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Live Reporting

By BBC Scotland News

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  1. That's all from the Holyrood Election 2016 live page folks!

    Holyrood election collage
  2. Join us for Scotland 2016 from 22:30 tonight...

    Join us for Scotland 2016 at 22:30 for news and analysis from the Holyrood election.

    Scotland 2016

    You can watch the programme on BBC TWO Scotland from 22:30 or catch up after the broadcast here.

  3. Sally Magnusson talks to members of Generation 2016 on Reporting Scotland...

    Sally Magnusson and Generation 2016
    Image caption: BBC Scotland's Sally Magnusson talks to first time voters about last night's experience
  4. Labour MSP James Kelly 'confident we can come back'

    Quote Message: Of course we can come back, we've got the policies, we've got the commitment to fairness and justice, we've got a commitment to communities, and if we root ourselves in our communities and get that message across, I'm confident we can come back. from James Kelly Scottish Labour MSP
    James KellyScottish Labour MSP
  5. Scottish Labour's James Kelly is confident his party can come back if they become more rooted in local communities

    Scottish Labour's James Kelly told Reporting Scotland says he thinks the party need to look politically at how they move forward.

    Sally Magnusson with James Kelly

    Mr Kelly says the changes in leaders hasn't helped.

    He says the party need to look at how they can become more rooted in the community but he is confident that Scottish Labour can come back. 

  6. Labour did not 'cut through with the voters'

    Returning Labour MSP James Kelly says: "Labour thought an energetic campaign, Kezia Dugdale led from the front and she made the centrepiece of that campaign the protection of public services.

    "Although those policies were popular in opinion polls, the clearly didn't get cut through with the voters."

    "And we need to reflect on why that was the case and how we can make that more of the centrepiece of the debate."

    Labour MSP James Kelly
  7. Green MSP says the electorate have voted for a majority of MSPs that favour independence

    Mr Wightman says the electorate have voted for a majority of MSPs that favour independence. 

  8. Scottish Green MSP believes his party can work with the SNP and the rest of parliament on tax

    Scottish Green MSP Andy Wightman says his party can work with the SNP even though they disagree with tax rises.

    Scottish Green MSP Andy Wightman

    Mr Wightman says there is room and scope to work across the parliament to achieve more progressive taxation.

  9. New Green MSP says his party will push local democracy, taxation and housing

    New Green MSP Andy Wightman says: "We're very keen to push the Scottish government to be bolder in Holyrood, on things like local democracy, taxation and housing."

    Mr Wightman says his party will want to push these kinds of issues.

    Green MSP Andy Wightman
    Image caption: Green MSP Andy Wightman
  10. Scottish conservative leader Ruth Davidson says she wants to influence the named persons scheme

    Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson says she wants to influence the named persons scheme.

    Ms Davidson says a lot of people don't know that come August there is going to be a state guardian for each child and that it was "cheerleaded through by the SNP".

    Ruth Davidson

    She says there is an opportunity to delay this and at least not make it compulsory.   

  11. Ruth Davidson insists she has not tried to hide away from being a Conservative

    Ruth Davidson insists she has not ever tried to hide away from being the leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party. 

  12. Ruth Davidson tells Jackie says her effective opposition will come from all walks of lives

    Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson says an effective opposition involves people from all different walks of lives and professions.

    Ms Davidson says more than three quarters of the new Tory group are new.

    She says she hopes they will raise the level of scrutiny and debate.

    Ruth Davidson
  13. The deputy first minister says the SNP will 'work with other political parties'

    Mr Swinney says: "We'll work with other political parties."

    "The first minister set out today that there are a number of different areas where we will have agreement with other political parties.

    John Swinney
    Image caption: John Swinney

     "Take education for example, all the parties set out an aspiration in this campaign to ensure that the Scottish education system delivers world class education for every single one of the children of Scotland."  

  14. John Swinney of the SNP says there has been improvements in NHS, education and unemployment

    John Swinney of the SNP says his party will work with other parties in areas such as education and try to create an agenda that works for the people of Scotland. 

    Mr Swinney says he can't apologise for believing in Scottish independence.

    John Swinney

    He says there have been improvements in the NHS, education and unemployment as a consequence of measures taken by the SNP government.

    He says, as a consequence of the Smith commission, Scotland will be in a better position of power and he hopes for more. 

  15. John Swinney says it has been a 'historic night for the SNP'

    Deputy First Minister John Swinney says: "It's been a historic night for the SNP and Scottish politics, because on no previous occasion has a Scottish government been elected for a third time.

    "So we're delighted with the electoral performance we delivered last night."

    Deputy First Minister John Swinney
    Image caption: Deputy First Minister John Swinney
  16. Wondering who won where you lived? Here's all the answers and much more on every constituency

    Holyrood 2016: What's happened in my area?

    The Scottish Parliament election results are nearly all in. Below are the estimated declaration times - did they come ahead of what was predicted? Find out what happened in your area.

    Ballot boxes
    Image caption: All the ballots have been counted and the results are in find out more
  17. Had enough fancy election graphics... of course not!

    David Henderson has the big picture
    Image caption: Our very own David Henderson has the big picture
  18. Rep Scot will shortly speak to first time voters and here's another Green political operator....get it?

    Twenty-one-year-old Ross Greer
    Image caption: Twenty-one-year-old Ross Greer

    Twenty-one-year-old Ross Greer has become the youngest ever MSP after being elected for the Scottish Green Party for West of Scotland region.

    He was just 15 when he joined the party and has also served as a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

    He also contested the East Dunbartonshire constituency in last May's general election.

    He gained his new role as an MSP after being top of the Green list for the West of Scotland region.