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  1. Memorial service held at St Andrew's Cathedral in Glasgow
  2. Archbishop Philip Tartaglia: "Our hearts go out to their families and loved ones"
  3. Five people are still being treated in hospital
  4. Two people in stable condition in Glasgow Royal Infirmary and one is serious but stable
  5. A 57-year-old man - believed to be the bin lorry driver - is in a stable condition at the Western Infirmary
  6. Another person described as stable at the Southern General
  7. Candles replace Christmas lights

Live Reporting

By Paul McLaren and Thomas McGuigan

All times stated are UK

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  1. Goodbye

    That's all from the Scotland Live team. We'll return on Monday, 5 January.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones and the injured who remain in hospital.

    Tributes and flowers left near the scene of the fatal George Square crash

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015.

  2. George Square - Your Tributes

    Tweet using #GeorgeSquare

    Julie Gibson: I hope the #GeorgeSquare memorial service helped in some way to comfort people affected. Thinking of you at such a difficult time.

  3. George Square - Your Tributes

    Tweet using #GeorgeSquare

    Edward Kelly: Scotland will always come together like a family when a tragedy strikes. Our thoughts are with the families and friends. #GeorgeSquare

  4. Service ends

    People begin to file out of St Andrew's Cathedral in Glasgow as the memorial service draws to a close.

  5. Condolences and sympathy

    Condolences and sympathy have been received, the congregation is told, from the Sikh and Muslim communities of Glasgow, among others.

    Archbishop Philip Tartaglia thanks everyone for their prayers for those who have lost loved ones.

  6. Paying tribute

    The memorial service is being held at St Andrew's Cathedral in Glasgow.

    Mass at St Andrew's Cathedral in Glasgow
  7. 'Console one another'

    Archbishop Tartaglia urges people to "reach out to your neighbour who needs you".

    He adds: "I reach out to the bereaved and to all those who are suffering, and say "God is with us"; trust in Him and console one another.

    "In a way I hope she doesn't remember me" - Catriona Stewart helped one of the survivors of the crash.

    "I reach out to my city, and say: "Do not be afraid. God is with us"; believe in Him and support our suffering people."

  8. 'We spoke and we cried'

    "I tried to console them and comfort them," says the archbishop. "We spoke and we cried and we were silent before the abyss of their loss and the random meaninglessness of what had happened."

  9. 'Witness and share the grief'

    Archbishop Tartaglia tells the congregation that on the evening of the tragedy he was "privileged to be permitted to spend some time with one of the families who had been cruelly devastated".


    "I was able to witness and share the grief and sadness of a mother and of a father for their daughter, and of two daughters for their mother and father," he said.

    "The distressed woman to whom I was speaking had seen her daughter and her own parents killed almost right in front of her. Can you imagine the horror?"

  10. Prayers for the injured

    The archbishop says: "We pray for those who were injured in the incident on Monday. We hope they make a full recovery from their injuries."

  11. 'Our hearts go out to their families'

    Archbishop Tartaglia continues: "We now know the names of those who lost their lives in this tragic incident.

    "They are: Erin McQuade and her grandparents, Jack and Lorraine Sweeney, three people from one family, all from Dumbarton; Stephenie Tait, from Glasgow, a schoolteacher; Gillian Ewing from Edinburgh, and Jacqueline Morton from Glasgow. May they all rest in peace.

    Jacqueline McQuade saw her father Jack, mother Lorraine and daughter Erin die in the crash

    "Our hearts go out to their families and loved ones, and we offer them our deepest, prayerful, heartfelt sympathies and condolences."

    Gillian Ewing, Stephenie Tait and Jacqueline Morton were among the six people killed in the crash
  12. 'Seek comfort and consolation'

    Archbishop Philip Tartaglia tells the congregation at St Andrews that they are all welcome at the special service.

    Archbishiop Philip Tartaglia

    "This Mass is being offered for the victims of the tragic incident which happened on the afternoon of Monday of 22nd December at George Square in the centre of Glasgow," says the archbishop.

    "Just over a year ago, we had the Clutha disaster, and now we have this George Square tragedy when a heavy refuse lorry ran out of control, killing six people and seriously injuring 10 others.

    "By all accounts, it was an horrific incident. Just as we were preparing for Christmas, our city of Glasgow is in mourning again. Today we seek comfort and consolation from the Lord who will soon come into our midst."

  13. Personal comfort

    James Shaw

    BBC Radio 5 live Scotland correspondent

    Archbishop Philip Tartaglia tells congregation he has offered personal comfort to those affected by #georgesquare tragedy.

  14. Archbishop's tears with family

    A Catholic clergyman has told how he wept with a woman who saw her daughter and parents die in a bin lorry crash which killed six people in Glasgow.

    archbishop tartaglia

    Archbishop of Glasgow Philip Tartaglia told a memorial service how he tried to comfort the woman and her family "before the abyss of their loss".

    It emerged earlier that Jacqueline McQuade saw her daughter Erin and parents Jack and Lorraine Sweeney die.

    The lorry killed three other women and hurt 10 others before crashing.

    Student Erin McQuade, 18, and her grandparents Jack, 68, and Lorraine Sweeney, 69, all from Dumbarton, were among the victims of Monday's crash.

  15. Special service

    Archbishop Philip Tartaglia is among those at St Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Glasgow for a mass for those affected by the crash.

    Archbishop Philip Tartaglia
  16. Driver latest

    James Cook

    Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    The BBC understands that the driver of the bin lorry which crashed in Glasgow is a 57-year-old man who is in a stable condition in the city's Western Infirmary.

  17. Driver correction


    James Matthews, Sky News,tweets: Correction - driver of bin lorry in #georgesquare crash remains in hospital.

  18. Bin lorry driver update

    BBC Scotland contacted NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, who said the bin lorry driver has not been released from hospital.

  19. George Square - Your Tributes

    Tweet using #GeorgeSquare

    Mhairi Whitelaw: RIP to all those at #GeorgeSquare, thoughts are with family and friends x

    Peter Hobson: My thoughts are with families of John Sweeney, Helen Sweeney, Erin McQuade, Gillian Ewing, Stephenie Tait, Jacqueline Morton #GeorgeSquare

    Donald McIntosh: Thoughts and prayers for grieving families and friends affected by the #georgesquare tragedy. Can't imagine #Christmas in their situation :(

  20. Bin lorry driver


    James Matthews, Sky News,tweets: Driver of the bin lorry that crashed in Glasgow's #georgesquare has been released from hospital after treatment.

  21. Teenager in hospital

    James Cook

    Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    A 14-year-old girl is among the injured after the bin lorry crash in Glasgow. She is in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

  22. Details of injured revealed

    Details of the five patients being treated in three Glasgow hospitals following Monday's accident have been revealed.

    Three patients remain in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. One is a 14-year-old girl who is serious but stable, while an 18-year-old female and a 64-year-old female are both stable.

    A 57-year-old male is being treated at the Western Infirmary and is in a stable condition. A 49-year-old female, who is being treated at the Southern General Hospital, is also stable.

  23. Sadness of Jacqueline Morton's family

    The family of bin lorry crash victim Jacqueline Morton have spoken of their shock and sadness.

    jacqueline morton

    A statement released by her family said: "Partner John, sons Adam, Scott and the family are deeply shocked and saddened about the tragic accident on Monday culminating in the loss of our Jacqueline.

    "We would like to pass on our thoughts and prayers to other families affected by this tragedy.

    "We would like to pass on our thanks to the people who got to Jacqueline first and also to the emergency services at this difficult time.

    "We would appreciate if you could now respect our privacy to be left alone to grieve at this very sad time."

  24. George Square - Your Tributes

    Tweet using #GeorgeSquare

    @Cameron1953 tweets: #GeorgeSquare Beside @GlasgowGoMA just now

    george square flowers
  25. Your Tributes

    Tweet using #GeorgeSquare or email

    Carly: It's been such a horrible atmosphere walking through George Square every day, what a sad sad accident it was.

    Nancy Manning: Scot living in Lincoln, my heart goes out to all of those who lost loved ones in this terrible disaster and also those who were injured, but I'm sure Glasgow will get through this.

    Amy O'Neill: Laid some flowers down today up town for the 6 people who lost their lives at George Square the other day.

  26. George Square crash

    Catriona Renton

    BBC Scotland

    It has emerged that a woman saw her daughter and parents die in the bin lorry crash which killed six people.

    Jacqueline McQuade was shopping with her daughter Erin and parents Jack and Lorraine Sweeney.

    Jacqueline McQuade saw her father Jack, mother Lorraine and daughter Erin die in the crash
    Image caption: Jacqueline McQuade saw her father Jack, mother Lorraine and daughter Erin die in the crash

    It is believed she had gone to take money out of a cash machine at the time. Before the vehicle crashed in George Square on Monday afternoon it had also killed three other women and left 10 people injured; five of them are still in three Glasgow hospitals.

    One is in a serious but stable condition, the others are stable.

    A special service will be held in Glasgow later to remember the victims and an appeal fund has also been launched.

  27. George Square Tributes

    BBC Scotland's Scott Holdaway

    Christmas Eve. Six lanterns sit in Royal Exchange Square next to the Gallery of Modern Art. #GeorgeSquare

  28. Five still in hospital

    Five people are still being treated in hospital following the George Square crash.

    At Glasgow Royal Infirmary, two people are said to be in a stable condition and one is serious but stable.

    One person is in a stable condition at the Western Infirmary and one is stable at the Southern General.

  29. George Square - Your Tributes

    Tweet using #GeorgeSquare

    Jonathan Kelly: Just to say to the Glaswegians and to the families of your loved ones: words will not express my deepest sympathy. God Bless you.

  30. George Square - Your Tributes

    Tweet using #GeorgeSquare

    Sandra: Such a tragedy, but more so for the poor family who lost a daughter and parents, my heart goes out to all these people, what a very sad time for so many. Thinking about you all.

    Laura Williamson: George Square feels so strange. All the lights are off but it's like nothing's happened.

    Danielle: Christmas is definitely all about family ❤️ can't imagine what those involved in the George square crash are going through.

    Laura: Got my taxi home from Glasgow's George Square this morning. No lights on, silence, candles lit and thousands flowers laid.

  31. Churches united

    Church communities from different faiths are uniting in support of the victims and their families.

    Right Reverend Dr Gregor Duncan told BBC Breakfast: "It takes a lot of time, a lot of gentleness and a lot of trying to endure this, even if you can't understand what has happened and why it has happened.

    "There was a special service yesterday at the local St George's Tron Church, there's a Mass today in the Catholic Cathedral here in Glasgow, and at Christmas services and in other places of worship all over this city tonight and tomorrow I'm sure there will be special prayers and sermons that try to relate Christmas to all of this.

    "I know in one of my own churches [Scottish Episcopal] there will simply be six candles lit at the beginning of midnight mass to remember those who lost their lives so terribly just a few days ago."

  32. George Square - Your Tributes

    You have been discussing the fatal crash on the BBC Scotland News Facebook page.

    Nicola Hogg: So so sad. I can't begin to imagine the pain this family are going through right now. My thoughts and prayers are with them ... xxx

    Moira Wilson: So very sad; parents and a daughter. Can't begin to imagine their pain. God bless you all.

    Rab McConaghy: Unbearable grief. A terrible reminder of the fragility of life and randomness of tragedy. Will be in my thoughts.

  33. George Square - Your Tributes

    Tweet using #GeorgeSquare

    Noella L. Fountain: Heartfelt sorrow & prayers from the States to the families. We mourn with you. Love to all of Scotland. #georgesquare

    Melanie Chadd: This Christmas my heart goes to all those people who will be without their loved ones for the first time. #georgesquare xx

  34. Bishop's condolence

    The Scottish Episcopal Church's Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, who was on the scene at the time of the George Square tragedy, has spoken ahead of today's service of remembrance.

    bishop of glasgow rev gregor duncan

    The Right Reverend Dr Gregor Duncan said: "I was an accidental bystander.

    "But for those who have lost their loved ones and are grieving, it's infinitely worse and hard to imagine what that must be like for them - especially at this time of the year. It's dreadful."

  35. George Square - Your Tributes

    Tweet using #GeorgeSquare

    Donna Matthew: Love to the families of John Sweeney, Helen Sweeney, Erin McQuade, Gillian Ewing, Stephenie Tait, Jacqueline Morton #GeorgeSquare

    Gary: Tragic the accident in Glasgow #Georgesquare. Thoughts with the victims and their families #Glasgow #Glasgowcrash

    Scottish Ambulance: Our flag is being flown at half-mast as a mark of #respect for those who sadly died and have been affected by the #georgesquare tragedy.

  36. Woman saw family killed

    A woman on a Christmas shopping trip with her parents and her daughter saw them killed in the Glasgow bin lorry tragedy, it has emerged.

    Lorraine sweeney and erin mcquade

    Student Erin McQuade and her grandparents Jack and Lorraine Sweeney, all from Dumbarton, were among the victims of Monday's incident.

    Miss McQuade's mother witnessed the aftermath of the crash after escaping the path of the lorry.

    Jacqueline McQuade had apparently gone to take out money from a cash machine when her 18-year-old daughter and parents were struck.

  37. Glasgow 'will recover'

    Historian Neil Baxter has said he believes the "special strength" of Glasgow's people will see the city recover from the George Square tragedy.

    He told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: "It's a temporary blow to the city. It's not a temporary blow for those who have lost loved ones - for them, it's endless.

    "For everyone else, we have huge sympathy and sorry for them and we empathise very strongly with them. But, perforce, we have to go on.

    "Glasgow is an extraordinary city. It's a unique and special city. In the vibrancy, in the cultural diversity, in the sheer quality of the place. That gives the city a special strength."

  38. Your tributes


    Gareth Jones: People out early, buying flowers to put at George Square as life begins to return to normal. Heart wrenching stuff.

    Anne: George Square tragedy reminds us of how precious life is & how quickly it can be taken away. Make the best of what you have x

    Allan Reid: It's so tragic, my heart aches for those grieving.

  39. Long journey back to normality

    BBC Scotland's Huw Williams has been watching from George Square as life, at least on the surface, slowly begins to get back to normal.

    Traffic signals back on

    He told BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme: "The infrastructure has been repaired, so the traffic lights are working again, the traffic poles with signs on have been reinstated. The cordons came down yesterday afternoon and into the evening.

    "And we know that the Christmas lights will be switched on later today. The Big Wheel and the skating rink, which should have been such a central part of Glasgow's festivities, will remain shut until Boxing Day.

    "It's part of a staged sense that the city is beginning to move on and perhaps return to some kind of normality.

    "Perhaps things are beginning to return externally, but the rebuilding of lives and the city shattered and heartbroken is going to take a bit longer."

  40. Your tributes


    Amy Louise: Dreading being back in George Square today, to continue with work and try to be happy knowing what's happened.

    Irish CG Scotland: Our thoughts are with all who were affected by the terrible tragedy in George Square. Such a shocking, sad incident.

    Kira Harvey: It must of been so bad when the families of the George Square victims found out that someone in their family died, right before Christmas.

  41. BreakingSea of flowers

    Huw Williams

    BBC Scotland reporter

    In front of a sea of flowers at Glasgow's GOMA six lanterns burn - one for each person who died at #GeorgeSquare

    huw at george square
  42. Appeal fund opens

    Glasgow City Council will open an appeal fund today for those affected by Monday's fatal crash in George Square.

    george square candles

    The council is donating £20,000 with the Lord Provost's Goodwill Fund and the Scottish government each donating a further £20,000.

    The Archbishop of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia, said he was heartbroken for the victims.

    He will lead a mass of remembrance at the city's St Andrew's Cathedral at 13:00 today.

  43. Scotland's front pages

    The front pages of Scotland's newspapers are, of course, dominated by pictures of those who died in the bin lorry crash. Here is a selection.

    The Daily Record


    The Scottish Sun

    scottish sun

    The Scottish Daily Mail

    daily mail

    The Scotsman


    The National

  44. Service to remember the dead

    A special service is to be held in Glasgow today to remember those killed in the crash involving a bin lorry on Monday afternoon.

    Jack Sweeney, Erin McQuade, Lorraine Sweeney, Gillian Ewing and Stephenie Tait

    Six people died and ten were injured as the lorry ran out of control on Queen Street and crashed into George Square.

    Three members of one family were among those who died.

    A mass for those affected will be held at St Andrew's Cathedral at 13:00 GMT. An appeal fund for victims of the crash is also due to open.

  45. Post update

    Paul McLaren

    BBC Scotland News

    Good morning. Our Scotland Live page will once again be bringing you all the latest developments following the bin lorry crash which left six people dead in Glasgow city centre on Monday.