deal outcome'

    Conservative Angela Burns says "there is a degree of mischief making in this statement, because this is still a negotiation.

    "The UK government does not want or expect a no deal outcome".

    Angela Burns
  8. 'Real and lasting consequences'

    Vaughan Gething says the Brexit risks for Health and Social Care are "obvious and critical", including access to current and new medicines, medical technology and innovations, the necessity of continued international research, collaboratio nand innovation, and protecting access to essential healthcare for EU citizens in Wales and Welsh citizens in the EU27.

    He warns, "if unresolved, they will have real and lasting consequences for our services for individuals, families and communities across Wales".

    Vaughan Gething
  9. 'Risks for the future of health and social care in Wales'

    The next statement is by the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Services Vaughan Gething: "Brexit – the risks for the future of health and social care in Wales".

  10. Gypsies, Roma and Travellers plan 'needs to be more ambitious'

    Plaid Cymru's Sian Gwenllian talks of the need to upgrade many of the current sites.

    She says the Enabling Gypsies, Roma and Travellers document needs to be more ambitious in the parts dealing with education, health, employment and skills.

    Sian Gwenllian
  11. 'Identify and meet the accommodation needs'

    Conservative Mark Isherwood says that "everyone will be disadvantaged until we identify and meet the accommodation needs of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers, enabling the provision of authorised residential and transit sites".

    Mark Isherwood AM
  12. BREAKING: Gareth Bennett to run for UKIP Wales leadership

    UKIP AM Gareth Bennett has announced that he is throwing his hat in the ring for the UKIP Wales leadership election.

    Mr Bennett, 49, said that his key themes would be campaigning for the abolition of the Welsh Assembly, and "rowing back against the increasing cost of the Welsh language provisions".

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  13. Statement by the Leader of the House

    We move on to a Statement by the Leader of the House, Julie James: "Enabling Gypsies, Roma and Travellers".

    The Enabling Gypsies, Roma and Travellers document set out proposals for how the Welsh Government would be seeking to improve access to advice and services and reduce inequalities experienced by these communities.

    The plan and consultation summary can be found here.

    Gypsy caravan
  14. 'Increasing frustration with the lack of clarity'

    Brian Meechan

    BBC Wales business correspondent

    Quote Message: This is not a shock in that Airbus has been warning for years that it might be less likely to invest in Wales and the rest of the UK in future if it doesn't have easy access to the EU. It is a sign of its increasing frustration with the lack of clarity over the future trading relationship that it is now saying its long-term commitments, including to its Flintshire plant, could be in doubt. Airbus currently has workers and products moving quickly and seamlessly across EU countries and it is planning for what happens if that stops after Brexit. There are also a number of companies in Flintshire whose business in a large part revolves around supplying Airbus so there would be a ripple effect on the local economy if it invests less or begins to withdraw completely. Some have argued that the company wouldn't really do this but many said the same about Tata's warnings over a number of years that it was at risk due to high energy costs and cheap Chinese steel. Politicians only made moves to tackle its problems after it put its entire UK operations up for sale."
  15. 'Latest example of fake news by project fear'

    UKIP's Neil Hamilton says "'it's hard to stifle a yawn at the latest example of fake news by project fear."

    He says "this is a political statement in the propaganda war by the remainer establishment".

    He adds, "most aircraft components would be tariff free under WTO [World Trade Organization] rules".

    He concludes, "Airbus has nothing to worry about".

    Neil Hamiton AC
  16. 'Brexit wake-up call'

    Plaid Cymru's Llyr Gruffydd says were Airbus to abandon Broughton the effects would be worse than when Shotton steelworks axed more than 6,500 jobs in 1980.

    He describes Airbus' warning as a "real Brexit wake-up call".

    Llyr Gruffydd
  17. 'Commitment to get best possible deal'

    Conservative Russell George says the UK government has "restated its commitment on countless occasions to get the best possible deal for the UK and Welsh economy".

    Russell George
  18. 'Time to rule out a no-deal scenario'

    Thousands of Welsh jobs are at risk as Airbus has warned it could leave the UK if it exits the European Union single market and customs union without a transition deal after Brexit.

    Ken Skates says Airbus' warning is of "very serious concern to the Welsh economy".

    He says the "situation is now critical", and it is "time to rule out a no-deal scenario".

    Ken Skates
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  19. Planemaker 'could leave the UK'

    The next statement by Ken Skates, on the recent Airbus Group announcement.

    The planemaker said it could leave the UK and cut thousands of jobs if the UK leaves the single market and customs union without a transition deal.

    The company employs 14,000 people at 25 sites in the UK, with around half of its employees in Wales.

  20. 'The goalposts have moved'

    Brian Meechan

    BBC Wales business correspondent

    Quote Message: This was a project that seemed at one point to have widespread and almost universal support in Wales. It required the UK government to agree a significant strike price - a subsidy paid by consumers through energy bills - although the exact amount varied depending on the length of time that price was set for and whether other taxpayer funding was invested in the project. The independent report by Charles Hendry was very supportive of the tidal lagoon. However, it also said that doing a full, value for money, assessment was beyond its scope. In recent months, some in the business community have been privately raising concerns about the cost of the project and its impact on energy bills. While Tidal Lagoon Power and the Welsh Government now say it is the same price as nuclear power, the UK government insist it is double. However, the goalposts have moved. There was huge criticism of the UK government over the price for energy struck for the new nuclear plant across the water at Hinkley Point. With a pledge not to commit bill payers to such costs again, even getting the cost of the lagoon to a similar figure was unlikely to be good enough. It seems, ultimately, that UK ministers do not have confidence that the lagoon developers are able to deliver the project at the price they now think is reasonable for consumers to pay. Especially as other options such as wind energy come in at a much lower cost."