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  2. Nicola Sturgeon gains approval for her law officer appointments
  3. The Scottish government led a debate on plans for the environment, climate change and land reform
  4. MSPs vote to back a ban on fracking

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

That's all from Holyrood Live

That's all from Holyrood Live on the day the Scottish Parliament voted to support an outright ban on fracking.

Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament

We're back tomorrow from 11:30 for the build up to the inaugural first minister's questions of this fifth session of the Scottish Parliament, which begins at 12:30. 

Until then have a good night. 

Summary of the day: MSPs vote to support and outright ban on fracking

The Scottish Parliament has voted to support an outright ban on fracking after SNP MSPs abstained.

Labour MSP Claudia Beamish tabled an amendment saying there "should" be a full ban as part of an environment debate headed by new cabinet secretary Roseanna Cunningham.

After SNP members abstained, the amendment was passed by 32 votes to 29, with 62 abstentions.

The amended motion was passed by 32 votes to 30, with 61 abstentions.

Claudia Beamish, fracking and Roseanna Cunningham
BBC / Getty

Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said there needed to be proper research and a public consultation before a decision was taken on fracking.

The amendment is not a binding policy, but represents a defeat for the SNP, which supports a moratorium on fracking but stops short of backing a full ban.

The SNP's manifesto for the Holyrood election committed to there being no fracking in Scotland "unless it can be proven beyond doubt that there is no risk to health, communities or the environment".

Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens favour an immediate and outright ban, while First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said she was "highly sceptical" about the technique.

Energy minister says there must be more research before final decision...

Scottish Greens delighted with fracking vote

SNP MSP ruminates on fracking vote

Andy Wightman's had quite a day...

Parliament recognises that fracking should be banned

Labour MSP welcomes 'will of parliament' calling for fracking ban

MSPs back ban on fracking

Motion estbablishing the parliaments committees

Parliamentary Business Minister Joe Fitzpatrick moves a parliamentary bureau motion relating to the establishment of committees.

The SNP will have eight convenorships, the Conservatives four and Labour three.

Holyrood committee

But the governing party will not have a majority of seats on any committee, therefore will have to seek consensus.

Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh said he was impressed by "how co-operative and collegiate this process has been".

MSPs prove this by unanimously backing the bureau motion.

Amended government motion passed, calling for ban on fracking

Holyrood chamber

MSPs back the Scottish government motion, which was amended by the Labour amendment calling for a ban on fracking and by the Scottish Green amendment

The Scottish Green amendment is also agreed

The Scottish Green amendment is also agreed. 

32 MSPs backed it, 30 voted against and there were 61 abstentions.

Green amendment
Scottish government

BreakingMSPs back a ban on fracking called for in Labour amendment

MSPs have backed a Labour amendment calling for a ban on fracking.

32 MSPs backed it, 29 voted against and there were 62 abstentions

Labour amendment
Scottish government
Here's the amendment that was agreed to by MSPs

Conservative amendment is not agreed to.

The Conservative amendment is not agreed to. 

30 MSPs backed it and 93 voted against.

Tory amendment
Scottish government

Changes to the committee structure at Holyrood

Now for you fellow political anoraks the full list of committees and convenerships can be clicking here and then on Parliamentary Bureau Motions.

Here's some changes to note: 

  • the Finance Committee's remit will now include the constitution.
  • the Public Audit Committee will also now carry out scrutiny of existing legislation.
  • the Europe and External Relations Committee will in the future deal with culture and tourism issues 
Scottish Parliament committee room
Scottish Parliament/Andrew Cowan
Scottish Parliament committee room
  • the Equal Opportunities Committee is to be expanded to include human rights.
  • the former Welfare Reform Committee is now called the Social Security Committee 
  • another change is the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee has been split in two and becomes the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee and the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee

No prizes, but kudos, for anyone who can name all fifteen committees. 

Labour amendment calling on fracking ban could pass at decision time

SNP will be abstaining on amendment calling for fracking ban

Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse says the SNP will be abstaining on the amendments that have sought to put fracking front and centre during this debate.

Mr Wheelhouse says the government will not take risks with the environment.

Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse

He says the government is deeply sceptical about fracking and the moratorium prevents any fracking taking place.

The minister says the people of Scotland will have the benefit of the most substantial body of scientific evidence when the final decision is made.   

Tory MSP says the opposition against fracking 'flies in the face of scientific evidence'

Scottish Conservative MSP Peter Chapman, closing for his party, says he welcomes the land register.

Mr Chapman says ministers must focus on land use and not who owns it.

He says the opposition against fracking flies in the face of scientific evidence.

Scottish Conservative MSP Peter Chapman

The Tory MSP says they would see us import shale gas that we have here at home. 

He says local authorities must be part of the decision making process, particularly in regards to planning for fracking.

New chapter on land reform ready to be opened - Labour MSP

Labour MSP David Stewart says land reform is not about battles of the past but about the future.

Labour MSP David Stewart

Mr Stewart says a new chapter on land reform is ready to opened.

He says, quoting Sir Walter Scott, "we need the will to do and the soul to dare".  

Green MSP highlights risks of fracking

Green MSP calls for ban on fracking

In closing for his party Greens MSP Mark Ruskell says the biodiversity committee should be re-convened as should the sub-committee on climate change.

Mark Ruskell

Mr Ruskell says capital must be reinvested in the rail network to connect areas in Scotland that aren't currently a part of it.

The Green MSP says energy strategy is critical. 

Mr Ruskill says the majority of people in the chamber want a ban on fracking.

 He says the people of Scotland demand a renewable future free from the use of unconventional gas. 

LIb Dem amendment misses the cut......

Lib Dem MSP calls for investment to meet climate change tragets

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles says if Scotland is to meet its new climate change targets there must be investment in warmer homes and low carbon transport and a shift to new clean renewable energy.

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Mike Rumbles

Mr Rumbles says what we do not need is self congratulatory tone from the SNP.

He says the Scottish government will not meet its target on fuel poverty and will just set a new one.

Here's where the Scottish Liberal Democrats stand on environment and energy...

Here's where the Scottish Liberal Democrats stand on environment and energy:

Willie Rennie and wind farm
BBC / Thinkstock
  • ban on fracking
  • boost investment in renewable energy to reach 100% renewable energy generation
  • giving priority to warm homes, renewable heat and low-carbon transport
  • ending open-cast coal mining

Here's the Scottish Liberal Democrats amendment

Scottish Liberal Democrats spokesperson for rural affairs Mike Rumbles tables his amendment.

Scottish Lib Dem amendment
Scottish government

Tory MSP gives maiden speech saying it is a privilege and an honour to serve

Scottish Conservative MSP Edward Mountain
Scottish Conservative MSP Edward Mountain

Scottish Conservative MSP Edward Mountain rises to give his maiden speech.

Mr Mountain says he was privileged to serve in the army and is privileged and honoured to now be serving in this parliament.

UK government must revisit its commitment to renewable energy - SNP MSP

SNP MSP Gordon MacDonald says there needs to be more carriages on trains and more parking at stations around the Edinburgh area.

SNP MSP Gordon MacDonald

Mr MacDonald says this will ensure more people leave their cars at home and use public transport.

The SNP MSP says the UK government must revisit how it can support the renewable energy sector instead of providing billions in subsides on nuclear power. 

The new environment, climate change and land reform secretary is enjoying the debate...

Climate justice raised by former environment minister

Outwith the chamber the justice secretary delivers ultimatum to SFA

Claire Baker calls on MSPs to back outright fracking ban at decision time

Labour MSP Claire Baker welcomes the new climate change targets but precedes her comments by reminding the Scottish government of those four years of missed interim targets.

Labour MSP Claire Baker

Ms Baker say transport emissions have been stubborn.

She reiterates her party's opposition to fracking and calls on MSPs to back Labour's amendment at decision time. 

'Dishonourable? Not in vino veritas methinks

The Tory MSP says he 'will not be making the same mistake' as his ancestors..

New Tory MSP praises contribution of Scotland's landowners

Conservative MSP Alexander Burnett begins his maiden speech, having won Aberdeenshire West in the recent election.

Mr Burnett pays tribute to his predecessor former SNP MSP Dennis Robertson and wishes him well for the future.

Conservative MSP Alexander Burnett

The new Tory MSP highlights the damage flooding caused in the areas in his constituency like Ballater.

Mr Burnett goes on to say land ownership has always come with responsibility and he calls on the parliament to give credit where it is due to landowners for their contribution. 

It's crucial more Scots have a stake and say in land use - SNP MSP

SNP MSP Kate Forbes says land has often been more about symbols of power than ground beneath our feet.

Kate Forbes

Ms Forbes says it is crucial that more Scots have a stake and say in land use. 

She says land reform is the way to empower people. 

The SNP MSP says "people need a place to stay" no matter how good the economy is. 

Welcome back to our live text coverage of this debate

We've had a wee rest but the technical gremlins have been put to bed

Welcome back to our live text coverage of this debate on the environment, climate change and land reform, after a brief gremlin induced hiatus.

Said gremlins have been consigned the bin of history, ever onward. 

Green MSP says there must be further land reform act...