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Live Reporting

By Sophie Morris, Ryan Brown and Robbie Hawkins

All times stated are UK

  1. By Peter Barnes

    Senior elections and political analyst, BBC News


    The Brexit bill has passed its first hurdle, with the UK set to leave the EU on 31 January.

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  2. That's it from us

    House of Commons


    That's it for our coverage today, as MPs complete their third day of debate on the withdrawal agreement.

    Tory MP Sir Hugo Swire is now introducing his adjournment debate on the illegal trade in seahorses in the UK.

    MPs are due to continue their debate on the Brexit deal on Monday afternoon.

  3. Fox: Time to 'live up to our side of the bargain'

    Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Commons


    Liam Fox

    International Trade Secretary Liam Fox says the "status quo has never been on offer" as the EU "wants an ever closer union".

    "We have to find a compromise that makes this workable," he says, adding: "the withdrawal agreement achieves just that, and is the only deal on the table".

    DUP MP Ian Paisley intervenes to says the "gallows are being built" for the deal ahead of Tuesday's planned vote - and asks if there have been discussions about delaying it.

    Liam Fox replies says ministers will "continue to make the case" for the deal, but adds: "the government will want to talk to members, of course it will want to look to ways to give a reassurance".

    He says "I understand why MPs have concerns about the backstop, but it is clear that it is there to be a temporary measure".

    Liam Fox says Labour is "playing politics at a time of great national decision-making", and their Brexit policy is "ill-researched and delusional".

    He says that by agreeing to hold to the referendum, Parliament "sub-contracted its sovereignty" to voters, and MPs must now "live up to our side of the bargain".

  4. Gardiner: Ministers 'have tried to exclude Parliament'

    Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Commons


    Barry Gardiner

    Winding up the debate for Labour, shadow international trade minister Barry Gardiner says the government has "tried to exclude Parliament from the process at all stages".

    "This is a deal that members on all sides now believe is not in the best interest of the country," he says.

    Mr Gardiner says the UK will be "much poorer than we otherwise would be" under the government's agreement.

    He calls on Liam Fox to be "yet more flexible still" on the next steps for Brexit, and "recall his own words" given to a Sunday newspaper in 2012.

    Back then, he says, Mr Fox called for the UK to renegotiate a "new relationship" with the EU, based on "an economic partnership involving a customs union and the single market in goods and services".

    "The secretary of state may not like it, but it sounds an awful lot like Labour party policy to me", he adds.

  5. DUP MP: Irish backstop plan 'not acceptable'

    Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Commons


    Jim Shannon

    Like other MPs today, the DUP's Jim Shannon picks up on the proposed 'backstop' plan for the Irish border in the government's deal.

    He says there is "no legal form for leaving this international treaty without consent", adding that this is "not acceptable".

    He says the people of Northern Ireland must stand up for themselves and he has "a mistrust for the government at this time".

    "The government have voted for Northern Ireland to become a voiceless victim of the UK," he concludes.

  6. Labour MP: This deal does not protect workplace rights

    Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Commons


    Karen Lee

    Next up this evening is Labour MP Karen Lee - who was a Remainer in 2016 but her constituency of Lincoln voted to leave.

    She "sincerely believes" there is a Brexit deal that will benefit her constituents, she says.

    "But this deal will not protect jobs, workplace rights or environmental standards, and it will inhibit business by failing to ensure frictionless trade", she adds.

    "We can renegotiate with the EU - or better still, hold a general election".

  7. Tory MP: Permanent backstop not in EU's interest

    Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Commons


    Vicky Ford

    Conservative Vicky Ford - who used to be member of the European Parliament and voted Remain - says MPs need to respect the vote to leave.

    "A second referendum would be even more divisive and no more decisive," she adds.

    Ms Ford says leaving the EU with no deal poses "a huge risk" and the withdrawal agreement helps real businesses remain secure and offers time to develop a future framework.

    She calls Labour's plan of "a close relationship with the single market without being in it" a "fantasy land".

    Ms Ford says the backstop plan is not a "practical risk", as remaining in the arrangement permanently "is not in the EU's interest".

  8. 'Deal is better than what we have now' - Tory MP

    Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Commons


    Andrew Bowie

    Tory MP Andrew Bowie says many of his colleagues on the Conservative benches are still "struggling to come to a conclusion" on which way they will vote.

    He adds that he voted to leave the EU "and supports the deal".

    Mr Bowie says he backs the agreement "as it is the best for business, his constituents and Scotland".

    "I believe this deal is better than what we have now," he says.

  9. 'We cannot leave the club and keep all the benefits'

    EU Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Commons


    Dame Louise Ellman

    Labour MP Dame Louise Ellman says the deal provides no certainty and there is no guarantee that a better one could be negotiated.

    Leaving without a deal on the other hand is not an option, she adds.

    The only other option is that MPs go back to the people and tell them the truth that "we cannot leave the club and expect to keep all the benefits".

    "That is mission impossible", she says.

    "It is time for a people's vote".

  10. Deal 'a failure of nerve and ambition' - Tory MP

    Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Commons


    Lee Rowley

    Tory MP Lee Rowley says "we are arguing over commas in this deal, when whole paragraphs of it do not work", and for this reason he will not be backing the deal.

    "I did not come to this place to make people poorer," he says.

    "I cannot go back to my constituents and say this deal gives them Brexit - it does not".

    He says he disagrees with the deal as it is "a failure of nerve and ambition", and calls for it to be stopped.

    Mr Rowley calls on the government "to move the UK out of its shadow" and "get Brexit back on track".

  11. Labour MP: Ministers have 'sold out' Northern Ireland

    Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Commons


    Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi

    Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi says the Brexit legal advice published this week shows Northern Ireland "has been sold out".

    The Brexit process has been "blurred, botched and bungled from the very start", he adds.

    Mr Singh Dhesi says the prime minister is "not up to the task" and "has created division and discord".

    The Conservatives must "stand aside" to allow a general election, he concludes.

  12. Lords adjourn

    House of Lords


    The debate on the government's Brexit deal has ended - and business in the House of Lords for today comes to an end.

    Peers will resume the debate on Monday.

  13. Brexit deal 'surprisingly good in the circumstances'

    EU Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Lords


    Lord Horam

    Wrapping up the Lords debate, Tory peer Lord Horam says the referendum result was "a wake up call".

    He says the withdrawal agreement is "surprisingly good in the circumstances", but Brexit is not the answer to the "fundamental social problems" that triggered the vote to leave.

    He does not expect the agreement to win Parliament's approval, he says, warning that if the decision is to be returned to the people the Remain side must do better.

  14. Tory MP: This deal is in public interest

    Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    Maggie Throup

    Conservative MP Maggie Throup says she will be supporting the government's Brexit deal next week "if it stays the same".

    She says another referendum would be "undemocratic".

    She calls for MPs to "end the political games, and reflect on what the consequences of rejecting this deal will be".

    "This deal is in the public interest," she says.

  15. Tory MP: I have 'serious concerns' about backstop

    Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate

    House of Commons


    Conservative MP, Giles Watling

    Conservative Giles Watling, who voted Remain, says he was re-elected in his leave-voting constituency because his party pledged to "deliver on their wishes".

    The government's Brexit deal "does tick so many of the boxes", he says - but he adds that he still has "serious concerns" about the backstop.

    "What has been the point of the last two years of uncertainty and pain" he asks, if the UK is "still under the dominion the European Court of Justice".

    "Best endeavours" to negotiate a future relationship deal are "not cast iron", he concludes.