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  1. The Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee sits for the first time
  2. Portfolio questions are put to education ministers
  3. Scottish Labour's economy debate mainly focuses on the oil and gas industry
  4. SNP MSP Clare Haughey leads a debate highlighting the rise in membership of trade unions in Scotland

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

That's all from Holyrood Live

That's all from Holyrood Live on 15 June 2016.

Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament

We're back tomorrow morning, starting with the first meeting of the Social Security Committee from 10am.

Nicola Sturgeon, will of course, field questions from opposition party leaders from noon and we will bring you our extensive coverage as ever. 

UK government Trade Union Bill concessions 'do not go far enough'

Mr Hepburn says the government have laid down regulations relating to fair work. 

In closing he says the he is delighted the UK government have made concessions  with regard to the Trade Union Bill but it does not go far enough.

The minister says he looks forward to unions in Scotland continuing their work to support the Scottish workforce. 

Government and trade unions can achieve great results

Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn
Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn

Employability Minister Jamie Hepburn says there has been massive improvements in health and safety in the workplace because of trade unions.

Mr Hepburn says when the government and trade unions work together they can achieve great results.

Scottish Greens Co-convener Patrick Harvie intervenes to say it should not be up to the employer to decide whether to engage with trade unions.

Mr Hepburn responds saying he agrees with Mr Harvie that it would be better if the legislation allowed the government to get more involved when employers refuse to work with trade unions.

MSPs should have been allowed to debate and vote on Trade Union Bill

Labour MSP Neil Findlay says he wishes this parliament would have been allowed to debate and vote on the UK Trade Union Bill.

Mr Findlay says the decision not to allow this was wrong.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay
Labour MSP Neil Findlay

The Labour MSP says trade unions are a force for good in society and says Labour governments and trade unions have advanced the rights of his class.

Mr Findlay says there must be concrete action from the Scottish government to increase union membership.

Trade union movement required for economic equality

Scottish Greens Co-convener Patrick Harvie says it is clear that at periods of high levels of trade union membership we see a higher level of economic equality.

Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie

Mr Harvie says we won't be able to build a more equal society without the trade union movement.

The Scottish Greens Co-convener says parliament must do everything within their power to oppose employers who refuse to build relationships with trade unions. 

Labour MSP rails against Trade Union Bill

Labour MSP Richard Leonard questions whether miners and workers at GCHQ would agree with Liam Kerr that Margaret Thatcher was union friendly.

Labour MSP Richard Leonard

Mr Leonard says the Trade Union Bill is not anti-Scottish it is anti-working class. 

He says the bill attacks the basic human right of being able to withdraw your labour.

Trade union values are 'Tory values'

Scottish Conservative MSP Liam Kerr says SNP MSP Clare Haughey will be uncomfortable at the moment because the Tories are backing her motion.

Scottish Conservative MSP Liam Kerr

Mr Kerr says unions were built by and for workers and not necessarily those that are of the "left".

He says the values that trade unions were built upon are Tory values.

The Tory MSP says his party welcome the increase in membership and pays tribute to the role of trade unions in Scotland. 

Workers rights

SNP MSP David Torrance
SNP MSP David Torrance

SNP MSP David Torrance says there is a lot at stake for union members on June 23 and says the EU has paid a crucial role on workers rights.

Government contracts should not be awarded to companies who are against unions

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie says she is wholeheartedly in favour of trade unions.

Ms Baillie says unions are as important now as they ever where.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie

The Labour MSP says unions are about improving the lives for workers, the community and the country.

She says trade unions are right to challenge parliament for more than just "warm words".

Ms Baillie says large government contracts should not be awarded to companies who are anti-trade unions.

Point of order on EU referendum purdah..

Deputy Presiding Officer Christine Grahame
Deputy Presiding Officer Christine Grahame says she will consider if purdah has been broken

Labour MSP Elaine Smith asks if the parliament is in purdah for the referendum, following Ms Haughey's speech.

Deputy Presiding Officer Christine Grahame says she will reflect on this.

Trade union achiviements under threat from UK government and Brexit says SNP MSP

Ms Haughey says all the achievements she has listed are under threat from the UK government.

The SNP says these achievements are also under threat from Brexit and urges trade union members to vote remain.

Purdah, what purdah?

SNP to praise Labour? Er..... no.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay intervenes calling on Ms Haughey to congratulate the Labour governments he says helped bring in these benefits.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay
Labour MSP Neil Findlay

Ms Haughey says she thinks she will move on. 

Trade unions created many benefits now taken for granted

SNP MSP Clare Haughey begins by saying she is an active member of a trade union and says unions are in place to ensure a fair day's pay for a fair day's work.

Ms Haughey outlines the history of trade unions in the UK and Europe. 

SNP MSP Clare Haughey

She says the scale and frequency of industrial accidents was horrific in the past and that was where the first co-operatives grew from. 

The SNP MSP says many of the benefits that are now taken for granted came from the efforts of trade unions. 

Trade union membership in Scotland debate gets underway

SNP MSP Clare Haughey leads this evening's member's debate on trade union membership in Scotland.

Here is Ms Haughey's motion:

SNP motion
Scottish Parliament

Labour economy motion, as amended, passed

Labour motion
Scottish Parliament

Labour's economy motion, as amended by SNP, passed with 66 MSPs backing it and 58 against. 

SNP economy amendment passed

SNP amendment
Scottish Parliament

The Scottish government amendment from the economy debate is agreed to with 66 MSPs backing it and 58 against, leading the Conservative amendment falling. 

SNP colleges and universities motion passed

SNP motion
Scottish Parliament

The Scottish government's colleges and universities motion is passed, with 95 MSPs backing it and 29 against.

Labour college and university amendment rejected

Labour amendment
Scottish Parliament

The Labour college and university amendment is also rejected, with 33 MSPs backing it and 91 against

Tory college and university amendment falls

So we start with the motions and amendments from yesterday's debate on education. 

The Conservative amendment falls, with 29 MSPs backing it but 95 against.

Tory amendment
Scottish Parliament

Coming up a special decision time....

Now, fingers crossed, that the parliament's voting system will work.......

Not a point of order

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie says Economy Secretary Keith Brown has made different answers relating to the number of people helped by the Energy Jobs Task force.

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie

Not a point of order says Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh. 

Decommissioning must take place in Scotland says Labour MSP

Decommissioning must be carried out in a planned way in facilities in Scotland, says Mr Leonard.

However he says there are £20bn oil equivalent barrels in the North Sea that must not be written off.

The Labour MSP says there must be powerful democratic forces at work in the oil and gas industry. 

Leonard calls for a new approach from the cabinet secretary

Mr Leonard says the Transition Training Fund is not working for the oil and gas industry.

The Labour MSPs says the parliament has a duty to say that the Energy Jobs Task force is not working, if that is the case.

Oil and gas worker
Getty Images

He says oil and gas workers are saying to the parliament that they want the right to work in place of fear.

"That is why we say to the cabinet secretary we need a new approach."

Labour MSP says oil and gas trade unions must be listened to

Labour MSP Richard Leonard says the chamber must unite around the commitment to never allowing a tragedy like Piper Alpha to happen again.

Labour MSP Richard Leonard

Mr Leonard says austerity is a choice made here in Holyrood as well as Whitehall.

He says the oil and gas trade unions must be listened to.

The Labour MSP says the industry has lost 84,000 jobs in 2015, 40,000 more to go this year.

'Government had done a number of key things'

Economy Secretary Keith Brown says the government has done a number of key things but agrees there is more to be done.

Mr Brown says the Scottish government is considering more infrastructure for the North East and will also pressureise the UK government.

'Brink of recession'

Labour's Jackie Baillie intervenes to say the Fraser of Allander Report says Scotland is on the "brink of recession" and the minister cannot just focus on the positive.

Jackie Baillie and Keith Brown

Mr Brown says Ms Baillie is clearly not able to welcome lower unemployment and record inward investment.   

Minister would have backed rejected Lib Dem amendment

Lib Dem amendment
Scottish Parliament
The Scottish Lib Dem amendment which was rejected

Mr Brown says he regrets the fact that the Lib Dem amendment was not taking as it made good points on decommissioning, unlike the "rant from Jenny Marra".

Economy secretary reiterates desire to cut APD

Economy Secretary Keith Brown says there has been more consensus in the debate than perhaps was expected.

Economy Secretary Keith Brown

Mr Brown stresses the importance of loan guarantees for the oil and gas industry and says it is good to see the Conservatives are finally catching up on the issue.

He says there is no question that UK Air Passenger Duty is the highest tax in the world, saying it is not an environmental tax and he does not understand why the Tories don't back a cut in APD.

Tory MSP calls for support for oil and gas industry

Conservative MSP Alexander Burnett
Conservative MSP Alexander Burnett

Conservative MSP Alexander Burnett highlights the job losses in the North East due to the oil and gas crisis.

Mr Burnett says it is a challenge for both the Scottish and UK governments to ensure the industry is nurtured through these difficult times.

He says it is encouraging to see sustainable growth on the horizon.

The Tory MSP says there is progress in cost reduction from the UK government and he says it has given the industry unprecedented support.

Mr Burnett says Scotland should not be the highest taxed part of the UK and he welcomes the review of business rates.

Serious housing problem in Scotland says Tory MSP

Scottish Conservative Alex Johnstone says when John Swinney was finance secretary he took the plaudits when Scotland were doing better than the UK in the economy and blamed the Westminster government when it wasn't. 

Scottish Conservative Alex Johnstone

Mr Johnstone says there is a serious housing problem in Scotland.

He says failures of provisions in the North East of Scotland has resulted in a teacher shortage and health care services closing.

SNP MSP says 'austerity is self-defeating'

SNP MSP Ash Denham begins by speaking out against the UK government's austerity policy.

She says: "Austerity is self-defeating."

Jackie Baillie and Ash Denham

Labour MSP Jackie Baillie intervenes saying the SNP government had an opportunity to end austerity and asks why they chose not to do so.

Ms Denham hits back saying in talking about the wider context Westminster has more levers in regard to this and says Labour backed the austerity policy there. 

Calls for Dundee to be made a decommissioning hub

Labour MSP Jenny Marra says she is going to focus on the decommissioning industry of oil and gas.

Ms Marra says over 150 oil rigs will be decommissioned over the next ten years.

Labour MSP Jenny Marra
Labour MSP Jenny Marra

She says we don't want to decommission too early but we don't want to miss the opportunity for Scottish jobs.

The Labour MSP says the bulk of the work will take off in 2019, only three years away and she asks if Scotland is ready to seize the decommissioning opportunities.

She calls for assistance from the Scottish government to make Dundee a decommissioning hub.

Parliament must 'keep eye on the ball to avoid recession'

Scottish Conservative MSP Jamie Green says his first job was in IBM as it thrived in laptop manufacturing but now it is "barren".

Mr Green says "there is much to be worried about" in terms of businesses closing and jobs being lost.

Scottish Conservative MSP Jamie Green

The Tory MSP says he welcomes the help for small businesses but is concerned about business rates. 

"We as a parliament must keep our eye on the ball to avoid recession", he says.  

More Lego Ken..... you better believe it!

SNP MSP calls for more exploration in the North Sea

SNP MSP John Mason focuses on the Bank of Scotland oil and gas report.

Mr Mason says the report says job losses have run into five figures.

SNP MSP John Mason

The SNP MSP says the cost of production can vary dramatically from company to company and oil field to oil field.

He says there can still be new oil and gas finds around the Scottish coast and he suggests pressure should be brought to bear on the UK government to encourage exploration. 

Oil and gas industry 'very different' to what it was two years ago

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott says the current oil and gas industry cannot be described as "business as usual" because of the job losses.

Mr Scott says it is a very different industry now than it was only two years ago. 

Scottish Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott

The Lib Dem MSP says this industry pays a heavy price to bring oil and gas to the country because people have given their lives whilst working in the industry.

More MSPs visit the parliament's MND Scotland stall

SNP MSP says oil and gas industry has long term future but not in fuel

SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson

SNP MSP Stewart Stevenson says he does not agree with Patrick Harvie that the oil and gas industry does not have a long term future, but using oil and gas, not as fuel but as chemical feedstock. 

 Mr Stevenson says the skills that have been built up in the industry will be sustained for the long term

Here's that Scottish Green amendment that did not make the cut............

Scottish Parliament
Scottish Parliament

Oil and gas industry is 'not a long term proposition'

Scottish Green Party co-convener Patrick Harvie says the challenge of supporting the people affected by the oil and gas crisis must be balanced with the acknowledgement that the industry is not a long term proposition.

Mr Harvie concludes saying "Surely we must plan for the profound changes facing us."