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  1. Panellists included Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Labour MP Jim Murphy
  2. The debate came as polls suggest a narrowing of the gap between the Yes and No campaigns
  3. The referendum on Scottish independence takes place on 18 September
  4. Voters in Scotland will be asked: 'Should Scotland be an independent country?'

Live Reporting

By Marianne Taylor, Aiden James and Louise Sayers

All times stated are UK

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  1. Bye for now

    Right, that's it from us for now. Thanks for all your contributions tonight.

    For more analysis of all the issues at the centre of the independence debate, go to the Scotland Decides website.

    Scotland Decides
  2. More reaction


    Angus MacKay: Actually enjoyed the #bbcindyref debate from Aberdeen. Very civilised for a change.

  3. Tweeting along

    Alistair Brodie: I realise why @BBCJamesCook is my favourite MC it's because he lets it show that he wants to know the answers for himself #bbcindyref

    BJ, Edinburgh texts: Goldie and Murphy - a stuck record imo! Very unimpressive!

  4. Higher education - your views


    Steven Tait: A loss of UK funding and the uncertainty it will bring will inevitably drive academics and leading researchers away from Scotland. We are already beginning to see this as people plan for their move given a Yes vote. This will ruin Scotland's excellence in higher education and Research.

    Peter, Caithness: Scottish universities attract research funding not because they are Scottish but because of the work they do.

  5. The end...

    And that's the end of another debate. The next debate in the series is on Sunday 14 September in Stirling.

  6. Twitter reaction


    Lady J: Voting on Independence isn't as simple as voting for or against the #snp it's more important than that long term #bbcindyref #indyref

    Lewis Brown: We might all disagree on areas of POLICY, but without #indy none of us have full control of deciding what those policies are! #bbcindyref

    Ross Jardine: This referendum debate would be better if it was in the thunderdome.

  7. 'Concern'

    Annabel Goldie says "within academia there is concern" about the ability to fund higher education.

  8. Research

    An audience member says higher education is also about research and asks if there will be a "funding gap" if Scotland leaves the UK.

  9. Get involved

    Text 80295

    Sarah in Fife: I am disabled. Under an independent government would disabled people still have to suffer the humiliating 'atos' style testing to prove that our disabilities are real?

    Tony, Dundee: The Tories must be laughing up their sleeves at their "New Labour" Thatcherites. I truly hope men and women like Jim Murphy will join Team Scotland.

  10. 'Next manifesto'

    Pressed to promise free tuition fees by an audience member, Jim Murphy says Labour would "set out its policies in its next manifesto".

  11. Get involved


    Karan Simson: Can you tell me, a senior nurse who is still undecided on how to vote, when you are going to bring NHS wages into line with inflation and stop us living in poverty?

    Patricia Donnelly: Is the lever of economy not our base interest rate? Brian's opinions sound very similar to Tory policy? Corporate tax cuts?

    David Anderson: If Westminster pays out £6.3 billion more than it gets in as Jim Murphy claims, then why are they so desperate to hang on to us?

  12. 'Equal opportunities'

    Jim Murphy says everyone wants equal opportunities but argues that volatile oil revenues would risk public spending under independence.

    Jim Murphy
  13. 'Sky high'

    Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland has to charge students from elsewhere in the UK because "Westminster has imposed sky high tuition fees".

  14. 'Really personal'

    Nicola Sturgeon says education is devolved but "our budget" is not. She says free education is "really personal" for her.

    Nicola Sturgeon
  15. Devolved education

    Two members of the audience say that education is already devolved in Scotland.

  16. 'Entrepreneurs'

    Brian Souter says independence would be best for higher education and defends the SNP's proposed 3% cut in corporation tax as a way for "entrepreneurs" to create jobs.

  17. Higher education question

    The next question is:

    What's better for higher education - independence or union?

  18. 'Change country'

    "Let's work to change our whole country, these islands," says Jim Murphy, rather than relying on the "uncosted promises of the SNP".

  19. Labour government

    "Every person in Scotland could vote Labour and we wouldn't get a Labour government if England votes Tory," claims Nicola Sturgeon.

  20. Twitter reaction


    Lee Alexander: #bbcindyref Annabel Goldie, a sane calm voice in the debate, not wrankled, not intimidated, a great lady.

    John Baikie: Most of the yes brigade shouting about getting the government they vote for have never set foot in a polling station. Hypocrisy. #bbcindyref

    Derek Healey: Vote or don't vote. It doesn't matter. England will decide if Cameron stays or goes, not the rest of the UK. #bbcindyref

  21. 'Liberated'

    Brian Souter jokes that independence would "liberate" Jim Murphy from Westminster and bring him to the Scottish Parliament.

  22. UKIP in Scotland

    "London didn't vote for a UKIP MEP but Scotland did," says Jim Murphy, adding: "David Cameron is temporary."

  23. Get involved

    Text 80295

    Clare: SNP haven't brought new jobs or industry into Scotland, tax will go up. Everything is too uncertain. There's no Plan B if goes wrong!

    Brian, Aberdeen: Better when you gave us the poll tax a year before everyone else.

  24. 'Voted with Tories'

    Jim Murphy says that the SNP voted with the Conservatives in 1979 to bring down a Labour government at Westminster, enabling Mrs Thatcher to come to power.

  25. Election claim

    Annabel Goldie says that in 13 elections out of 18 since the Second World War, Scotland got the UK government it voted for.

  26. 'Terrifying'

    Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland should not take the risk "of another Tory government that we didn't vote for". She calls UKIP's gains "pretty terrifying".

  27. UKIP defection

    Last week English Conservative MP Douglas Carswell defected to UKIP and triggered a by-election in his constituency of Clacton, to take place on 9 October.

  28. 'Uncertainty'

    Annabel Goldie says that the greater threat "is the uncertainty caused by the prospect of independence".

  29. Get involved


    Susan Dalgety: I didn't vote for a Tory government either Nicola, but neither did I vote for an #indyref - nor did majority of Scots #bbcindyref

    Tom: Hi Brian - I don't think Cyrus or Greece feels particularly independent #BBCIndyRef

  30. UKIP question

    The next question is:

    Does the prospect of a strengthened UKIP presence in Westminster provide more risk to Scotland than independence?

  31. 'Budget deficit'

    Annabel Goldie said would "take time to address" a budget deficit if Scotland became independent.

  32. 'Common sense test'

    Brian Souter claims the No campaigns arguments do not "pass the common sense test".

  33. Get involved


    Doris McDay: #indyref #bbcindyref this weeks debates are much better than all the previous ones. The whole campaign would be better without Salmond.

    Hannah: Another #referendum debate and i am still confused! #undecided #yes or #no ?!

    Andrew Hall: I'm liking tonight's referendum debate. It's being well policed, no hiding #indyref #BBC

  34. Sterling answer

    "The answer is the pound," insists Nicola Sturgeon.

  35. Currency is back

    It's the first mention of an independent Scotland's likely future currency of the night. Jim Murphy says the pro-independence campaign cannot say what currency they would use.

  36. Your views

    Text 80295

    Andrew MacLeod: Westminster won't subsidize a spare bedroom. Let alone a whole country!

    Tommy in Sandyhills, Glasgow: Reason for increase for yes vote is the news that BORIS could be PM in the near future.

  37. Food banks

    Jim Murphy says he "wants rid of food banks" in Scotland and the rest of the UK and accuses the SNP of not backing a minimum wage or a living wage in parliamentary votes. "Not true," claims Nicola Sturgeon.

  38. 'Serial misleaders'

    Nicola Sturgeon says: "The No campaign are serial misleaders when it comes to Scotland's finances" to applause, and audible disagreement from Jim Murphy.

  39. Reaction - economy


    Lynda Todd emails: I would like ask what would happen, in the event of a yes vote, if within a couple of years everything that has been promised failed to materialise to due a lack funds? Will it be the normal working person that has to shoulder the burden again and who is going to get the blame if it cannot be the UK government?

  40. Oil 'crash'

    Another member of the audience asks which taxes would have to rise if the oil price "crashes".

  41. 'Financial mess'

    An audience member calls the Better Together campaign "a coalition of the parties that put us into the biggest financial mess since the Second World War".

  42. Get involved

    Text 80295

    Peter in Caithness texted: President Obama told the Estonians today that "You lost your independence once, under NATO it won't happen again". Does this apply to Scotland, I wonder?

    Carol Anderson, Edinburgh: The Royal regiment of Scotland is full of Scottish history and heroes/heroines who risked and have lost their lives for Britain. But most of these ppl see themselves as Scottish so what will happen to them if we get independence?

  43. White Paper figures

    Annable Goldie claims the Scottish government overestimated oil revenues and underestimated spending in its White Paper on independence.

  44. 'Size 12' Baroness

    Annabel Goldies jokes: "Listening to Brian's logic is like me saying I've spent my whole life wanting to be a size 12. I'm still waiting to achieve that!"

  45. Twitter reaction


    Braden Davy: If Aberdeen city&shire vote no we should get to stay in the union. After all, Its Aberdeen's oil - say no to central belt rule! #bbcindyref

    Matthew Thorburn: Annabel Goldie is the only conservative MP I respect, although I don't agree with her she always comes across very well! #bbcindyref

    David Cassells: #bbcindyref absolutely imperative that Murphy's mike is shut off when he's not to answer, he's the master of interrupting.

  46. McCrone report

    Brian Souter says you cannot trust Westminster when it covered up the McCrone report on oil revenues in the 1970s that showed "Scotland could be a very wealthy country".

  47. 'Socialist utopia'

    "You cannot build a socialist utopia in an independent Scotland on tax rates lower than George Osborne would even promise in a Tory Britain," Jim Murphy claims.

  48. 'More back' from UK

    Jim Murphy says Scottish taxpayers get more back from the UK than they contribute in tax.

  49. 'Spending choice'

    The deputy first minister says an independent Scotland could choose it's own spending priorities.

  50. 'No need' for tax rise

    Nicola Sturgeon says there would be no need for taxes to rise as "we're not subsidised in Scotland".

  51. Taxes - your views

    Text 80295

    Owen Mackinnon in Fraserburgh: How will an independent Scotland cover the shortfall in taxes currently collected UK-wide? Also, will the Royal Mail still deliver mail to an independent Scotland, for the same cost as the UK-wide pricing structure??

  52. Tax question

    The second question is:

    Would taxes rise in an independent Scotland?

  53. 'Deterrent'

    Jim Murphy says he does not want to "give up unilaterally on our deterrent" when more countries are trying to get nuclear weapons.

  54. Iraq

    Jim Murphy, a former shadow defence secretary, said terrorism does not discriminate between countries involved in the Iraq invasion in 2003 and those who were not.

    Jim Murphy
  55. Text 80295

    If you are texting your views on 80295, don't forget to include your name.

  56. 'Colonial past'

    "Common sense tells me we would be less vulnerable," Stagecoach chief Brian Souter says, adding that the UK's "colonial past" could make it a target for terrorists.

  57. 'Defence capability'

    Annabel Goldie says the UK is able to "sustain a very meaningful defence capability" and share intelligence.

    Annabel Goldie
  58. Get involved


    Criss Macgregor-Ryan: What's with all the terrorists in Scotland fear all of a sudden? #bbcindyref

    Nadia Ness: Glad to see an equal panel of 2 women and 2 men debating tonight #indyref #bbcindyref

    Mac Kane: Gotta admire her stamina, but even Sturgeon must be sick of hearing her voice by now #bbcindyref

  59. Not complacent

    Nicola Sturgeon says we should not be complacent about terrorism but as "a continuing part of the British Isles" an independent Scotland would co-operate with its neighbours.

    Nicola Sturgeon
  60. All nations threatened

    Jim Murphy says nations all over world are threatened by terrorism, and suggests the Yes side may not have thought through armed forces under independence.

  61. Terrorism question

    The first question is: would an independent Scotland be less vulnerable to terrorism?

  62. Your views


    John Hopper: I'd kick off this referendum debate in 5 minutes with a nice bucket challenge and have everyone laugh and that.

    Emma Quigley: Torn between #GBBO on sky+ or #bbcindyref

  63. Post update

    Two weeks to go

    There are just over two weeks to go until Scots go to the polls to vote "Yes" or "No" to the referendum question: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

  64. Post update


    Alongside Nicola Sturgeon and Jim Murphy on the panel in Aberdeen are businessman Brian Souter and the former leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Annabel Goldie.

  65. Welcome

    Hello and welcome to our live text coverage of the latest in BBC Scotland's series of independence referendum debates.