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  1. Covid-19 in Scotland: The headlines

    Here are the latest coronavirus headlines:

    • The FM highlights says she wants to "come to an arrangement" with the UK government on the apparent loophole that could enable people to avoid quarantine as new travel measures take effect
    • The cabinet will meet tomorrow to confirm if a phased return of schools will still begin on 22 February
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    • A further 559 people have tested positive for the virus, with 102 people in ICU
    • 1,255,190 people have received the first dose of the vaccine - the first minister says she is satisfied the over 70s and clinically vulnerable target has been met
    • Deaths from Covid will now be reduced significantly in people over the age of 65, although vaccine rates are likely to decline as a result of high uptake and lower supply
    • "Quite a lot" of nurses and doctors are not taking the vaccine, as well as people from BAME groups, according to Prof Susan Michie of University College London

    That's all from us here at the live page. Please take care and stay safe.

  2. Should there be a part-time blended return of primary schools?


    Christine Lavelle from the Sun asks about the EIS call for part-time blended learning in primary schools, as well as physical distancing.

    Ms Lavelle asks if the first minister thinks her advisory group has under-played the risk of the new strains, as the teaching union says it has.

    The first minister replies "no", and goes on to say the experts can speak for themselves.

    No-one can reasonably say the government has underplayed the transmissability of the new variant, she adds.

    Ms Sturgeon says continued consideration of mitigations for schools will be considered.

  3. Will schools still return on 22 February?


    Back to the briefing and Neil Pooran from PA asks if the phased return of some pupils to school on 22 February will still go ahead.

    The first minister explains the cabinet will make a final decision on that tomorrow morning.

    You can join us for the ministerial statement where the return of schools timetable will be revealed from 2.20pm tomorrow.

    We already know that the plan is for the very youngest in early years settings and Primary 1-3 to return full time, next Monday 22 February.

    At the same time a very small number of senior pupils who need access to school to complete vital practical work are also expected to be back in on a limited basis.

  4. Greer: If players can't follow rules, stadiums should stay closed


    Ross Greer of the Scottish Greens tells BBC Scotland that if football players are found to flout Covid rules, he "wouldn't expect to see them back on the pitch for the rest of the season".

    He says that clubs and leagues have been "putting pressure" on governments to bring fans back into stadiums.

    "If players can’t follow the rules they don’t deserve the privilege of bringing fans back in," he says.

    On the Rangers investigation, the MSP says that he is sure the club will investigate the matter thoroughly and internal disciplinary procedures will come into play.

  5. ANALYSIS: FM asked about Rangers probe after weekend house party

    Chris McLaughlin

    BBC Scotland Sports News Correspondent

    Ibrox Stadium

    The First Minister has little time for football and makes no attempt to hide her frustration when asked about breaches during her briefings.

    Entirely understandable under the circumstances, but football means a lot to many people across the country and another high profile breach leads to obvious questions about action that was taken earlier in the pandemic.

    She issued a very public "yellow card" to the national game last year following stories about players flouting the rules. That move left little wriggle room for further warnings.

    The issue of a red card would mean pulling the plug on football completely but there is nothing to suggest that is coming anytime soon.

  6. 'Please make sure your house is in order'

    The first minister says: "I don't care which club it is breaching the rules, if you are breaching the rules you are in the wrong."

    Ms Sturgeon says that when people see elite sports people breach rules they think "why am I bothering".

    She adds: "Can I say to football and sport generally please make sure your house is in order."

  7. What will it take for football to get a red card from FM?


    Suzanne Allan from BBC Scotland says Scottish football was issued with a red card last year for breaching Covid rules.

    It appears Rangers players have breached Covid rules again by attending a house gathering, Ms Allan says.

    She asks: "What will it take for you to issue football a further yellow card or indeed a red card?"

    The first minister says: "I tell you sometimes I feel that it's taking me all my power not to stand here and use expletives whenever I get asked about football."

    Ms Sturgeon adds she does not yet know all the details of the house gathering incident yet.

  8. Ross: Scotland needs a route map out of lockdown


    Leader of the Scottish Conservatives Douglas Ross said that Scotland "needs a route map" out of the lockdown.

    He points to today's announcement that over 15 million people have received the first dose of the vaccination.

    The first minister is expected to make an announcement on schools tomorrow in Holyrood, however Mr Ross says businesses and individuals need to know how they will be affected.

    While he says it is "not possible" to have specific dates of reopening the economy set in stone, he says we "need to know what triggers are in place" and whether there will be a tiered or a national approach.

    On the subject of elite sportspeople breaking Covid rules, he adds that it is "completely unacceptable" and "undermines all our efforts if a small minority of people flout the rules".

  9. FM does not rule out closing Scotland England border

    Peter MacMahon from ITV Border asks if the first minister should not be closing the border with England, if progress on closing the quarantine loophole is not made.

    Ms Sturgeon does not rule it out.

    The first minister says she would prefer a four nation solution.

  10. FM welcomes Hancock's pledge to discuss quarantine loophole


    At the briefing the first minister welcomes Matt Hancock's pledge to continue to talk about quarantine measures.

    The UK Health Secretary said on GMS this morning he was happy to discuss measures that would close a loophole enabling travellers to avoid Scotland's quarantine.

    All arrivals must isolate for 10 days in a quarantine hotel in Scotland, but in England this only applies to people from 33 "red list" countries.

    "Hopefully we can get some progress in the days to come," the first minister tells the briefing.

  11. 'Quite a lot' of nurses and doctors not taking the vaccine


    Prof Susan Michie, of University College London, tells BBC Scotland that a lot of people are "hesitant" about taking the vaccine as they want reassurances about its safety and contents.

    This includes "quite a lot of nurses and doctors", she says, which "needs to be addressed urgently".

    She also says there are many black and ethnic minority groups which have a "much lower" rate of uptake. She says we "need to understand the reasons" for this and look at what is being done to engage communities.

  12. FM on quarantine loophole: We want to come to an arrangement with UK


    Ms Sturgeon is asked whether she is relying on the "good will" of people not to find loopholes in the travel rules - and whether the UK government will align with Scotland on measures.

    She says people's willingness to comply with guidance has been "very strong" throughout the course of the pandemic.

    "I’m not criticising one government over another," she says, adding all governments need to take decisions they feel are "appropriate".

    The FM says she wants to "try to continue to come to an arrangement" with Westminster on providing quarantine hotels for all Scotland-bound arrivals.

  13. 'Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives'

    The first minister finishes by asking everyone to stay at home, follow the rules and to follow FACTS.

    Here's a wee reminder:

    1. Scottish government: Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you can and cannot do

    From Tuesday 5 January, mainland Scotland moved from Level 4 to a temporary lockdown, with new guidance to stay at home except for essential purposes.

    2. Postcode checker for COVID restrictions by protection level in areas of Scotland

    3. NHS Inform

    The latest from NHS Scotland and the Scottish government, including social distancing, face covering and stay at home advice.

  14. 77,000 applications for new Scottish Child Payment


    The FM concludes with a point on the new Scottish Child Payment benefit which comes into effect today.

    She says the government has received 77,000 applications for the £10-per-week payment which is part of the government's efforts to tackle child poverty.

    Parents and carers who receive other welfare support such as Universal Credit or unemployment benefits are able to apply.

  15. 'Almost all travel to and from Scotland is currently against the law'

    The first minister points out people should not be travelling at all right now unless it is absolutely essential.

    "Almost all travel to and from Scotland is currently against the law."

  16. FM continues to urge UK to adopt tougher quarantine rules


    The first minister confirms that the new managed quarantine rules for people arriving in Scotland have come into effect.

    All international travellers will have to self-isolate in a hotel near Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen airport for 10 days under the new regime.

    Ms Sturgeon says people arriving from Ireland from a high risk country before that will also have to do this.

    UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said he is happy to discuss measures that would close a loophole enabling travellers to avoid Scotland's quarantine.

    The first minister says she will continue to try and get the UK to adopt tougher measures.

    She says failing that people arriving in England, planning to travel to Scotland, should isolate in a hotel at their point of arrival.

  17. FM warns rate of vaccination will likely decline this week

    The first minister says a significant number of people have had to rebook vaccine appointments due to the severe weather.

    However, the levels of uptake in the priority groups is significantly beyond the target of 80% Ms Sturgeon explains.

    She outlines those who have now had their first jag:

    • over 80s in older care homes pretty much all vaccinated
    • pretty much 100% of over 80s in community have had first dose
    • more than 99% of 75 to 79s
    • uptake already 85% for 70 to 74 age group
    • 53% of those in 65 to 69 age group

    Deaths from Covid will now be reduced significantly in these groups, although the rate of vaccination may well decline this week.

    This is due to high uptake and a lower supply expected this week.

    She thanks everyone "who has rolled up their sleeve and accepted the jag".