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Live Reporting

By Paul Seddon and Kate Whannel

All times stated are UK

  1. Opposition would 'set country back decades' - PM

    House of Commons


    Mr Johnson sets out what he argues are the dividing lines between the Conservatives and Labour.

    "What we have is a choice between a semi-Marxist opposition that would set the country back decades, and a one-nation government that understands the vital importance of wealth creation," he says.

  2. Johnson pledges to end 'unfair prosecution' of soldiers

    House of Commons


    On the issue of historical allegations against veterans, Boris Johnson says: "This government understands that no-one can escape justice for a crime that they have committed, but we also understand that there should be no unfair prosecution when no new evidence has been produced."

    The latter "cannot be right", he says.

    The PM also says the "free market success" of the UK economy is what will pay for spending on the Armed Forces.

  3. PM: I will do everything I can to prevent Corbyn becoming PM

    House of Commons


    Mr Johnson notes that Mr Corbyn recently said he was daunted about the prospect of becoming PM.

    "He is not alone in that," Mr Johnson says.

    "So is his own party, most of the House of Commons and indeed the country," he says.

    He tells the Labour leader not to worry, saying: "I intend to do everything I can to prevent that happening."

  4. PM criticises Labour position on Brexit

    House of Commons


    Boris Johnson

    Continuing, Boris Johnson accuses Jeremy Corbyn of resembling the double-faced Roman god Janus with his stance on Brexit.

    The Labour leader "was in favour of delivering Brexit", but now favours another referendum, he tells MPs.

    He also accuses Labour of wanting to "abandon immigration controls altogether".

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  5. PM quotes Goldie Lookin Chain

    House of Commons


    Boris Johnson

    The PM also pays tribute to "much-loved" Labour MP Paul Flynn - who died earlier this year.

    He describes him as "a proud and witty Welshmen" who earned an obituary from Goldie Lookin Chain - "a south Wales rap ensemble", as he describes them.

    He quotes the group: "Across parties Paul was revered, and it's just possible he was born with that beard... Paul you were the best, forever representing Newport West.”

  6. Boris Johnson begins speech

    House of Commons


    The prime minister now begins his speech.

    He says his government "aims to create a new age of opportunity for the country".

    He says the Queen's Speech set out "a vision of an open global free trading UK" with a "high trade, low tax economy".

  7. Corbyn: Queen's Speech 'no more than fool's gold'

    House of Commons


    Concluding his speech, Mr Corbyn says there is "no action" in the Queen's Speech on the issue of climate change.

    The government's legislative programme, he says, is a "propaganda exercise" that "cannot disguise" that the government has "failed on Brexit for over three years".

    "The prime minister promised that this Queen’s Speech would dazzle us – on closer inspection it turns out to be nothing more than fool’s gold," he says.

  8. Corbyn attacks government on buses and housing

    House of Commons


    The Labour leader notes that "there is nothing in this Queen’s Speech to reverse the devastating cuts to local bus services."

    On housing, he urges the PM to take action against landlords who won't replace dangerous "Grenfell-style cladding".

    He also says Labour will "not allow this government to stifle democracy by making it harder for people to vote" - a reference to plans to tackle electoral fraud, including requiring people to show an approved form of ID before voting in general and local elections.

    He says the measures will will "disproportionately affect working class, ethnic minority and young voters".

  9. Corbyn criticises ministers over schools, police, and prisons

    House of Commons


    Jeremy Corbyn says the government has only offered "warm words" on mental health, with some people facing months to get treatment.

    It's the "same story", he says, on the issue of social care. Also, he says the Queen's Speech was "shockingly weak" on the subject of education.

    He also criticises cuts to the police force and the pay of public sector workers.

    On crime, he says prisons are "severely overcrowded", and the government's part-privatisation of the probation service was a "shambolic and costly failure".

  10. Corbyn: Speech barely unpicks austerity cuts

    House of Commons


    Jeremy Corbyn

    Jeremy Corbyn says the speech was "supposed to herald an end to austerity and a new vision".

    "Instead it barely begins to unpick the devastating cuts made to public services," he says.

    He laments "falling life expectancy and rising infant mortality" and urges the PM to "end privatisation so that our NHS can focus on making people better, not people on the make".

  11. Could there be an early general election?

    A horse next to a polling station sign

    Jeremy Corbyn says a general election is looming. So just how quickly could one happen?

    You can read our guide here

  12. Corbyn: UK children facing 'mental health crisis'

    House of Commons


    Turning to economic matters, Jeremy Corbyn says there was "nothing in the Queen's Speech" to address low pay, insecure work and low productivity.

    He says school budgets and poor housing are contributing to a "mental health crisis" among schoolchildren, and "almost a lost generation".

    He says Labour welcomes the legislation to force full tips to be passed on to staff, but says the government must go further.

    He calls on ministers to end "punitive sanctions in the benefits system".

  13. Corbyn: Government has failed to deliver Brexit

    House of Commons


    "This government has had three and half years to get Brexit done," says Mr Corbyn.

    "And they have failed."

    He says the "only legitimate way to sort Brexit now is to let the people decide with a final say".

  14. Corbyn brands Queen's Speech a 'farce'

    House of Commons


    Continuing, Jeremy Corbyn says there has never been "such a farce" as a government with a majority of minus 45 outlining a Queen's Speech.

    The speech, he says, contains measures that ministers "know cannot be delivered in this Parliament".

    He says with a general election looming, MPs could soon be hearing the first Queen's Speech of a Labour government.

  15. Labour leader pays tribute to Paul Flynn

    House of Commons


    Opening the debate, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn begins by paying tribute to MPs who died during the last session of Parliament.

    He says veteran Labour MP Paul Flynn - who died in February this year - was an "excellent representative" of his constituents.

  16. 20,000 police officers or Coleen Rooney?

    House of Commons


    Sarah Newton

    Next to speak is the Conservative MP for Turo and Falmouth, Sarah Newton.

    She welcomes new funding for an increase in "the number of detectives painstakingly gathering and researching evidence to solve crimes on our streets".

    She says the money will fund 20,000 officers - "or one Coleen Rooney", she adds.

    The wife of footballer Wayne Rooney was recently applauded for her detective skills after spending five months working out who was giving out information from her personal Instagram account.