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  2. Nicola Sturgeon fields questions from opposition MSPs during the newly extended first minister's questions
  3. The first minister admits the latest numeracy figures are 'unacceptable'
  4. MSPs discuss equality, poverty and social security in a debate entitled 'Creating a Fairer Scotland'

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

That's all from Holyrood Live this week

Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament

That concludes Holyrood Live's coverage of the Scottish Parliament on 2 June 2016.

We're back on Tuesday 7 June, until then have a lovely weekend. 

Here's that result again in twitter form......

Government motion from Creating a Fairer Scotland debate passed

SNP motion

The Scottish government motion from the Creating a Fairer Scotland debate is passed, with 100 MSPs backing it and 20 voting against.

MSPs also reject the Labour amendment from the debate

Labour amendment

MSPs also reject the Labour amendment from the debate, with 26 MSPs backing it and 94 against.

Conservative amendment falls

Tory amendment
Scottish government

MSPs defeat the amendment from the Conservatives on the Creating a Fairer Scotland debate.

30 MSPs backed it but 90 voted against.

Warm Homes Bill on the way says minister

Mr Stewart says the government will be bringing forward a Warm Homes Bill and he welcomes the cross party consensus for that. 

Man sitting in front of fireplace at home
Getty Images

Minister calls for all welfare powers

Mr Stewart says the government will ensure its poverty strategy is embedded across all portfolios.

The housing minister says the parliament is gaining some powers but £15bn of welfare spending stays with the UK government.

He says it would be so much better if the Scottish Parliament had all the welfare powers. 

Battle to be voice of the North East.....

Mr Stewart says his government is committed to ensure communities gain more power.

Local Government and Housing Minister Kevin Stewart hits back at Scottish Conservative MSP Liam Kerr
Local Government and Housing Minister Kevin Stewart hits back at Scottish Conservative MSP Liam Kerr

He hits back at Liam Kerr's claims that the Conservatives will be the voice of the North East, saying his fellow ministers with constituencies in the North East, Maureen Watt and Mark Macdonald, will join with him:

"We will be your voice in government."

'Tackling poverty remains a key priority for this government'

Kevin Stewart

Local Government and Housing Minister Kevin Stewart says the "Scottish government is committed to its vision of a fairer and more prosperous Scotland".

Mr Stewart says: "tackling poverty remains a key priority for this government."

'Stop blaming and start doing'

Mr Kerr says it is time for the SNP to "stop blaming and start doing".

Tory MSP says the Conservatives will be the voice of the North East

Conservative MSP Liam Kerr gives his maiden speech closing the debate for his party.

Mr Kerr expresses his surprise at his election to serve the constituents of the North East.

Conservative MSP Liam Kerr

He says he has been told by many, the voice of the North East is not being heard and not being treated fairly.

The Tory MSP says it is not fair to say to those losing jobs in the oil and gas industry that there will be no fracking.

He says the Conservatives will be the voice of the North East.

Scottish Conservative MSP's 'unexpected' maiden speech

Labour MSP calls for the voices of the most vulnerable to be heard

Labour MSP Mark Griffin says this is the early stages of creating how Scotland supports its most vulnerable people.

Labour MSP Mark Griffin

Mr Griffin stresses the challenges that are faced by our nation and that it must be the vulnerable people who drive the changes to the social security system.

"Their voices must be heard."

Cultural change required to tackle inequality says SNP MSP

SNP MSP Bob Dorris says Tory MSP Adam Tomkins' earlier admission that he wanted certain benefits devolved to Holyrood makes it clear that the Westminster government have "made a mess" of them.

SNP MSP Bob Dorris

Mr Dorris says a cultural change is required to tackle inequality. 

The SNP MSP says community empowerment is key.

Health inequality must be made priority - Labour MSP

Labour MSP Neil Findlay says the system is designed to favour the elite with the rest having to take what is given.

Mr Findlay says this inequality must be challenged.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay

The Labour MSP says health inequality should be made a priority.

He says grants and loans should not be given to companies who exploit their workers or fail to pay the taxes they owe.

Mr Findlay says the attainment figures released this week are evidence of the Scottish government's "failure". 

Here's Kirsty, referred to by Labour MSP Monica Lennon

New MSP shows old habits in the chamber

Here's where the Scottish Liberal Democrats stand on social security

Here's where the Scottish Liberal Democrats stand on social security:

Willie Rennie and woman with head in her hands collage
  • increase the rate of carers allowance to JSA level
  • abolish the Bedroom Tax
  • work programme and work choices to work partnership with colleges and councils
  • use the new powers to help people who are at risk of losing their job, or entitlement to other benefits, because of a mental health problem

Levers of public policy must be used to address the causes of inequality

Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton says he welcomes the government's commitment to build affordable homes and the consensus emerging about the need for a warm homes bill.

Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton

Mr Cole-Hamilton says there is a blank canvas before the parliament to create a system that protects Scotland's most vulnerable citizens.

He points to the long waits for young people to get access to mental health services.

Mr Cole-Hamilton says the levers of public policy Holyrood now has must be used to address the causes of inequality.

'Local governments need empowerment' - SNP MSP

Giving her maiden speech SNP MSP Mairi Evans says she takes exception to some of the claims made earlier in the week by other MSPs claiming to have the best constituencies.

"I can beat you hands down", she says, with her constituency Angus North and Mearns.

Mairi Evans

Ms Evans says the relationship between local councils and communities is integral to this debate. 

The SNP MSP says we have the largest local authorities in Europe and that comes with its own challenges because they have been consolidated at a rapid rate.

She says there is a fundamental disconnect in local government and she hopes the integration between health and social care will begin to address this. 

Ms Evans says local governments need empowerment. 

Holyrood baby Kirsty may well feature in further contributions!

Here's where the Scottish Green's stand on social security

Here's where the Scottish Green's stand on social security: 

Patrick Harvie and bedroom collage
  • abolish the bedroom tax
  • create a citizens' income
  • abolish Workfare, lift the punitive sanction regime, halt the roll-out of Universal Credit and allow the Scottish Parliament to design a scheme that works with new devolved social security powers
  • set of a Social Security Commission to explore and recommend the principles on which a Scottish benefits system should be established

Green MSP calls for end of 'discredited sanctions regime'

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone says the parliament must work hard to remove the stigma around claiming social security.

Ms Johnstone says austerity is gendered and impacts on women more heavily.

Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone

The Green MSP also says there are predictions of a massive increase in child poverty.

She says her party will work with all parties to create a social security system that puts people at its heart and has no place for the discredited sanctions regime. 

'Everyone has the right to our world class NHS service' - SNP MSP

SNP MSP Gail Ross is next to give a maiden speech

SNP MSP Gail Ross

The Caithness, Sutherland and Ross MSP pays tribute to her predecessor Rob Gibson saying she has "big shoes to fill", twice the size of her own and she will make her own way with her stillettos but thanks him.

Ms Ross says she looks forward to working with the parliament on the new cancer strategy to explore what more can be done.

She says everyone has the right to the world class service our NHS provides. 

Labour MSP focuses on 'Holyrood's baby' to illustrate inequality that must be challenged

Scottish Labour MSP Monica Lennon uses her first speech in the chamber to highlight the problem that where a person is born dictates their life chances.

Ms Lennon says: "There is no time to waste in ending this injustice."

Monica Lennon highlights Holyrood Magazine's Kirsty
Monica Lennon highlights Holyrood Magazine's Kirsty

The Labour MSP illustrates her point with "Kirsty, the Holyrood baby", saying she was born into one of life's poorest areas and her story must be changed.

Holyrood Magazine's Kirsty was "born on 12 May 2016, this is our Kirsty. She will grow up in the real Scotland. What kind of life does Scotland want Kirsty to have, and what will you do to support or hinder that?"

New Tory MSP calls for fairness for armed forces personnel and veterans

Scottish Conservative MSP Maurice Corry is the next to deliver his first speech in Holyrood.

Scottish Conservative MSP Maurice Corry

Mr Corry stresses that Scotland's armed forces and veterans must be treated fairly.

He says there is still some way to go yet to achieve this and he praises the armed forces covenant for the progress on this front.

SNP MSP welcomes 'fairness and dignity' being put at heart to social security

SNP MSP Claire Haughey takes to her feet to give her maiden speech.

Ms Haughey says under the Scottish government all will have access to an NHS in public hands.

SNP MSP Claire Haughey
SNP MSP Claire Haughey

She says she welcomes the SNP putting "fairness and dignity" at the core of social security.

Ms Haughey says, as a nurse, she has seen the "anguish and terror" disability reviews have had on some of Scotland's most vulnerable people.

She says many of these people were refused benefits or had them cut or withdrawn.

Strange and wonderful things happening around the globe says Labour MSP

Labour MSP Pauline McNeil says strange and wonderful things have happened around the globe.

"Even the brilliance of Stephen Hawking cannot explain the horror of the Trump phenomenon", she says. 

Prof Stephen Hawking and Donald Trump

The physicist criticized Trump and his followers earlier in the week.  

Ms McNeil says we better try to understand it because it may well happen!

Labour MSP calls for the high level of poverty to be challenged

Now we're back we will begin again with Labour MSP Pauline McNeil who returns to Holyrood after a number of years away.

Ms McNeil says this is the first speech since her return and says it is an honour to represent Glasgow as it is a unique city.

Labour MSP Pauline McNeill
Labour MSP Pauline McNeill

She says shockingly figures from 2015 show that almost one fifth of households earn less than £10,000, the highest of any local authority.

The Labour MSP says Glasgow's high level of poverty must be challenged as must the local government settlement for Glasgow.

The problem in delayed posts is resolved!

Inevitably my apology for the delayed posts is the first post that is not delayed.

Problem solved. 

Apologies for the huge delay in the publication of our live posts


Apologies for the huge delay in the publication of our live posts, I can only assume our technology is under strain as it is astonished by the good weather! We'll have it fixed just as soon as we can, until then enjoy the live video coverage of the debate. 

Here's a summary of FMQs from BBC Scotland's Philip Sim...

Rowley calls for plan to deal with 'Scotland's housing crisis'

Mr Rowley says fuel poverty must be tackled in Scotland.

The Labour MSP says he wants to build consensus and create a warm homes bill to eradicate fuel poverty.

Man sitting in front of fireplace in home holding money

The Scottish Labour deputy leader says the government must be bolder in providing social housing.

He says there needs to be a clear measurable plan on how to deal with "Scotland's housing crisis".

Here's where Scottish Labour stand on social security

Here's where Scottish Labour stand on social security:

Kezia Dugdale and Job Centre
BBC and PA
  • create Scotland's own social security agency
  • abolish the bedroom tax
  • new employment agency in Scotland

Labour MSP calls for a 'comprehensive anti-poverty strategy'

Mr Rowley calls for a comprehensive anti-poverty strategy.

Alex Rowley

The Scottish Labour deputy leader says people and communities must be at the heart of any strategy.

Here's the Scottish Labour amendment...

Scottish Labour's community, social security and equalities spokesperson Alex Rowley tables his amendment:

Scottish Labour amendment
Scottish government

Here's where the Scottish Conservatives stand on social security

Here's where the Scottish Conservatives stand on social security:

Ruth Davidson and elderly hands holding a pound coin
  • increase the rate of carers allowance to JSA level
  • devolve welfare powers further to local authorities
  • welfare system should be flexible and personalised
  • it should give those who can and want to work the opportunities and support to do so

Tory MSP speaks out against centralisation

The Tory MSP speaks out against what he sees as the SNP's centralisation of power.

Mr Tomkins say local people should have a say in the every day working of their services.

Tomkins wants to support those who cannot work

Mr Tomkins says his party will be supportive of those who cannot work.

Tory MSP highlights the 'dignity of the paypacket'

Mr Tomkins says there can't be a welfare system without sancftions.

Man holding change

He speaks out against "finger pointing at Westminster" and says the SNP use of the word "dignity" is not enough. 

"The dignity of the paypacket is much to be preferred to the indignity of a system that assumes you are not fit for the workplace."